6/3 WWE Raw Results: Keller’s report on the Heyman’s Brock Lesnar cash-in promise, Reigns & Usos vs. McIntyre & Revival, Undertaker makes rare appearance

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


JUNE 3, 2019

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young

Tonight after WWE Raw, join me live with guest cohost Travis Bryant from the PWTorch East Coast Cast and guest on-site correspondent Cameron Hawkins to break down the show with live callers and a mailbag.

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-Cole introduced the show from “the University of Texas.” The graphic said “University of Texas.” No mention of it being in the city of Austin, Tex.

-They went to the stage where Roman Reigns made his ring entrance. Graves said the Wildcard Rule was in “full effect.” They went to the announcers briefly, but they weren’t lit up. Cole then hyped Super Showdown, in particular Reigns against “the so-called Best in the World, Shane McMahon,” as Cole described him. As Reigns entered the ring, they went back to the announcers who were lit up this time. Cole said they had breaking news. The screen said: “Breaking News: Brock Cashes In.” They said Paul Heyman made the move because Stephanie admonished them for their actions last week. They cut to the open garage door for the arena and there was a guy walking in, then he was either yelled at or realized there was a camera on him, and he hilariously scurried under something to hide.

Before Reigns could talk, he was interrupted by Shane McMahon’s music. Shane danced. Renee said he should be careful he doesn’t roll an ankle with those tiny steps. Shane said he’s owed a proper introduction. He threw to Mike Rome. Renee said, “It’s too much. It’s insane.” Shane explained what he’s going to do to Reigns, including making Reigns tap out to his triangle choke for the first time ever in his career. Reigns looked on, laughing at the prediction. Shane said he’ll refuse to release the hold to the point that his eyes come bulging out of his head. Then with his ears he will hear “the best in the world…” Reigns told him to shut up.

“You will tap me?” he said. “I would love for you to tap me out, Shane McMahon.” He vowed to pick his spoiled ass up and “boom” him through the mat. He said he doesn’t stand a chance with him. He called the nearly 50 year old “son” as he said when you’re in the ring with him, you have two left feet. He said when he’s done with Shane, he’ll whip Drew McIntyre’s ass at Stomping Ground two weeks later.

Drew then walked out to his music. Drew said he doesn’t like Texas’s attitude. Boos. Drew said everything Shane said is 100 percent correct, plus he’s going to end him at Stomping Ground. He said he just had an idea of tonight. He whispered something to Shane. Shane agreed. Drew said they’re going to take him out right now, without their partners. Then the Revival attacked Reigns from behind. The Usos charged out for a quick save. Reigns was holding the back of his head in pain as the Usos helped him to his feet. The ref called for a bell to start the match.


Dawson pulled Dash to safety at ringside early. The Usos hit a running dive. They cut to a very early break. [c]

After the break the heels spent five minutes methodically dominating the Usos. Reigns broke up a Drew cover on Jey. They cut to another break. [c]

As they came back live, Reigns had already hot-tagged in. (They never intentionally do hot-tags during commercial breaks. I imagine someone’s timing was off.) Reigns was playing to the crowd, all fired up. He went for a Superman Punch, but Drew ducked and landed a headbutt. Usos interfered with a kick, then Reigns hit a Superman Punch. Reigns then fended off interference from The Revival. Shane knocked Jimmy off balance on the top rope as the ref was distracted. Reigns grabbed Shane at ringside. Drew kicked him with a Claymore, although the camera was so tight you couldn’t tell who did it or even see what happened. The announcers filled everyone in. The Revival gave Jey a Shatter Machine at ringside. Drew then gave Jimmy a Claymore Kick for the win.

WINNERS: McIntyre & The Revival in 14:00.

-After the match, Shane joined Drew and the Revival in attacking Reigns. They gave Reigns a Shatter Machine and a Claymore Kick as Shane yelled in his ear. Fans booed. Shane then speared Reigns as the others held Roman in a vulnerable position for the move.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good to see The Revival featured and protected in such a prominent match. This is Booking 101 in putting the heels over on TV before two PPV matches and having them get extra heat on Reigns afterward.)

-Cole hyped that Undertaker is present, and he said tonight Triple H and Randy Orton will go face-to-face. Graves said Brock will cash in. The screen said “Brock Cashes In.” Cole also hyped that the next installment of the Firefly Funhouse would air later. [c]


-They showed a postcard shot of “Austin, Texas.”

-They showed Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey at ringside. (Didn’t Lance spend years vociferously calling people telling the truth about him liars?)

-Miz came out for a “Miz TV” segment. He introduced Seth Rollins. When Miz brought up Heyman saying Lesnar is going to cash in, Seth said Miz is assuming Heyman is going to tell the truth. Seth pretended he couldn’t remember Heyman ever telling the truth, so he’ll believe it when he sees it. Miz said that potential of a cash-in is weighing on his mind. Seth shifted to talking about being a fighting champion on Friday, so he has to focus on stomping Baron Corbin’s head into this mat. He said there isn’t one person who likes Corbin. Fans began chanting “Burn it down.” They cut to the parking garage where a black Suburban SUV arrived. Heyman and Lesnar exited the vehicle. Heyman said, “Let’s cash it in.” They walked toward the arena. Graves asked, “Is this it?” They got near the entrance to the arena, then paused. Lesnar then directed Heyman toward the back hallways instead. “The purveyor of paranoia is making Seth Rollins wait again,” said Graves. Another “Burn it down!” chant.

-Cole said Lesnar is here and he has vowed to cash in against Rollins tonight.

-Lucha House Party came to the ring. He said they face Lars Sullivan at Super Showdown. Sullivan came out and attacked them. Kalisto made a comeback with a dropkick. The other two joined in with dropkicks, which got a nice pop and “lucha” chants. Lars stood at ringside grabbing his chin and making menacing faces.

-Backstage The IIconics were making fun of Nikki Cross being short when in walked Alexa Bliss who asked if the IIconics have a bloomin’ onion to eat or something. The IIconics were as optimistic and happy with themselves as ever, then walked away. Bliss said nobody likes her, including Becky Lynch. Nikki said she doesn’t care about her past, because she’s been nothing but kind to her since she arrived. “We’re friends,” she said. Bliss said she appreciated that, and she told her not to be bashful if she ever asks her for a favor. They laughed together as Bliss said she’d be in her corner later when she faced Peyton Royce.

(Keller’s Analysis: Something tells me Nikki will pay a price for trusting Bliss.)

-Cole said Rey Mysterio will relinquish the U.S. Title later in what will be one of the toughest moment of his career. Graves hyped Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley in an arm wrestling match. Cole hyped Undertaker addressing his first-ever match against Goldberg.

-The ring entrance for Becky Lynch began. They showed Lacey Evans costing Becky the Smackdown Title at MITB. Cole said they’d hear from Becky next. [c]

-Her music faded after the break. Fans began chanting “Becky,” but it was scattered and not sustained. She said, “Austin, Texas.” That got some cheers. She said she has been thinking and wants to make some changes. She said when she got home this past weekend, it was the first time in 63 jam-packed days she had been home. She talked about her busy schedule during that time. She said she has never been more content in her life, but she won’t let complacency affect her because that’s the worst thing that can happen to a successful person. She said Lacey’s interference is a wake-up call to her. She said there is no one in this business who can keep her down. She said if you have wronged her in any way, you will pay. She turned her words toward Lacey. Lacey responded by sauntering onto the stage to her music.

Lacey entered the ring and said Becky is just like a dog chasing a car, and like a dog she wouldn’t know what to do if she caught it. She said Becky Two Belts shouldn’t be the face to represent the women of WWE. Becky interrupted and mocked her speaking style and vowed to rip out her arm. Lacey said she’s not in her head and she’s not to be messed with. She said she did beat her at MITB, but she’s the reason she walked out of MITB without one of her belts. She said when she gets her hands on her again, she will become Becky No Belts. She said she won’t let a woman like her represent her division. She vowed to be the next Raw Women’s Champion. Charlotte’s music then interrupted. Cole said the Wildcard Rule is in effect.


Charlotte walked out to her music. She bragged that Becky lost and she became a nine-time women’s champion. She let out a “wooo.” Becky asked where her title is. Charlotte said she may not be the Smackdown Champion now. Lacey interrupted and asked what she was doing there, strutting out like a peacock. She said she’s a daddy’s girl who needs attention. Charlotte entered the ring and said she struts like a peacock because she’s more than half way toward beating her dad’s World Title record. She said all Lacey has done so far is make tea. Lacey said Charlotte has zero championships today, and thus is yesterday’s news, whereas she is the new face of WWE. She told her to run along to Smackdown or else she could educate her with a Woman’s Right. She charged and gave Charlotte her right punch. Charlotte took a deep breath and stood up. Charlotte took off her robe. Cole said it looks like they’re going to have a match.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was a weak looking version of the Women’s Right, but that’s a finisher and shouldn’t be done in a situation where Charlotte looks like she was shoved, but hardly knocked out.)


Becky watched from ringside. Charlotte knocked Lacey out of the ring early. Becky had a few words for her. Lacey stood up and said, “Shut up.” Lacey refused to enter the ring unless Charlotte backed away. Charlotte tackled Lacey next and punched away at her. They awkwardly grappled with each other. Lacey grabbed the bottom rope to force a break. They cut to a commercial break. [c]

Charlotte took over. She charged at Lacey, but Lacey moved. It was awkwardly timed and looked really clunky. Lacey swept Charlotte’s leg, but completely missed. Charlotte bumped anyway. Yikes, that was really bad. Lacey slingshot herself into the ring with a flying elbow attempt, but Charlotte moved. The crowd was dead, and who could blame them – no sympathetic figure in the match, and a terribly clunky match. Charlotte went for a figure-four, but Lacey kicked out and sent Charlotte hard into the corner. Lacey then delivered a swinging neckbreaker, but Charlotte countered with an up-kick of sorts. They collided mid-ring in another bad looking spot. Charlotte was higher than Lacey and they just landed with a sloppy thud. With both women down, Becky attacked Charlotte. The ref called for the bell.

WINNER: No contest in 10:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was among the worst TV matches you’ll see.)

-Cole said Rey would relinquish the title next. Graves said he’s relinquishing it to Samoa Joe. That’s new info. [c]

-A video feature aired on Undertaker including his 1990 debut.

-Rey made his way to the ring. He had his left arm in a sling, but he slapped hands with fans with his right arm. They showed Rey pinning Joe, even though a bloody Joe’s shoulders were clearly off the mat. Rey said he wants to do the right thing as a man and as a champion to set a good example for his son. As usual with Rey interviews in WWE, he didn’t make it past the 60 second mark before it was interrupted. Joe came out and asked if he came out there too early and ruined his big moment. He asked for forgiveness because he knows what this means to him. He said he heard the word “champion” and he thought it was his cue. He said Rey can continue because it’s a very important moment for him. He told Rey not to ruin this one golden moment by telling people a lie. He said he’s relinquishing the title because he never actually pinned him. “My shoulders never touched the mat, Rey!” he said. Rey told Joe not to get it twisted. He said he doesn’t want a “moment” and he’s not there to “fool anybody.” He said this is not the moment he wanted it to be. He said he has won championships his entire career through pain and injuries, so he’s man enough to do what he came to do tonight. He asked Joe for a moment.

“Due to my current shoulder injury at Money in the Bank, I’m here to relinquish my United States Championship to Samoa Joe.” He set the belt cautiously on the mat. Rey said that’s not the last they’ll see of him. As he began to leave, Joe charged at him and put him in the Coquina Clutch. Joe eventually let go, held up the U.S. Title belt, and left up the ramp with his belt as his music played.

(Keller’s Analysis: Joe came across like a big, bad bully there. He’s effective at his character. And Rey was, of course, the sympathetic and likable Rey. Fine segment.)

-They showed Lesnar and Heyman backstage. The screen said: “Breaking News: Brock Lesnar cashes in his Money in the Bank contract.” Heyman was on the phone.

-Out came Braun Strowman. They cut to a break. [c]

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-A soundbite aired with Cesaro who said Ricochet is a great talent, but he’s naive if he thinks he’ll beat him again. Then a Ricochet selfie soundbite aired where he said tonight is a preview of a rivalry that could last a decade, but he’s already proven he can take him down. He said tonight he’ll try his best to do it again.

-Lashley’s ring entrance took place. You won’t believe this, but the arm wrestling contest didn’t go smoothly. Lashley pulled back and knocked the table over just before they were going to lock up. They tried again, and this time they actually arm-wrestled until Lashley’s hand slipped out of Braun’s grip. Lashley played innocent as he wiped his hands of sweat. The put on powder on his hands and then battled. After 30 seconds of high drama, Braun won. Lashley threw the powder into Braun’s eyes and then he gave Braun a running powerslam.

(Keller’s Analysis: That lasted about as long as it should have, which wasn’t very long, but it’s a pro wrestling staple and there’s some regulation somewhere that there has to be an arm wrestling contest every five years on TV, I think. These two pulled it off well enough.)

-They went to the announcers who talked about the 24/7 Title. They showed a YouTube clip of Truth and Carmella on a golf course where he was attacked by Jinder Mahal in his wrestling trunks. Jinder got a three count, but then Truth immediately got his three count back to retain his title. Carmella sped off with Truth dragged behind on the golf cart as Jinder and the ref stared at them.

-Backstage live Drake Maverick and EC3 were shown trying to sneak up on Truth backstage. They cut away to Bliss’s ring entrance.

(3) PEYTON ROYCE (w/Bilie Kaye) vs. NIKKI CROSS (w/Alexa Bliss)

A few minutes in Peyton and Bliss argued. Bliss had her cup of coffee in hand. Royce kicked it out of her hands. Kaye shoved Bliss down, although the director missed the camera angle showing it. Graves half-heartedly said, “This is catastrophic.” Cross ended up beating a distracted Royce with her neckbreaker finisher.

WINNER: Cross in 6:00.

-After the match Bliss attacked Kaye from behind as she was checking on Royce. She DDT’d her. Cross yanked Bliss off of her and then celebrated excitedly about her win. Renee was concerned about Bliss’s white jeans being stained with coffee.

-They showed Lesnar warming up backstage. They cut elsewhere to Seth. Graves said he is wondering as much if not more than anybody about Lesnar’s intentions. [c]

-Back from the break Seth stood mid-ring. He said when he became champion, he knew everyone would be gunning for him. He said that is not what is happening with Lesnar, though. Lesnar’s music interrupted. He didn’t come out, though. Seth said Lesnar is playing games, and he’s sick of it. He addressed Lesnar through the camera. He said he used to be one of the most feared men on Earth. He said now he’s just a shell of that. He dared him to come out and keep his promise and cash in that contract right here, right now. Corbin’s music played instead.

Corbin walked out and said he needs to focus on him, not Lesnar. Corbin said he’s the guy who retired Kurt Angle and he has no problem retiring his ass too. He poked him in the chest. Seth smiled, then popped Corbin with the mic. He threw a barrage of punches at him. Corbin came back with a hard right to drop Seth. Seth hit an enzuigiri, although Corbin largely blocked it with his forearm. Seth dove onto Corbin at ringside, then returned to the ring and yanked off his shirt. Lesnar’s music played again. Corbin then came up behind Seth and gave him an End of Days. Corbin let out a barbaric celebratory yell.


Lesnar and Heyman walked out, Heyman with the briefcase in hand. Lesnar entered the ring with a chair. He gave Seth a low kick. (Seth had that coming.) Lesnar then bashed Seth across his back with the chair three times. Then he gave him a German suplex and then tossed him to the floor. Lesnar gave Seth an F5 on the floor. Cole called it “bone crushing.” Graves said, “Prepare to return to the Era of the Beast.” Heyman encouraged Lesnar to cash in the briefcase, but Lesnar didn’t. He looked perplexed. Back in the ring Seth reached for a chair, but Lesnar instead grabbed it and bashed Seth with it. He bashed him across his back again twice as Seth yelled out in pain. Heyman yelled, “Cash in now! What are you doing?” Lesnar gave Seth another German suplex. Lesnar leaned over the top rope and said, “Friday. Friday. Friday.” He threw the WWE Universal Title belt onto Seth, then left.

On the stage, Heyman pleaded with Lesnar to cash it in. Lesnar grabbed the briefcase from Heyman, returned to the ring, and hit Seth with it. He then let out a loud laugh. He hit Seth with another three chairshots. He let out a big yell and threw the chair down and left. He held the MITB briefcase like a boom box and rocked a little, then left as fans booed. The camera stayed on Seth. Medics came out to put Seth on a back-brace. [c]

-They showed Becky getting into the back of the ambulance with Seth which then drove off. The announcers talked solemnly about the assault by Lesnar. Cole said the low blow was symbolic because it was low-blows by Seth that led to him beating Lesnar and becoming champion.

-They went to the announcers on camera who wondered if Seth would even make it to Super Showdown on Friday. Cole pointed fans to social media and WWE.com for updates on Seth. Cole said it’s always difficult to shift, but they now will air the next Firefly Funhouse which he said has taken social media by storm.

-The narrator introduced “a very special episode of Firefly Funhouse.” They went to a close-up of Bray who said he had a serious message. He then broke into a smile and said he wants to talk about exercise. Cheering kids could be heard. Bray was dressed in Zubas and a sleeveless shirt that said “Wyatt Gym.” They showed a pig eating something wrapped in foil. Bray said Huskuh the Pig (a throwback to Husky Harris) doesn’t take very good care of himself. Bray kneeled and said some say all of his gluttony is going to bite him in the tail, but one day he could be great and people will tell him he is a genius and that he has the whole world in his hands. He winked at the camera. Kids cheered. In walked a Pete Rose-looking doll that supposed to be Vince McMahon. Bray vowed that the pig will get his act together. Then Bray danced and sang as he led kids in a Muscleman Dance routine. It kind of has to be seen to be believed. Then it turned dark briefly as Bray said, “Now erase your mind.” Then back to the fun over-the-top disco dance video with various puppets making cameos. Back to the Playhouse, Bray said they’re ready for a night out on the town. Bray said he will always light the way, and all they have to do is let him in. He flexed as they cut to a break.

-They replayed the Shane-Reigns angle earlier.

-Triple H made his way to the ring. Then Orton came out. Triple H said they’re out there to drum up interest in a fight. He said the hope is they’ll say horrible things about each other and maybe physicality will break out, but with everything they’ve been through, there’s nothing they can say that they haven’t already said before. He said he won’t waste his time. He said it’s been a while since they’ve stood there and looked at each other, but don’t let the suit fool him, “I am coming to Jedda to kick your ass.”

Orton said that sounds good, but he wants him to understand that he is not Batista. He said he is The Legend Killer. He said he would gladly beat him this Friday at Super Showdown and put another notch on his belt. Triple H said over their 20 years of battles, they’ve done unspeakable things to each other. He said he always predicted Randy would become a diamond in the business, and he is one of the best ever step foot inside the ring. Fans cheered. He said he means that. He said a lot of people have tried to put him down, though, and Randy is “not the one.” He turned and left.

Orton told him to hold up because he wanted a promise from him. He asked him Friday, before he steps into the ring, to “retrieve his balls from Stephanie’s purse.” Triple H leaned on the top rope from the ring apron and smiled. He re-entered the ring. Orton swung his arms like he was getting warmed up. Hunter said that’s a hell of an idea. He said he’d do just that, but they’re just so big it’s a burden carrying them around. He said maybe he can carry them in the carry-on bag. He got in Randy’s face and said he wouldn’t know about that because he’s never had any. He threw the mic and left the ring.

-Charlie Caruso interviewed Corbin backstage. He said Seth probably has six or seven cracked ribs. He said he has no chance at Super Showdown, so the WWE Universe should know they’re looking at the next Universal Champion.

-Ricochet made his ring entrance. [c]

-An on-screen graphic bragged that Raw was the most social show on all of TV last week.

-Cesaro’s ring entrance took place.


They cut to an early break after Ricochet hit a series of flashy moves including a hurcanrana off the security barricade and then a moonsault off the second rope. [c]

In the end, Ricochet rolled up Cesaro for the win. Cole said that is the type of victory that can change a career.

WINNER: Ricochet in 10:00.

-Afterward, Cesaro attacked Ricochet from behind. Cole said Cesaro knows how big of a match that was for him. Cesaro pulled a ladder out from under the ring. Then he pushed it back under and instead reached for a table. Truth was hiding on the table. Graves said he was hiding under the ring all night. Ricochet kicked the table and send Cesaro “into the WWE Universe,” as Cole put it. Then the parade of 24/7 Title challengers ran out and went after Truth. Cedric Alexander did a running flip dive onto the whole crowd. Truth managed to stand alone in the ring. Drake Maverick came up to him, but Carmella kicked Drake and his wanted posters went flying. Truth and Carmella then fled through the crowd. The rest of the challengers followed behind.

-Cole hyped that Undertaker would be out next. [c]

-A commercial aired for the Ronda Rousey special on WWE Network.

-Undertaker made his ring entrance. He talked about facing death for the very first time. “Does the sky turn dark, does the ground begin to ripple at your feet, or do you choke at the stench of the souls that are already gone?” He told Goldberg that this Friday he will get the answers to all of those questions. He said he doesn’t want Goldberg the family man smiling with his wife and kids watching. He said he wants the iconic version. “I promise you this, if you bring anything less, our first match will be your last.” The lighting was dark and purplish for the whole segment. He said when the reaper beckons, Goldberg should answer his call. He vowed to claim his soul for all of eternity. “Goldberg, you’re next!” he said.

(Keller’s Analysis: Not sure if they meant to end that way or they were just into overtime, but they cut away abruptly and sharply as soon as he said “next.” It was about what I expected. What else was he going to say? It was fine, I suppose. Undertaker being Undertaker.)

7 Comments on 6/3 WWE Raw Results: Keller’s report on the Heyman’s Brock Lesnar cash-in promise, Reigns & Usos vs. McIntyre & Revival, Undertaker makes rare appearance

  1. It’s bad enough to make Brock look dumb to not cash in on a wounded Seth, so why would he want to cash it in on Friday? I wish they would make Brock look totally dumb and say Seth isn’t medically cleared to wrestle Friday. If you are trying to make people think Brock is dumb, go all the way.

    • This was a really terrible show like the past several weeks. You bring up some great points, but WWE logic doesn’t seem be very logical these days. Many people will be upset tonight what appears to be a bait and switch. Most of us knew going on that WWE would not deliver the match, but there is that pretty good sized minority of fans that expected a title match cash in. I am sure they are not very happy. WWE seems to really take it’s fans for granted. That may work now, but when AEW is going at full steam it will not work.

  2. Woah that HHH promo. It was like he was telling folk, look the king is paying al ot of money for the attitude era and beyond and yes there is no reason other than MONEY!!!

    • Honestly I was done once they did 8 commercials in the middle of the first match. It was too much. WWE is boring anymore.

  3. You could not pay me to watch this garbage. The best thing that happened on Raw in years was Sami Zayn namedropping AEW giving them free publicity. When they go to Saudi Arabia they should consider bringing a female talent to stone, by the time they are done they won’t have any left.

    • Hey it’s “I don’t watch” guy who probably hasn’t missed an episode in years. “sami zayn namedropping AEW was the best thing to happen in years.” We get it, you’re just like other goofs that insist on mentioning AEW in every single one of their WWE bashing posts. Enjoy watching All In or whatever on a loop for the next 6 months lol.

  4. WWE reminds me of Sears. A behemoth that through years of complacency and lack of creativity has managed to put itself into a slow motion death spiral. And while Sears is much closer to the end of the line than WWE is today, the result will be the same unless change happens and quickly, and quite frankly regardless of how much competition AEW turns out to be (although if they are as strong as I think they will be it will hasten the process).

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