WWE Network will cease to work in just ten days on many Apple TV, Samsung, Amazon, LG, Playstation, Xbox, Windows, and Sony devices

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


WWE sent an email to WWE Network subscribers preparing them for a discontinuation of comparability on many devices you might be using to stream WWE Network including Samsung and LG TVs you might have purchased new merely 2-3 years ago along with many Apple TV boxes (3rd generation dating back to 2012), Playstation 3, and Xbox 360, among others. The full list is included below in a reprint of the email WWE sent to customers…

Our goal is always to provide you with the best possible viewing experience on WWE Network. Unfortunately, several device manufacturers have stopped updating the operating system of older products, which may impact your ability to stream high-quality video. As such, the WWE Network app will no longer be available on the devices listed below starting May 21, 2019:

• Amazon Fire Tablets
• Apple TV – 3rd Generation and earlier models
• LG – 2016 and earlier models
• PlayStation 3
• Samsung – 2016 and earlier models
• Samsung and Sony Blu-Ray Players
• Sony – non Android TVs
• Windows 10 Desktop
• Xbox 360

You can stream WWE Network on many other supported devices. For a full list, please visit WWE Network Support.

WWE Network Support

6 Comments on WWE Network will cease to work in just ten days on many Apple TV, Samsung, Amazon, LG, Playstation, Xbox, Windows, and Sony devices

  1. WWE Network is garbage and they have terrible programs so maybe everyone who has these devices will just drop the WWE Network completely. Vince is not smart to piss off his fan base who watch WWE network on these devices when the ratings are already tanking. Alot of people will not update or buy new devices just to watch WWE Network.

  2. NOTE: The Network WILL still work on Windows 10 in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

    The WWE Network Windows 10 App on the Appstore will no longer work.

  3. Hardcore wrestling fans need to continue to maintain there dvd collections. A dvd cant be edited or removed after purchase going on sale as things on a streaming site can. It is yours forever you dont need to update equipment or continue to spend money on streaming services and wifi packgages in order to acess it. Im not saying i have never streamed an event im saying my DVD collection will always be my priority. Amongst people who are in to example ANIME and vintage films there is more an understanding of these issues. If you are the serious wrestling fan you need a dvd collection end of please buy dvds again esp if none wwe promotions, before it is to late.

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