3/10 ROH TV RESULTS: Final hype for 17th Anniversary including Dalton Castle vs. Kenny King, Mayu Iwatani vs. Holidead, The Kingdom vs. Villain Enterprises

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor

MARCH 10, 2019

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana

We opened with a video package recapping Jay Lethal destroying Matt Taven’s fake world title belt last week.

-Opening theme.

-In the arena the other two Kingdom members made their entrance for a tag match without Taven.


The Kingdom jumped VE before the bell but the villains quickly cleared them from the ring. Marseglia pulled Scurll to the floor and threw him into the guardrail. The Kingdom double-teamed Scurll. [C]

Scurll stumbled around blindly before hitting PCO for the tag. Scurll backdropped PCO over the top rope onto their opponents at ringside. Superplex from Scurll to Marseglia. PCO followed with a top-rope frog-splash but Marseglia kicked out. O’Ryan hit an enziguiri to block a chicken-wing attempt. Marseglia connected with a suicide dive on PCO. O’Ryan with a spinebuster to Scurll. Marseglia followed with redrum (a top rope senton). [C]

Marseglia lay PCO on a table on the floor and hit another redrum off the top rope through PCO and the table. PCO no-sold it and got right back up. PCO went up top but O’Ryan shoved him off. His back bounced off the apron and a steel chair that had been placed there. Scurll hit a powerbomb on Marseglia. PCO hit a leg drop with Marseglia in a Boston crab. Suicide dive from PCO to O’Ryan. Chicken-wing from Scurll to Marseglia and the horror king tapped.

WINNERS: Villain Enterprises in 13:40.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Villain Enterprises continue to have the best record of any act in ROH in 2019 at 8-0 now. Despite this I actually forgot Scurll was still with ROH until he popped up in the opening credits. Two months ago we thought he’d be challenging Lethal in the main event of this week’s pay-per-view but instead he’s facing Kenny King in a match that has been barely promoted. You would think having his own stable would elevate Scurll but instead it’s lowered his stock, in part due to the fact that he’s always the one being worked over and selling in these tag matches. With his two partners being new to the promotion and physically larger than him it makes sense but it definitely takes some shine off him. The more we see him selling for midcard tag wrestlers the less we view him as a credible world champion.)

-Rush was in a hallway backstage. He cut a promo in Spanish. Bandido showed up and put his fingers to Rush’s head like a pistol. Bandido said something to him. No English subtitles here.

-Holidead entered alone for a Women Of Honor match. As the champion made her entrance a video recapped Mayu Iwatani defeating Kelly Klein to capture the gold on February 10 at Bound By Honor.


Leaping back elbow from Iwatani. Dropkick to Holidead seated against the bottom rope. Holidead hit a stunner with Iwatani draped over the middle rope. [C]

Sumie Sakai had come to ringside to second Iwatani. Spinebuster from Holidead. Crucifix bomb from Iwatani. Clothesline from Holidead. Superkick + rolling German suplex from Iwatani. Moonsault.

WINNER: Mayu Iwatani in 6:56.

-Kelly Klein showed up and grabbed the WOH title away from Iwatani. Four members of Camp Klein got between them so Iwatani kicked one of them in the stomach and gave him a hip-toss. Klein and Iwatani went face to face. [C]

(Pageot’s Perspective: Too short to be particularly effective. For ROH viewers not familiar with Iwatani she didn’t look all that great as she was dominated nearly the entire match and only got a smattering of offense in. But then Holidead looked kind of like a chump too for being in control for six and a half minutes only to be pinned after two moves. The small, token amount of TV time given to the women’s division continues to be the biggest hurdle holding Women Of Honor back from being able to build anything even close to competing with NXT or Impact.)

-Video recap of Villain Enterprises defeating Lifeblood to win the Tag Wars tournament at Road To G1 Supercard: San Antonio on January 26. Post-match they brawled with The Briscoes so their tag title match this Friday has now officially been changed to “no disqualifications.”


Castle peacocked but King was not impressed. [C]

During the break King used the referee as a shield to avoid a top-rope attack from Castle. DDT from Castle. Castle sold his midsection, which has been taped up for many, many months now. Castle with some throws and a bulldog. Gutwrench powerbomb for two. King rolled to the floor. King shoved one Boy aside and threw the other into the ring. The distraction allowed him to hit a Royal Flush on Castle.

WINNER: Kenny King in 7:23.

-King took a mic and addressed Scurll. He said in his hometown of Las Vegas the king is going to woop-woop on his ass.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Yikes. I know Castle’s on a losing streak but it’s one thing to lose a competitive match and another thing for the former world champion to lose a match in seven minutes off of one move.)

-Matt Taven was in a stairwell with the remnants of his fake world title. He vowed to make Lethal pay. [C]

-The commentators ran down the 17th Anniversary PPV card with some pre-taped promos mixed in. The Briscoes said they’re going to sacrifice Villain Enterprises. Kelly Klein said she will take back what’s hers. Marty Scurll said it’s King’s hometown but anywhere he goes is villain country.

Taven interrupted the video package with a microphone in the ring. He called Lethal a coward. He pointed out that O’Ryan and Marseglia weren’t with him and demanded Lethal come out and settle it once and for all. Lethal walked to the ring as he unbuttoned his vest and dress shirt. The goons were right behind him and the three Kingdom members beat him down as Taven ripped Lethal’s dress clothes off him. Riccaboni said Lifeblood aren’t in the arena this week. Lethal got a flurry in but fell to the numbers again. The henchmen hit House Of A Thousand Horses on Lethal. Marseglia grabbed a table from under the ring.

Jonathan Gresham hit the ring and unloaded with right hands. He fell to the numbers too and also took House Of A Thousand Horses. They threw him into the ring post. The Kingdom set up the table in the ring and lay Lethal across it. Taven hit Lethal with Lethal’s own Hail To The King through the table. The six-man champions posed to end the show.

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