4/3 WWE MAIN EVENT REPORT: No Way Jose vs. Tyler Breeze with his new aesthetic, The Ascension vs. Kalisto & Gran Metalik, WrestleMania 35 hype

By Mike Meyers, PWTorch contributor


APRIL 3, 2019

Announcers: Renee Young, Byron Saxton, Percy Watson


  • Main Event is your one-stop shop for WrestleMania rundown.
  • Lucha House Rules are convincingly defunct.


As Jose shimmied down to the ring, Byron referred to him as “The Kaiser of the Conga Line.” Percy and Renee were shown dancing as the camera introduced the announce team, and Renee said she couldn’t wait for the first WrestleMania with a women’s main event. When Breeze entered, the announcers pointed out that this Sunday would be his fourth Battle Royale, and wondered what he would do with that experience.

Breeze locked in a side headlock, but Jose fired him off and the two met in the middle with a shoulder block stalemate. Jose initiated a headlock of his own, then ran the ropes and shoulder blocked Breeze to the mat. Breeze got to his feet and the wrestlers measured each other before Breeze struck quickly with a superkick, then delivered a flurry of kicks to Jose in the corner. After leveling Jose with a drop kick, Breeze applied a chinlock.

Jose got to his feet but Breeze knocked him back down before toying with Jose with some limp kicks around Jose’s head. Jose then landed a back suplex and covered for a two count, then applied another chinlock.

Jose eventually powered out and tossed Breeze toward the corner, then approached and pounded Breeze with rights and lefts alike. While he had the upper hand, Byron said that a light bulb has come on for Jose. Jose turned Breeze inside out with a clothesline, then covered for another two-count. Jose dragged Breeze away from the ropes by his feet, then catapulted him by his legs face-first into the corner. Another pin and two-count.

Jose landed a jawbreaker, and Breeze returned fire with a drop kick. Breeze set up the Unprettier, but Jose pushed him off and into the ropes. On the rebound, Jose caught Breeze and launched him skyward and planted a mid-air right forearm to Breeze’s face. Breeze fell hard to the mat, allowing Breeze to cover for the three-count.

WINNER: No Way Jose by pinfall.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Quite a brief match. Nothing to see here, except a couple notable comments from the announce team highlighting Breeze‘s “aesthetic upgrade“ and his experience in Battle Royals. Breeze was definitely working heel, although he still seemed as subdued as ever.)

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Konnor started against Kalisto, but Konnor immediately slid out to ringside and appeared to take issue with Dorado. He yelled at Dorado and the crowd while Kalisto hopped and warmed up in the ring. A “Lucha!” chant started, then Kalisto quickly knocked Konnor down with a couple low drop kicks. Viktor and Metalik tagged in.

Metalik knocked Viktor to the mat with a missile drop kick, then went back to the top rope for another high-flying maneuver but was thwarted by Konnor who grabbed his ankle from ringside. Metalik topped off the apron and we cut to commercial.

Konnor was covering Metalik for a two-count. Viktor tagged back in and laid in some kicks to the prone Metalik before issuing a warning to Kalisto in the Lucha corner. Viktor executed more heel maneuvers against Metalik on the mat and against the ropes before locking in a side headlock on the canvas. When Metalik began to stir, Viktor shut him down with elbows to the head, then got to his feet to mockingly perform the “Lucha!” hand gestures in slow motion.

Konnor tagged in to drop an elbow on the back of Metalik’s head, then covered for a two-count. Metalik stunned Konnor with a big boot, but was caught in midair when attempting a high cross body. Metalik pulled the wool over physics’ eyes and spun Konnor into a DDT without the benefit of speed, momentum, size, or strength.

Hot tags were made, and Kalisto began a flurry of offense against Viktor. Konnor tagged back in and Ascension were about to double team Kalisto in the corner, but Metalik knocked Viktor off the apron, leaving Konnor with Kalisto. Using the middle rope as a launching point, Kalisto executed the Salida Del Sol, planting Konnor onto his back. Meanwhile, Metalik tagged in, walked the top rope, then landed a big elbow drop to Konnor for the pin and victory.

WINNERS: Kalisto & Gran Metalik by pinfall.

(Meyers’s Analysis: More of your standard-grade excitement from Lucha House Party. It’s nice to see a standard tag match, without Dorado getting involved – may Lucha House Rules rest in peace.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 6.2

FINAL THOUGHTS: The “go home” episode of Main Event was little more than a promotion for WrestleMania.

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