15 YRS AGO – KELLER’S NWA-TNA PPV REPORT (10-15-03): Dusty Rhodes and C.M. Punk in matches, Jarrett cuts promo on Hulk Hogan, plus Raven, Erik Watts, Eric Young, Bobby Roode, Sonjay Dutt, Disco Inferno

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

C.M. Punk ROH (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)

The following report was originally published on PWTorch.com 15 years ago this week…

OCTOBER 15, 2003

-Six minutes of highlights aired from last week’s show including Jeff Jarrett’s speech, Raven’s angle with Mitchell’s men, and the Dusty-Styles-Russo-AMW angle.

-Mike Tenay and Don West introduced the show from ringside and showed clippings of Hulk Hogan returning to Japan and wrestling at the Tokyo Dome in front of “47,000.” I guess Mr. Historian gets to exaggerate when he’s presenting hype on a wrestling show. (All reports peg the actual attendance at 35,000 or so.) They then showed a photo of Jeff Jarrett attacking Hogan in the newspaper. Tenay said later they’d show exclusive actual footage of the attack.

West then previewed the line-up for the PPV: Raven vs. Slash, Christopher Daniels vs. Michael Shane for the X Title, America’s Most Wanted & Dusty Rhodes vs. Sonny Siaki & Ekmo & Vince Russo, Kevin Northcutt vs. Erik Watts, and Kid Kash vs. Abyss, plus interviews with Jeff Jarrett and A.J. Styles regarding next week’s NWA Title match. Tenay then said they had to go outside in the parking lot.

-They showed Raven dragging James Mitchell into the arena by a chain as Mitchell frothed at the mouth. Raven began to hang Mitchell in the same way Mitchell and his men hanged him. Vampiro and Slash attacked Raven to save Mitchell. Slash dove off the balcony with a chain-wrapped elbow drop onto Raven through a table. Julio Deniro and C.M. Punk made the save.

-Scott Hudson interviewed Vince Russo, A.J. Styles, Sonny Siaki, Legend, and Ekmo. Russo said Legend would take his place in the six-man. Styles told him he better not do anything stupid because the NWA Title match against Jarrett is next week. He said he wasn’t, but he wanted everyone out of his hair. Styles seemed perturbed by Russo, again planting the seeds for his babyface turn. Interesting change of booking plans, since originally Styles was supposed to attack Russo, causing Russo to be bumped from the match for this reason.


Tenay and West wondered what that “other business” was that Russo had to tend to. They said by bowing out of the match, Dusty doesn’t get to beat up Russo, which he had been looking forward to all week. They said it also removed the weakest link from the heel team. The match broke into six-way brawling at 6:30. The faces cleared the ring of the heels. Dusty got in a big Bionic Elbow spot on Ekmo, but when Dusty went to drop an elbow on Legend’s crotch, Ekmo attacked him from behind. However, when Ekmo went to the top rope, AMW knocked him to the mat. Dusty then beat up Siaki at ringside as AMW gave Legend their top rope legdrop finisher for the win.

WINNERS: AMW & Dusty at 8:26.

STAR RATING: ** — Solid six man action. Dusty is fun in small doses and the heels bumped well for the faces.

-A Paid Message aired from Shane Douglas who sat in the corner as two big breasted women stood next to him.

-Hudson interviewed X Division Champ Michael Shane who promo’d his X Title match later. He said if he beats Daniels, he will have proven there is no competition for him.

2 — MICHAEL SHANE vs. CHRISTOPHER DANIELS (w/his minions) – X Title match

West and Tenay said Shane is delusional if after just a few X Title defenses he thinks he has beaten everyone there is. Shane Douglas watched the match with a clipboard in hand from the rafters. Tenay and West wondered if he was scouting Shane or Daniels or both for his new Franchise. After exchanging dives at ringside, they settled the match down at 4:00 with some submission holds. Daniels hit a springboard moonsault at 7:45 for a near fall. They showed Douglas looking impressed. Shane blocked a Last Rites and then went for a quick pin on Daniels for a two count. Shane went for a superkick, but Daniels ducked down and tripped him and rolled him up for a near fall. Daniels nailed Shane with his Angel’s Wings finisher for a near fall at 9:00. When Shane went to use the X belt, one of Daniels’s Minions grabbed it. As they had a tug-o-war, Daniels charged at them, but bumped into the Minion and the belt. Shane then hit a superkick for the win. Afterward, Daniels and the Minions attacked Shane. Chris Sabin ran in and cleared the ring. Daniels and Sabin then had an argument. Oh, Daniels’s Minions are now being called Followers instead. Not sure why, since Followers was a term previously reserved for Raven’s guys.

WINNER: Shane at 9;58 to retain the X Title.

STAR RATING: **3/4 — Good ten minute match.

-Tenay said what happened in Japan between Hogan and Jarrett was the biggest story not just TNA this year, but all of pro wrestling. West said Jarrett must’ve really wanted to send a message to Hogan by flying to Japan just to attack him. They then went to the footage of Hogan in Japan.

-They showed Hogan walking to the ring in front of what Tenay said was “an announced crowd of 47,000” (protecting his credibility with the word “announced”). They showed Hogan pinning Chono at his Lariat (his finisher in Japan). Hogan stood in front of the Japanese media backstage afterward and said he had unfinished business in the U.S. He said he’s never won the NWA World Title and he wants to win both that and the IWGP Title in Japan before he retires. Jarrett then charged into the room and nailed him with a guitar. He threw aside Jimmy Hart and then punched away at Hogan. Chono made the save and then checked on a bloodied Hogan. Hart asked for someone to get help.

-Tenay interviewed Jarrett in mid-ring. Jarrett said the only person who beat him for the NWA Title was Vince Russo, not A.J. Styles or anyone else. Jarrett said he told people for weeks his first goal was to remove Russo from the equation and then he’d get his rematch. Jarrett said he has overcome every obstacle Russo has thrown at him, and next week he finally gets his rematch. He said two weeks ago Dusty Rhodes opened his mind and his eyes and his ears that to become an Icon in the pro wrestling business, you have to be a self-serving son of a bitch. The fans taunted Jarrett with a “Hogan” chant. Jarrett gave them an evil eye. He said he went to Tokyo to try to spoil Hogan’s big homecoming because he is “the biggest self-serving son of a bitch in the whole world.” Jarrett said he had heard rumors that TNA was negotiating with Hogan. He said he wanted to be sure Hogan didn’t interrupt his plans to win the title. He said instead of Hogan coming to TNA, he took TNA to Hulk Hogan. “I’ll be damned if I’m going to let Hogan come in here and take my spot,” Jarrett yelled with passion. Jarrett said he and Hogan haven’t always seen eye to eye. When Tenay brought up what happened in Florida (at Bash at the Beach), Jarrett looked him in the eye and told him to “never go there again.” Russo then charged to the ring and attacked Jarrett. West said they’ve never seen this side of Russo. Russo tackled Jarrett over the railing into the crowd. Russo threw Jarrett into a table propped against the rafters. Jarrett eventually came back and took Russo down. He nailed him with a chair and whipped him with his belt. He wrapped a belt around his neck and hung him from a chainlink wall, then bashed him with a trash can and a chair over and over. Jarrett yelled, “It’s over!” Ekmo and Legend made the save. A.J. Styles entered the ring. Tenay wondered what Styles was doing in the ring. West said it was obvious Styles was “pissed off.” Nothing more happened with Styles as they went backstage for an interview.

-Hudson interviewed Kevin Northcutt and Ryan Wilson backstage. Northcutt said he had a tape of a Roddy Piper interview, but said nobody would get to see it. Then he smashed the tape and walked away.

3 — KEVIN NORTHCUTT (w/Ryan Wilson) vs. ERIK WATTS

Watts got in early offense, but Northcutt came back to dominate the middle of the match. Northcutt scored a near fall at 2:30, although it sure looked like a three count. Northcutt complained. When Watts charged at Northcutt, Northcutt hit him with a forearm and Watts took an exaggerated 1993 bump. Watts came back quickly with a forearm and a chokeslam, then signalled for the finish. When Wilson stood on the apron, Watts charged him and knocked him off the apron. Northcutt got out a chain and nailed Watts with it and scored the pin.

WINNER: Northcutt at 4:20.

STAR RATING: 1/2* — Almost as ugly as a bowling shoe at times.

Wilson and Northcutt attacked Watts after the match. Ron Harris ran out and made the save with a chair. Goldy Locks made her big TNA return and tended to Watts. Goldy yelled for Harris to stop, as if he was doing anything to Watts in the first place. She helped Watts to the back. Tenay and West said they obviously still have a romance going on.


Tenay touted Clark’s 630 splash. West touted Dutt’s reputation. Everything Dutt does is so crisp and sudden, he’s like a raw smaller, sleeker Chris Benoit mixed with Rey Mysterio. Young and Fuego tagged in at 1:10. Clark hit a twisting splash on Young in the ring. It was one of those moves that looked cool, but didn’t look like it hurt, something that Jerry Jarrett said ten years ago in a “Torch Talk” was one of his pet peeves. Young gave both Clark and Fuego a Death Valley Driver at once. Then he reached to hot-tag Dutt, but Fuego cut him off. Young then hit the hot tag for Dutt who hit a series of moves on both men. Clark moonsaulted onto Young on the ramp. Fuego followed with a suicide dive onto Young. Dutt then hit a twisting springboard bodyblock onto Clark and Fuego at ringside. Clark nailed Young with his 630 splash (add a full half turn to the 450 splash, ending with a senton back splash). Dutt broke up the pin. Dutt then hit his Hindu Press (a twisting flip 450 splash) for the win.

WINNERS: Dutt & Young at 7:28.

STAR RATING: **1/4 — Enough hot moves to bring it over two stars despite some botched timing and green looking exchanges.

-Hudson interviewed Kid Kash backstage. Northcutt interrupted and told him Don Callis is on the phone and wants to talk to him. He told Northcutt nobody tells him what to do, people ask.


Swinger & Diamond have a new intro vignette and music, which was overdue. It’s a nice mini intro video that gives the team more of a legitimate feel. Gilberti joined Tenay and West on commentary. He badmouthed Doring and Roadkill as nobodies. Tenay asked him if he knew of their background. Gilberti pretended he didn’t know of them, then admitted he was just joking. Tenay tried to convince Young he was being taken advantage of by Gilberti, but Gilberti wouldn’t let Young talk. AMW came out to watch the match. Gilberti said he’d rather they watched the match on a monitor backstage. Doring took a beating most of the match, then hot-tagged Roadkill who hit some clotheslines and a dive off the top rope to clothesline both Simon and Swinger. AMW applauded. Gilberti and Young interfered in the match, so AMW ran to ringside to stop them. Swinger then put Doring in a full nelson and just stood there awkwardly. Doring then surprised Swinger by escaping the full nelson and rolling him for the upset three count.

WINNERS: Roadkill & Doring at 6:32.

STAR RATING: * — Doring and Roadkill’s offense wasn’t sharp. Nice surprise finish, though.

-Hudson interviewed Raven in an erie backstage setting with rad lightning and chains hanging from the ceiling. Raven thanked Punk and Deniro for their help, but said he needs to do this by himself.

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Tenay said he thought at this time he’d talking about these two as NWA World Tag Team Champions, not enemies in a grudge match. Abyss dominated. West said he is going to savor beating up Kash. Kash got in a flurry of offense here and there, largely brushed off by the much much larger Abyss. Abyss finished off Kash with his Black Hole Slam for the win.

WINNER: Abyss at 4:51.

STAR RATING: *1/2 — Kash took some nice bumps. Abyss’s offense looked like it would actually hurt.

-Afterward Kash threw powder into Abyss’s face and then beat him with a chair. Northcutt and Wilson watched from the stage as Kash beat on Abyss. Abyss came back and gave Kash a sitout dropdown backbreaker.

-Diamond yelled that they didn’t lose, they were robbed. Gilberti told AMW if they want to play games with them, bring it on. He said next week they’ve got a tag team for them, but apparently not Swinger & Diamond. Hudson asked for details, but Gilberti didn’t provide them.

7 — SLASH & VAMPIRO (w/James Mitchell) vs. C.M. PUNK & JULIO DENIRO

Tenay said Slash was scheudled to face Raven one-on-one, but because of the beating Raven took earlier, he couldn’t wrestle. Punk went to the top rope early, but Vampiro knocked him to the floor. Vampiro then rammed Punk into the steps at ringside. In the ring, Slash beat on Punk, who was bleeding from the forehead. At 3:00, Deniro hot-tagged in and worked over both heels. Deniro nailed Slash with a cool twisting full nelson slam. Vamp flipped off the ropes twoard Deniro, but Deniro moved out of his path. Deniro lifted Slash onto his shoulders and then Punk springboarded into the ring and yanked Slash to the mat. Mitchell distracted the ref as Vampiro sprayed something in Deniro’s face and then gave him the Nail in the Coffin for the win.

WINNERS: Slash & Vampiro at 4:30.

STAR RATING: *1/4 — Some decent stuff packed into five minutes.

-Afteward, Raven ran out and attacked Vampiro and Slash. Mitchell looked on in astonishment and fear. Raven charged Mitchell as he attempted to flee the scene. Slash and Vampiro saved Mitchell.

-Tenay plugged that they still had an in-ring interview with Styles coming up next. Tenay said TNA officials are negotiating with Japan and Mexico promoters to make it the biggest event ever. West plugged next week’s PPV, including Raven vs. Slash, Shane vs. Sabin vs. Daniels, and Styles vs. Jarrett. Tenay said they had a big phone call incoming. Jimmy Hart then came on and said Jarrett won’t get away with what he did. He said Jarrett ought to hire two bodyguards to watch his back or hiding under the ring to attack him. “Sooner or later, you will be face-to-face with Hulk Hogan, baby,” Hart said. Tenay asked Hart if that meant Hogan would be in the TNA Asylum. “Hulk Hogan is coming, baby, and when he’s armed, he’s very, very dangerous,” Hart said. Tenay said Hart had just promsied a confrontation between Hogan and Jarrett. Jarrett grabbed the mic from Tenay and entered the ring. He said his focus is on winning the NWA Title next week. He said he already tossed Russo out of the building and “Hulk Hogan, you damn sure aren’t going to stand in my way.” He said next week he’ll walk out a champion. A.J. Styles charged into the ring and attacked Jarrett. They had a pullapart brawl. Dusty walked out and looked on as the brawl continued as they signed off (at 9:47 p.m., earlier than they have in a while).

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