9/28 MLW FUSION REPORT: Low Ki vs. Rey Fenix, Jason Cade vs. Myron Red, plus brawl with Sami and Havoc, Strickland interview

By Kris Karcher, PWTorch contributor

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2018

Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Rich Bocchini 

(NOTE: I apologize to everyone for the late report this week. Had a crazy past two weeks and wrestling has taken a bit of a backseat. I’ll hopefully have the 10/5 Fusion reviewed soon and then I’ll be all caught up. Thank you for your patience and thank you for reading.)

The show opened with Schiavone recapping what happened last week. The Stud Stable Last week when Colonel Parker and Th Dirty Blondes turned on Parrow ad beat him down. Schiavone then briefly recapped the PCO vs. Brody King main event from last week that ended in a double DQ. 

They showed what they claimed was live footage of Sami Callihan and Jimmy Havoc brawling backstage. Havoc kicked Callihan down a short flight of steps. Callihan slammed Havoc against the wall. Both men attempted to gouge each other’s eyes out. Schiavone said it looked like they were headed towards the ring. 

The Fusion intro played. 

Schiavone and Bocchini previewed the matches for tonight including the main event of Low Ki vs. Rey Fenix for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship and “whenever order can be restored” Jimmy Havoc and Sami Callihan will go one on one. 

(1) Jason Cade (w/Rhett Giddens) vs. Myron Reed

During Cade’s entrance they showed footage of the end of the Cade vs. Yuta match from a few weeks ago were Giddiness interfered and cost Yuta the match. Glad to see Reed back in MLW I enjoyed his last match with Kotto Brazil. As the ref was checking on Reed, Cade jumped the bell and hit Reed with a dropkick. Reed answers with a kick the the head. Reed does a springboard sunset flip into a dropkick. Reed attempts to succeed dive onto Cade on the outside, but Giddens popped up on the apron and prevented Reed from diving. Cade pulled Reed out of the ring under Giddens feet and took over on offense outside the ring. Cade rolled Reed back into the ring and continued to remain on the offense.

The had a small picture in picture display down in the corner of the screen showing Callihan and Havoc brawling some more backstage. They had a very clearly post recorded Bocchini claim they may never be able to control those two. It was awkward because they inserted that clip, with a very animated voiceover from Bocchini, but then immediately went back to the match audio and Bocchini was very even-keeled and relaxed so the picture in picture audio seemed obviously edited. Reed seemed to have a cut on the back of his head. Reed got fired up and started to come back even hitting a nice enziguri. Reed has an interest9ing growl when he fires up. Its guttural, and I like it. Reed went up top and hit a springboard seated senton for a two count. Reed went for a cutter but Cade caught him and reversed.

Cade hit a jumping high knee for a two count. Cade springboard off the rope but Reed countered with a superkick. Reed hit a huge elbow followed by another superkick. Cade was able to gain the advantage and power bombed Reed into the corner. Reed countered a fireman carry into a backwards hurricanrana of sorts. Cade hit a weak kick to the back. Reed hit a cutter for a close two. Cade ducks a splash in the corner and lifts Reed up for the stout powerbomb.

Cade tried to suplex Reed into the second ring but Reed countered and hung Cade up on the ropes. Reed then hit a cutter jumping from one ring to the next. Hidden hopped up on the apron but Reed dropkicked him to the floor and then hit a cutter on Cade who was standing on the apron and both men landed on Giddens. It was a really awesome looking two spots in a row and the crowd was going nuts for Reed.

Back in the ring Cade was down as Reed climbed to the top rope. Cade distracted the ref while Giddens hopped up and pushed Reed, crotching him on the turnbuckle. Cade took advantage hitting his finishing move, The X Factor. Cade grabbed a mic and attempted to cut an in-ring promo after the match. However, right when he started speaking, Jimmy Yuta came from out of nowhere and dropped kicked Cade from the top turnbuckle. Yuta fled as Giddens chased him down. 

WINNER: Jason Cade

(Karcher’s Analysis: I really enjoyed this match. I wouldn’t say the work rate was particularly all that impressive but we got to see a few really cool spots from Reed and I think he has some real potential. He seemed to connect with the fans or at least the fans really appreciated his athletic ability. This middleweight division has a lot of potential for MLW and I can’t wait to see how they book it going forward. Where this match works most for me is in continuing the progression of Cade, while still keeping Yuta in the picture. Yuta and Cade are clearly not finished with each other and this week was a great reminder that there is still more to come between these two former friends. It’s a shame Reed had to take the loss here but hopefully, soon he can come back and get a win under his belt.) 

Schiavone previewed the main event title fight still to come. 

Backstage Jimmy Yuta was interviewed. Yuta said if Cade wants to play dirty and hide behind a bodyguard he can play dirty too. He said he will make sure that Cade pays for what he did. 

Inside the Fury Road Control Center, Bocchini breaks the news that at Fury Road on Oct. 4, MJF will defend his Middleweight Championship in a triple threat elimination match against Jason Cade and Jimmy Yuta. Also, Tommy Dreamer will take on Brody King. The winner of tonight’s title fight will defend the title, and Tom Lawler goes one on one with Shane Strickland. ACH, Rich Swann, and Marko Stunt take one The Hart Foundation. Sami Guevara takes on Hilo De LA Park. Simon Gotch will host a prize fight challenge, PCO goes one on one with LA Park. 

A promo from Brody King aired. He said he is violence personified. He said Dreamer has made a name for himself but so has he. He said no mercy just judgment. He said it would be an honor to step into the ring with the innovator of violence. 

They cut to more footage of Havoc and Callihan brawling. Callihan chocked Havoc with a stanchion and Havoc smashed Callihan with a wet floor sign. They bowled into the bathrooms. Havoc tire to put Callihan’s head in the sink, but Callihan bit Havoc’s hand and ran away. 

They aired a video package previewing Pentagon Jr. vs. LA Park next week. 

A promo from Shane Strickland aired. He said he has been a champion at MLW, and everywhere else in the world. He said people are questioning whether or not he is still the ace. He said he never gave that up. He said he started this in MLW. He said he is still the ace and on October 4th everyone will be reassured. 

They showed backstage video of MJF and Aria Blake approaching Rickey Martinez. He asked him if he could get a little help from Salina de La Renta. Martinez just chuckled and MJF took that as a yes I suppose. 

Jason Cade was interviewed.  He said he was minding his own business when Yuta attacked him. He kicked a garage door and said he has a bad attitude that he’s gonna take it out on Yuta.

They showed footage of Callihan and Havoc brawling around the arena and Court Bauer joined the booth, announcing the two won’t be having a match tonight but they will fight each other at Fury road in a “spin the wheel deathmatch”. Which is exactly what it sounds like. 

Tom Lawler. He said he has been preparing for his fight. He said not only are they going to find out who is the future, but they will also find out who is the present. he said he wants the best Shane Strickland, the one who beat Matt Riddle, and Pentagon Jr. He said he’s ready to shed his blood, sweat, and tears. he said he’s ready to prove to everyone that it’s not Swerve’s house, it’s a filthy world. 

They aired a video package highlighting the feud between Low Ki and Fenix. More specifically they showed a lot of footage of Konnan vs. Salina de La Renta. 

They showed the tale of the tape for the championship match and Bocchini ran down all the details. 

(2) Low Ki (c) (w/ Salina de La Renta) vs. Rey Fenix (w/ Konnan) for (MLW World Heavyweight Championship) 

I support Low Ki dropping the whole wrestling in a full suit gimmick. The two men were mouthing off to each other in the corner. Low Ki got significant heat just from his ring introduction. Both men start out very hesitantly checking each other. Low Ki comes in hot with some strikes but Rey Fenix manages to duck and roll away. Fenix hit his signature springboard armbar sending Low Ki rolling out to the floor. Fenix then hit a dive through the ropes that connected with Low Ki and sent Low Ki into the barricade and Fenix over into the Crowd. Fenix hit Low Ki with a superkick against the barricade. Fenix rolled Low Ki back into the ring. Low Ki countered a roll through dropkick with a dropkick of his own. Low Ki takes over on offense and hit Fenix with some hard chest kicks.

Fenix rolled to the outside and Low Ki pursued. Low Ki through Fenix into the ring and chopped his chest so hard Fenix went over the barricade into the crowd. Low Ki picked up Fenix and body slammed him straight to the floor. Back inside the right Low Ki tried to rip Fenix’s mask off. Fenix fought back with some punches to the chest and a hard chest slap. Low Ki countered a backsplash into a double foot chest stomp. Low Ki through Fenix out of the ring. Low Ki catapulted Fenix into the ring post. Fenix was busted open badly. The crowd started to get behind Fenix chanting his name, Low Ki whipped Fenix hard into the guardrail. Fenix struggled to get back into the ring. Fenix tried to fight back but Low Ki hit a solid kick to the chest. Both men exchanged chest slaps in the center of the ring and Low Ki came out on top.

The crowd started a very loud “let’s go Fenix” chant. Fenix hit a beautiful top rope frankenteiner and followed it up with a spinning heel kick in the corner and then hit a roll through cutter, but was slow to make the cover and only got a 2 count. Fenix put Low Ki on the top rope and attempted to hit a muscle buster but Low Ki countered. Low Ki hit a nice up and over back kick type maneuver in the corner and got a two count. Low Ki went to eh top rope but Fenix hit him with a running uppercut then joined him up top. Fenix hit a top rope frankensteiner but Low Ki rolled through into the double stomp and Low Ki got a two count. Low Ki set up head kick finisher but Fenix countered into a roll-up for a two count.

Both men went to the top rope and Fenix hit a Spanish fly off the top rope. Fenix hit a reverse rana but Low Ki got to the ropes. Low Ki then pushed Fenix into the ropes and Fenix stuck his body awkwardly through them so that he was face to face with Saline while Low Ki held his body in place. After a few awkward seconds of Fenix wiggling in place, Salina grabbed Low Ki’s mask and pulled it off. Fenix rolled into the ring and covered up his face and Low Ki went to the top rope and hit a double stomp to the back for the win. 


(Karcher’s Analysis: Great match. I expected just as much from these two and they delivered. It was a little more violent then I expected and the blood from Fenix was a nice touch as MLW doesn’t do a lot of blood so they protect the gimmick. I’m not sure what happened at the end to make that mask spot not so smooth but it was a small blemish on an otherwise solid match. Fenix was his usual high flying spectacle and Low Ki was a nice matchup because he really took Fenix to the limit with his physicality and brought some real fire to Fenix’s comeback which really worked. Fenix had the crowd on his side and Low Ki had some really good genuine heat which is not easy to do these days especially when your as talented an act as Low Ki. They have not announced who Low Ki’s next opponent is but if you remember at War Games Low Ki had a mini-confrontation with Tommy Dreamer. I really hope they don’t do that program or if they do it’s just a one episode thing on Fusion one week because I’m looking forward to Low Ki taking on some of the hottest young talents MLW has to offer and raising their credibility.)

They showed footage of the brawl between Callihan and Havoc that was apparently still going on. Havoc pushed Callihan down the stairs and then stalked him through the parking lot with a long metal pole. 

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a good episode. I’ll give it a 7.5. They provided only two matches, but one was good and one was great. Each match was given enough time to properly tell their story and honestly, I wouldn’t be mad if we only got two longer matches each week as opposed to 3 or 4 shorter matches. Each week it seems matches legs are cut out from underneath them because of time constraints. I’ll take quality over quantity any week. The Callihan and Havoc backstage brawl was actually kind of fun to check in with throughout the show. It was a nice way to set up the match next week with the wheel of death. That should be fun. That’s it for this week folks. Be sure to check back here next Friday night for another recap of MLW Fusion exclusively here on PWTorch.com. I’m Kris Karcher signing off until next week.

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