RADICAN’S 4/5 GCW “Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3: Part One report – Gage vs. Otani, Cassidy vs. Michinoku, Janela’s in-ring return

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


APRIL 5, 2019

Announcers: Kevin Gill, Dave Prazak, and Drew Cordeiro

The show opened with Joey Janela and Penelope Ford coming out to a big pop from the crowd.

A video aired and it focused on a cell phone. A person was shown talking and it was Marck Stunt. Footage was shown of Stunt’s leg injury. He was shown entering the building.

Marko Stunt came out to a big pop from the fans. The announcers noted both men were coming back to the ring way ahead of schedule. The chanted welcome back and then spring break.

(1) JOEY JANELA (w/Penelope Ford) vs. MARKO STUNT 

Both men shook hands before going at it. They had a fast exchange and Janela just kept running the ropes once Stunt stopped. Stunt kicked Janela’s bad leg and acted like he hurt his own leg. Both guys continued to do things that showed they were ready to go. Janela wiped out stunt and got down in his face and flipped him off. Stunt got a crucifix pin for a two count, but Janela kicked out and held on. He then hit a big German on Stunt. Janela walked around with Stunt and hit another big release German. Janela picked up Stunt and launched him into the crowd, but they caught him. The fans sent Stunt back towards the ring. Janela decided he wanted to crowd surf. Both men ended up trading chops while the crowd chanted GCW. That was nuts. Stunt hit a big senton off the apron onto Janela, who was seated in a chair. Stunt got a running start and hit a sick suicide dive, but went crashing into the chairs when Janela got out of the way. He tossed Stunt back into the ring for a two count. Stunt set Janela up for a running knee, but Janela flapjacked him after blocking it. Ford got up on the apron. Stunt kissed her, but Janela tried to attack him only to knock Ford off the apron when Stunt got out of the way. They went back and forth and Janela hit a huge lariat for a near fall.

Janela picked up Stunt and slapped him. He then grabbed Stunt by the hair on the mat and slapped him several times. Stunt fired back and hit a big dropkick, but Janela got up and wiped him out with a superkick. He then hit a sick twisting package piledriver on Janela for a near fall. The fans chanted this is spring break as Janela set up Stunt on the top rope. Janela set up for a powerbomb into the crowd, but Stunt fought him off. Stunt then spiked Janela with a hurricanrana off the top to the apron and both men took a nasty spill to the floor. There was a huge over the crowd for a second, but both men were able to continue. Stunt was busted open above his eye. That looked nasty. Janela went after Stunt’s cut up against the ropes. Stunt got the upper hand and went up top slowly. Janela began to stir on the mat. He nailed Stunt up top with a running kick. Janela got Stunt on his shoulders and climbed up top before dropping him down to the mat with a snow plow, but Stunt kicked out at the last second! Janela yelled at the ref and Stunt rolled him up from behind for the win.

Janela kissed and hugged Stunt after the match. Stunt also hugged Ford. Janela left Stunt alone in the ring and he got a nice ovation from the fans.

WINNER: Marko Stunt in 16:00 (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a good way to kick off the show. Stunt and Janela took a nasty spill executing the hurricanrana spot and Stunt got a nasty cut above his left eye. The match was a ton of fun leading up to that spot and they did a good job of keeping the match together after the dangerous spot.)

Tony Deppen got on the mic and told the fans to watch their mouths. He complained about not being announced for the show. Kevin Gill joined the commentary booth with Prazak taking a break. Deppen challenged anyone in the crowd to face him. Deppen grabbed the mic and went into the crowd. The crowd chanted for him to suck his own d—. Deepen went up to a fan in a wheelchair and asked if he wanted to wrestle him. The man called him a f—ing p—-y. Deppen kicked the man out of the wheelchair.


The man had no legs and Deppen rolled him into the ring and began kicking him. The fans booed Deppen. The fans chanted let’s go no legs at the fan, who got a sleeper. The fans fired up, but Deppen drove him into the turnbuckles. The fan fired back and hit an arm drag. He then tripped Deppen into the ropes and hit a 619. He then scaled the ropes and hit a crossbody for a nearfall. WOW! The fan went up top and wiped out Deppen with a huge dive to the floor and the fans went nuts. The fans lifted himself up top, but Deppen nailed him with a big strike. Deppen hit a superplex, but the fan kicked out. Deppen sold shock. The fans chanted no legs as Deppen sold shock. Deppen placed the fans up top, but he hit a tornado DDT. He then went to the apron and lifted himself up over the ropes into a springboard 450 for a near fall. The fan went up top, but Deppen got out of the way. He then hit a big running knee for the win.

WINNER: Tony Deppen in 8:00

(Radican’s Analysis: This was really uncomfortable to watch at first, but the fan, who ended up being dubbed “No Legs,” put up a hell of a fight and did some insane things for someone with no legs. I was extremely impressed.)

The fans chanted please come back at the fan, who lifted himself to the top turnbuckle and he got a big round of applause.

(3) JAKE ATLAS vs. A-KID vs. AUSTRALIAN SUICIDE vs. SLIM J vs. SHANE MERCER vs. JUNGLE BOY – Spring Break Scramble match

Everyone hit superkicks on Mercer at the same time to start the match. Kid and Atlas ended up alone in the ring and they went at it at a fast pace. Kid rolled Atlas away and nailed him with a superkick. They continued to go at it at a fast pace. There’s just way too much going on to recap. Jungle Boy hung J up in the ropes and nailed him with a leg drop off the turnbuckles. Mercer lifted Jungle Boy with one arm and choke slammed Atlas with the other hand. Everyone tried to attack Mercer, but he wiped them out with his free hand and then tossed Jungle Boy into a pile of men on the floor. Mercer set up for a dive, but ate a double superkick from Atlas and Kid. Kid and Atlas hit stereo moonsault to the floor form opposite sides of the ring and the fans went nuts. Atlas and Kid tried to work over Suicide, but he countered an attack and wiped them off with a twisting dive off the top.

The action continued at a rapid pace. Jungle Boy and Atlas went at it up top. Atlas got Jungle Boy on his shoulders and hit a spinning Angle Slam to off the turnbuckles. J tried to work over Mercer up top with elbows, but Mercer got him on his shoulders. He then walked the ropes holding J’s hands before dumping him down to the mat while taking Atlas out at the same time. Australian Suicide then broke up the pin at the last second and the fans went nuts. Mercer caught Kid going for a dive and ran to the ropes and hit a moonsault fallaway slam and the fans lost their minds. Suicide caught Mercer with a destroyer. There was some incredible action> Jungle Boy got A-Kid in a nasty submission and he tapped. That was a ton fun!

WINNER: Jungle Boy in 10 minutes (****)

(Radican’s Analysis: That reminded me of the old days when ROH would have these crazy scramble matches. Mercer really stood out here because of his high flying and strength. I’d love to see him on a bigger platform.)

Jungle Boy wanted a handshake from Mercer after the match. Everyone then raised each other’s hands for the fans.


Gage backed Otani into the ropes and offered a clean break. Otani got an arm submission and was slow to break the hold and Gage flipped him off. Gabe went to the outside and got a big piece of wood. He set it up in the corner. BOth men began exchanging some hard strikes. Otani finally wound up and decked Gage with a huge chop. Otan grabbed a single leg crab/ankle lock combination. Gage got to the ropes and Otani was slow to break the hold. Otani applied the hold again, but then stood right on Gage’s face. Otani eventually got the upper hand and switched directions with a German and put Gage right through the table in the corner. Otani set up for some boot scrapes in the corner and the fans went nuts. He stalled and then hit a series of boot scrapes capped by a big running kick to Gage’s head in the corner. The fans went nuts and chanted one more time. Otani got a running start and hit another running boot that kicked Gage and another fan. Gage and the fan took a third running boot in the corner.

Gage finally mounted a comeback and both men were down after Gage hit a DDT for a two count. Otani hit a big kick to the head and a leg sweep for a two count. Gage ducked a kick from Otani and rolled him up for the flash win.

Gage got on the mic and said the fans might be surprised, but he’ll take any victory he can get over Otani. Gage said when he was asked who he wanted for Spring Break, he said Otani. He said he grew up watching Otani and he said he does boot scrapes because of Otani. The fans chanted for Otani. He said this was the best thing to happen in his life. Gage thanked Otani and shook his hand. The fans chanted for Otani and he shook Gage’s hand.

WINNER: Nick Gage in 10:00 to retain the GCW World Championship (****)

(Radican’s Analysis: This match had an incredible atmosphere and it seemed like this was on the verge of being a classic, but Gage got the quick pin. The heat for the boot scrap spot from Otani was insane.)


The ref moved around like he could see what both men were doing. He counted a bunch of pinfalls and both men came to a standoff. Remsberg did an insane job of conveying the actions of the invisible men to the crowd. Remsberg asked for a chair. Then another so that they could have a punching contest. Remsburg stopped the fight and put on rubber gloves to check a cut on the Invisible Man. The fans chanted let them fight. Remsburg was going to put up the x, but the Invisible Man shoved him down. Remsberg went to the floor as both men brawled into the crowd. Remsburg went up to the balcony and both men bumped onto a pile of refs that fell down. The fans went crazy chanting holy s–t. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Stan wiped out Remsburg and Kikutaro ran down to the ring and put on Remsburg’s Bad Boy glasses. He tossed a chair at Stan (I think) and hit a DDT. Kikutaro gave his glasses to the ref, who counted a near fall.

Someone went through the table and it was good for the win. That was hilarious. Remsburg went over to the ring announcer and it was the Invisible Man that won!

WINNER: The Invisible Man in 7:00

(Radican’s Analysis: That was the most insane thing I’ve seen in wrestling in a long time. Bryce Remsburg deserves an award for that performance.)

The announcers said facing Taka Michinoku was a dream for Orange Cassidy. He got a big pop coming out as the announcers mentioned he had his own show taking place tomorrow. Dave Prazak and Kevin Gill handled commentary for the match.


Cassidy put his hands in his pockets and kept his sunglasses on. Michinoku wanted to lock up, but that wasn’t happening with Cassidy’s hands in his pockets. Taka took one of Cassidy’s hands out of his pocket, but he just put it back. He then took out the other hand, but Cassidy put it back before he could ock hands. Taka tried to take out both hands and he did it, but Cassidy put his hands right back in his pocket. Michinoku tucked his hands in to his tights. Cassidy slowly bounced off the ropes and hit a light shoulder tackle. Taka got a waist lock, but Cassidy managed to wiggle out of it with his hands in his pockets and the fans fired up. Cassidy hit his signature dropkick spot and nipped up. Cassidy hit some light kicks to Michinoku’s legs. Taka went to rake his eyes, but ran his fingers into his sunglasses. Taka took his sunglasses off and the fans chanted you f—ed up. Cassidy fired up and hit some light drops as the crowd gasped with every light chop. Cassidy capped the sequence with a light low kick, so Taka raked his eyes.

Michinoku hit a big running knee, but only got a two count. Cassidy fired back with a crossbody of the turnbuckles for a two count. He then got a pinning combination for a two count. Cassidy caught Taka with a big superkick, but he managed to kick out once again. The announcers mentioned Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3: Part 2 would take place tomorrow right before midnight. Cassidy went for an elbow drop, but Michinoku rolled out of the way. Michinoku got a crossface, but Cassidy managed to get to the ropes. Cassidy drank some OJ only to walk right into a superkick from Michinoku. Cassidy fired right back with a rollup for a two count. Michinoku hit another kick and a Michinoku driver for the win.

Michinoku showed Cassidy respect after the match and put his sunglasses on.

WINNER: Taka Michinoku in 8:00 (***)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a comedy match and it was a lot of fun before they got serious in the end.)

Ethan Page came down for what he said was his Final Fight For His Soul and Dignity As a Human Being match. Page ran down the fans and called them his bitch. Page said nobody would own his soul. He said the Cluserf—k wouldn’t happened tomorrow. He said they’d have to rename the show to wrestlers that actually wear tights, boots, and know what the f–k they’re doing. Page said he’s beaten Penelope Ford and D-Lo Brown. Page then called out his mystery opponent. Music played and Starman came down out of the crowd.

(7) ETHAN PAGE vs. STARMAN – Final Fight For Ethan Page’s Soul and Dignity as a Human Being match

Starman rolled up Page as soon as the match started for the win. Starman took off his mask and it was Virgil. Page cried when he realized Virgil now owns his soul and dignity as a human being. Page cried in the ring. The fans chanted get the f–k out.

WINNER: Starman in :04

(Radican’s Analysis: Well that was a quick way to capture someone’s soul and dignity.)

Page got on the mic and said he’s not going anywhere. He asked if Joey Janela owns his soul because virgil pinned him. Page said he prayed his wife didn’t order the show on Fite TV. He said everyone watching at home and lucky enough to get a ticket for the show. He said he wanted to set an example for his daughter. He said if he had to agent the Clusterf–k tomorrow, it’s going to be the best one ever. The fans applauded and Page left the ring.

Low Life Louie came out to introduce the main event death match. Plunder was brought out all around the ring. THere were tables and light tubes taped together. Nate Webb came in on commentary. They took up the ring canvas and replaced it with another one.

(8) MASASHI TAKEDA vs. JIMMY LLOYD – Anything Goes Death match 

Takeda and Lloyd both bumped into the tubes. They then began hitting each other with tubes as the fans went nuts. Both men hammered a plate into each other’s heads and exchanged headbutts. Both men came up bleeding. Lloyd was bleeding like crazy. Takeda broke a tube over Lloyd’s arm. The ring is also littered with Legos. Takeda put a tube in Lloyd’s mouth and hit a leg sweep and the tube broke. Lloyd superkicked a pile of tubes up against Takeda’s chest for a near fall. He grabbed more tubes, but Takeda wiped him out with a shotgun dropkick and the tubes exploded. Takeda came into the ring with a board of scissors. He put it up against Lloyd’s chest and nailed him with a dropkick. It appeared that Lloyd almost got impaled with one of the scissors. Lloyd hit a big Tiger Bomb, but Takeda kicked out. Both men fired up and broke tubes over their own heads. They traded blows and Lloyd caught Takeda with a big lariat for a two count. Lloyd got a weed wacker. They fought over it and Takeda hit Lloyd in the arm with it. Takeda set up a door over the ropes and it was covered with tubes. He hit a German suplex through the table. He set up some tubes on Lloyd’s chest and nailed him with a running knee, but Lloyd kicked out at one. He set up some tubes on top of Lloyd and hit a swanton for a near fall. Takeda lifted up Lloyd and drove him through some tubes and it was good for the win.

Both men broke tubes over their owns heads and hugged after the match.

WINNER: Masashi Takeda in 9:00

(Radican’s Analysis: I’m not a fan of this style of wrestling and I really didn’t enjoy this match. The scissors spot was especially gruesome, as Lloyd nearly got impaled.)

Overall thoughts: (8.0) – This was a really fun show. Janela vs. Stunt was a great way to kick things off and the fans were red hot for this match and everything else on the show. Stunt and Janela took a nasty bump when Stunt attempted a hurricanrana off the top to the apron. Hopefully Stunt just has a bump over his eye and nothing more serious.

I was ready to cringe at the angle where Tony Deppen attacked a fan with no legs in a wheelchair, but the plant could actually go and the match blew my mind, especially when “No Legs” hit a springboard 450. That was truly insane and they did a good job of pulling off something that was initially shocking in a bad way and making it good.

The Spring Break Scramble was tremendous. Shane Mercer really stood out here, but it was a touching moment to see Jungle Boy enter the match unannounced and get the win. The action was insane and non-stop and reminded me of some of the old school Six Man Scramble matches I used to see in ROH.

Bryce Remsburg deserves an award for his performance in the Invisible Stan vs. Invisible Man. This angle was crazy and it was hilarious to see how they managed to pull off a balcony dive with Remsburg following the brawling invisible men and then a bunch of refs bumping from their “fall” from the balcony.

Nick Gage vs. Shinjiro Otani had as much heat as I’ve seen for a match on the indies. The crowd went crazy for Gage coming out for the match and never stopped. This was an incredible effort from both men and although it ended with Gage getting a quick rollup, they had the crowd going nuts from start to finish.

I’m not a fan of deathmatch wrestling, so the main event didn’t do any anything for me and it made me cringe at times. The rest of the show was fantastic. Stunt vs. Janela was a great surprise and Gage vs. Otani had a crazy atmosphere. There was some great in-ring action, some comedy elements that really worked and all around it was a fun show. I recommend the replay on Fite TV.

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