10/22 WWE Raw Results: Keller’s report on Reigns cancer announcement, final Evolution hype, Ronda Rousey-Nikki Bella contract signing, HBK and Triple H hype DX reunion, Braun-Drew fallout, Tag Title match

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

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OCTOBER 22, 2018

Announcers: Michael Cole, Renee Young, Corey Graves


Tonight after WWE Raw, join me live with guest cohost Cameron Hawkins from the PWTorch East Coast Cast to break down the show with live callers, mailbag, and a live on-site correspondent from Philadelphia.

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-Roman Reigns walked out to the ring to a usual mix of cheers and boos. He looked emotional and soaked up the crowd in a different way than usual. He fist-bumped some fans. Cole said he has a lot on his mind. The announcers all talked about what’s on his schedule coming up including defending against Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel. (They didn’t mention Saudi Arabia their first chance here.) He entered the ring with the Universal Title over his shoulder and mic in hand. When his music stopped, the boos got louder.

“I feel like I owe everybody an apology,” he began. He said for months and maybe even a full year he spoke as Roman Reigns and said a lot of things. He said he’d be a workhorse and a fighting champion, “but it’s all lies.” He looked down at the title and hung his head and took a deep breath. “It’s a lie because the reality is, my real name is Joe and I’ve been living with leukemia for 11 years.” The mood in the room suddenly changed. “And unfortunately it’s back.” He said he has to relinquish the title as a result because he can’t be a fighting champion. They showed fans looking stunned. He said he’ll take every prayer he can get, but he’s not looking for sympathy or for anyone to feel bad for him.

He said when he was 22 he was diagnosed with it, and he quickly put it in remission. He said it was the hardest time of his life. He didn’t have money or a home and he had a baby. He said football was done with him, and the team that gave him a chance was WWE. He said fans have made his dreams come true. He said it didn’t matter if you cheered or booed him, they always reacted to him, and that’s the most important thing. “And for that, I say thank you so much.” Fans chanted, “Thank you, Roman.”

He said life isn’t fair and sometimes it throws you a curveball. He said he has to go home and focus on his family and his health. He said it’s by no means a retirement speech. He said when he whoops leukemia’s ass once again, he’s coming home. “When I do, I won’t just be about titles and being on top, it’s about a purpose.” He said he’s coming back because he wants to show the world – his family, his friends, his children, and his wife – that when life throws a curve ball at him, he stands in that batters box and will swing for the fences every single time. “I will beat this and I will be back, so you will see me very very soon. Thank you so much, god bless you, and I love you. Believe that.” He looked down at the title belt as fans chanted “Roman! Roman!” and then “Thank you, Roman!”

Joe set the belt in the middle of the ring, looked at it, and walked out of the ring. He met Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose on the stage. They hugged and cried together. They did a fist salute together. Seth was taking it hard. Reigns’s music played and they left the stage together.

(Keller’s Analysis: Man, that’s heavy. I wish Roman all the best. A recurrence of this disease is serious. I don’t know the details of his type of cancer or any medical details, but hopefully his physical condition, strength, and youth will play a role in giving him the best odds possible of long-term survival. The crowd handled that with class.) [c]

-Back from the break, they replayed snippets of Reigns’s speech.

(Keller’s Analysis; I’m not sure how many people knew what was going on with Reigns, but this does explain why at house shows this weekend Braun Strowman was in a full-fledged babyface mode. As WWE says, “the show must go on,” and Braun is probably being slotted as a top babyface now alongside Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.)

-They went to Cole, Graves, and Renee who were clearly in shock from the news, trying to absorb a new reality. Cole said they come out there every Monday night to entertain and they live in an alternate reality sometimes, but these are real people. “Reality came up and bit us here tonight,” he said. He sent prayers to Roman and said “go get him.” He said Renee knows Roman as well as anybody. “Roman Reigns has been side-by-side with my husband for the better part of six years,” she said, her voice cracking. “They’ve had some of the best times of their entire lives together. I know Roman is going to be able overcome leukemia once again. My heart and my thoughts are with Roman and his entire family right now.”

Graves said this totally caught him off guard. He said their kids have played together and Roman is more than a colleague. He said he’s a friend. He said he’s once of the strongest guys he knows. “You’ve got this, you’re going to beat this,” he said.

They shifted to plugging the Raw Tag Team Title match up later with Seth & Dean vs. Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler. Renee plugged the Ronda Rousey-Nikki Bella contract signing.


As Balor came out to entrance music, Cole said Reigns talked about being a work horse and he said everyone on the Raw roster is, including Balor. Lio came out and introduced Lashley. (He seemed to consciously cut back on that obnoxious laugh between every sentence, which even when the goal is to an obnoxious heel was too much.) Balor landed an early dropkick to Lashley’s ribs. Lashley rolled to the floor. When Balor went after Rush at ringside, Lashley hid around the corner and then surprised Balor with a clothesline. [c]

Back live from the break, Lashley had Balor in a nerve hold and Lio was chanting “Lashley!” (Lashley’s punishment for getting no crowd support as a babyface is to have to wrestle with that soundtrack the rest of his career?) Cole said acting G.M. Baron Corbin has been on the phone with Stephanie McMahon discussing what to do about the vacated Universal Title. He said they’d keep everyone up to date as the night progresses. Graves joked that he’s learned to just talk over Rush and not stop when he talked because his mic is louder than Rush’s. He then gave up seconds later. Cole suggested Renee and Graves talk in short soundbites. Lashley continued to dominate until Lashley set up his finisher, but Balor spun out of it and schoolboyed him for the three count.

WINNER: Balor in 9:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: I don’t think I’ve ever said this about a heel act, but Rush’s act is so obnoxious I really think WWE should reconsider the live mic gimmick. It’s headache-inducing and channel-change-inspiring. I mean, it’s unlistenable and not entertaining in any way.)

-They went back the announcers. Cole again recapped the Reigns news. Graves and Renee still looked just emotionally crushed. Graves and Renee talked more. Renee said the positive response he received from “the WWE Universe” must have warmed his heart.

-A soundbite aired with Natalya, Sasha Banks, and Bayley. Sasha said she’s back and ready to make a very strong statement. “And you can bank on that,” she said. Cole plugged Evolution.

-Sasha, Bayley, and Natalya made their live ring entrance. [c]

-A commercial aired for Total Divas advertising that Nikki is single and flirting with a younger guy. “This is me,” she said in a way that made you happy for John Cena.

-They aired footage from last week of Strowman giving Dolph Ziggler a powerslam and then Drew McIntyre giving him a Claymore Kick in response. Graves said tensions were at an all-time high between them.

-Backstage Ziggler told Drew he appreciated him having his back. He said they have to watch each other’s backs now. Drew said he could see the writing on the wall and last week he had to make the choice of “kill or be killed.” Ziggler agreed it was time to focus on Seth & Dean tonight. Ziggler said he has a chance at Crown Jewel to cement his legacy and back up what he says and be the best in the world. Drew said Braun needed them more than they needed Braun, and unlike everyone else, he’s not afraid of Braun. “After tonight, you’re not going to have worry about a thing. You can trust me on that one.” He then walked off. Ziggler asked where he was going. Drew turned back and smiled and said, “Monster hunting.”

(2) SASHA BANKS (w/Bayley, Natalya) vs. RUBY RIOTT (w/Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan)

A soundbite aired with Riott Squad on a split screen as the Riott Squad made their ring entrance. All six faced off at ringside a couple minutes in. Graves said Sasha has never been known to be a good friend. “She’s the type of friend where when you buy a six-pack, she’ll take four,” he said. Renee chuckled. Riott knocked Sasha to the floor and they cut to a break. [c]

Late in the match, Sasha gave Riott a back stabber and applied the Bank Statement. When Logan ran in, Bayley intervened. A four-way brawl broke out at ringside. Sasha joined in when the heels got the better of her cohorts. When she returned to the ring, Riott kicked her into the ringpost and then gave her the Riott Kick for the pin.

WINNER: Riott in 8:00.

-The announcers talked about Evolution. Renee said the energy in the women’s locker room is so palpable right now. Cole shifted to talking about DX vs. Undertaker & Kane at Crown Jewel. He threw to a replay of Undertaker and Kane’s promo from last week. [c]

-Graves thanked Little Mix for “Salute,” the official theme of Evolution.

-A soundbite aired with Nia Jax saying at Evolution, people will see women can do anything (except participate in a live event in Saudi Arabia). She said her chance to win the battle royal is a ticket to another title shot, and it’s a ticket she won’t squander.

-DX’s entrance music played. Triple H and Shawn Michaels made their ring entrance.


-Triple H began speaking. He said people have said that fear is what has kept him from taking off his suit and kept Michaels in retirement. (No, it was actually Michaels vowing over and over to not be someone who came out of retirement like everyone else.) Triple H: “It’s going to take a lot more to instill fear in us than taking your lunch hour, grabbing a Go Pro, walking down the stairs of Knoxville City Hall, stepping into the boiler room, putting on your mask, and making some kind of idle threat.” Michaels said, “I hate to break this news to you, boys; ain’t neither one of us running for mayor.” Michaels said another word being thrown around lately was “nostalgia.” He said he hoped it was a new Greek word that meant “merch.” (Can we stop making obviously light of storylines by having multi-millionionaires speak to working class fans about merchandise revenue in the middle of trying to get them excited enough about the match to order WWE Network to see it? That’d have been an “I can’t believe he said that!” moment 20 years ago, and today it’s just lame.) Michaels said he has learned that nostalgia is just a real polite way of saying “old.”

Triple H said nostalgia-wise, there is a movie out now that came out 40 years ago called “Halloween” that is number one at the box office right now. He said less than two weeks ago, they packed 70,000 people into a stadium in Australia to see this. “Maybe old is just the really polite way of saying ‘we’re better,'” Hunter said. He pointed at the “X” on HBK”s new DX t-shirt. He said it means they are better than everybody else. He said there’s another X that also says “they’re better” which speaks to the future and says the future is now. Michaels said: “And guess what, we’re running that too.” No pop at first, but then an “NXT” chant broke out. Hunter said they aren’t bringing the X to Crown Jewel to make them laugh or for nostalgia, but rather to kick their ass.

(Keller’s Analysis: I liked the seriousness of the promo. I have no idea what the NXT reference was for or what purpose it served, though. They had another obvious chance to mention Saudi Arabia as the site of Crown Jewel and they didn’t.)

Suddenly the video screen played Kane and Undertaker in a grave yard. Undertaker, “Pride comes before destruction.” Kane said, “Arrogance precedes a fall.” (What about “Greed” and a lesson about Saudi Arabia?) Taker told DX that their reunion will be the vessel of their total annihilation. Kane said they can bring their dreams and delusions and try to harness their lost respect. Taker said they’ll bring their depravity and despair and unleash their utter contempt. Kane said Michaels should have stayed retired because he can’t turn back the clock and he can’t outrun the reaper and he can’t survive the Brothers of Destruction. They showed Triple H and Michaels gravestones with Nov. 1, 2018 as their death date. They vowed to put them down and said it will be their last match against anybody. They said their lifeless bodies will test in the graveyard they stand in. Undertaker said they will own their black and blistered souls for eternity. Kane said they’d be forever tormented by their failure in the deepest pits of hell. They began shoveling dirt. Taker said they will never rest in peace.

(Keller’s Analysis: All in all, it felt like a bad tone given the mood of the room tonight. But other than that, it was well done.)

-The announcers on camera threw to a video recap of the Reigns announcement earlier. Then they showed Tweets from Ric Flair, Natalya, Booker T, Kurt Angle, Alexa Bliss, and Ember Moon. Graves said this is like losing the star quarterback. Renee called it a huge impact. Cole said a decision has been made to have a one-on-one match at Crown Jewel between Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman for the Universal Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: I like this better than a tournament. It’s the logic move here.)

-C0le threw to a replay of the Bellas-Rousey segment last week.

-They showed Paul Heyman marching backstage. Cole said they’d hear from him after the break. [c]

-Dana Brooke talked about what Evolution means to her and to women and to history. She said she’s been passed over much too long, and at the battle royal, all eyes will be on her and the world will see what she can do.

-Heyman stood in the ring without an entrance. He received a mixed and largely muted response. He seemed choked up. He said his name is Paul Heyman and tonight his thoughts and prayers “are with the champion of a man you know as Roman Reigns.” Applause. He said it’s an honor to be in the locker room tonight in the presence of such courage and greatness. He said he will explain to his children that what they witnessed tonight is that Reigns sacrificed his career aspirations because he couldn’t fulfill the obligations of being the Universal Champion because to everyone that walks through that locker room, the title deserves the best any champion has to offer it. He said the “WWE fanbase” who takes pride in WWE have a right to point to the Universal Title holder and say that’s the best this industry has to offer. He said until 8:05 ET time tonight, they had the right to brag that the very best, the number one wrestler, was the Universal Champion. Applause. He said Reigns is the first person to say the show must go on. He said at Crown Jewel, Braun will face Brock. He said only one can stand up and said he’s the one who carries on the legacy that Reigns brought to the ring tonight and is worth of the honor of being the champion. He said, “That sure as hell ain’t Braun Strowman.”

He said there’s only one being at Crown Jewel worthy of being their champion and saying “I am the best WWE has to offer.” He said that man is Brock Lesnar. He said Braun isn’t even in the same species as Lesnar. Braun walked out, looking fierce and serious. He breathed deeply as Heyman, from a safe distance, held his ground and licked his lips. Braun said the only words that need to come out of his mouth right now are telling Brock that he’s going to beat his ass all over Crown Jewel. He said he’s then going to bring the Universal Championship back to Raw and he is going to bring it every single Monday. He said he’s had his differences with Reigns over the years, but when Reigns beats leukemia that he will be the first in line for a title opportunity. He said for right now, Lesnar is going to “get these hands!” Suddenly Drew McIntyre blindsided Braun with a Claymore Kick at ringside. Cole said Drew said he was going to go “monster hunting.” Graves said he just got himself a six-foot-eight, 380 pound trophy.

-A video package aired hyping Evolution. [c]

-After a replay of Drew kicking Braun, Ziggler congratulated him backstage. Charly Caruso asked Drew if he might be afraid of what the repercussions right be. Drew said he’s not the type to look under his bed fearful of monsters. He said he’s not a child. He said that’s the problem with half the roster. He said Braun received the swift kick of reality and now he’ll know the truth – he needed us. He said now they can focus on what actually matters – defending their Raw Tag Team Titles. Ziggler chewed his fake gum and walked away confidently with Drew.

-Elias sat mid-ring under a spotlight and strummed his guitar. Fans cheered a bit as he strummed away. They actually clapped along. Some fans conducted with DX green glow sticks in the darkness. When he was about to sing, Apollo Crews’s music interrupted. Graves and Renee both were upset. “I just wanted to hear his song,” said Renee. (I don’t think it’s helping Crews get over as a babyface when Renee is a fan of Elias.)


Renee continued to talk about how upset she as with Elias not being able to finish his song. Graves said maybe he should start a YouTube Channel. Crews flip dove onto Elias at ringside. They cut to a break. [c]

Elias had Crews in a side headlock after the break. Fans yelled “Walk with Elias” as Elias gave Crews a knee lift and Drift Away for the win.

WINNER: Elias in 7:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: If the goal is to get Crews over as a babyface, this match didn’t work at all. In the building, the fans didn’t react positively to him when he almost begged for cheers. The announcers didn’t help at all on commentary. Just turn Elias babyface, or at least don’t try to get someone over as a newly turned babyface against Elias under these circumstances.)

-A soundbite aired with Angle. He said he’s years removed from some people debating whether he was the best ever, ironically he finds himself with another chance to prove he is the best in the world in the World Cup. Again, no mention of Saudi Arabia. He talked about each of his seven opponents. He said Seth’s motto is burn it down because that’s the attitude he brings every night and he will bring out his entire arsenal to prove he is the best. He talked about Jeff Hardy overcoming more in life than anyone else in the tournament. He said some say Miz just talks and talks, but he sees him win and win. He said last year was the best of his career, yet he still has a chip on his shoulder. He said he learned at WrestleMania years ago not to underestimate Rey Mysterio Jr., and he never will underestimate him again. He called him one of the best of all time. He said Ziggler has one of the longest running consistent resumes and will try to add to it and validate everything he has been claiming his entire career by winning the tournament. He said Randy Orton has always been unhinged, but lately has been more dangerous than ever. He said John Cena proved to him as a rookie he has ruthless aggression and he went on to have a sure-fire Hall of Fame career. He said he has won a Gold Medal and championships. He said he might not be as good as he once was, but he believes on this one night he can be.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was a nice segment that covered a lot in two or three minutes,)

-Elias sat on the stage and said he felt so good about his win, he decided to come back out and give fans the truth. He was interrupted by Baron Corbin. Renee accused Graves of orchestrating it. Graves said he didn’t, but he wishes he did. He said his job is keep the show rolling, so they don’t have time to accommodate his performance. Elias said Stephanie wants to walk with Elias and he’s sure she wants to hear him perform. He said he’d go through with it. Baron said she appointed him acting G.M., so what he has to say is far more important than Elias’s performance on his “little guitar.” Fans booed. Corbin told Elias to stop looking at him like that because he works for him. He said if Stephanie didn’t like him, he’d fire him. “Get off the stage!” he said. Elias soaked up those words and then the crowd chanted “No! No!” Elias said, “While you were rambling and sucking the entertainment out of the building, I was writing a song in my head that I’m going to sing right now.” He told Corbin to “shut your damn mouth.” Graves said you can’t talk to a boss like that.

I can see the fear in your eyes
You come out here spreading lies
You were once a Lone Wolf who was rising fast
Now you’re just a puppet with Stephanie McMahon’s hand up your…

Corbin tried to cut him off. Elias said he wouldn’t stop. Suddenly Elias’s mic was turned off. Corbin told him, “Like I said, you work for me, get off the stage.” Corbin turned to the crowd and began talking. Elias came up behind him and smashed him across his back with a guitar. The crowd cheered. Cole said there will be repercussions for that.

(Keller’s Analysis: Okay, well it appears WWE did just turn Elias babyface. But in today’s WWE, it’s never safe to assume heel/face turns are what they appear. It seems, though, that Elias is filling vacated spots on the babyface roster left by Reigns’s leave of absence and Lashley turning heel.)

-They showed Rousey heading toward the entrance from her locker room. [c]

-They showed a Tweet from the Bellas who said they are making Rousey more famous by the week and are training to kick her ass on Sunday.


-A video package aired of the Bellas-Rousey feud.

-Cole stood mid-ring and introduced the Bellas. Renee said they’re going to tear the house down, no question. Rousey then made her ring entrance. She was all smiles and slapped hands with fans. When Ronda entered the ring, the Bellas leaped out of the ring immediately. They stood at ringside and said they’re not there for a fight, they’re there for a contract signing. They said the last place they’d fight would be in Providence. Boos. Rousey said she is there to be sure they sign a contract. “This is how pay-per-views and fight contracts work,” she said. She vowed not to place a finger on them. “My word is my bond,” she said. She said nothing they say or do will cause her to break her promise. She said her mother would be ashamed of her if either of them could hurt her with her arms tied behind her back. She said the water is fine and she won’t touch them, so just come in and sign the contract.

The Bellas considered up the situation, then entered the ring together like two cats approaching a mysterious object in a corner – with a mix of caution and bad intension. They mocked her for giving her word. Nikki then said, “Speaking of your mother, didn’t you promise your mother that you would win the Olympics? Didn’t you promise her you would win the World Championships just like she did?” She brought up Ronda promising her mother she’d retire undefeated, too. “Did you give your mother your word to all those things?” she said. “Don’t you get it? Your mother is already ashamed of you.” Rousey tried to keep her temper. She asked them to imagine what her mother would think when a “Diva” beats her for her title. Rousey stepped up to the table and spun the contract around for them. Nikki arrogantly signed it, then slapped Rousey. Renee: “Bad move.” Rousey looked serious, then broke into a laugh and signed the contract. She then said, “Come Sunday, I will end you.” She got very serious again. Nikki gulped like she had gone too far. Rousey concluded, “I give you my word.” She picked up her belt and walked out.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was tremendous. All three were great there with their body language and facial expressions. The material was as strong as Rousey has had to work with so far, and the Bellas comeback to prod her felt heavy-handed and perfect for them.)

-They went to replay again of Reigns’s announcement and tearful fist bump with is Shield partners.

-They showed Tweets from Mandy Rose, The Usos, Mustafa Ali, Mike Bennett, Matt Hardy, Sami Zayn, JBL, John Cena, Mark Henry, Becky Lynch, and Bret Hart.

-Cole hyped the Braun vs. Brock match at Crown Jewel.

-Backstage they went to Dean and Seth with Caruso. She asked if they can put into words the emotions of tonight. Dean said there aren’t words to describe the ride they’ve been on the last six years, the ups and downs and highs and lows and everything in between. “When you don’t know what to do and you don’t know what to say, you just got go do the only thing you know how to do and always do.” He said tonight they’ll do what they always do – win. Seth said there are no words, but plenty of emotions. He said they’d channel those emotions and beat Drew and Dolph and become the new Raw Tag Team Champions. He said they’d do it for Roman. “We love you,” he said. “Believe that.”

(Keller’s Analysis: Well said.)

-Nia Jax made her ring entrance. [c]

-They announced the Bellas and Rousey would be on the “Today” show on NBC on Thursday and the Bellas would be on “The Tonight Show” on Friday night.

-Ember Moon made her ring entrance. She cut a brief soundbite about the battle royal.


Tamina and Brooke were in the ring without a ring entrance airing. Ember won with an Eclipse on Tamina.

WINNER: Ember Moon in 2:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Not sure if that finish should be seen as an indication Tamina is the favorite to win and be pushed as a future big threat to Rousey or if it means her push didn’t even last a week.)

-The announcers ran through the Evolution line-up.

-Ziggler was excited about the match backstage. Drew looked more focused and serious. [c]

-Titus O’Neal stood on the stage with breast cancer survivors, all with pink title belts. A video narrated by Naomi talked about the charity. Titus said he lost his grandmother in 1995 to breast cancer.

-Charly interviewed Lita and Trish backstage about facing Alexa Bliss & Mickie James. Lita said the more jokes they crack about them, the better their chances. Lita thanked Trish for bringing out the best in her before and they’ll do it again at Evolution together. In walked Alicia Fox who seemed six feet taller than Charly, Lita, and Trish. After Fox trash-talked her, they began to retort when Mickie attacked them from behind. Fox joined in. When it seemed over, Lita and Trish came back and attacked them. Three referees broke it up. Trish said, “That’s how we did it in the Attitude Era.” Lita said, “See you Sunday.”

(Keller’s Analysis: Alexa Bliss wasn’t there, having suffered an injury over the weekend. Maybe Fox is on standby if Bliss is unable to wrestle then.)

-Renee plugged the tag match at Evolution.

-Dean and Seth walked to the ring through the crowd. Cole seemed to have trouble holding himself together as he said why Reigns wasn’t walking to the ring with them. [c]


Dean and Dolph made their ring entrance. The bell rang 45 minutes into the third hour. Seth and Dean cleared the ring of both heels seconds into the match. They cut to a break. [c]

They worked to a hot tag opportunity for Seth, but just as the tag was almost made to Dean, Ziggler yanked Dean off the ring apron. Dean chased after Ziggler, but Drew surprised him with a forearm to the face when Dean turned the corner. Cole said the tag champs are clicking. Seth fought back briefly against Drew in the ring. Drew came back with an Alabama Slam for a near fall. [c]

Dean had tagged in during the break.


Drew went for a back suplex on Seth a few minutes later. Seth elbowed out of it and Drew bent backwards, looking hung up in the corner. He sat up, though, and then back suplexed Seth. Cole raved about his core strength.

Late in the match, the ref was bumped as Braun made his way to the ring to his music. Cole said he hasn’t forgotten about last week or what Drew did to him this week. “What a stand-off!” said Renee. Braun entered the ring and clotheslined Drew over the top rope to the floor. Braun beat up Drew at ringside. Meanwhile, Ziggler tried to bring a tag belt into the ring, but Dean yanked it away from him. Seth then kicked him and gave him a Stomp for the win. Dean threw the ref into the ring. The ref counted three. Cole said they did it for their brother, Roman Reigns.

WINNERS: Dean & Seth to capture the Raw Tag Team Titles at 20:00.

-After the match Dean DDT’d Seth on the tag title belt during their celebration. The crowd fell silent. Cole exclaimed, “Not tonight!” Dean seemed to emotionally snap, and then beat him again. He told Dean to say it again and then beat him up some more. He threw him out of the ring. They showed him  walking up the stands as.


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  1. I think we have to put this as a throwaway show like the one after 9-11 or after the Hogan ‘n’ news. Some business had to be done but a lot of it was just filler as the shock set in.

    BUT… hey WWE, congrats for figuring out you have a PPV called Evolution, it’s with only women and it’s not hosted in the backyard of the Wyatts ranch or wherever your backup site is for Crown Jewel. They better make a call on Saudi Arabia soon or it will be an empty stadium event.

    I would have like to see the two NXT women refs, maybe with Miss Jackie added introduced. Maybe a video of the female camera operators, even Kevin Dunn being escorted out and replaced by a woman. This PPV could do so many things but I suspect we’re going to have a bunch of half naked women performing with the announcing and tech all male. So much potential… whatcha gonna do Vince when the women steal the friggin show and make Crown jewel look like Crown Poopoo.

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