3/29 Impact Wrestling TV Report: “Against All Odds” including Killer Kross vs. Brian Cage, Kordynne Grace vs. Taya Valkyrie, Gilbertti vs. Bordeaux

By Jack Irene, PWTorch contributor


MARCH 8, 2019

Announcers: Josh Mathews, Don Callis

Sorry for the lack of Impact reports recently. The last few weeks have been eventful to say the least. Tonight is a good place to pick things back up with Against All Odds.

Opening video.

We are kicking off the show with an “unsanctioned fight” between LAX and The Lucha Bros! LAX comes out and Konnan hits his catchphrases. Ortiz has his sandal, ready to use it as a weapon. They invite the champions and they come out immediately engaging. Security comes in shortly after to the crowd begging to see the brawl. Fenix and Pentagon superkick two of the security guards and grab chairs. LAX launches a guard to the outside onto all of the others. They are met with big chair shots. They continue by grabbing two tables. They mock Konnan at ringside but LAX counters and slams the brothers into the tables in the corner. The crowd loves it. They grab the title belts and raise them above the fallen Lucha Bros! Maybe I’m crazy but this could lead to a Full Metal Mayhem match at Rebellion. This was a fun segment to start the show. [c]

– LAX is hyped about taking them out. Well, my earlier prediction has already been proven correct as Konnan has challenged The Lucha Bros! To Full Metal Mayhem at Rebellion.


Gilbertti comes out to some major heat to no surprise.He grabs a microphone and proceeds to allow Scarlett to call this thing off if she has second thoughts. This is ignored and The Smokeshow makes her way to the ring. Gilbertti grabs the microphone once more, giving her one last chance. Scarlett nearly pins him several times with rollups. Gilbertti runs outside. He grabs her hair and clubs her in the back. He misses a fist drop and elbow drop. Scarlett heads to the top rope and nails a crossbody for the near fall. Back up, she tries to knock him down but eats a huge forearm strike. The misogynistic Glenn is loving this, picking her apart in any way chooses. He stomps on her hands several times and taunts the crowd. His smile only gets bigger as he continues. Scarlett counters a clothesline into the corner and proceeds to use her posterior as a weapon. She connects with a nice stunner for a near fall. Big side Russian leg sweep and he hits the Village People’s Elbow. He vows to give her ten punches in the corner but gets powerbombed for the three count.

WINNER: Scarlett Brodeaux.

(J.I.’S Thoughts: This wasn’t a five-star classic but it did its job. The crowd gave Scarlett a major pop when she overcame the unlikable Gilbertti. Not the best match but fine for what it was.)

– Johnny and Taya are backstage mocking Jordynne Grace. Johnny says he will grab some low carb popcorn to watch Killer Kross give Brian Cage a concussion. [c]

– The Knockouts call Gilbertti a loser backstage.

– GWN Flashback Moment of The Week is highlights from Beer Money vs. Lethal Consequences at Against All Odds 2009.

– Josh Alexander vignette depicting him vandalizing several objects.

– Gail Kim and Tessa Blanchard feud timeline

– Tessa Blanchard is backstage, saying she has Impact by the balls. She can’t wait to kick Gail Kim out of the company. She is coming right now to take her apology. [c]

– Madison Rayne saying she will conclude the unfinished business especially with Su Yung.

– Lucha Bros! Accept Full Metal Mayhem match at Rebellion

Tessa Blanchard is here to demand her apology. She invites Gail Kim who doesn’t waste any time. Gail Kim apologizes immediately but Tessa isn’t satisfied. She forces her to truly apologize for her actions. She is ready for Gail to announce her resignation from Impact Wrestling. Tessa now apologizes as she feels bad that Gail was only known for sex appeal matches and she can’t hang with the girls today. She demands her to leave but Gail has one more thing to say. With her resigning, she is now an active competitor and will face Tessa. She is all over Tessa but she heads up the ramp. This was a solid segment setting up the inevitable clash between the two women.

– Tessa Blanchard vs. Gail Kim booked for Rebellion

– Recap of Sami Callihan vs. Rich Swann from last week featuring the debut of Madman Fulton.

– oVe has Fulton restrained, as they took him in and have made him into their monster.


They lock up to start the match, and Grace uses her power advantage. Taya slows things down with some stiff strikes. Grace comes back with a huge german suplex to get the crowd behind her. Taya regains control with some nasty chops and brawling on the outside. She drives the knees into Grace in the corner for a near fall. Taya off the ropes nails a HUGE spear turning Grace inside out for another two-count, sending us to a commercial break. We come back to Grace connecting with a suplex. She sends the champ into the post and hits a nice strike combo, following up with a Vader Bomb for a two count. They exchange counters but nothing stops Grace’s straight right hand. Both in the corner, Grace looks for a superpelx. She gets sent down and Taya whiffs on a beautiful moonsault. Taya sends her thumbs into the eyes of Grace as she looked for the Grace Driver. Johnny Impact comes out to check on his woman. She is experiencing rib pain as the ref counts her out. Grace gets to her feet, furious. Brian Cage’s music plays and he is here for Johnny. Grace uses this distraction to attack Taya. Killer Kross comes out of nowhere to choke Cage out and send him into the post.

WINNER: Jordynne Grace via countout.

(J.I. Thoughts: They seemed like they were saving something for possibly Rebellion. They showed some fun flashes and exchanges as Taya took the countout to progress the feud.)


Kross is already attacking Cage as we return. Cage comes back with a big clothesline and back body drop. More clotheslines in the corner knock Kross to the mat. Cage eats a bott in the corner and gets sent shoulder first into the post. Kross hits a hammerlock body slam and proceeds to go after the arm. Kross uses an armbar on Cage but he locks his hands and counters with stomps to the face. He attempts his deadlift superplex from the apron, but Kross hangs his arm on the ropes. He continues in the ring with submissions and stiff strikes to the face and arm. Cage partially hits a big tornado DDT off the top as we head to commercial. Back from commercial, we get a strike exchange between the monsters. Kross locks in the Kross Jacket Choke but Cage drives him into the buckle. Big powerslam into a moonsault from the second rope for a near fall. They exchange strikes again but Kross nails a Doomsday Saito Slam. Cage gets up immediately, hitting a pop-up powerbomb, not letting go and finishing with a deadlift powerbomb into his knee. He hits a discus clothesline for a close near fall. He can’t hit the Drill Claw due to his arm injury and settles for an F-5. Johnny Impact comes out and places the leg of Killer Kross onto the ropes as he attempts a pin. Kross distracts the ref and Taya comes in to low blow Cage. Kross hits two Doomsday Saitos, but Cage kicks out. The referee calls the match and says it was a three count. Kross walks away as Johnny attacks Cage with a steel chair. He traps Cage’s arm and hits it with another chair.

WINNER: Killer Kross. (***1/4)

(J.I.’S Thoughts: This was a fun hoss fight making both men look great and putting more heat on Johnny.)

Rosemary grabs a clever and Allie by the leash as they head into the Undead Realm. Kiera Hogan follows even when directed not to. James Mitchell is seen speaking to his seemingly undead fans. Rosemary asks what this is all about. Mitchell sets her up for a gauntlet to see the boss. Luchasauras attacks her as the demons ringside cheer on. Rosemary mists him and beats him with a crowbar. Two more men come in, knocking Rosemary down. She grabs her clever as they pull out swords and slices their neck. Wow. The undead Brides are in as we see Kiera Hogan continuing to follow, she tosses a sword to Rosemary, who swings it around and cuts all of their heads off. She is shocked to see Hogan, but Su Yung emerges by Allie, unlocking her leash. She pushes Allie into Rosemary and they start brawling. Allie is passed a dagger and almost stabs Rosemary. Su Yung and Rosemary clash and right as Rosemary tries to kill her, KEVIN SULLIVAN walks out. Mitchell has a knife to Hogan’s throat as Sullivan says this is pointless and she should leave. Su attempts to stab Rosemary but Allie sacrifices herself for her. Allie returns to her natural form but vanishes as Rosemary and Kiera Hogan are in deep sorrow.

This feud was a wild one, with ups and downs at every corner. Rosemary’s injury definitely hurt the angle and it did suffer at certain points. With the low points came some really great storytelling, namely Allie’s character progression and how she evolved into the complete opposite of what she initially was presented as. Rosemary watching Allie get murdered was pretty emotional and was extremely effective even with the loss of momentum in the feud. This was great in my opinion and of course remarkably unique.

FINAL THOUGHTS (7 of out of 10): Against All Odds was a great Rebellion hype show, delivering tons of progression in the big feuds and even announcing some very intriguing matchups. Accompanying that was the highly anticipated (at least for me) clash between Scarlett Bordeaux and Glenn Gilbertti as well as the death of Allie in an emotional soap-opera rollercoaster. Once again a great show tonight with very few low points.

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