RADICAN’S 10/21 NWA 70 Anniversary PPV report – live coverage of event, Rhodes-Aldis 2/3 Falls main event

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


OCT. 21, 2018

ANNOUNCERS: Joe Galli, Jim Cornette, and Tony Schiavone

Joe Galli, Jim Cornette, and Tony Schiavone introduced the show. They noted Schiavone would be announcing the main event only.

They had some technical issues to start the show, as Cornette could be heard coughing and then when the announcers pitched backstage, the interview with Colt Cabana couldn’t be heard with Jen Decker. Sammy Guevara’s audio finally kicked in towards the end of his promo.

The staging and production is simple with a basic entranceway and surrounded by two NWA 70 signs. It was hard to hear the announcers over the entrance music for the opening match.

(1) Stage A – COLT CABANA vs. SCORPIO SKY vs. SAMMY GUEVARA vs. SAMUEL SHAW – Four-Way Elimination NWA National Championship Tournament Semi-Final Round match.

Shaw eliminated Cabana first with a one-armed powerbomb off the top when he was setting up for a dive to the outside. Sky eliminated Guevard with a shining wizard and Shaw immediately hit a superkick on a kneeling Sky to eliminate him and advance to the finals. The cameras couldn’t keep up with some of the action, but overall they did a good job tracking all of the action during this match.

WINNER: Samuel Shaw at 14:57 to advance to the finals of the NWA National Championship Tournament (**½)

(Radican’s Analysis: Cabana did some fun comedy and Guevara stood out with his high-flying, but the ending of the match came with a flurry of eliminations that saw Shaw come out on top.)

They kicked Jen Decker for an interview with Blue Demon Jr. Nothing happened for a moment and then the announcers began talking before they went to the interview. Demon said he wanted a shot at the NWA Championship in Mexico.


Kid hit a springboard moonsault to the outside during the early going and the fans fired up. Kid went for a springboard into the ring a short time later, but Brown nailed him with a dropkick. Brown got his knees on the top rope and flipped to the floor to wipe out kid. Kid mounted a comeback and hit a 450 off the ring steps to the floor. He rolled Brown back inside, but only got a 2 count. Cornette got excited on commentary a short time later when Brown hit a poison hurricanrana. He called it the dumbest move in wrestling. They battled up top and Kid hit an ace crusher off the top, but made a lackadaisical cover for a 2 count. Kid elbowed Brown off the top and missed a corkscrew splash. Brown then beat Kid with a jumping knee to the head. Didn’t we just see a jumping knee finish in the last match?

WINNER: Barrett Brown at 10:57 (***)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a nice dose of cruiserweight action.)

They went to an interview with Mike Parrow, but the ring announcer talked over it. Cornette could be heard saying, “It’s like a crapshoot,” but it was hard to hear the audio on Parrow’s video package. They went to a live interview with Willie Mack and the audio wasn’t working. Jay Bradley then came into the picture and cut a promo and the audio wasn’t working. James Ellsworth came into the picture as well. The audio finally kicked in and Bradley said he’d beat Shaw for the National title.

Someone came into the commentary booth. He told Cornette to sit down. He said his name is Absolute Ricky Starks. He said he’s perfect and nobody can be him better than him. He said he’s about to give his best entrance. A video package then played highlighting Starks to a guitar riff as he was shown smirking and wearing a fur coat and a low cut tank top.

Magnum T.A. was interviewed at ringside. He talked about being proud to be back in the NWA on a special day. He said you can’t go back in time, but you can create a new NWA that gives athletes a chance to reach for the 10 pounds of gold and have it be the title it deserves to be. Magnum was asked about presenting the NWA National Championship to the winner of the tournament. He said the man that walks out the National Championship tonight will be the #1 contender for the NWA Worlds Championship.

Cornette could be heard talking over the ring announcer.

(3) Stage B – WILLIE MACK vs. JAY BRADLEY vs. RICKY STARKS vs. MIKE PARROW – Four-Way Elimination NWA National Championship Tournament Semi-Final Round match.

Bradley booted Starks to the floor. Parrow and Bradley then went to work on Mack and hit him with a double shoulder tackle. They ended up alone in the ring and they began exchanging blows. Parrow hit a big fallaway slam on Bradley and the fans applauded. Starks and Mack stayed out of the ring and Cornette noted they were happy to stay away from Parrow and Bradley. Parrow hit a sit-out powerbomb on Bradley for a near fall. Starks went after Parrow, who no-sold hit offense and went for a chokeslam, but Starks turned it into a rollup to eliminate Parrow. It looked like Parrow’s shoulder was up. They showed a replay of Starks grabbing the tights and Parrow’s shoulder being up. Bradley recovered and tossed Parrow to the floor. He went after Mack and hit a big knee drop. Mack came back into the ring and Bradley went after him before going back after Starks. Bradley got a double underhook and just dumped Starks down to the mat. He went back after Mack with some punches before going after Mack again. Starks went after Bradley in the corner, but he got out of the way and Starks nailed Mack. Bradley hit a big powerslam on Starks and went up top. Mack cut him off and they began trading blows. Starks lifted Bradley out of the corner for a sit-out powerbomb. Mack then came off the top with a frog splash to eliminate Bradley. The match is now down to Starks and Mack. Starks hit a big spear on Mack for a near fall. Mack powered out of a double underhook and hit a stunner a short time later for the win.

WINNER: Willie Mack in 7:00 to advance to the finals of the NWA National Championship Tournament (**3/4)

(Radican’s Analysis: There was a controversial elimination of Parrow. It was fun to see the match develop from start to finish. It looked like Starks and Mack didn’t want to to go at it with Parrow and Bradley at the beginning of the match, but they ended up working together later on to eliminate Bradley. I was hoping to see more out of the final stretch between Starks and Mack, but this was fine.)

Decker interviewed Mack at ringside. He said he felt good. Shaw came into the picture. He told Shaw he’s ready for him. Decker asked Shaw and Mack to face off. Bradley then came into the picture and wiped out Mack. Ellsworth ran down to the ring to make the save. He shoved Bradley into the ringpost. Shaw came up from behind Ellsworth, but then backed off.

A video package aired for the Tim Storm vs. Peter Avalon feud, which has been ongoing in Championship Wrestling From Arizona and Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. Avalon was shown getting a cheap victory over Storm. Cornette said it was ridiculous to see Storm losing to Avalon.

Peter Avalon came out first wearing a robe accompanied by Nico Marquez. Tim Storm was out next. Avalon grabbed the mic and said he wanted the fans to hush up when he is holding the mic. He said he’s 2-0 against Tim Storm. He told Storm to lay down when the bell rings because he knows he’s going to beat him for a third time. He said when he beats Storm, he’s going to go on to get his title shot. Storm tried to grab the mic. Avalon said no. He said after he wins, he wants Storm and all of the fans to kiss his foot. Storm got the mic and said we learned that Avalon has a foot fetish. Storm said when he wins, Avalon will kiss his foot for him and all of the great people in Nashville. Avalon accepted his challenge. It doesn’t get much more old school than a foot kissing bet.

(4) PETER AVALON (w/Nico Marquez) vs. TIM STORM

Avalon jumped storm before the bell rang. Storm absorbed a bunch of blows. He finally blocked a punch and wiped out Avalon with a big boot. Storm went to town on Avalon and the fans applauded. Storm hit some big chops in the corner. He set Avalon up and hit a running boot to his head. Avalon finally hit a jaw breaker to break Storm’s momentum. Storm fired right back with a Samoan Drop, but Avalon managed to wriggle free even though he took a hard landing. Avalon rolled to the floor. Storm went after him, but Avalon sent him into the ringpost. He then hit a splash off the top on a standing splash. Storm kicked out right away. Avalon went to the floor and grabbed a chair, but the ref took it away. Avalon went for a low kick, but Storm blocked it. Marquez got up on the apron and tried to hold Storm, but he got out of the way and Avalon ran into him. Storm then hit Perfect Storm for the win.

Winner: Tim Storm at 4:45

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a simple and basic match that saw Storm overcome Avalon’s shortcuts to get the win.)

After the match, Storm took a seat in the ring and took his boot off. It was announced Avalon would be fined 10,000 by Dave Lagana and Billy Corgan if he didn’t kiss Storm’s foot. Avalon got on the mic and said a deal is a deal. He said Marquez is his manager and he’s got this. He said Marquez represents him and has to do it. Marquez got down and kissed Storm’s foot. He then teased being sick. Storm dragged Avalon back into the ring. He made Avalon get down and kiss his foot. It’s like it’s 1980 all over again.

The announcers said Jazz vs. Penelope Ford is up next for the NWA Women’s Championship. They went to a video package for the match and the audio was perfect.

They went backstage to Decker, who interviewed Ford. Ford said Jazz shaped women’s wrestling for her and said she was here to give her a fight. They didn’t cut away from the interview quick enough and Decker could be seen talking to a producer. Jazz came out first and Cornette noted she insisted on coming out first as champion. Jazz came out wearing a black and silver mask and a black ring robe with the NWA Women’s Champion around her waist. She’s been champion for 766 days. Ford was out next wearing a black jacket with her initials on the left pocket. Jazz just stood in the corner and started at her. Earl Hebner is the referee for this match. The ring announcer’s audio couldn’t be heard at first, but they got to it just as he finished introducing ford.


Jazz shoved Ford over during the early going and stood tall in the ring. Jazz got into Ford’s face and walked her back into the corner. Ford ducked a punch and fired back with some punches and kicks of her own. Jazz fired back and hit some punches and kicks in the corner. They went back and forth and Ford hit a springboard cutter for a 2 count. The crowd either has been quiet or isn’t mic’d very well. Ford hit a handspring elbow into the corner a short time later. She then hit a northern lights suplex with a bridge for a 2 count. Jazz got a double chicken wing. She lifted Ford up and hit the bitch clamp. SHe then hit a leg drop to the back of Ford’s head. Jazz made the cover, but she kicked out at 2. Jazz continued to dominate the action. Jazz used the ropes to work a chinlock on Ford. She continued to dominate the action, but could not put Ford away. Ford matrixed out of a punch and got a rollup for a 2 count. Ford got a backwards bridging pinning combination for another near fall. She went for a standing moonsault, but Jazz got out of the way. Jazz hit a big Michinoku Driver. The announcers said it looked like a 3 count, but Hebner accidentally hit Jazz’s face while making the count. Jazz then locked in the STF for the win.

WINNER: Jazz in 8:00 to retain the NWA Women’s Championship (**)

(Radican’s Analysis: The action was fine, but it seemed disjointed. The sloppy finish really took things down, especially given there was already a controversial ref count in the second four-way elimination match when Parrow had his shoulder up.)

Decker tried to get an interview with Jazz at ringside after the match. Decker congratulated Jazz. It was hard to hear what she had to say. She asked what the NWA Women’s Championship means to her. Jazz said she is the women’s champion. Jazz said she’s been doing this for a long time and she’s tired of not getting the respect she deserves. She said all the men are getting opportunities for 10 pounds of gold. Jazz said she wanted a shot at the 10 pounds of gold. Jazz said the people in the building feel the same way. The fans cheered.

They showed highlights of Jay Bradley jumping Willie Mack from behind while he was going face to face with Samuel Shaw. James Ellsworth was shown making the save.

They went to Jim Cornette inside the ring. Cornette introduced Jeff Jarrett, who got a good pop. Jarrett came out with the NWA National Championship. I thought I was hallucinating seeing Jeff Jarrett walking to the ring with a title in The Asylum in Nashville. Cornette said he’s known Jeff since he was 12 and asked what it’s been like to see the reemergence of the NWA. Jarrett asked the fans to give Cornette a big applause and they did. Cornette said if it wasn’t for the Jarrett family, he wouldn’t be here. He asked the fans to give Jarrett an ovation.

Jarrett said he watched his first wrestling match in this building. He said to be a part of the 70 Anniversary of the NWA met a lot to him and his family. He told the fans he’s grown up with them and they’re his family. Jarrett said they were both fans before they got into the business. Jarrett said they have two matches left. He said they have the rematch of the year with Cody defending the 10 Pounds of Gold tonight. He said it gives him chills to hold the NWA National Championship. He talked about winning the IC Championship in WWE and the U.S. Championship in WCW. He said the National Championship is a launching pad to the 10 Pounds of Gold. He called out Magnum T.A., who is going to present the title to the new champion.


Brian Hebner is the ref. Mack jumped Shaw as he made his entrance and he went to work on him inside the ring. Mack ended up running his shoulder into the post after missing a shoulder tackle in the corner. They announced that Jay Bradley and James Ellsworth had been escorted out of the building, so there will be no interference. Shaw fired back and worked a nerve hold. Mack tried to fire back, but he got caught with a big fallaway slam. Shaw worked a chinlock and Mack eventually fired up and elbowed Shaw off. The fans fired up after Mack hit an exploder suplex. The fans chanted for Mack with both men down. Mack hit a big leg drop a short time later. Mack hit a big cannonball in the corner and the fans fired up. Mack continued on his roll and hit a standing moonsault, but Shaw kicked out at 2 and the fans groaned. Shaw fired back and hit a big face buster for a 2 count. Shaw went up top and flipped off Mack. He went for a swaton, but missed. Mack then hit a stunner, but Mack kicked out at the very last second. Mack hit another stunner a short time later and made the cover and it was good for the win.

WINNER: Willie Mack in 9:00 to become the new NWA National Champion. (***)

(Radican’s Analysis: This match lacked the drama I expected. Mack was very good here and woke up what had been a pretty dead crowd for the most part. He brought a lot of energy to the match, but Shaw didn’t get a chance to bring much to the table.)

Jim Cornette talked about All In. He said Nick Aldis believes that Cody Rhodes got some home cooking when it came to the officiating of the match from Earl Hebner.

They went to a video package for the Cody Rhodes vs. Nick Aldis ⅔ Falls match for the NWA Worlds Hvt. Championship.

The War Kings came out first with Road Warrior Animal. Josephus then came out with his spiritual advisor and another woman. He said The Kingdom of Josephus had issued an open challenge and they didn’t accept it. He asked them if they’re afraid of the strong and empowered women would defeat them tonight. Josephus said his spiritual advisor had never wrestled. He said she had one thing that nobody has in the ring, the crowd, or at home – and that is beauty. Josephus said her partner is Hollywood from GLOW. He called her a pioneer of women’s wrestling, but she’s here tonight to drown them in blood. Josephus said he’d take on all three of them, but he’s not a masochist and he wants to give the opportunity to the women. Shannon Moore and Crazy Steve then jumped Jax Dane and Crimson from behind.


Steve went after crimson in the ring. Crimson is a former member of The Kingdom of Josephus. Moore ran into the ring and hit Crimson with a jumping neck breaker. Crimson caught Moore with a sitout spinebuster when he came off the second turnbuckle. Dax got the hot tag and ran wild on Steve. Moore jumped Dax from behind, but he picked up Moore and then Steve and put them on his shoulders before hitting a fallaway slam. The fans fired up briefly for the showcase of power from Jax. Moore knocked Crimson off the apron. Dax had Steve on his shoulders and Moore nailed him with a dropkick off the top. That was stupid. Moore and Dax hit ground zero for the win. The fans had a mixed reaction to the finish.

WINNERS: Jax Dane & Crimson at 6:02 (*½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was short and there wasn’t much of a reason to care about the match. Road Warrior Animal didn’t add a lot to the match.)

Cornette interviewed Road Warrior Animal. He said Animal had some information for the audience. Animal said The Road Warriors prided themselves as being the main event. He said he and Hawk won the event he was about to announce. He said the Crockett Cup is coming back. Animal said he just might be there to hand the cup to the winners. Cornette asked him if he had a prediction about who would win the Crockett Cup. Animal said if The War Kings keep listening to him, they will make it to the finals.

A video package aired for the Cody Rhodes vs. Nick Aldis main event.

Decker interviewed Dory Funk Jr. at ringside. Funk said it was amazing to be here as part of the NWA. He thanked the fans for backing NWA and restarting his career.

Tony Schiavone joined the broadcast team. Several former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champions came down to the ring before the main event. Tim Storm, Colt Cabana, Jeff Jarrett, Jax Dane, Tim Storm, and Blue Demon Jr. all got into the ring with Dory Funk Jr.

Nick Aldis came out first with Camilla Cane. Cornette said she was there to neutralize Brandi Rhodes. Cody Rhodes was out next. Rhodes tried to pump the fans up as he began his way down to the ring. A big Cody chant rang out in The Asylum as he flexed on the ramp. They did the formal introductions. Brian Hebner is the ref for the main event. The former NWA Worlds Champions stayed and watched the match at ringside.


Both men shook hands after the bell rang. Cody tried to roll out of the ring with Aldis in control, but Kaine blocked his path. Cody fired back and hit a powerslam out of the corner for a near fall that Galli sold on commentary like it was the best finish of all-time. Galli then screamed after Cody hit the Disaster Kick for a two count. They battled up top and Aldis hit a superplex and both men were down. Cody got the Figure 4 a short time later and the fans fired up. Aldis rolled it over, but Cody got it back over. Aldis went down on his shoulders and Cody got a 2 count. Aldis finally got to the ropes. Aldis blocked another Disaster Kick attempt and got the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf. Cody immediately tapped because he wasn’t near the ropes according to the announcers. Cody popped right up as Aldis sold his leg. The story was that Aldis was worse for wear and Cody was smart for tapping out quickly. I don’t buy it. It doesn’t make sense to tap out so quickly and lose a fall just to save yourself from a submission in seconds. Aldis leads 1-0.

The bell rang and Aldis went right to the floor with Cody dying to go at it. Cody immediately hit a suicide dive. The fans chanted for both men. Aldis fired back and went for a kick from the apron to the floor, but Cody tripped him face-first into the apron. Earl Hebner was on the floor as an extra official. Cody tossed Aldis over the guardrail. Cody got a running start, but Camille cut him off. Aldis then dragged Cody into the crowd. Cody hit ALdis with a trash can. The announcers said the ref was going to let things go in the crowd. They brawled over to the concession stand. Cody nailed Aldis with a soda cup. They brawled up into the bleachers as fans scattered. They continued to brawl through the crowd. They ended up on the entrance ramp. Cody got a chair and Earl Hebner tried to wave him off. Cody dropped the chair. Cody then went after a table. Storm got up on the apron and Cody knocked him off the apron. Aldis got cody from behind and hit a DDT for a two count. Earl was inside the ring as the ref and Brian was on the outside. Brandi got into the ring and Kaine got into the ring. Cody backed Brandi away and turned around and Aldis hit a running knee that sent Cody right into Brandi. Earl got the table out of the ring and Aldis hit a powerslam.

Aldis set Cody up on the table on the outside. Aldis then climbed up top and went for an elbow drop, but Cody got out of the way. The fans popped big for that spot. The fans chanted back and forth for both men. Cody hit Cross-Rhodes and it was good for the fall. The match is now tied 1-1. The one minute rest period began.

Rhodes waited in the corner and both men charged at each other. Cody ducked a clothesline and hit a superkick. He went for a Cross-Rhodes, but Aldis shook him off. Cody went up top for a moonsault, but Aldis got out of the way. The fans chanted for Cody as both men tried to regroup. Cody hit the Flip, Flop, and Fly to a big pop. They then did a double clothesline spot and both men were down. Kamilla tried to wipe out Brandi with a dive, but she wiped out Brian. Brian ended up kicking everyone out from ringside. Aldis snuck up on Cody inside the ring and hit Cross-Rhodes for a near fall. The announcers said if Kamilla hadn’t been involved in the match, Brandi would still be out at ringside. Cody went for the Kingsland Cloverleaf and got it. The fans applauded and chanted for Aldis to tap. Cody dragged Aldis to the middle of the ring and the fans applauded. Aldis struggled, but finally got to the ropes. Cody hit a hangman’s DDT, but Aldis kicked out at two. Aldis fired back and hit a big tombstone. Aldis went up top and hit an elbow drop for a two count. Aldis went up top again, but Cody got his boot up. Cody then hit The Rainmaker for a 2 count. WOW! The fans fired up as Cody regrouped. They went back and forth. Cody came off the ropes, but Aldis nailed him with a huge clothesline and both men were down. WOW!

Aldis went for the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf, but Cody’s boot came off. Cody went for a small package, but Aldis shifted his weight and got the three count for the win. Cody sold shock in the ring and the fans booed.

WINNER: Nick Aldis 2-1 in 37:00 to become the new NWA Worlds Champion (****½)

(Radican’s Analysis: They did a great job of building the match. It started slow, they brawled around the arena, the valets got involved and kicked out, and then they went to a strong back and forth finish. The finish of the match seems to indicate that we might get one more chapter in this feud, which I certainly wouldn’t mind.)

Cody went to the ramp and sold shock. Aldis didn’t celebrate and looked shocked inside the ring. Cody went to the back and Camille came down to ringside. Aldis climbed the ropes and celebrated with the NWA Worlds Championship.

The announcers signed off and said they would see us for the Anniversary show next year.

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