5/26 ROH TV RESULTS: Jay Lethal and Kenny King start a Best Of 3 series, Flip Gordon vs. Karl Fredericks, promos from Jeff Cobb and Silas Young

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor


MAY 26, 2019

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana

Opening theme.

-In the arena we opened with the NJPW logo on the video screen and out came one of the LA dojo young lions.


Gordon hit a suicide dive. [C]

Fredericks worked over Gordon with the basic young lion offense. Gordon regained the advantage at 6:30. Springboard neckbreaker. STF and Fredericks tapped immediately.

WINNER: Flip Gordon in 7:00.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Li’l Cena is even doing the STF now too? Oh boy. Gordon continues to grow but he’s significantly better when he’s in the ring with an experienced hand vs. when he’s expected to be the more experienced party like here.)

-Video recap of Matt Taven vs. PCO at War Of The Worlds: Toronto. After various shenanigans Taven stabbed PCO in the eye with a spike and PCO still kicked out at two but the referee counted three for some reason.

-Video recap of Shane Taylor pinning Brody King in a four-way at the same show to capture Jeff Cobb’s ROH World Television Championsip. [C]

-Video package on Kenny King winning the Honor Rumble at G1 Supercard. The Great Muta misted him after the match and he subsequently claimed to be blind and in need of surgery but continued to talk smack about Jay Lethal while blind. Last week he attacked Lethal from behind, evidently blind no more.

-Jeff Cobb made his entrance in street clothes. He addressed his title loss in Toronto and pointed out that Shane Taylor didn’t pin or submit him. In fact nobody in ROH has been able to. He told Taylor not to worry because he doesn’t want his rematch. What he wants is Matt Taven and the ROH World Championship.

Taven made his entrance, wearing a suit and sunglasses. He spoke from the stage, calling Cobb an adorable little Buddha, and declared himself the greatest world champion in ROH history. He listed off Flip Gordon, Mark Haskins, and PCO as challengers he’s already defeated. He fears no man because he’s Matt Taven. He said he’d defend against Cobb any time anywhere. He tried to goad the fans into thinking he’d defend the title on the spot but they weren’t biting. He threw his mic at Cobb and walked off.

-Kenny King was backstage with his blind glasses on but took them off to reveal that he can see. Yes, Muta did mist and blind him. Yes, he used that fact to stunt on Lethal. He doesn’t care if it’s a best of three series against Lethal. He promised it would be a clean sweep. [C]

-Lethal was backstage. He said the best of three series is intended so that King can prove he can hang with the best in the world. But the first match would end the same as the others. Lethal will leave as winner; King will just leave.

-A highlights video played of Guerrillas Of Destiny vs. The Briscoes for the ROH World Tag Team Championship. The match occurred at these tapings in Chicago but aired exclusively for Honor Club. G.O.D. stole the win after hitting Jay with a title belt and holding the tights.

-Silas Young made his entrance with a “gangly, ugly young fella” named Baxter Delafonte. Young said he’s a greenhorn from Milwaukee. They were here to put on a little seminar, an exhibition of catch-as-catch-can pro wrestling. Young requested ring announcer Bobby Cruise to join them in the ring. He had Cruise hold the mic so he could narrate while he put a wristlock on Delafonte. He pulled his hair back, then fishhooked him, then gouged the eye as he talked about various illegal tactics that could result in a disqualification. He said you absolutely never want to low blow your opponent. He told Delafonte not to worry, but of course kicked him between the legs. [C]

(Dr. Frederick Frankenstein’s Perspective: Why you mother-grabbing bastard!)

-Kenny King was escorted to the ramp by timekeeper Amy Rose like when he was blind but pulled off the glasses and cockily strolled to the ring.


King bailed to ringside to slow things down. [C]

King avoided Lethal’s trademark cartwheel and put him in a crossface. Lethal made the rope break. King continued to avoid and counter Lethal’s signature offense but made the error of posing on the apron. Lethal dropkicked him off but King caught the expected suicide dive and ran Lethal back-first into the ring post. He chucked Lethal into the guardrail. Cabana questioned if Lethal’s move set has become too predictable and whether he needs to change things up. King avoided the cartwheel dropkick again and put Lethal in a cobra clutch. Rope break. [C]

King with an eye poke behind the back of referee Todd Sinclair. Lethal avoided a splash n the corner. King hit Lethal with Lethal’s usual springboard dropkick. It sent him to the floor and King teased the trio of suicide dives too before denying it. Lethal caught him with a DDT on the floor. They traded right hands. Lethal finally nailed his cartwheel dropkick and then the springboard dropkick and suicide dive. Hail To The King elbow drop for a two-count. King blocked a Lethal Injection and hit blue thunder for two. “ROH” chant from the crowd. Lethal avoided a Royal Flush and hit a pump kick. King avoided three more Lethal Injections. Lethal nearly collided with Sinclair on the third attempt and the ref doubled up. King kicked Lethal between the legs and hit a King Injection(?) for the win.

WINNER: Kenny King in 15:49. King is up 1-0.

(Pageot’s Perspective: A very satisfying main event between two seasoned members of the ROH old guard. Thankfully so, since this was essentially a one-match show. King and Lethal work great together and I do believe two more matches like this will significantly raise King’s stock among casual fans. The heel has to go up in the first match and it’s King and this is ROH in 2019 so that meant he was either hitting a low blow or clubbing him in the head with something metal. Was Silas’ exhibition airing before this meant to be foreshadowing or just accidental redundancy? Match #2 in the series is taking place this Saturday at the TV tapings in Kent, Washington so don’t expect to see that one until June 23 at the earliest.)

-Next week: it’s Evil & Sanada vs. Yuji Nagata & Satoshi Kojima.

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