6/2 STARDOM SHINING STARS report: Tokyo Cyber Squad vs. Oedo Tai in a ten-woman elimination match, Priestley & Watanabe vs. Hoshiki & Nakano

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor


JUNE 2, 2019

Ruaka pointed out that she was facing her old teammate Iida. Iida also acknowledged them being in JAN together.


They traded clubbing blows. Boston crab from Ruaka. Running dropkicks from Iida and she caught her with her Iidabashi pin for the win.

WINNER: Saya Iida in 3:25.

-Ruaka hit a poor loser boot to Iida after the match and left.

(Pageot’s Perspective: This was originally advertised as a three-way with Hanan. No explanation was given for her absence. Iida picks up the second singles victory of her career, the first being a win over Leo Onozaki on May 4. If she can get a match booked against Hina or Rina she might even be able to start putting together a winning streak.)

-Onozaki said the Leo-Hina team have yet to win a match. Kid said she lost yesterday’s match but she’d try her best for SaKid to win here.

(2) STARS: SAKID (Saki Kashima & Starlight Kid) vs. QUEEN’S QUEST (Leo Onozaki & Hina)

Kashima and Hina started. Kashima worked the tween over with some basic offense. Tag o Kid, who continued the advantage. Back to Kashima and Onozaki finally made the tag. Hina nearly caught Kid with a roll-up but Kid kicked out. Standing moonsault and fisherwoman’s suplex connected but Onozaki broke it up. Slingblade, swinging neckbreaker, and moonsault from Kid put away Hina.

WINNERS: SaKid in 7:31.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Fine match. It feels like it had been a while since we’d seen Kid win a match so this served that purpose well.)

-Hoshiki and Nakano were seated far apart from each other. Nakano was joined by Producer P. (They started a storyline in January around his disappearance but he returned in the janken tournament on May 6 with no fanfare or explanation.) Hoshiki said she’d like to win without any drama. Nakano didn’t say anything. Watanabe said WatanaBea were facing Stars but they’ve fought them a lot lately and she wasn’t worried.

(3) QUEEN’S QUEST: WATANABEA (World Of Stardom Champion Bea Priestley & Goddess Of Stardom Champion Momo Watanabe) vs. STARS (Wonder Of Stardom Champion Arisa Hoshiki & Tam Nakano)

Nakano and Watanabe started. They of course traded kicks. Priestley tagged in and worked over Nakano. Hoshiki tagged in for the first time, just under the five-minute mark. The red belt and white belt champions battled. Stereo roundhouse kicks from Nakano and Priestley left both women down at 8:45. The former and current white belt holders tagged in. A miscommunication led to QQ kicking each other in the shins. Nakano with a crossbody off the top rope onto both of them at ringside. Watanabe took a knee off the top rope from Nakano and a kick from Hoshiki but kicked out. Now it was Stars’ turn to accidentally kick each other. Nakano held Watanabe but she moved and Nakano took the Brazilian kick. Peach Sunrise to Hoshiki. Nakano crawled toward them in an attempt to break up the pin. She was too hurt to make it in time but the referee decided to stop his count anyway. Brazilian kick to Watanabe but Priestley broke it up. Hoshiki hit Watanabe with more kicks and the bell rang.

DECISION: Time limit draw in 15:00.

-QQ left. Hoshiki took the mic and addressed Nakano. She said today was a draw but they team up again in one week and wants to do well in Korakuen Hall on the 16th. Nakano offered a handshake. Hoshiki looked to accept but Nakano instead grabbed her by the hair and said she was looking forward to it, before shoving Hoshiki to the mat.

(Pageot’s Perspective: A time limit draw in the record books but Watanabe clearly had the match won for her team near the end there. The referee screwed her. At Korakuen on the 16th Hoshiki defends the white belt against Nakano.)

-All five of the Oedo Tai women were backstage. Kagetsu said they lost to TCS yesterday so they definitely want to win today. Kimura, Konami, and Tyler were backstage without their partners. Konami was excited about Tyler being back in Japan. Kimura said Kyona and Death were late. Kyona hurried in and took a seat.

(4) TOKYO CYBER SQUAD (Bobbi Tyler, Death Yama-san, & Artist Of Stardom Champions Hana Kimura, Jungle Kyona, & Konami) vs. OEDO TAI (High Speed Champion Hazuki, Kagetsu, Natsu Sumire, Natsuko Tora, & Andras Miyagi) – ELIMINATION MATCH

As is tradition in Stardom elimination could occur via pinfall, submission, or going over the top rope and having both feet hit the floor. Both teams fought into the crowd immediately. TCS isolated Tora in the ring. When Konami went up top, though, Tora was able to shove her over the rope and push her off the apron.

Konami was eliminated at 4:46.

Sumire went after Kyona. Kyona, Death, and Tyler wound up stacked in the corner and took a triple crotch assault from Sumire. Northern lights suplex landed but Kyona kicked out. Sumire whipped her across the stomach. Kyona clotheslined the whip out of her hands. Tag to Tyler, who hit a cutter. TCS quadruple-teamed Sumire. Tyler with an enziguiri. Pump-kick from Tyler for the pin.

Natsu Sumire was eliminated at 8:38.

Miyagi jumped into the fray. Each Oedo Tai member nailed Tyler with a move. A tombstone from Miyagi ended it.

Bobbi Tyler was eliminated at 9:52.

Kimura wanted Hazuki, but she was preoccupied with Death. Death rolled through and sat down. Hazuki could not leverage out.

Hazuki was eliminated at 11:36.

Kyona and Tora tore into each other. Kagetsu spit water in Kyona’s face. Tora went up top but Death grabbed her for a superplex. Kyona lifted Tora for a gutwrench powerbomb but dumped her over the ropes and onto the apron instead. She charged but Tora dove through the ropes for a spear. Kyona tried to clothesline Tora over the top rope but couldn’t get the short woman over. After a struggle they managed to hit the spot where they both went over and to the floor simultaneously.

Natsuko Tora and Jungle Kyona were eliminated at 13:15.

It was down to Kimura & Death vs. Kagetsu & Miyagi. The four women traded dropkicks. Miyagi leapt over the top rope to hit a stunner on Death across the top rope. She no-sold it and immediately hit a dropkick to the back of Miyagi, knocking her off the apron.

Andras Miyagi was eliminated at 15:19.

Kagetsu grabbed Death for a wheelbarrow pin while she was still focused on Miyagi at ringside.

Death Yama-san was eliminated at 15:31.

Kimura with a dropkick and two facewashes. Kagetsu kicked out. They traded forearms. Kimura avoided a death valley driver. Guillotine choke from Kagetsu. Kimura powered her up and over into a vertical suplex. Kimura lock from Kagetsu. (Oh, the irony.) Kimura rolled under the bottom rope to the floor. Hazuki and Tora tossed her back in. Kagetsu went up top for the Oedo Coaster but Kimura sprang up and knocked her to the apron. She charged for a kick but Kagetsu toppled her over to the apron and jumped back into the ring. Kagetsu looked to hit her with the Oedo Tai placard. The referee grabbed it. As they tussled he fell to the mat and she misted Kimura. A dropkick knocked Kimura off the top rope but she hung on from the middle rope. As she dangled on the edge of the ring Kagetsu cracked her hands with the placard and she fell.

WINNERS: Oedo Tai in 20:56.

-Kagetsu admitted TCS have a lot of momentum but their thinking is shallow. She told them to polish up the belts for them. Hazuki asked Kagetsu if she has anything to say to Oedo Tai. All she ever talks about is AZM. Hazuki sang a song to her and lightly slapped her.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Lots of logical eliminations here and showcasing of the various rivalries within the two factions. Any time someone is eliminated over the top rope as opposed to pinfall or submission you know that means they’re being protected. With TCS winning in yesterday’s main event it seemed likely that Oedo Tai would win here to even things back up. We’re still heading toward a destination of Kimura, Kyona, & Konami vs. Kagetsu, Miyagi, & Sumire for the trios titles in Korakuen Hall.)

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  1. Hanan was taken out of the 3 way due to injury. She suffered a lumbar injury in training and is out for an unknown length of time.

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