Comedy Show Review: In-person report on Dolph Ziggler’s stand-up show in Toledo including digs at Cena, Lesnar, Spirit Squad, responds to AEW questions

Dolph Ziggler (Art credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)


The following report is from PWTorch VIP member Denny C. who attended a Dolph Ziggler stand-up show in Toledo, Ohio last night…

I attended Dolph Ziggler’s comedy show in Toledo, Ohio on Thursday March 21st. Here are some notes from the show.

-Dolph had a feature comedian named Sarah Tiana. She was very funny. You can tell she was a pro. She was very seasoned. Had great timing. And she understood the audience she was in front of.

-Dolph’s brother did a guest spot as a character. He was a “high school” kid who was going through an awkward breakup. It was pretty entertaining.

-Dolph told a couple of roast jokes about John Cena being a jerk and Brock Lesnar being on steroids. I want to emphasize that these sounded like just jokes to play up to the audience. He didn’t sound serious.

-Dolph’s comedy style is very similar to his ex-girlfriend Amy Schumer.

-He told some wrestling jokes at the beginning. Took some tongue-in-cheek, but cliche’ jokes as wrestling fans. The “ah, you guys don’t have girlfriends” joke is tired. But, he meant it in good fun.

-He transitioned into some dating jokes. His non-wrestling jokes were good. He certainly isn’t as polished as his opener, Sarah Tiana. But, he did well.

-He told a joke about being called up to form the Spirit Squad. It was funny.

-He told a joke about some of his favorite matches. He started to say “Chris Benoit,” but stopped short of completing his name and said “I can’t remember the other guy, actually.” It got an “ohhh” reaction from the crowd.

-He did about 30-40 minutes of material. Then they had us write questions on some note cards for a Q&A. Sarah Tiana came back out to read the questions.

-Dolph was asked if he would be returning to the WWE or signing with another organization. He said “Is there another organization to work for?” A few people shouted “AEW”. Dolph played it coy. He said “Well, we will see what happens. Maybe we will see what happens in 2 months.” He was obviously referring to AEW’s May launch. I’ll take this with a grain of salt though. Dolph knows how to work people.

-Dolph was asked about a dream match with anyone from the past or present. He said, “1997 Shawn Michaels… could never hang with me, so Kofi Kingston.” It got a good laugh and a pop.

-Another person asked about AEW. He was a little more serious with this answer. He said he worked for nine years straight without a break. He finally got some time off. So he is enjoying his time. And we will see when and where he decides to pop up again in wrestling.

-He told some funny stories about Vince McMahon and wrestling Big Show and Kane in the Spirit Squad in the Q&A.

FINAL THOUGHTS:Overall, it was a good time. Dolph is very talented. He has some polishing to do. But, for someone in a different form of entertainment to step into comedy, he is doing well. I went to the show with my fiance’. She didn’t watch any wrestling until we started dating. She enjoyed herself. I had to explain some of the wrestling jokes. But, she understood most of it. So, I think his show will appeal to even non-wrestling fans. But, I’m sure wrestling fans had a much better time. We did a meet and greet with Dolph after the show. He was really nice and humble. He joked and talked with most of the people. It wasn’t just a photo-op. He really looked like he was enjoying himself. He told me he is enjoying his time off but, he will be back in the ring.

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