Connecticut’s other U.S. senator Richard Blumenthal also comments on WWE-Saudi Arabia event, calls on them to review and relook at relationship

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

U.S. senator Richard Blumenthal from WWE’s home state of Connecticut has called on WWE to “review and relook” at its relationship with Saudi Arabia. The WWE “Crown Jewel” event in Saudi Arabia scheduled next month has come under fire in light of recent headlines regarding Saudi Arabia’s leaders being accused of being behind the disappearance and feared murder of a U.S. based journalist critical of Saudi Arabia.

“All major privates interests should review and relook their relationship with the Saudi Kingdom in light of its continuing pattern of abuses (of) civil rights and civil liberties, contempt for the rule of law, and bombing in Yemen using United States military equipment and possible intelligence,” he told WNBC 880 radio’s Steve Scott. “So the private interests should review, but so should the United States government.”

When asked if he would lean on WWE to cancel or postpone it’s Saudi Arabia live event next month if more conclusive evidence is produced that Saudi Arabia’s regime was being the disappearance of the Washington Post writer who had been critical of Saudi Arabia’s government policies and actions, Blumenthal said yes, but called on the U.S. government to take the lead.

“I would hope that WWE will recognize on its own a conscience and conviction, if there is proof Saudi officials approved and ordered this kind of killing,” he said. “I would lean first on the United States government to do its duty so that it can lead private interests like WWE and the first place to look is to the United States of America.”

Numerous other senators have spoken out about the WWE-Saudi Arabia relationship.

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