15 YRS AGO – WWE in Binghamton, N.Y. (9-21-03): Eddie vs. Cena main event, Lesnar vs. Undertaker vs. Big Show, Sable vs. Torrie vs. Dawn Marie in Tiniest Teddy Match

John Cena
John Cena (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)

The following report was originally published on PWTorch.com 15 years ago this weekend…

WWE Smackdown house show
September 21, 2003
Binghamton, N.Y.
Report by Alfonso Castillo of Rosedale, N.Y., Torch Subscriber since 1996

Hey… just got back from the Smackdown house show in Binghamton, NY. The arena which holds about 3,500 or so was less than a third full. It’s unfortunate, because it was a great show highlighted by amazing move. What was the move you ask? You’ll have to read on and see!

(1) Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore defeated Paul London & Spanky. Good match, Hardy and Moore got the “first recognizable name” pop and did a good job keeping the crowd into the action. Spanky and London pulled of some nice double team stuff, but Hardy and Moore picked up the win after a Twist of Fate on London.

(2) Nunzio defeated Funaki. BIG heat for Nunzio, nice pop for Funaki. Your basic Velocity main event with some solid action…Nunzio won the match reversing a Funaki rollup into a cradle and held the tights for the win.

(3) Charlie Haas defeated Orlando Jordan. Haas cuts a pre-match promo saying that Shelton Benjamin’s surgery was a success and he will be back soon…but while Benjamin is out, Haas says he is going to prove that he’s the world’s greatest (bet that won’t sit well with Triple H). Jordan came out to a very, very small pop. I think I heard mice in the ceiling because it was so quiet….anyways, the match was decent to good with Haas looking like he has a ton of potential, while Jordan looked absolutely terrible blowing elementary spots like hiptosses and slams. At the end Jordan missed a top rope bodypress and Haas got an oklahoma roll for the duke.

(4) The Basham Brothers defeated Ultimo Dragon & Jamie Noble. Funny bit as Noble was introduced as Jamie “By God” Noble: The Redneck Messiah! The match was better than expected as Dragon and Knoble looked great, and the Bashams did well to keep up with them. End came after Dragon was knocked out of the ring and Danny Basham hit a SICK top-rope spinebuster on Noble to get the win… Noble looked quite shaken up after the match.

(5) Brock Lesnar defeated Undertaker and Big Show in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Title. Show and Lesnar got solid heel pops while the Undertaker came out to a HUGE face pop. Mostly a punch and kick match between Show and Taker, with Taker hitting his signature stuff (Old School, flying clothesline etc.) Lesnar spent most of the time outside of the ring (likely to protect that injured knee). Finish came as Show nailed ‘Taker with the Showstopper chokeslam only to turn right around and walk into a GORGEOUS F5 from Lesnar to get the pin. I mean, Lesnar picked him up like he was nothing and F5’d him like Show was a cruiserweight…that move alone made the show worthwhile…UNBELIEVABLE.

15 Minute Intermission to pimp T-shirts and WrestleMania XX

(6) Rey Mysterio defeated Tajiri to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Title. Great match as usual between these two. On a side note, Mysterio looks ripped in person. Another highlight was Tajiri looking directly at us and my friends and I the middle finger…too funny. Finish came after Mysterio nailed the 6-1-9 but overshot Tajiri on the West Cost Pop before recovering to take the win with a huracanrana/pin combination. Post match, Tajiri almost took Rey’s head off with a kick and gave us one more middle finger!

(7) Billy Kidman and Chris Benoit defeated Rhyno and A-Train. Pretty good match with Rhyno and A-Train getting solid heel heat. Benoit hit his trademark stuff, but was a non-factor in the finish. Finish came while Train and Benoit were brawling outside allowing Kidman to block a Rhyno superplex attempt into a top rope powerbomb for the W.

(8) Torrie Wilson defeated Sable and Dawn Marie in a Tiniest Teddy Match. Funaki pulled double duty serving as our emcee for the contest. Each lady is smoking hot in person, and actually seemed to be into the contest (as were all the males in the crowd). Needless to say, Torrie won by revealing a very nice pink outfit…Sable attacked Dawn Marie and Torrie after the match leading to a nice catfight before Funaki and another referee broke it up.

(9) Eddie Guerrero defeated John Cena to retain the WWE United States Title. Pre-match Cena cuts a great anti-Binghamton promo calling all the women trailer trash and telling us to kiss his a$$ ( didn’t bother me, I don’t live there…thank god!). Match seemed a bit rushed after Guerrero missed a frog splash and seemed to injure his elbow…must have been legit as the trainer came out almost immediately. They wrapped up quick due to the injury with Guerrero smacking Cena with the U.S. title and getting the win. Post-match, Eddie and the trainer walked back to the locker room with Guerrero holding his arm very low at his side.

Post-Show activity: We went outside to where the wrestler’s parked to see if we could see any of them leaving. We saw Tajiri again, he gave us the finger again while smiling, before driving off with Ultimo Dragon and Tajiri. Next out was Brock Lesnar…with Sable? That was an interesting pairing… He blew the fans off like a jerk and drove off… Sable was nice enough to wave though. Next, A-Train, Rhyno and Nunzio loaded into their van after signing a few autographs. In a funny bit, the gentleman was angry about not getting an A-Train autograph and decided to taunt him! Train simply rolled down his window and said, “If we fought, it wouldn’t last very long!” before the three of them drove off. Next was Benoit, who was alone, he didn’t sign autographs, but did acknowledge the fans before leaving. Finally, John Cena came out and signed autographs for 99 percent of the fans still waiting around. He signed the 2003 Yearbook for my friends and I, and also signed my John Cena chain with miniature lock. He was VERY cool and thanked everyone for coming out. He had to leave in a rush though as the person he was riding with’s wife had just gone into labor…if not for that, he probably would have stayed until everyone was taken care of. Overall, great show, had a fantastic time.

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