9/11 WWE Smackdown On-Site Report: Bryan vs. Miz after live TV ended, pre-SD dark match, standing next to disguised Becky

Becky Lynch in disguise at Smackdown TV - 9-11-18 (Photo credit Tyler Miller @ PWTorch)

SEPTEMBER 11, 2018


(1) The Usos beat Sanity (Eric Young & Killian Dane).


(1) Daniel Bryan beat The Miz after a flying knee. This started after 205 Live. Earlier in the show during a commercial break, Paige announced this match to the live audience. The match started with Miz apologizing to Bryan for touching Brie during the live TV main event. The Miz would frequently turn his attention to the crowd to garner some heat by running down the “putrid town of Lafayette” while continuously refocusing his attention to Bryan in continuing his apology. A handshake attempt by Miz led to Bryan beating up Miz and winning the match with the flying knee rather quickly. Bryan celebrated with fans after by taking pictures and slapping hands with ringside fans.


-A good majority of the attendance had left after Smackdown ended, but there still was a good crowd left during the dark main event.

-I was seated in row 2, seat one, at ringside. Towards the end of the Charlotte vs. Deville match, a WWE employee asked if I could move over just a bit. When I looked to my right, Becky Lynch (in disguise) was standing shoulder to shoulder with me until she attacked Charlotte. Pretty cool moment.

-Overall fun show. A little disappointed that A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe weren’t there live.

-Biggest pop was by far in favor of Bryan & Brie, while Miz & Maryse probably had the biggest boos. The crowd was more lively than what seemed to appear on television though. My wife and I paid about $800 total for the VIP ringside seats, which we were pleased with.

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