WWE Fastlane PPV Results 3/10: Keller’s detailed match report with star ratings – Becky vs. Charlotte, Bryan vs. Owens, Miz & Shane vs. Usos, Shield reunion

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

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MARCH 10, 2019

PRE-SHOW REPORT: WWE Fastlane Kickoff Show Results 3/10 : Kofi Kingston invited by McMahons for important meeting about WWE Title, Rusev & Nakamura vs. Big E & Xavier, Panel Talk Details

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Smackdown Match Announcers: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves

Raw Match Announcers: Michael Cole, Renee Young, Corey Graves

-A video package aired previewing top Fastlane matches including Roman Reigns’s return and reunion with The Shield.

(1) THE USOS vs. MIZ & SHANE MCMAHON – WWE Smackdown Tag Team Title match

-They went right to the ring entrance for Shane McMahon. Then Miz came out to a hometown reaction. Miz hugged his dad at ringside. Shane hugged him, too. Graves said this is all about Miz’s search for his father’s approval and it will be his downfall. He also took a dig at the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers ever having a chance to win a championship again without Lebron James. The Usos came out next as they showed various announce teams calling the show in other languages. Saxton said Miz & Shane calling themselves the best tag team in the world is a huge slap in the face to everything they have accomplished. Shane opened with a jab, a hip toss, and a Russian leg sweep. He yanked Jimmy into his corner and tagged in miz. They took turns taking jabs at him. Jimmy scooted over and tagged in Jey. Fans chanted “Miz is Awesome!” as he threw chops. Shane tagged in and did the Hart Foundation clothesline finisher with Miz for a two count. The Usos soon took over on Shane. When the Usos knocked Miz off the ring apron, Miz jumped back up and was fuming, telling the Usos to “watch it.” Jey settled into a chinlock on Shane. Shane eventually made a comeback with a DDT. Fans applauded as he crawled over and tagged in Miz. He rallied against Jimmy with a barrage of offense including round kicks in the corner and running high knees. He played to the crowd before landing a flying clothesline. He then rolled up Jimmy for a near fall. Then he backdropped Jimmy over the top rope to the floor. Miz yanked off his baseball jersey and revealed a “Cleveland is Awesome” shirt, climbed to the top rope, and leaped to ringside onto both Usos. His dad cheered him on nearby. Back in the ring Shane cheered on Miz.

The Usos tagged and double-teamed Miz with a pop-up Samoan drop for a near fall. Miz countered Uso with a Skull Crushing Finale attempt. The Usos double super kicked Miz, but Shane broke up the pin. The Usos fired back with a double-team neck breaker. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale, but the ref was preoccupied with rolling Shane out of the ring. By the time the ref turned around and made the count, Uso recovered enough to kick out. Miz set up a figure-four, but Jimmy kicked him away and tagged in a fresh Jey. Jey lifted Miz onto his shoulders and then Jimmy climbed to the top rope. Miz broke free and schoolboy Jey for a two count. Jey caught Miz with a sudden enzuigiri. Jimmy yanked Miz throat-first over the top rope. Shane leaped off the top rope and set up a Coast-to-Coast on Jimmy. Instead, Jey stood on the top rope and threatened to frog splash Miz. They both leaped and Shane intercepted Uso’s splash mid-air. Fans chanted “Holy sh–!” Fans chanted “Let’s Go Miz!” Miz’s dad signaled for Miz to climb to the top rope again. Miz did and he went for a frog splash, but Jey listed his knees and rolled up Miz for the three count. They cut to Miz’s dad. Saxton said Miz tried to go for the home run to win it for himself and Shane and his dad and all of Cleveland.

WINNERS: The Usos in 14:00 to retain the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Titles. (**3/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: Good match when Miz was in there. The Usos were good in their roles as an edgy tag team neither pandering nor being heelish, which was appropriate for these circumstances. The story of Miz going to the top rope and it backfiring in the end was a good one. Shane does what Shane does, and his punches were slightly better than usual. He does look like he’s about to have a heart attack out there with all of the sweat and red-face and gasping for breath, which either adds drama or creates concern for his fitness to wrestle, take your pick. Being in Cleveland really helped this angle work. I doubt the crowd reaction would have been anything close to this anywhere else.)

-Shane consoled Miz afterward, but Shane was still out of it from the big moves in the match. Miz helped Shane to the floor. Shane blinked and looked confused. Miz apologized. Shane rubbed Miz on the head and indicated he was okay with Miz taking that chance but seeing it backfire. Miz raised Shane’s hand at ringside and pointed this. Then he pointed at Miz’s dad. Miz and his dad hugged. Shane raised Miz’s dad’s arm. Shane high-fives Miz’s dad, but then attacked Miz from behind with a clothesline. The crowd erupted in boos. Shane grabbed Papa Miz by his head and yelled at him and shoved him down. He then punched away at Miz some more. He told Papa Miz, “this is for you” and then he applied a triangle submission. Miz passed out. Once Shane left, Miz’s dad walked over to check on Miz. Shane walked to the back with a cocky smirk.

-The announcers reacted to the situation. Philips said Shane went over the line and acted heartless. Saxton said Shane snapped and he can’t believe it. Graves even agreed Shane went too far in putting his hands on Miz’s dad, but otherwise he defended his actions.

-Backstage Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, and Baron Corbin cut a selfie promo. Corbin said they’ve been dominating Raw while The Shield were dealing with their family problems. Drew said this won’t be a happy farewell tour for The Shield because they are the new dominant force in WWE.

-Elias sat mid-ring under a spotlight and strummed his guitar. His lyrics included: “Miz, if that’s actually your dad, you’re not going to age well.” He told Cleveland he can’t wait to be gone because he’s heading to L.A. to hang with his brother Lebron. Boos.

-A commercial aired hyping Raw with a focus on Batista showing up for a face-to-face with Triple H.

-Phillips threw to a clip of the intriguing invite by Vince McMahon to Kofi Kingston to discuss his WWE Title contender ship.

(2) ASUKA vs. MANDY ROSE (w/Sonya Deville) – WWE Smackdown Women’s Title match

Graves gushed about the possibility of Mandy going to WrestleMania as champion. He said they’d rebuild the Statue of Liberty in her image. When Saxton said Mandy is telling people Asuka’s not ready for her, Graves said, “Byron, your’e not allowed within 50 years of Mandy Rose, so how do you know what she’s telling people.” Rather than deny the restraining order, Saxton just said, “I talk to people.” Phillips confirmed what Saxton said is true. Some early distractions by Deville helped Mandy get the win. Graves said trickery that gives you an advantage is just fine, and contended Deville didn’t break any rules. Saxton wondered why she’s at ringside. Graves said it’s a friend showing support, and if Saxton had friends, he’d understand that. Mandy applied an abdominal stretch. Graves suggested if Mandy wins, they change the name of WrestleMania to WrestleMandy. Deville looked under the ring. Graves said she’s checking for “rats and ninjas.” Mandy powered out of the hold clumsily dropped Asuka over her head. She scored a two count. Mandy avoided a hip attack by Asuka and then kneed her and scored another two count. She set up an underhook suplex, but Asuka fought out of it. Deville reached under the ring and pulled out a kendo stick. Mandy ducked a spin wheel kick by Asuka, then ran the ropes, but she tripped on the ring apron that Deville had left out of place. Asuka then connected with the spin wheel kick. The camera focused on Deville at ringside who looked like she was worried about costing Mandy the match. Deville tried to apologize to Mandy after the match, but Mandy seemed upset as she walked to the back.

WINNER: Asuka in 7:00 to retain the WWE Smackdown Women’s Title. (*1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: The finish served to create tension between Mandy and Deville, but also “protect” Mandy from a clean loss to Asuka at this stage. The match itself had some bad moments, but it was solid most of the way.)

-Backstage Big E and Xavier Woods told Kofi not to wait outside of McMahon’s office door, but rather barge in. McMahon was on a leather chair on the phone. Vince stood and said he’s been waiting over an hour. Big E and Xavier said Kofi was waiting for him. Xavier said, in fact, Kofi has been waiting for 11 years. Big E pleaded with Vince not to deny Kofi the opportunity that he has earned and that the fans want. Big E asked Vince to make the match a Triple Threat. Vince said the match will be a triple threat. He barred Xavier and Big E from being at ringside.

-Back to the announcers, Saxton was elated and said he has goosebumps. Fans began chanting “Kofi! Kofi!”

-As Kofi came out, Phillips said this was supposed to be Kofi’s first-ever one-on-0ne opportunity for the WWE Title, then he was booted from the match by Vince McMahon, and now he’s back in it. Kofi came out first and the crowd loudly chanted for him. Then as the ring announcer was about to introduce KO, a guy in a headset at ringside told the ring announcer something. The ring announcer said the WWE Championship match will actually take place later because this is actually a handicapped match with Kofi vs. The Bar.

(3) KOFI KINGSTON vs. THE BAR (Sheamus & Cesaro) – Handicapped Match

Phillips didn’t understand what just happened because Vince said the match was supposed to be a triple threat for the WWE Title. (Did Vince change his mind? Did Shane overrule him?) Fans booed as The Bar double-teamed Kofi after the bell. Graves said it’s not a match, it’s a mugging. Fans chanted “You suck!” Saxton said it’s like Kofi is being punished for working hard. Kofi put up a brief fight a minute in, before The Bar overwhelmed him. Sheamus landed a Brogue Kick as Cesaro held him in place. Fans chanted “This is boring!” Cesaro covered Kofi, but then lifted his shoulders after a one count. More boos. Xavier and Big E ran out despite being barred from ringside. Nakamura and Rusev attacked them before they could get to the ring to make the save. They took them out with a Machkia Kick and a Kinshasa. The Bar finished Kofi with a White Noise double-team move.

WINNERS: The Bar in 5:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: I wasn’t thrilled about Bryan-Owens becoming a Triple Threat, so this at least saves Kofi’s title match for WrestleMania – presumably – one-on-one with tonight’s winner. Vince McMahon is really going for the heel heat these days.)

-Charly Caruso interviewed Bayley & Sasha Banks backstage. Bayley said Kofi is an inspiration for them. Sasha said it’s not enough for them to be the first-ever Women’s Tag Team Champions, but they want to be known as the tag champions ever. Bayley said they’ll be defending in all three brands.

-Elias was back in the ring with his guitar. “It’s a new day, oh yes it is; Kofi just suffered the same fate as that moron The Miz.” Boos. “Yeah, I gotta say they look like a couple of Cleveland Cavaliers, a bunch of beat up losers just like everyone here. Can we finally put all this Kofi stuff to rest and admit my hometown Pittsburgh Steelers are the best.” Big boos.

-A commercial aired for souvenir WWE title belts.

-The announcers commented on Shane attacking Miz earlier in the night.

-Backstage Kayla Braxton knocked on Shane’s locker room door. When he answered, she asked if he has an explanation for his heinous attack on Miz in front of his father in his hometown. Shane blew off her question and slammed the door shut.


They showed Cole for the first time all night alongside Young and Graves as they began to set the table for this match. Cole said these two “NXT upstarts are getting a major opportunity.” Some good action early between Ricochet & Black and Roode & Gable with various tags. The Revival took over on Ricochet until a hot-tag to Black. Roode broke up a pin attempt by Ricochet on Wilder. Late in the match, Ricochet climbed to the top rope, but Dawson moved out of the way. Ricochet then leaped over the ringpost and landed on Roode on the floor, covering amazing aerial distance. “Holy sh–!” chanted the crowd. Gable leaped off the top ope onto Dawson, but Dawson rolled through and scored a near fall. They went at it rapid fire, leading to Shatter Machine for The Revival for the win. After the match, Roode attacked Dawson. Black gave Dash a Black Mass. Ricochet climbed to the top rope and landed his 630 on Dash. They played Black’s music.

WINNERS: The Revival in 11:00 to retain the Raw Tag Team Titles. (***)

-Cole noted The Shield would reunite later, and again said Dean Ambrose has chosen not to renew his contract. They showed Becky Lynch and Charlotte in separate parts of the arena.

(5) SAMOA JOE vs. ANDRADE (w/Zelina Vega) vs. REY MYSTERIO vs. R-TRUTH (w/Carmella) – Fatal Four-way for the U.S. Title

Early in the match Joe dove through the ropes and hit Rey, Truth, and Andrade at ringside. The crowd was into the action as the wrestlers took turns pairing off and battling. Andrade landed a corkscrew plancha on Joe off the top rope at ringside and then Rey took Andrade town seconds later with a flying head scissors. Vega kicked Truth at ringside. Carmella tackled Vega and pounded away at her. In the ring, Joe landed a urinage on Rey. Truth and Andrade broke up the cover. Andrade gave Rey a hammerlock DDT, but Truth broke up the pin. Truth rallied against Andrade and then gave Joe a sidewalk slam. Truth dropped Andrade on Joe. The crowd cheered as he went into the You Can’t See Me routine. He went for Andrade with the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Andrade moved and he hit Joe. Truth then gave Andrade a scissors kick. Joe broke up the cover. Joe threw Truth into the ringpost shoulder-first. Rey quickly gave Joe a 619, but Joe moved when Rey went for the Drop the Dime. He applied a Coquina Clutch for the win as Rey passed out quickly.

WINNER: Joe in 11:00 to retain the U.S. Title. (**3/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: Joe looked strong here, and the clean win over Rey was a definitive statement that Joe is in for a big push headed into WrestleMania. Bring on John Cena?)

(6) SASHA BANKS & BAYLEY vs. NIA JAX & TAMINA – WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles

Beth Phoenix joined the announce team for this match. Tamina launched Sasha onto Jax’s shoulders, but Sasha didn’t land in place and Jax collapsed to her knee. She adjusted and lifted Sasha and delivered a Samoan drop. Later Sasha dove at Tamina and Jax, but Tamina seemed to bump early. Bayley then dove over the ropes to ringside onto Tamina, Jax, and Sasha. In the end, Bayley landed a flying top rope elbow for the clean win.

WINNERS: Sasha & Bayley in 7:00 to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles. (*1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: Clunky match. Not awful.)

-Afterward, Tamina and Jax immediately attacked Bayley and Sasha. Phoenix stood at ringside to assess the situation. She and Tamina had a staredown. Phoenix threw a side elbow at Tamina. Jax attacked Phoenix from behind. They double-teamed Phoenix until Natalya ran out for the save. She was beat down, too. Renee called it a garbage move by Tamina and Jax.

(Keller’s Analysis: It seems they’re setting up a WrestleMania match with Natalya & Phoenix vs. Jax & Tamina, or a situation to play out during the Women’s Battle Royal.)

(7) DANIEL BRYAN (w/Rowan) vs. KEVIN OWENS vs. MUSTAFA ALI – WWE Title match

Saxton oddly wondered who would be added to this match since Kofi probably couldn’t wrestle. He was cut off quickly by Graves because it was odd for Saxton to assume this would still be a triple threat if Kofi couldn’t wrestle. It would turn out Ali was introduced as a surprise third member, but I think Saxton got a few seconds ahead of the reveal (not quite a “Who’s side is he on?” Heenan-Hogan moment). Graves pointed out that McMahon technically never said Kofi would be the third man, and told Saxton he was outsmarted by a billionaire. The crowd mostly cheered Owens during formal ring introductions. The crowd booed Ali during ring introductions. (Ali has zero momentum and his story is just a mess. The fans were geared up for Bryan vs. KO one-on-one, but even more so they saw Ali as taking Kofi’s place in this match – which is ironic given the entirety of the situation.) Graves acknowledged Ali got a less-than-warm greeting. He said the fans wanted Kofi. They then, on cue, chanted loudly, “We Want Kofi!” (This isn’t a dream situation for a KO babyface turn or return after a long layoff, either.)

KO and Ali worked together at the start and tossed KO out of the ring. KO and Ali then circled each other and battled. More “We Want Kofi!” chants. Bryan re-entered a minute later and got into a chop battle with KO. Owens went at Ali and then Bryan with cannonballs. He threw Bryan into the ring and scored a two count. Ali climbed to the top rope a minute later, but Bryan dropkicked him to the floor. Ali bumped onto the barricade. That freed up Bryan to get sustained offense against KO. Ali took a wicked flip bump after a Bryan clothesline. A few minutes later Ali had Owens in a sleeper, but Owens senton splashed Bryan with KO on his back, breaking up the sleeper and crushing Bryan. Ali was slow to get up. Owens stood and went after Bryan with hard chops to his chest. Bryan headbutted KO to stop his attack. Ali leaped at Bryan and set up a superplex. Owens stacked Ali onto his shoulders. Ali dropped down and shoved KO into Bryan, then delivered an inverted huracanrana. Ali hit a standing Spanish fly on Bryan off the top rope. Bryan rolled to the floor before Ali could make the cover. In the opposite corner, Ali went for on 054, but Owens moved. Owens then gave Ali a Stunner. Graves said it was a tribute to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Bryan broke up the pin. Bryan blocked a stunner by KO and then kicked Owens in the head. Bryan charged, but Owens turned it into a Pop-up Powerbomb for a near fall.

Bryan backdropped Owens on the ring apron. Bryan charged at Ali but Ali moved and Bryan’s knee hit the ringpost. Ali then landed a 450 on Bryan on the ring apron. When Ali crawled over the cover, Rowan yanked Bryan to safety. When Rowen stood on the ring apron, Ali kicked him, then Owens kicked him, then they stereo kicked him and he finally fell to the floor. Ali sent Rowan into the ringpost with a flying head scissors off the ring apron. Owens then flip dove onto Rowan on the floor. He turned and ate a flying knee from Bryan. Bryan climbed to the top rope, but Ali grabbed is leg and pulled him down. Ali set up a top rope move, but Bryan pushed him off. Ali flipped and landed on his feet at ringside. Bryan dove at him but Ali moved. Ali then gave Bryan a flying tornado DDT onto the floor. Ali then dove at KO, but KO gave him a Pop-up Powerbomb on the ring apron. As Owens went for the cover, Rowan grabbed him and took him down with a spin wheel kick. Rowan threw Bryan into the ring and then threw KO into the time keeper’s area. Bryan made the cover and Ali kicked out. The crowd cheered.

As Bryan stood, fans began chanting “Kofi!” again. Bryan told Ali, “You don’t deserve to be here!” Ali heard enough and took it to Bryan with a barrage of blows. Bryan caught Ali mid-air with a flying knee for the win. Rowan gave Ali a claw slam afterward.

WINNER: Bryan in 19:00 to retain the WWE Title. (***1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: Bryan needed some sort of a strong win at some point after all of the jobs he’s done. This was a tainted finish because Rowan prevented KO from scoring the potential winning pin, but Bryan ultimately took out Ali without help in the final minute. Good match. Not an ideal situation for KO on his return as a babyface or Ali who was seen as a consolation prize by fans instead of Kofi. Rowan helped keep heel heat on Bryan despite Bryan being in the ring with two babyfaces trying to take his title. While there were tradeoffs, the rationale of having Ali take the pin instead of Owens and having Bryan get a somewhat strong clean win on PPV might have been enough to make up for the awkwardness of the “Kofi” chants early and the cool reception for Owens and Ali – if ultimately this was done to set up Bryan vs. Kofi one-on-one at WM. It seems pretty clear that’s what up now, and maybe Owens moves to a side feud for now with Rowan.)

-A video package aired on the Becky Lynch-Charlotte match.

(8) CHARLOTTE vs. BECKY LYNCH – If Becky wins, she joins the Charlotte-Ronda Rousey WM title match

Charlotte came out first. Then Becky came out on a crutch to a big pop. Cole said she has a bad leg, bad arm, and bad ribs, and she signed a “hold harmless” contract so no matter what happens to her, WWE cannot be held responsible. After ring introductions, Becky threw the crutch to the floor. Charlotte toyed with her and laughed at her. Becky fired at Charlotte with a barrage of elbows. Charlotte shoved Becky off of her and Becky hobbled backward. Charlotte went after her leg. Charlotte applied a half Boston crab with an extra torque on Becky’s leg. Cole said it might be wise for Becky to tap out. Graves said her career might be at stake here. Becky knocked Charlotte off balance and hit a spin hook kick. Charlotte took over again, though, and said, “Too simple.”; Becky surprised Charlotte with a small package seconds later for a near fall. Charlotte kipped up as Becky rolled to the floor. Charlotte strutted. When Charlotte went for a top rope move, Becky knocked her to the floor. Becky couldn’t put weight on her leg. When Charlotte beat the ten count to avoid a countout, Becky immediately applied a Disarm Her. Charlotte rolled out of it and applied the figure-four. She bridged into the Figure-eight. Ronda Rousey ran to the ring and punched Becky when she was vulnerable. Ronda leaned against the top rope casually as referee Charles Robinson emphatically asked, “What are you doing!” The ref DQ’d Charlotte. Becky leaned in the corner and smiled as the situation sank in. Charlotte looked down at her angrily.

WINNER: Becky Lynch in 9:00 via DQ. (*1/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: Yes, Becky will want to get revenge, but that’s an otherwise pretty flat way to have Becky “triumph” by “earning” a match at WrestleMania which, of course, she already earned. That match told a very specific story which did not include a regular high-end back-and-f0rth battle. The crowd was less into it since it seemed pretty clear Becky wasn’t going to do a lot.)

-Videos aired hyping WrestleMania and Batista-Triple on Raw.

-Elias sat mid-ring again as the show hit the three hour mark. He took some digs at Becky Lynch and then said it was time for the main event. He said he has no faith in the Shield, just like every time the Browns take to the field. (This is just too much local sports talk and anti-Cleveland jokes for an international broadcast.) Elias was happy that there weren’t any interruptions. He said the reason is obvious because everyone in the back agrees with him that Cleveland is the worst city to host the last PPV before WrestleMania. He said good night and said he loves none of them. Suddenly Lacey Evans sauntered out onto the stage. Elias looked on and smiled. When Elias stood, Randy Orton appeared and gave him an RKO out of nowhere. Orton’s music played. Graves said he’s never been happier to see Orton. A.J. Styles then suddenly appeared with a Phenomenal Forearm. His music took over for Orton. Styles stood over Orton and shook his head.

(The show has now gone longer than about 70 percent of our Twitter poll respondents would prefer.)

-A video package aired on the return of Reigns and the reuniting of The Shield.

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(9) THE SHIELD (Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose) vs. DREW MCINTYRE & BOBBY LASHLEY & BARON CORBIN

The heels came out one at a time first. When Renee defended the reunion, Graves was skeptical and said he’s a hopeless romantic but also a realist. The Shield made their ring entrance through the crowd. Cole said this is the final ride of The Shield “because Dean Ambrose has not re-signed his contract.” He said Dean is leaving WWE in the near future. Renee said Dean doesn’t want to leave any page unturned before leaving WWE. They stood mid-ring in a pre-bell staredown. The match began three hours and fifteen minutes into the PPV not counting the Kickoff Show. The Shield knocked the heels out of the ring. Seth wrestled first. Then he tagged in Dean to nearly zero response. Then Reigns tagged in hit Drew with a flying clothesline to start. The heel trio regrouped at ringside. Cole said Reigns was very complimentary of Seth for watching over WWE while he was gone. (Boy does that frame Seth as subservient to Reigns in the hierarchy.)

Seth eventually took a beating from the heels. Eventually all six got in a brawl. Dean leaped off the top rope with a flying elbow to Lashley. Lashley speared Dean in the ring and left him vulnerable to a Drew cover, but Reigns popped into the ring to break up the cover. Lashley and Corbin clotheslined Seth over the ringside barricade. Drew then gave Dean a running Claymore Kick, sending Dean to the floor. The ref began his count. Dean dove in at nine. Drew mounted Dean and punched away at him. The heel isolated Dean for a while. Dean made a comeback with a clothesline to Drew. Drew tagged in Corbin just as Reigns got a hot-tag. He got a nice pop, but nothing crazy. Reigns did his usual array of moves. He licked his lips and smiled. He rolled to the floor and gave Corbin a Drive By. Drew broke up the cover. Seth and Lashley got involved, then Dean joined in. They cleared the ring of Lashley. Dean and Seth then leaped through the ropes and tackled both Lashley and Drew at ringside. Meanwhile, Reigns clotheslined Corbin over the top rope to the floor. Reigns then went for a dive, but Corbin caught him with a Deep Six for a near fall. Lashley dumped Seth into the time keeper’s area. Dean leaped at Lashley, Drew, and Seth.

Back in the ring, Reigns battled back against Corbin. Corbin, though, hit a choke slam. Meanwhile, the other four fought 100 feet away near the Kickoff Show set on the floor. Reigns gave Corbin a sitout powerbomb out of the corner for a near fall. Dean leaped off the Kickoff Show desk at Lashley and Drew, but the heel duo caught Dean. Seth leaped out of the stands to take the heels down. Reigns watched, then turned back to Corbin and set up the Superman Punch. Corbin blocked it and went for a choke slam, but eventually ate a Superman Punch for a two count. Seth and Dean made their way back to the ring. Lashley and Drew caught up with them. Reigns punched Lashley and then Drew. Corbin gave Reigns an End of Days, but Dean and Seth made a save that barely beat the third count. The heels set up a triple team move on the announce table, but Dean and Seth came to the rescue. Seth gave Lashley a stomp on the announce desk and then Reigns speared Corbin on the floor. Seth, Dean, and Roman swarmed Drew. They gave Drew a triple powerbomb through the announce desk.

The Shield entered the ring from different sides of the ring and surrounded Corbin. Corbin stood and realized his situation. Seth super kicked him. Reigns gave him a Superman Punch. Dean gave him Dirty Deeds. He was out on his face on the mat. The Shield celebrated. They signaled for one last Triple Powerbomb. Seth was bleeped as he got so worked up. Cole: “Vintage Shield!” Reigns made the cover. They all hugged. “It is indeed an end of an era,” said Cole. He said The Shield changed the direction and the history of WWE forever ever since their debut at the 2012 Royal Rumble. They all talked a bit.

WINNERS: The Shield in 25:00. (***3/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: Crowd-pleasing main event that was executed in a pretty straight forward way, which was refreshing.)


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