6/11 WWE Smackdown Results: Keller’s report on the reunion of New Day in a six-man tag match, more Stomping Grounds PPV developments

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

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JUNE 11, 2019

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves

Tonight after WWE Smackdown, join me live with guest cohost Jake Barnett to break down the show with live callers, an on-site correspondent, and the mailbag.

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-Phillips introduced the show. He said Miz is being forced to host Miz TV for the first time. Saxton hyped the return of Big E to New Day in six-man tag match against Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn.

-Miz made his ring entrance. Graves criticized Miz for being a glory hog for having Miz TVs on back to back nights. Miz held up a sheet of paper and said: “I am being told that I must follow the script tonight.” Fans booed. He read the paper that said this is a groundbreaking television event, a special episode of Miz TV. He said his guest specifically requested he host tonight. He welcomed his first guest, Drew McIntyre. He said his other guest is “the breast in the world…” and said the ink was smudged. He said he’s “the pest in the world,” and then hesitated again. He asked the fans what they thought. The kids laughed and Miz read loudly: “He is the Pest of the World, Shane McMahon!” Shane came out. Saxton said he was doing his best to read a script. Phillips said that was Miz’s not-so-subtle protest because he’s being forced to host Miz TV.

Shane, Elias, and Drew came out to Shane’s music. Shane danced a bit and seemed in good spirits. They replayed highlights of Shane pinning Roman Reigns after interference from Drew McIntyre at Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia. Graves said the celebration might be short-lived because at Stomping Grounds, Reigns is looking for revenge against McIntyre. Shane said Miz messed up his “dummy card” (the script), so he asked Greg Hamilton to introduce Shane with the proper words and enthusiasm. The fans booed through it all as Shane soaked it up. Shane then said talk shows always have a guest musical act, so he invited Elias, “Smackdown’s greatest acquisition,” to join them. Elias strummed his electric guitar a little.

Shane took control of the show. Miz’s body language, including leaning back in his chair, indicated he wanted no part of this. Shane said Reigns shouldn’t feel bad for losing to the Best in the World. Elias strummed his guitar. Miz said Shane should realize all of his accomplishments are tainted. Miz unleashed on Shane winning the World Cup, and beating him up at WrestleMania and Money in the Bank. He said Reigns systematically destroyed him at Super Showdown until Drew interfered. Shane said, “Toe-may-toe, toe-maw-toe.” Miz threw to a clip of Saxton asking Roman at Super Showdown about whether it will haunt him that he lost to Shane and then Reigns saying Shane only got the win because someone gave it to him, just like all of his success in his life. He said he’s going to kick ass and take names beginning with Drew.

Drew said, “Now it’s my turn.” He told Miz that the problem with Reigns is he lets his emotions get the best of him and that’s going to be his downfall at Stomping Grounds. He said he should know that he isn’t like anyone else in WWE. “When I hurt people, I enjoy it,” he said. “I have no remorse, no pity, I love it. I have a weapon that nobody else has around here – the Boom Stick, the Claymore, and in two weeks I’m going to kick Roman Reigns’s head off.”

Miz said it’s a shame Drew’s potential is being wasted by being Shane’s lackey. He said Shane will use him and then stab him in the back when he doesn’t need him anymore. He said he helped him achieve his dream of becoming a tag team champion, yet he stabbed him in the back, so imagine what he’ll do to Drew. Shane bragged that he’s undefeated against both Miz and Reigns. Miz: “You do understand that there is nothing special about you. You are a talentless hack that won the lottery by being born a McMahon.” Shane said Miz was born into a genetic cesspool that shares DNA with a baked potato. Miz stood, Drew stood. They stared each other down. Shane said maybe Miz wants another shot at The Best in the World. He asked him to do it right here, right now. He said there are two conditions, though. First, he has to beat Elias. Then he has to beat Drew. “If you do that, I’ll grant you your dream match once again and you can have your shot at The Best in the World,” he said. Shane said the Elias match starts “right now.” Graves called it an incredible offer from Shane. [c]

(1) ELIAS (w/Shane McMahon, Drew McIntyre) vs. MIZ

Graves said Miz should be grateful because Shane brought the musical talents of Elias to his show, something that would make Jimmy Fallon and The Roots jealous. Miz threw some running kicks at Elias in the corner, but Elias fired back with a high knee. Elias ducked a roundkick and then lifted Miz onto his shoulders and landed a twisting powerbomb for a near fall. Elias went for a flying elbow off the top rope, but Miz moved and then hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the three count. They cut to a disappointed Shane, but Drew assured him he would be fine.

WINNER: Miz in 3:00.

(2) DREW MCINTYRE (w/Shane McMahon) vs. THE MIZ

They went to a break right away, but stayed with the action on split screen. Drew kicked Miz in the face seconds into the match. Then he rammed him back-first into the ring apron and ringside barricade, then threw him into the ringside steps. Back in the ring, Drew grounded Miz for the rest of the break. [c]

After the break, Shane kicked a charging Shane and then threw Drew shoulder-first into the ringpost. He wrecking ball kicked Drew at ringside and then threw him into the ringside barricade. Drew knocked Miz off balance on the top rope, but Miz came right back with a DDT. Both were slow to get up. When Miz stood, Shane stepped onto the ring apron to distract Miz. Drew then gave Miz the Boom Stick (Claymore Kiss) followed by a Claymore Kick for the win.

WINNER: McIntyre in 7:00.

-Shane told Miz since Miz has so much animosity toward him, they should have the match after all.

(3) SHANE MCMAHON (w/Drew McIntyre) vs. THE MIZ

Shane punched away at Miz. Phillips said Shane has become brazen and overconfident. Miz made a quick comeback and punched away at Shane, which popped the crowd. Shane ducked to block a Skull Crushing Finale and shot Miz into the top rope. Shane then applied the triangle and Miz tapped out. Drew put Shane on his shoulders for an over-the-top celebration.

WINNER: Shane in 2:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: The crowd popped for Miz’s comeback against Shane and booed Shane’s win, so the crowd is reacting how WWE wants to this. There was some clunkiness in execution with Miz vs. Shane and Miz vs. Elias. The way things are going, it’s not dissuading me from the theory that Shane McMahon somehow will be WWE Champion when Smackdown debuts on Fox this fall.) [c]

-Phillips hyped New Day’s reunion later.

-Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville handed Ember Moon a stack of “Hers” magazines that Mandy is in. Moon said she saw what they did to Carmella last week. Deville said Carmella didn’t deserve to be in the match. Mandy said she beat her two weeks ago and Deville is about to do the same. Sonya knocked the magazines out of Moon’s hands and got in her face. Mandy pulled her away. Moon threw a fit.

-Daniel Bryan and Rowan came out to Bryan’s music. [c]

-A montage of media coverage of John Cena being added to “The Fast & Furious 9” was shown as Phillips touted the attention is it is getting worldwide.

-Bryan and Rowan stood mid-ring. Bryan said fans are in for a real treat tonight because the Planet’s Tag Team Champions are about to put their titles on the line against the Yolo County Tag Team Champions. Two jobbers were wearing cardboard tag titles over their shoulders. Fans began chanting “Yola! Yola!” Heavy Machinery then came out to their music. Tucker said it’s clear Bryan & Rowan are still trying to duck them. Otis said they’re cowards. Tucker said they’re blue collar solid and if they got a title shot, they’d become tag team champions. Bryan said that’s a cool speech, but they haven’t done anything to earn an opportunity at the tag team titles. Bryan suggested they face the tag champions of Yola County. Otis accepted.


Tucker dominated early and clotheslined one guy over the top rope. Then they finished the other guy quickly with their double team compactor. Saxton said they just sent a message to the tag team champions. Bryan held Rowan back from going after Heavy Machinery.

WINNERS: Heavy Machinery in 2:00.

-Backstage R-Truth and Carmella were trying to leave the arena. Truth said it’s exhausting being 24/7 Champion. He said he won his title back at 47,000 feet celsius. He said then he bonded with his challengers in an elevator and they turned on him. He said the 7/11 Championship is ruining his life, but he can’t let it go. They heard a noise and panicked. Truth hid in a storage crate. Truth worried that Carmella might lock it. Carmella whistled as a guy walked by. A stagehand said her match was up next. She assured Truth she’d be back to get him. Jinder Mahal just happened to walk by as Truth banged on the lid of the crate in a panic saying he couldn’t breath. Jinder used a high pitched voice to imitate Carmella and said he was going to get a crowbar. They stayed with a shot of the case as Truth yelled and banged on it.

-Mandy and Sonya made their ring entrance. [c]

(5) SONYA DEVILLE (w/Mandy Rose) vs. CARMELLA

Saxton was concerned about Truth’s condition. Graves said maybe they should call the fire department. Then they dropped it and called the match. Mandy kept interfering on Deville’s behalf. Carmella dove through the ropes and tackled them both at ringside, then played to the crowd. She threw Deville back into the ring. Mandy grabbed her leg. Carmella kicked her. When Carmella re-entered the ring, Deville connected with a step-up knee strike to beat Carmella.

WINNER: Deville in 5:00.

-They went to the locker room with Alexa Bliss drinking coffee. In walked Nikki Cross. Alexa asked if she’s okay. Nikki asked why she asked. Alexa said after Nikki accidentally interfered and cause Bayley to lose in her hometown, a lot of nasty things were said on social media about her. She said Bailey liked it. Bliss said she blocked Bayley a long time ago. She said Bayley is supposed to be a friendly hugger, but in reality she’s like everyone who has called Nikki “weird and misfit and outcast and friendless.” Nikki stopped her. Bliss apologized and said, “Words hurt.” Bliss said she secured Nikki a match against Bayley tonight. Bliss advised her to look across the ring and see the faces of all the bullies who see her on social media. “Don’t hold back!” Bliss said. Nikki nodded.

-The New Day ring entrance took place. Kofi threw pancakes to the crowd. Big E danced and gyrated. Graves was disgusted, while Saxton was elated. [c]

-A montage aired with fans in Saudi Arabia celebrating attending Super Showdown. Phillips said, “As we saw in Jedda this past Friday, WWE is the only form of sports entertainment that is totally cross-cultural in every country in the world.”

(Keller’s Analysis: There is so much to unpack with that statement, which has becomes WWE official push-back against their continued deal with the controversial Saudi Arabia to run two live shows per year for a massively above-market-value event fees.)


-The New Day stood in the ring as their music faded. Big E said, “Your boy is back!” He said the way things are going, if he had a title for every return, he’d be Charlotte Flair. Kofi said that’s a “booking joke.” Big E seemed offended. Kofi said Big E was talking about booking a flight to Charlotte. Xavier interrupted the “awkwardness” to say they have a match tonight together for the first time in months. He said he wants to win quickly so he can get back to E3. He listed their opponents as the crowd booed. They pretended to throw up when they said Dolph Ziggler’s name. They talked up their winning record against them. Kofi said he’s going to beat Ziggler again at Stomping Grounds in a cage. He said Ziggler won’t be able to run from him and he will remain champion. They sang and gyrated. Ziggler’s music interrupted. Graves said he’s never been happier to hear his music. Ziggler walked out in jeans and a sports coat.

Ziggler said he put Kofi on a pedestal and told the world he hadn’t heard everything he got, yet he betrayed him. He said he betrayed each and every one of the fans, too, and worst of all he betrayed himself. Kofi listened and tilted his head. Ziggler said there is only one reason Kofi is still champion. Somehow, magically, video then aired of Xavier kicking Ziggler at Super Showdown leading to Kofi winning. Graves said that’s why Ziggler needed a cage, so that wouldn’t happen again. Saxton said it was revenge from what happened earlier in the match. Ziggler said at Stomping Grounds, there will be nowhere for Kofi to run or hide because they’ll be locked in a cage. He then said the world will find out that Kofi can never beat him. Kofi said Ziggler kicked Xavier in the face earlier. “Did you not think he was going to retaliate?” Kofi asked.

Out came Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, to Owens’ music. Sami said if Sami and KO had done what Xavier and Kofi did, everyone would be calling for justice. He said the fans are hypocrites because they were okay with them doing the same thing to Ziggler. “What that tells me is that these disgusting people don’t care about justice, these people have no morals, you have no ethical code, all that matters to you is who you like and who you don’t like,” he said. (But enough about the backlash to WWE getting into business with Saudi Arabia’s regime.) Sami said they’re going to right the wrongs. He said KO and Sami enjoy every opportunity they get to beat up The New Day. Big E said they enjoyed seeing Seth Rollins wear out his “narrow behind” with that chair. Kofi and Xavier yelled about him having no “butt meat.” Sami told them not to talk about his narrow behind. He said the fans cheered Seth’s actions. He said the fans are hypocrites because if he did it, they wouldn’t have cheered. Ziggler said the biggest hypocrite stands in the ring with the WWE Title.

Big E said Kofi’s title reign isn’t about them, it’s about a man who is willing to walk through fire to show he is the best at what he does. Cheers. Kofi said Ziggler accuses him of taking the coward’s way out, but at Stomping Grounds, he’s going to kick ass and take names, and the name he’s taking out is Ziggler. “I will forever remain your…” WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Big E said before Stomping Grounds, they get a free preview because “New… Day Rock!”

-Backstage, Kayla Braxton asked Bayley about Bliss’s social media allegations. Bayley said it’s up to Nikki whether she wants to get involved in the social media antics. She said she hopes Bliss is watching closely because Bliss is next.

-Bayley’s ring entrance took place. [c]

-An Aleister Black vignette aired. He said there is so much conflict in WWE and so little resolution. He said he wants a fight, but nobody is stepping up to the challenge. He said nobody is at his door. He said they don’t have to fight over trivial things like the love of a woman or another man or ideologies or turf. He asked someone out of the view to open the door for him. He then yelled, “The door is wide open! Will somebody, anybody, please please I beg of you please pick a fight with me!” He lost his composure, then tried to regain it. He took a deep breath.

(6) BAYLEY vs. NIKKI CROSS (w/Alexa Bliss)

Saxton accused Bliss of manipulation. Graves disagreed. They cut to a break after Nikki hit a DDT, but stayed with the action on split screen with Cross in control. [c]

Bayley made a comeback late in the match, and hit a somersault splash for a two count. Bliss distracted Bayley, so Nikki rolled up Bayley for a two count. (The most common occurrence in WWE the last couple years.) Bayley eyed Bliss as she climbed to the top rope, and then lanced her flying elbow for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Bayley in 7:00.

-Jinder arrived at the travel crate with a crowbar and a referee. The ref asked where the box was. It had been moved to a truck according to two people backstage. Jinder ran to the parking garage. He asked a guy moving crates on a forklift where he’s taking them. The guy said to Raw in Los Angeles. Truth banged on the crate. Carmella showed up and asked where Truth was. Saxton said, “Oh no, Truth is going to L.A.!” [c]

-The Firefly Funhouse episode from last night aired.

-Kayla interviewed Apollo (Crews). A clip aired of Andrade beating up Apollo before the bell. Phillips called him “Apollo Crews” and “Crews,” so maybe he has his last name back. Apollo said maybe Andrade was trying to send Finn Balor a message, but he’s not there as an afterthought and he won’t forget it. Zelina Vega showed up and said Andrade is already in a bad enough mood, so she’d advise him not to provoke Andrade or else he’ll make sure he never has a match again. Chad Gable, with a new look, showed up and was taking notes about something.

-Owens made his ring entrance. Then they cut to a break. [c]

-A montage aired of Mansoor’s battle royal win at Super Showdown.

(7) THE NEW DAY (Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston & Big E) vs. SAMI ZAYN & KEVIN OWENS & DOLPH ZIGGLER

A few minutes in KO landed a senton splash on Kofi as Ziggler distracted the ref. They cut to a break. [c]

Back live, KO was in control of Kofi. Kofi eventually hot-tagged Xavier, who landed a wrecking ball kick on Sami and Ziggler during his rally of offense. Ziggler knocked Xavier off balance on the top rope, then tagged in. The heel trio isolated Xavier for a few minutes until he hot-tagged Big E. Big E rallied but Ziggler eventually took over and super kicked Big E. Kofi connected with a Trouble in Paradise to Ziggler and Sami, then scored the pin.

WINNERS: New Day in 17:00.

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