1/6 Impact Wrestling “Homecoming” PPV Report: Johnny Impact vs. Brian Cage, Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie, LAX vs. The Lucha Bros., Edwards vs. Moose


JANUARY 6, 2019

-A video package aired which displayed Impact’s history at the Asylum.

Announcers: Don Callis & Josh Mathews

(1) Jake Crist vs. Ethan Page vs. Rich Swann vs. Trey Miguel – Ultimate X Match for the vacant X-Division Championship.

All four competitors immediately ran up the X Division structure to try and grab the title. Ethan Page then threw Miguel off the top rope onto the other two competitors. About five minutes into the crowd started chanting “This is Impact”. Swann was nowhere to be seen early on but made a comeback by hitting a corkscrew press over the top rope onto the other wrestlers. About ten minutes into the match, Miguel did a moon sault off the Ultimate X structure onto his opponents. Callis has mentioned about five times that he invented the Ultimate x match. Crist was holding on to the cable when he was speared by Ethan Page. Swann and Miguel both hit the ring, but Swann beat Miguel up the structure to grab the X Division title for the win.

WINNER: Rich Swann (15 Minutes)

(Pipkin’s Analysis: Overall the match was good, but definitely not the best Ultimate X Division match I’ve seen. Decent way to open the PPV.)

-Backstage, Mckenzie Mitchell interviewed Brian Cage. Cage then listed all the sacrifices he’s made in the wrestling business and said he was leaving Nashville with Impact’s title.

-A video package aired recapping Allie’s fall to the dark side.

(2) Allie & Su Yung vs. Kiera Hogan & Jordynne Grace – Tag Team match.

The match opened with chaos as Su Yung and Allie double teamed Kiera Hogan as the referee tried to get Grace in her corner. For some reason during this tag-team match, the teams were on the opposite corners than they usually are. Hogan finally made it to her corner for the hot tag. Grace went through the ropes and clipped her foot on the middle rope, but she didn’t seem to be injured. Grace then gave a powerbomb to Su Yung while giving Allie a power slam. Yung then blew mist in Grace’s face which sent her to the outside. Hogan was distracted by this and Allie hit her with a codebreaker. Allie then put a bloody glove in Hogan’s mouth which resulted in a tap out victory for Allie and Su Yung.

WINNER: Allie & Su Yung (9 Minutes)

-After the match, Yung and Allie were going to put Hogan in a casket, which was brought out by the undead bridesmaids. When the casket opened Rosemary came out and saved Hogan by throwing Yung into the bridesmaids. Allie looked shocked and ran away when she was confronted by Rosemary.

(Pipkin’s Analysis: I could care less about the undead realm and this storyline, but it wasn’t a bad in-ring match.)

-A video package aired showing the history between Eddie Edwards and Moose.

(3) Eddie Edwards vs. Moose – Falls Count Anywhere match.

Edwards attacked Moose from behind as he was making his way to the ring. They brawled around ringside when Moose gave Edwards two brutal powerbombs onto the corner of the ring. Moose attempted to powerbomb Edwards, but he countered and threw Moose to the outside to then hit him with a suicide dive. Edwards then dove off a balcony on to Moose. The lighting was terrible for this spot. Moose also took multiple unprotected chair shots to the head. Edwards then suplexed Moose off the top rope onto a pile of chairs. Edwards threw Moose out of the ring onto a guardrail that was previously set up by Moose. Edwards brought a kendo stick into the ring and repeatedly hit Moose with it. Alisha Edwards then ran down the stage and took the kendo stick from Edwards. She seemed upset at first, but then she hit Moose repeatedly with it. The crowd began to chant “She’s hardcore”. Edwards then hit his signature DDT for the victory.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards (10 Minutes)

(Pipkin’s Analysis: This was a decent match with a good finish. You really can’t have Moose kidnap Eddie’s wife and come out on top. Also, Moose took multiple unprotected chair shot to the head and a kendo stick to the head. It’s 2019 there shouldn’t be unprotected chair shots like that in wrestling.)

(4) Sami Callihan vs. Willie Mack –  Singles match.

The first half of this match was back and forth with Mack showing off his agility. Towards the end of the match, Callihan gave Mack a death valley driver off the top rope and Mack kicked out at one. Mack then tried going up to the top rope, but Dave Crist interfered sending Mack to the canvas. Callihan then gave a piledriver to mack for the victory.

WINNER: Sami Callihan (11 Minutes)

(Pipkin’s Analysis: Considering this match had little to no build it was quite enjoyable. There was no storyline advances with Callihan’s relationship with Swann which was a bit disappointing.)

-A video package aired hyping up the Monster’s Ball match.

(5) Eli Drake vs. Abyss – Monster’s Ball match.

Abyss quickly put a staple in Drake’s chest. Abyss gave Drake an over the top rope belly to belly suplex onto a pair of tables. Abyss brought thumbtacks into the ring, but Drake picked up a few thumbtacks and by accident threw them into the Referees face. Abyss hit a black hole slam on Drake, but the ref was in the corner recovering. Abyss then threw Drake into a pile of thumbtacks but was unable to get a three count. Drake countered by successfully throwing thumbtacks in the face of Abyss. Drake then hit Abyss with a steel chair repeatedly which led to Drake getting the victory.

WINNER: Eli Drake (10 Minutes)

(Pipkin’s Analysis: Hopefully, Drake can now move on to a better program and be relevant again.)

(6) LAX (c) vs. The Lucha Bros – Impact World Tag Team Championship match.

The Lucha Bros started off fast as the took the early advantage over LAX. Back and forth action took place as Santana did a moon sault off the middle rope onto Pentagon. Fenix did a running suicide dive to the outside with the help of Pentagon. Pentagon then hit an over the top rope suicide dive onto all three wrestlers. Pentagon hit wicked step-up Canadian destroyer on Santana and the fans began to chant “This is Impact”. Santana was piledrived by Pentagon with help from Fenix, but the pin was broken up by Ortiz. LAX got the victory by hitting a cutter, codebreaker, and superkick on Fenix.

WINNER: LAX (14 Minutes)

-After the match, Konnan got in the ring and said he was wrong about both teams. Then both LAX and The Lucha Bros posed with Konnan.

(Pipkin’s Analysis: Like expected, this was a great match. I am a little disappointed Konnan didn’t play a role in the finish it would’ve been cool to see a heel turn for him.

-Backstage, Gail Kim was interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. Kim said she was the special referee because of Tessa Blanchard’s antics and that she was going to call it down the middle tonight.

(7) Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie – Impact Knockouts Championship match. Gail Kim is the Special Guest Referee.

Blanchard dominated the first half and Gail Kim has been out of position on every pinfall attempt. Taya regained control, but missed a moon sault of the top rope which led to a spear by Blanchard. Taya moved right in front of Kim which led to Blanchard hitting Kim. Kim and Blanchard got into it which led to Kim hitting her finisher on Blanchard. Taya then picked up the pinfall to win the Impact Knockouts championship. Taya was heavily booed by the crowd after the match.

WINNER: Taya Valkyrie (13 Minutes)

(Pipkin’s Analysis: I don’t agree with this finish whatsoever, but we will see how they book Taya as champion. I think most fans wanted to see a Blanchard vs Grace feud but Impact officials obviously want something else.)

-Josh Mathews announced that Impact will be simulcasted on Twitch.TV every Friday night.

-Backstage, Johnny Impact was interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. Impact said tonight its not about friendship and he will successfully defend his title tonight.

(8) Johnny Impact (c) vs. Brian Cage – Impact World Championship match.

Slow paced back and forth action to start the match. Cage hit back-to-back backbreakers on Impact to gain momentum. Impact then hit top rope corkscrew dive onto cage and Impact’s knee landed right on Cage’s face. Cage hit an F5 on Impact but he kicked out at two and a half. Impact made a rally and set up Cage for starship pain which he successfully hit, but Cage kicked out at two. Impact then hit a top rope Spanish-fly on Cage but he kicked out at one. Cage rallied and hit multiple powerbombs on Impact but Impact got to the bottom rope (barely). When Cage was thrown to the outside he pushed Impact’s Survivor friend which distracted the referee. Impact landed right on top of Cage. He appeared to kick out but the referee rang the bell and Impact successfully retained.

WINNER: Johnny Impact

-After the match, Taya Valkyrie came to the ring and celebrated with Impact. As Homecoming was going off the air, Impact was attacked by Killer Kross. Kross beat up Impact and threw Valkyrie into the crowd.

(Pipkin’s Analysis: This was the best Johnny Impact match I’ve ever seen but what a terrible finish. I have no idea what they are going to do with Cage as it seems Kross will be Impact’s next challenger.)


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  1. Great analysis, as always. Still my #1 site. I still think the PPV needed a “special attraction” to try to get Impact back on the map. There’s no “name” with the promotion. At least Pop is done. Can’t stand either Morrison with the belt. Cage and Tessa would have represented much better.

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