9/13 WWE Main Event TV Report: Zack Ryder vs. Apollo Crews, Ember Moon vs. Dana Brooke, announcers say Dana is “on her own” now

By Mike Meyers, PWTorch contributor

SEPT. 13, 2018

Announcers:  Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph, Percy Watson

-After the opening sequence, Ember Moon’s entrance began immediately.  The announce team promoted the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay per view while Dana Brooke made her entrance.  Comments were made about Dana having enough of Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews being “in her ear,” which is why she’s on her own now.


The women locked up mid-ring, with Ember Moon getting an early arm drag.  Both stood up respectfully, with a “we’re both babyfaces” vibe.  The two traded quick roll-ups and one-counts.  Dana initiated a test of strength.  Dana got the upper hand, and twirled Ember into a cartwheel.  Dana did some damage to Ember in the corner before turning her inside out with a clothesline.  After a two-count, Dana applied a leglock from the rear around Ember’s midsection.  Ember escaped and applied a unique hurricanrana, but Dana quickly gained the advantage again with a standing moonsault, and transitioned into an armbar.

Ember powered up to her feet, but Dana quickly twisted Ember into an abdominal stretch.  Ember escaped and turned a high cross body off the middle rope, but not enough for the pinfall.  Dana landed stiff forearms to Ember, but Ember absorbed the punishment and used another hurricanrana maneuver to fire Dana’s face into the middle turnbuckle.  With Dana stunned, Ember scaled the corner and landed the Eclipse for the win.  Ember nodded and smiled at a recovering Dana.

WINNER: Ember Moon via pinfall.

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Zack made his entrance, smiling at the crowd.  Apollo followed, with his focus on Zack before posturing for the fans from the corner.  The men locked up and pushed apart, and nodded at each other in a start very similar to the womens’ match.  Zack landed an early drop kick and held his palms up with a satisfied expression on his face.  Apollo showed off his usual agility before landing a drop kick of his own, humbling Zack a bit.  The commentary crew used the term “one-upsmanship” twice.

Apollo settled Zack into a rear chinlock on the canvas.  Zack escaped and after some rope-running the two collided mid-ring with a dual high cross body.  Both wrestlers got to their feet by the five-count.  The two exchanged transition moves and Irish whips before Apollo delivered a kick to the face and a flying clothesline, followed by a nifty kip up and a powerslam into a two-count.  Both men were slow to get up again.  Apollo tumbled to ringside when Zack pulled down the top rope.  Zack followed through with a missile dropkick from the ring apron.  Zack rolled a dazed Apollo into the ring and climbed the outside corner to the top rope, and landed a high flying Elbro Drop to Apollo for a two-count.  Zack looked frustrated and slapped the mat.  In the crowd was a lonely, brief “this is awesome” chant.

Apollo landed a surprise enzuigiri followed by a standing shooting star press.  Nigel praised Apollo’s “unearthly agility.”  Apollo attempted a vertical suplex but Zack landed on his feet and reversed into a Rude Awakening.  Two-count.  Zack called out “Woo woo woo!” in the corner, but Apollo got the upper hand and laid out Zack. Apollo quickly climbed the corner and landed a frog splash for the victory.  The wrestlers shared a handshake, and Zack held up Apollo’s hand to the crowd.

WINNER: Apollo Crews via pinfall.

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