10/17 Lucha Underground TV Report (season 4, ep. 19): Jake Strong’s push continues in main event against Johnny Mundo, Killshot vs. The Mack, Ultima Lucha Cuatro line-up

By Joel Dehnel, PWTorch Contributor

Lucha Underground Report
Season 4 Episode #19 – “Savagery”
October 17, 2018
Aired on El Rey Network
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

-Show opened with a recaps of Killshot-Havoc, Matanza’s sacrifice to the Gods and Jake Strong’s dominance.

-Jake Strong entered Antonio’s office. Strong asked Antonio why he called him here. Antonio said that since Strong has arrived, he has looked more dominant than he could have ever imagined. Antonio laid out the idea of Strong entering the Lucha Underground Championship match at Ultima Lucha. Strong said he wants the title, but he doesn’t want it just handed to him. Antonio offered to give Strong one of the Aztec Medallions instead. He said he could have an opportunity tonight to get him one step closer to the Gift of the Gods. Strong said he has seen his son’s sacrifice’s and he hopes one of them is saved for him. As he left the office, Strong reiterated that this is his temple now.

-Title Card

Announcers: Striker welcomed the audience to the show. Striker hyped Ultima Lucha Cuatro in two weeks. He then threw to Antonio at ringside.

Ringside: Antonio acknowledged that Ultima Lucha Cuatro is only two weeks away. He said that means it is time for a new Gift of the Gods Champion. He introduced the first competitor which was AeroStar. Next out was PJ Black followed by Hernandez, Big Bad Steve, King Cuerno, Jake Strong and the returning Dante Fox. Antonio said he always that 7 was an odd number so they will have a battle royal and the winner will decide who won’t compete for the Gift of the Gods Championship next week. And the battle royal begins NOW!!!

1 –  AEROSTAR vs. P.J. BLACK vs. HERNANDEZ vs. BIG BAD STEVE vs. KING CUERNO vs. JAKE STRONG vs. DANTE FOX – Over the Top Rope Battle Royal.

Everyone brawled to begin. AeroStar got the better of Steve and eliminated Steve first. Hernandez was eliminated next after attempting a taunt on the ring apron. Strong assisted Fox to eliminate Black and Cuerno. Strong caught AeroStar on the ropes and knocked him out. Fox and Strong were the last two in the and tried to land significant strikes on each other. Strong got the better of Fox and tossed him out for the victory.

WINNER: Jake Strong at 3:16.

Post match: Strong announced that he doesn’t want to eliminate anyone from the match next week. Antonio accepted Strong’s decision and said there would be a 7 person elimination match. Strong asked Antonio if that was all he had  because he will beat anyone. Antonio responded by saying he will face Johnny Mundo later tonight.


In ring: Santos introduced Killshot followed by The Mack.


Striker acknowledges Son of Havoc watching the match from the crowd. Mack hit a dropkick followed by a samoan drop and a standing moonsault to begin the match. Mack followed up with several big boots before Killshot came back with a knee of his own. Killshot countered a stunner by knocking Mack to the outside and hitting a double stomp off the ring apron. Killshot brought the action back into the ring where Mack came back with with a kick and a German Suplex. Mack caught Killshot with a stunner off the top rope. Mil Muertes entered the ring and attacked The Mack.

WINNER: The Mack at 2:47 via DQ.

Post match: Havoc tried to make the save then brawled with Killshot. Mil Muertes caught Mack with a Flatliner to end the segment.


In ring: Ivelisse and XO Lishus stood in the ring with MAtt Striker. Striker asked Ivelisse why they have called for this meeting. Ivelisse said they’ve been invited to compete against the The Reptile Tribe and The Rabbit Tribe at Ultima Lucha Cuatro in a 3-way elimination match. Ivelisse said the issue is that Joey Ryan will not be good to go by then. XO announced that their new partner is Sammy Guevara. Striker was about to interview before Famous B interrupted him. B reminded Sammy that he signed a 7 year contract to Infamous Inc. B said he would be sending a cease and desist letter. B told Sammy if he wants to tag at Ultima Lucha it will be with Dr. Wagner and Texano. Sammy teased leaving with B before diving onto B then putting his contact in a garbage can. Sammy put the trash can onto B then gave him a super kick.


Announcers: Striker hyped the card for Ultima Lucha Cuatro:

  1. Ivelisse, XO Lishus & Sammy Guevara vs. The Rabbit Tribe vs. The Reptile Tribe – 3-Way Trios Elimination match for the Trios Championship

  2. Taya vs. Ricky Mundo

  3. Johnny Mundo vs. Matanza Cueto – Sacrifice to the Gods match

  4. Son of Havoc vs. Killshot – Mask vs. Mask

  5. Pentagon Dark vs. Marty Martinez – Cero Miedo Lucha Underground Championship match

  6. Mil Muertes vs. The Mack – Death Match

  7. El Dragon Azteca, Jr. vs. Fenix – 2 out of 4 Falls match

In ring: Santos introduced Jake Strong followed by Johnny Mundo.


Strong wrestled Mundo to the ground to start then hit a belly-to-belly suplex. Mundo came back with a disaster kick. Strong knocked Mundo off the ring apron then hit a chop before rolling Mundo back into the ring. Strong continued to dominate in the ring. Mundo came back with a DDT to knock both men to the mat. Mundo hit some significant strikes then a standing shooting star press. Strong caught Mundo on the ropes then knocked him to the outside. They continued to fight into the crowd. Mundo caught Strong on the barricade and hit a sunset flip powerbomb. Mundo rolled Strong back into the ring and hit an elbow from the top rope. Mundo went back to the top, but was stopped by Strong who hit another a belly-to-belly across the ring then a a middle rope splash. Strong countered a End of the World and attempted a school boy followed by an ankle lock. Mundo broke free and hit Moonlight Drive. Traded blows in the middle of the ring until Strong caught one of Mundo’s kicks and cinched in the ankle lock. Mundo hit Strong with a low blow to break free.  Strong rolled through again and cinched in the ankle again for the submission victory.

WINNER: Jake Strong at 13:07.

Post match: Strong went to break Mundo’s ankle before Matanza entered the ring. Strong backed away from Mundo allowing Matanza to attack him. Matanza knocked Mundo around the ring until Taya tried to save him. Matanza hit Taya with Wrath of the Gods. Matanza went back on the attack of Mundo bloodying him while Antonio looked on in approval.

FINAL THOUGHTS: LU has really been pushing Jake Strong as of late. In the opening segment, Strong was presented in the best way I’ve ever seen him used. He was allowed to talk and he seems confident in what he’s doing. He is a dominant heel which is refreshing to see in contrast to so many chicken sh– heels we’re used to. He had a very good match tonight with Mundo, which makes me excited to see how he factors into Ultima Lucha.

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