6/12 NXT TV REPORT: Lorcan & Burch vs. Undisputed Era, KUSHIDA vs. Gulak in a submission match

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor


JUNE 12, 2019

Announcers: Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness

Candice LaRae starts the night off, partnering with Io Shirai. They are facing Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, who have new music of their own.


LaRae easily handlers Duke, and tries an early schoolgirl for two. Shafir gets tagged in and LaRae bounches her to the outside. LaRae baseball slides, Duke and Shafir dodge, but LaRae survives. Distraction from Duke lets Shafir takeover, then tag Duke. Baszler is looking on from the ramp. Duke cover for only one. A judo toss grants Shafir two. Duke and Shafir continue to work LaRae over. LaRae finally gets to break free and tags in Shirai. Shirai goes to town on Duke. Shirai kicks Shafir away on the apron and returns her attention to Duke. Shirai sets up the Baszler Stomp on Duke, angering Duke. Shirai hits it and Baszler is besides herself. Double knees hits Duke in the corner, Baszler yanks Duke out of the ring, so Shirai moonsaults Baszler, LaRae with a suicide dive to Duke and Shafir. The referee calls for the bell.

No contest at 5:47. fine match. Duke and Shafir still are a touch clunky in the ring, Duke in particularly is working a bit too softly.

Post-match the brawl continues as NXT cuts to a recap of Velveteen Dream defending the NXT North American Championship against Tyler Breeze.

Dream is cutting a selfie promo. He talks briefly in vague terms.

Recap of KUSHIDA defeating Drew Gulak two weeks ago. Next is their rematch in a submissions match.

Damian Priest vignette, he is advertised for next week.

2. KUSHIDA vs. DREW GULAK – Submissions Match

KUSHIDA lays himself on the mat to wrestle from low, the tangle for a moment, separate. Test of strength, they go back to the mat and flip each other around. They break, lock up again and get to the ropes. Gulak tries to pick a leg and misses, KUSHIDA tries a cross arm breaker but Gulak blocks, KUSHIDA moves to a hammerlock then an armbar using his leg. Gulak suddenly puts KUSHIDA in the corner to hit a chop. KUSHIDA runs around the ring and hits a handspring kick to send Gulak off the apron. KUSHIDA continues to work an arm, but Gulak slams KUSHIDA to the mat, then again. Gulak with the Gory Especiale. Gulak leans forwards, slide KUSHIDA to the mat, tries to go to a double Boston crab but KUSHIDA slips out. Gulak continues to grind like a machine. KUSHIDA finally escapes to land a series of quick attacks, then with a cross arm breaker, but Gulak gets a goot on the ropes. They start trading rolls for control, KUSHIDA get an ankle lock, Gulak turns it around and sets into an ankle lock of his own. KUSHIDA finally makes it to the ropes. Gulak and KUSHIDA trade kicks on the apron, Gulak tries an electric chair, KUSHIDA transitions to a huracarana to send Gulak over the ropes and back into the ring. They trade elbow strikes in the ring, dropkick for Gulak, back elbow from KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA suddenly gets the Hoverboard Lock in from nowhere and Gulak taps fairly quickly.

Winner: KUSHIDA at 11:09. I am a big fan of submission wrestling, and I enjoyed that immensely. Submissions matches have the chance of dragging and this one didn’t.

Post-match, KUSHIDA, claps for Gulak and offers a hand. Gulak slaps the hand a bit, jaws a bit, then offers a handshake to KUSHIDA. Good ending here. Maybe pair them up?

Vanessa Borne and Aliyah are talking about how great their day was. Borne is upset that Mia Yim thinks she is the #1 contender. Borne and Aliyah run her over. Borne has something to help her, “The Fashion Bible”, “English for Everyone” and “Grammar for Dummies”. They say she better get educated because they don’t wrestle against trash.

That felt like a big stretch in so many ways. Why would Yim bother to be baited by those two?

Shayna Baszler is booked to face Io Shirai in a steel cage match in two weeks. It does not appear to be for the championship, though.

Recap of Mansoor winning at Super Showdown last week, and the crowd going nuts for it. Post-match promo from him that feels very unscripted and very from the heart, talking about how a year ago he was a prospect with a dream and now he’s living it.

We all know about the controversy around holding events in Saudi Arabia. But that was a heck of a feel good babyface moment.

Undisputed Era come out. Bobby Fish has his arm in a sling. Lorcan and Burch bump chests with Strong and O’Reilly before the match.


Lorcan and O’Reilly showing off their wrestling acumen. This is even faster than Gulak and KUSHIDA were. O’Reilly beats Lorcan into the corner. Lorcan and O’Reilly keep reversing positions and hitting chops. Big boot from O’Reilly, uppercut from Lorcan. They trade elbows. Suddenly the ring fills. Lorcan with a plancha to Strong and O’Reilly, tag to Burch. Double team, cover, Strong breaks it up. this match is lightning quick and feels super personal. Strong beats Lorcan down in the corner. Lorcan takes an extended assault from Strong and O’Reilly. Strong keeps Lorcan away from Burch, then brings O’Reilly for more work on Lorcan. Lorcan finally gets through with a blockbuster and tags Burch. Burch with his crisp, hard-hitting offense to Strong. Exploder suplex, kip up, but a shot from O’Reilly distracts Burch, then a blind tag lets O’Reilly in. Powerbomb from Burch gets two, crossface but Strong pulls O’Reilly’s foot, Burch lets go to yell at Strong. O’Reilly and Strong double team Burch, it’s almost over but Lorcan and Strong are tied up and bump O’Reilly. Jaxson Ryker stomps out from the back, fights through security, and the distraction lets Burch suddenly roll O’Reilly up for the win.

Winners: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch at 9:43. Really great match here, and I think this is the third or fourth win for Lorcan and Burch, and their first in what feels like forever. The interference from Ryker makes little sense.

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