9/26 NXT TV REPORT: Ciampa vs. Dozovic, The Mighty vs. Street Profits, plus Lars Sullivan, Baszler, Keith Lee, Regal mystery update

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor


SEPTEMBER 26, 2018

[Q1] Mauro Ranallo tells us that William Regal has been trying to solve the mystery of who attacked and injured Aleister Black. And her comes Regal himself to the ring. He says he feels he is getting closer… then Undisputed Era come out. Adam Cole is dressed to wrestle. Cole says that Regal is pretending to be Sherlock Holmes and not doing his job. Cole says that Regal needs to focus on making sure no more unprovoked assaults. Strong takes exception to the “cosplay Vikings” attacking them. Cole points out that Black isn’t there. Regal says it is curious that they cut him off, and as soon as Undisputed Era arrive din NXT… Cole slides into the ring and stops that statement. Cole accuses Regal of changing the topic from War Raiders, or making sure that Ricochet gives Cole a rematch and that Pete Dunne got a title shot. Cole demands his rematch “right freaking now.” Regal says that Cole never asked for a title rematch, and that Cole wanted Dunne to soften Ricochet up, then Cole interfered in that match… Cole tells Regal to watch himself. Regal tells Cole that he won’t slip under the radar, and it won’t be fair for Cole to get his rematch now, and it wasn’t fair when he interfered last week. In two weeks, Cole will get his chance… in a Triple Threat match involving Pete Dunne as well (for the NXT North American Championship only). And Undisputed Era will defend against War Raiders in three weeks. Regal leaves and Undisputed Era just freak out.

“Earlier today” interview with Johnny Gargano. He is excited to face Tony Nese next week. He says he apologized for where he was going, his behavior, and not winning the NXT Championship. He talks about taking some time off to regroup, he is tired of sad sack Johnny, and next week he becomes the man he was meant to be. He walks off with Candice LaRae. Lacey Evans shows up and towers over both of them. Evans tells LaRae that a good wife would fight side-by-side with her husband. Gargano has to hold LaRae back from going after Evans.

[J.J.’s Reax: Interesting to involve Evans there in that way. Also interesting that Gargano says he will “become the man I was meant to be” which could mean a continuation of his tweener status.]

Quick video package on Lars Sullivan.

Backstage, Velveteen Dream is posing for a photoshoot. Cathy Kelley asks for an interview. He ignores her, then gets angry, he wants to know what she has to talk about, because he has already stolen the show over and over and beaten Gargano and then insinuates that Ciampa attacked Black. When she asks for clarification, Dream says he is not a snitch, the writing is on the wall, and tells her to do her job.



Orchat’s trunks say “Walker” for some reason. Sullivan takes him apart quickly. After a little more than a minute, EC3 jumps Sullivan for a disqualification.

WINNER: Lars Sullivan by disqualification at 1:15.

Post-match, they brawl, and EC3 sends Sullivan out of the ring, then manages to beat him off the apron. EC3 manages to keep the upper hand.

Interview with Regal in the hallway. He says he has narrowed things down, then a banging noise interrupts him. Nikki Cross emerges from his office. He wants to know what she was doing in there. Cross says she needs to “play with Bianca again”.

[J.J.’s Reax: as has been discussed a few times on the PWT Talks NXT podcast, and here, Cross is just too over the top at this point.]

The Mighty come out, wearing gold chains and carrying a black solo cup to mock Street Profits. Street Profits come out angry. Dawkins slaps Thorne the mat and the referee rings the bell. Ford is noticably leaner, looking more like a tall cruiserweight.


Dawkins is running full steam on Miller, until Miller sends him to the corner. Ford gets a tag and clears the ring. He dodges Miller on the outside who runs right into the steps, then Ford rolls Thorne into the ring, and a cover for two. Ford is furious. Tag to Dawkins. Dawkins gets cornered. Dawkins fights out of the corner and tags Ford. Ford slips outside of the ring getting stuck wit his leg between the ring and the steps and Thorne dropkicks the steps. Neat spot. Miller continues to work Ford over. Ford chops his way out of a leg lock but can’t get to the ring. Ford dodges offense in the corner, but still can’t get a tag. The Mighty keep Ford away from the corner, then manage to get the win with a figure four jackknife cover.

WINNERS: The Mighty at 7:40. This match felt like it was 5 minutes longer than it was. I like Ford a lot. I think Dawkins is solid and is enhanced with Ford as his partner. The Mighty are competent but I just cannot get into their matches.

[Q3] Vanessa Bourne is on her way out to the ring. She is facing NXT Women’s Champion Kairi Sane. I feel like we will be seeing Shayna Baszler before Sane leaves this arena.

(3) NXT Women’s Champion KAIRI SANE vs. VANESSA BOURNE – Non-title Match

Bourne taks Sane’s hat, put it on her head, then kicks it away. Sane gets mad, so Bourne shoves her. Sane picks a leg, hits an axe kick. Bourne hits a twisting front suplex, the “Starry Night”. I didn’t know any of her moves actually had names. A big DDT lets Sane shut off Bourne’s offense. Sane with double axe handles, then The Interceptor. Sane stomps around Bourne, then lands a mis-ring sliding elbow. Sane to the top for the Insane Elbow.

WINNER: Kairi Sane at 3:05.

As Sane celebrate’s Shayna Baszler’s music hits. She is wearing a Rage Against the Machine shirt, continuing her trend of wearing totally normal street clothes with non-WWE branding. Baszler tells Sane to enjoy her time with the title because it is about to end. Baszler acknowledges that Sane beat her, and admits that the loss stung. Baszler won’t take that pain on Sane now, because she is invoking the rematch clause, and will drown her, drop anchor on this championship reign, and recapture the title. Sane says “ahoy Shana!” And agrees to the rematch at WWE Evolution. Baszler seems to like the idea. Baszler starts to leave. Sane says she will beat Baszler again.

“Earlier today” hallway interview with Keith Lee. He talks big and says he is 2-0 and to be limitless he needs a championship. He walks through a door, and Kona Reeves is shouting. Reeves can’t quite remember his name, says he must be that limitless person, then introduces himself and offers a handshake. Reeves pulls his hand away as Lee goes ot shake. Lee says he has been turning heads all around NXT, and Reeves is the man with the “finest set of losses in NXT” and proposes a match.

[J.J.’s Reax: The more we see of Lee, the more he grates on me. He’s too cocky, he feels like a more smiling Bobby Roode.]


4. OTIS DOZOVIC vs. NXT Champion TOMMASO CIAMPA – Non-title Match

Lockup and Dozovic forces Ciampa to the mat with ease. Ciampa teases a test of might but gives a kick. Ciampa with a headlock and Dozovic muscles out. Dozovic nails Ciampa with shoulder blocks then throws him into and over the ropes. Dozovic rolls Ciampa into the ring, but a back elbow from Ciampa breaks him free. Dozovic catches a crossbody, gives a lengthy spin then throws Ciampa on the mat like an old paper place. Ciampa rolls out of the ring. Dozovic beats the brakes off Ciampa inside. Ciampa tries his draping DDT but Dozovic walks into the ring anyways then sends Ciampa outside. Worm from Dozovic in the ring as Ciampa recovers on the mat. Ciampa tries to pick a leg from the outside, but Dozovic steps on him and Ciampa comically flails. Dozovic throws Ciampa face-first onto the apron, but Ciampa slips over Dozovic and slams Dozovic onto the ramp. Dozovic is down and out on the ramp. Ciampa goes back outside to deliver more blows to Dozovic. Ciampa covers mid-ring for two. Running knee for another two count. Ciampa tries a sleeper, Dozovic bumps him into the corner, another sleeper, Dozovic falls backwards to break Ciampa free. Ciampa bumps wildly for Dozovic’s offense. Dozovic telegraphs a back body drop, but hits a massive clothesline and falls on top of Ciampa for another two count. Ciampa leaves the ring and gets the title belt and seems to wave the match off. Tucker Knight emerges from the back to intimidate Ciampa, who walks right into Dozovic. Dozovic fights Ciampa around the ring. Ciampa tries the draping DDT and gets dragged outside instead where he takes a suplex. Ciampa writhes in pain. Leaping elbow drop gets Dozovic another two count. Dozovic thinks powerbomb. Cimapa walks right into a powerbomb for a nearfall. The crowd is chanting for Dozovic. Dozovic to the second rope for a Vader Bomb, Ciampa rolls to the apron, then hits the draping DDT on the apron. Dozovic makes it onto the apon, Ciama hits another draping DDT which ends it. Ciampa hightails it out of the ring and collapses on the ramp with the title belt.

WINNER: Tommaso Ciampa at 9:37. In no way was that a great match. Dozovic was exposed as a big, lumbering guy, and did not (though, rightfully for the seriousness of the match) display the charisma that has made him a fan favorite. But he did still looked like a million bucks for being so strong, though I disliked how comedic some of Ciampa’s selling was.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Good, but not great episode to bridge to WWE Evolution and War Games.

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