11/1 IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: McMahon’s report on Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie for the Knockouts Title, LAX vs. Sydal/Page for the Tag Team Titles



Nov. 1, 2018
Taped from The Melrose Ballroom (New York, N.Y.)
Aired on Pop TV
By Mike McMahon, PW Torch Contributor (@TorchMcMahon)

Announcers: Josh Mathews & Don Callis

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— Impact opened with a highlight package on last week’s show.

— The opening credits aired.

(1) Rich Swann def. Willie Mack via pinfall (12:00)

Swann won the match with the Phoenix Splash off the top.

McMahon’s Analysis: Interesting move having Willie Mack ask for a match with Swann, and then get beaten in his singles debut. Normally I’d guess this leads to a heel turn for Mack, but I’m not sure that’s in the cards here. We’ll see where they go with it. Regardless, there wasn’t any tease after the match, just a short clip of Swann celebrating before they ran graphics of what else is happening on the show tonight.

— Backstage, oVe cut a promo on Brian Cage. Sami Callihan said that he (and oVe) was coming after Cage’s X Division Champion. Callihan said that tonight, in Dayton, Ohio at an indie show, they got the bookers to bring in Cage and they were going to conquer Cage tonight.

— Josh Mathews and Don Callis reset the show from the announce position.

— Gama Singh introduced the “new and revised” Desi Hit Squad. Singh introduced Rohit Raju and Raj Singh, who Gama said was his son. Callis said that Gama sent Raj over to India at 10 years old to fight in India, and he hasn’t been back in North America since.

(2) The Desi Hit Squad def. The Beach Bums via pinfall (4:00)

The Desi Hit Squad won the match double-team move where Raj Singh hit a Samoan Drop after Rohit Raju kneed the opponent in the head.

McMahon’s Analysis: The company needs tag teams, and this was an impressive debut for the new Desi Hit Squad. I’m expecting Impact to give them a decent push now that they’ve reset the team. They’ve made Raj out to be a legit tough guy and he has impressive size. He looks like a brawler. 

— A vignette aired on King, Homicide and Hernandez, who were out on the streets of New York. King said they were going to take out Konnan’s boys, and they did, going after Fenix last week.

— After a break, a vignette aired on LAX, who was hanging out at a bar.

— A video package aired on Eddie Edwards vs. Moose, which will take place at “Final Hour” next week.

— From Rockstar Pro Wrestling in Ohio, oVe beat up a Brian Cage imposter. After beating up the referee, Jake Crist put the referee shirt on and counted after Callihan pinned the imposter and declared himself X-Division Champion.

McMahon’s Analysis: That angle would have been fine, had it taken place in New York and not someone’s basement. Poorly lit would have been giving Rockstar Pro Wrestling a compliment. And look, there’s nothing wrong with that. They’re not set up for national television. It’s on Impact to not bounce the show around like this. All they needed to do was the same exact angle in New York. Explain that Cage is home for the night and not in the building. oVe could ahve executed the same exact angle … with the lights on.

— Eli Drake was shown walking into a lawyer’s office … but he opened the door and it was actually a janitor closet with Joseph Park eating Chinese food inside. Drake told Park he needed a lawyer because of an unsafe work environment. Park said they should make a class action suit and they could own the company. Drake seemed intrigued but walked off.

— The Desi Hit Squad was backstage when Scarlett Bordeaux appeared. Gama Singh told them to back up, because they “can’t think about girls.” Gama sang in Indian to Scarlett, who asked what it meant? Rohit said that it means he’s a 65-year-old man who has been married for 45 years. Scarlett asked Gama if India is where they wrote the Kamasutra? Gama said yes, so Scarlett said he should send her a video because she has a talent search going on.

(3) Taya Valkyrie def. Tessa Blanchard (c) via disqualification; Blanchard retained the Knockouts Championship (15:00)

There was an impressive dive spot in the match, where Tessa went through the middle rope and she crashed through the barrier along with Taya. The match ended when Tessa Blanchard got herself intentionally disqualified, throwing the official to the mat which resulted in the bell.

McMahon’s Analysis: This was a really good match, and I thought it was better than their Bound for Glory match. I like the finish as well, with Tessa getting some heat for the DQ after such a great match. Taya, meanwhile, looked like she was on the verge of winning the title. This match/angle is going to make their third match feel even bigger. Well done all around. 

— A video aired on Killer Kross vs. Johnny Impact for next week.

— The GWN Flashback aired.

— Pentagon and Fenix cut a promo on oVe backstage.

— Brian Cage cut a backstage promo and said he was never invited to Ohio, but told Callihan it was fine. Cage said he would be at the Rockstar Arena next week.

— Josh Mathews and Don Callis reset the show at the announce position.

(4) LAX (c) def. Matt Sydal & Ethan Page to retain the Tag Team Championship (13:00)

McMahon’s Analysis: Really good match. Page looked solid here but LAX did their thing, showcasing their athletic skills. The match didn’t leave an opening for a rematch, though. So I’m not sure where Sydal and Page go from here, challenging (and losing) their title shot only a few weeks after coming togehter as a team. 

— Kiera Hogan approached Allie backstage, who was flickering in a mirror … you know because she has no soul, so she would also have no reflection. Kiera said Allie wasn’t OK. Allie kept saying she was fine. Finally, Allie snapped and said ever since she left her soul in the undead realm, there has been a darkness and void inside of her. Kiera said that they needed to finish this with Su, and she would be with Allie until the end.

McMahon’s Analysis: Credit to Kiera Hogan for keeping a straight face while Allie talked about leaving her soul in the undead realm. 

(5) Homicide (w/ King & Hernandez) vs. Fenix (w/Pentagon) via pinfall (10:00)

Pentagon got the win with a schoolboy at the 10:00 mark. As soon as the match ended, Hernandez and King hit the ring and a brawl broke out.

— A video aired on Final Hour which happens next week.

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