WWE 2K19 News: New features announced for WWE 2K19, Showcase mode returns with Daniel Bryan (w/Radican’s Analysis)

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


-2K launched their first in a series of blogs today covering the new features in WWE 2K19. The game releases on XBox One and PS4 on Oct. 4 for those that order the Deluxe or Wooooo! editions. The regular edition will be released on Oct. 9. 2K will post blogs over the next few days covering MyPlayer, Creation, and Universe advancements.

2K today released the first in a series of blog posts covering new features for WWE 2K19, beginning with core gameplay updates including general improvements, new match types, the Payback System, Big Head Mode and more.

Today’s blog discusses the following core gameplay additions and improvements including:

  • An improved the framerate for matches with six or more characters on-screen; overhauled strikes, with over 250 new attack and reaction animations; a wider variety of offense for computer-controlled opponents; bolstered commentary, with over 15,000 new lines from the team of Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton; dozens of new match scoring conditions; and the ability to change controller assignments during Universe and Exhibition matches;
  • New 5-Man, 6-Man, 8-Man and Royal Rumble match types;
  • A more realistically proportioned Hell in a Cell structure that more accurately captures the tension of battling within;
  • A revamped steel cage with new interactions, options, mini-games and the option to leave through the cage door;
  • The ability to choose who is holding the Money in the Bank briefcase in Universe and Exhibition modes; ability to customize Money in the Bank briefcases and a variety of cash-in sequences;
  • Addition of a new Payback System, a defensive mechanic that can turn the momentum of a match and get you back on track;
  • Big Head Mode option to toggle on Big Heads for any WWE Superstar or created character!

You can read the blog here

Radican’s Analysis: I’ve checked out some videos on YouTube from people that got to play the game early recently and the new features look really cool. The revamped Steel Cage interactions with mini-games to escape the cage and The Hell in a Cell structure changes that allow you to brawl all around the ring inside the cell and breakout and brawl outside the HIAC are welcome additions. Big Head Mode looked like a lot of fun as well. I’m looking forward to seeing more gameplay footage, as things look promising so far this year from what I’ve seen for WWE 2K19. 

-WWE 2K19 will feature the return of Showcase mode with Daniel Bryan. The mode will follow Bryan’s entire career and feature vignettes with WWE footage and Daniel Bryan will also be featured in interview segments to give context to the matches gamers play through. The mode will feature 11 objective based, legendary mathces, and one additional match that 2K is calling a “surprise” match. You will play as different variations of Daniel Bryan in this mode and unlock historic arenas, wrestlers, and championships.

You can watch the trailer for the Daniel Bryan Showcase mode here:

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