WWE moving corporate headquarters, will sell current Titan Tower home and combine corporate and production staff and facilities

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


WWE announced it will be moving headquarters in about two years. They will be leaving the Stamford, Conn. building, originally known as Titan Tower, that has housed their growth from a family business to a publicly traded international entertainment empire teetering on reaching the $1 billion mark in revenue this year.

The move is massive, but not far. They are moving just over two miles west of their current headquarters to a larger building – over six times bigger than their current headquarters. Instead of owning it, they’ll lease the building with the rights to renew on five year terms thereafter. The initial lease term of 16.5 years indicates they’ll be there a long time. They’ll be combining their corporate and production teams with the move. Currently, the production studio is in a separate facility not far from the corporate headquarters.

The current headquarters includes a parking ramp beneath a four story glass office tower which houses not just corporate office cubicles and conference rooms, but also a gym for all staff, a cafeteria, a storage area for their massive tape library, and a lot of memorabilia. The WWE logo and flags atop the headquarters are visible from the highway.

WWE doesn’t offer public tours of the headquarters, although it has been featured on TV and YouTube videos over the years. One of the early Raw openings included footage from the roof of wrestlers dancing and pseudo-wrestling each other. A DX skit that aired on TV was filmed in the cafeteria. A comedy video of Boogeyman leaping out at people getting on the elevator in the lobby was once posted on YouTube.

Brace yourself for some corporate-speak, as the following statement from WWE Co-President George Barrios was included in the corporate release this week: “One of the most important elements necessary to execute WWE’s long-term growth strategy is world-class talent collaborating seamlessly to create compelling content. Our workplace initiative will be the foundation to meet these objectives and underpins our ability to deliver long-term value.”

WWE touts that the new headquarters will feature a floor plan well-suited to produce video content and has greater flexibility in workplace design. The anticipated move-in date is early 2021. WWE plans to sell its current headquarters at 1241 East Main Street.

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