6/22 MLW FUSION TV REPORT: Lawler & Von Erichs vs. Contra Unit, Holliday vs. Teddy Hart, Oliver vs. Velasquez, Low Ki vs. Coffey

By Matt Castleberry, PWTorch contributor

Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion


JUNE 22, 2019

Announcers: Rich Bocchini, Jim Cornette

The MLW intro aired first this week.

The show opened on a picture of a tombstone with Sami Callihan’s name on it, as a voiceover by Jimmy Havoc played. Havoc said we were gathered to celebrate the life and career of Sami Callihan. He said Sami had been a boil on the ass of MLW, and he had left behind his friend Mance Warner. Jimmy said soon Manc would be relegated to the same fate, and we would see Sami in the depths of hell where he belonged. Jimmy Stood smiling over Sami’s “grave” with Salina de la Renta by his side.

The Fusion intro aired next.

Rich welcomed us in to Fusion, and immediately ran down the card for us.


MJF made his way out first, as he would be doing guest commentary on the first match of the evening. There was some good banter back and forth between MJF and Jim, who are both wizards on the mic, obviously. Hart was the first competitor out for the match, and he went straight after MJF, but Richard Holliday attacked him from behind. The two of them beat Teddy down on the ramp, and MJF decked Hart with the tag title belt. MJF and Holliday ran off with the belt, as the Hart Foundation came out to check on Teddy.

WINNER: No Contest

Next up was a replay of the events that just occurred, showing the Dynasty jump Teddy Hart and run off with his belt.

Order hadn’t been restored yet, so Rich said we’d be seeing how Salina de la Renta cut her problems in half. Highlights from the falls count anywhere match were shown, followed by a taped interview with Mance Warner. Mance stood by a creek, and said he’d been drinkin and thinkin. Mance told Salina she had pissed him off, and had used him to run Sami out of MLW. Mance said they only cared about money and fame, and he cared about beers and fighting. He said this summer Ol Mancer was going headhunting, and he was after all of Promociones Dorado. Mance told us what he was going to do to each member, one by one, and then said he needed to calm down.


Oliver technically came out second, but Velazquez had been given a jobber entrance, so Oliver’s entrance was the first and only shown. As he made his way to the ring to his ripoff Eminem music, he had a promo play over it. Oliver called himself the “sauce god” and said someone had told him to look out for crooked referees. Oliver wouldn’t mention who, because he said he was no snitch. Oliver then called himself a “top prospect”, and rambled about being the future of MLW.

The match opened quickly with Oliver running at Velazquez and missing a big boot. Both men traded counters, and Velazquez tried a couple of quick pin attempts, but had no real luck. Velazquez had a monkey flip countered, and Oliver hit a stiff chop. Velazquez hit an armdrag off the top, and then both men attempted a dropkick, but only Velazquez hit. Oliver rolled onto the apron, and Velazquez kicked him to the floor with a front kick.

Velazquez tossed Oliver back in the ring, and tried going up on the ropes, but Oliver broke it up and made him fall onto the ropes. Oliver his a springboard ddt, pulling Velazquez from the middle rope, but only got a two count. The two men traded chops in the corner, with Velazquez trying to counter out, but Oliver hammered him with forearms until the ref made a break. Oliver ran into a back elbow by Velazquez, but he couldn’t keep momentum as Oliver hit a jumping front kick on Velazquez for a two count. Oliver applied a front facelock on the ground, but Velazquez fought out of it. Velazquez hit a series of chops and elbows, followed by a nice crescent kick. He then hit a springboard move of some sort, which looked like a botched cutter, but only got a two count.

Velazquez came off the top with a double stomp, but missed, and Oliver capitalized by hitting a springboard cutter on him. Oliver then climbed up top and hit the exact same move, another cutter, for the three count.

WINNER: Jordan Oliver.

(Matt’s Thoughts: I don’t like Jordan Oliver, so I’m not sure if he’s a good heel yet or he has go away heat with me. I can tell you his reliance on using cutters is a bit much, as he hit two in this match and like 4 in his previous match. As for the bout overall, it was okay. Nothing great or grand, but it wasn’t BAD either. It was supposed to be a “filler” match because of what happened earlier, and it came off as such.)

A video package about the Von Erich brothers aired next, followed by a video promoting all the upcoming MLW live events.

Highlights from last week’s match between Flamita and Rey Horus were shown next. Rich told us rumors were that Salina was looking to fill a spot on her rosters, and Flamita might be at the top of the list.

Again the attack on Teddy Hart was shown. Rich said league officials were thinking of taking action against the Dynasty, but the Hart Foundation wanted to handle it themselves.

Last week’s knockout victory over Ricky Martinez was shown. Rich said ever since then promoters, agents, and managers had been coming out of the woodwork to gain Low Ki as a client.


Coffey was given a jobbers entrance, so Low Ki was the first one show making his way to the ring. Low Ki looked like he was ready to attack before he even got into the ring, meanwhile Coffey looked like he should be changing out a transmission while drinking a natty light and smoking a marlboro red.

As soon as the bell had rang, Low Ki charged and hit Coffey with the forearm. Low Ki posed for the crowd for a moment, and then went to attack again, but the ref stopped the match due to a TKO.


The camera followed Low Ki to the back. Low Ki said this is MLW, the highest level of competitive sports today. He said he was creating history in MLW, but CONTRA really knew how to do things. Low Ki said what they would realize is that the Pandora’s box they had opened was coming their way. He said they were now in the sights of The Professional.

A CONTRA Unit vignette aired next. Josef Samael said Tom Lawlor must have severe cte from his years in the UFC. Samael said that Lawlor and the Von Erichs better get ready for a slaughter. Simon Gotch asked Tom if he was the warrior he had always claimed to be, and asked if he were ready to die in hellfire. Jacob Fatu told Tom to call the Lucha Bros and ask them how it felt being attacked. Samael said tonight the world would see a massacre in Milwaukee.

A video announcing the arrival of Dr. Wagner Jr to MLW was shown next, as he would soon be making his debut.

The attack on Teddy Hart was again shown, as he was mobbed by MJF and Holliday. They then stole his tag title belt, and fled the building.

The Kings of Colosseum control center was the next segment, as Rich told us the main event would be Jacob Fatu vs Tom Lawlor.

A video of CONTRA Unit’s multiple attack over the last few months was show, with Tom Lawlor doing a voiceover. Tom said they had run roughshod over MLW week after week. He said CONTRA thought they’d taken everyone out, but he had brought in two guys ready to take CONTRA down. Lawlor said they were from a family that showed everything CONTRA didn’t, loyalty, honor, and respect. Tom said CONTRA would go to sleep at his hands.


CONTRA made their way out first, as Rich told us this match was an unsanctioned match. He said CONTRA had said the body count would continue to rise. Jim said CONTRA had brought war to everyone, but tonight they had to stand face to face with Lawlor and the Von Erichs. CONTRA tried their best to get the crowd riled up, and it worked. These guys had HEAT.

Tom Lawlor was supposed to be out first for his team, but he attacked CONTRA from behind. The Von Erichs quickly joined him in the ring, as pandemonium broke loose. The Von Erichs had Samael and Gotch in the ring with the iron claw applied, while Lawlor was outside of the ring beating Fatu with a chair. Fatu finally made his way into the ring and broke up both claw holds, tossing Ross Von Erich out of the ring. Fatu and Marshall circled each other in the ring. Fatu hit a stiff right, but Marshall hit a spinning lariat sending Fatu to the mat. Marshall and Fatu fought on the mat, but Josef Samael came in to make it two on one. Ross and Gotch came in, but Ross was tossed out of the ring again leaving Marshall to face three on one. Fatu hit a superkick on Marshall, but Tom Lawlor came off the top and wrapped Fatu in a rear naked choke.

Fatu rolled out of the ring, but Lawlor kept the choke locked in. The Von Erich brothers and the other two members of CONTRA battled back in the ring. Ross and Simon Gotch tumbled out of the ring, Gotch going to break up the choke on Fatu. In the ring Samael hit a throat thrust on Marshall, but Marshall countered a suplex attempt into one of his own. Fatu launched Lawlor into the barricade, and followed it with a huge headbutt. Marshall hit a sliding dropkick on Samael sending him to the floor. Fatu entered the ring again with a chair, this time going toe to toe with both Von Erich brothers, as Ross had made his way into the ring too.

Ross dropkicked Fatu, knocking the chair into Fatu’s face, and then Marshall did the same. Fatu dropped the chair, and both Von Erichs dropkicked him sending Fatu to the floor. Lawlor climbed back into the ring, and for the first time since CONTRA appeared a few months back, someone had gained the upper hand on them. That didn’t last long, as Fatu pulled Lawlor out of the ring and hit him with repeated right hands. Lawlor threw a drink in Fatu’s face to slow down the Samoan Werewolf. Ross Von Erich and Josef Samael battled on the other side of the ring at the same time. Lawlor gave several stiff kicks to Fatu, while Samael was ripping at Ross’s hair and eyes across the way.

Fatu hit a backdrop suplex on Lawlor onto the apron, and then hit a second for good measure. Fatu went after Ross Von Erich, as Samael and Gotch had tapped Lawlor to the ringpost and were attacking him. Samael hit Marshall with a chair, laying him out. CONTRA began to attack the Von Erichs three on two, but a ref came out to cut Lawlor loose. Lawlor was finally freed, but marched off towards the back as if looking for something. In the ring Fatu went for the springboard moonsault onto Ross Von Erich, but Marshall threw himself over his brother taking the brunt of the attack.

Lawlor appeared in the ring again, but had a board in his hand. Jacob Fatu turned around into Lawlor cracking the board over his head. Lawlor then kicked Fatu in the groin, sending him out of the ring. Lawlor laid Samael out with the board as well, as Ross and Marshall Von Erich hit an iron claw slam on Simon Gotch, Marshall getting the surprise three count!

WINNERS: Tom Lawlor and the Von Erichs

(Matt’s Thoughts: I want to hop in with my thoughts in the match before the aftermath unfolds. This was fun to watch. Both of these trios were balls to the walls the whole match, and even though CONTRA took their first “loss” I have a feeling that it’s just one battle in many. The Von Erichs had to get a win in their debut, and Lawlor needed the win going in to Kings of Colosseum, but CONTRA didn’t look any worse for wear taking a loss here. The only complaint I have is with this being a tornado match, you didn’t get to see anyone’s real skills. It was a pure brawl, which was fun and necessary at the moment, but I can’t wait to see Lawlor and Fatu in a one on one match. Also, the Von Erichs look like superstars already. How these guys have made it this long without being scooped up is beyond me.)

Lawlor, Ross, and Marshall celebrated in the ring but CONTRA didn’t end their assault. The six men brawled in and out of the ring as officials tried to stop them. Samael fought with Lawlor to the back, the Von Erichs were in the ring celebrating, and Gotch and Fatu attacked the officials trying to break things up. CONTRA left, but then returned and attacked officials again. The Von Erichs started brawling with CONTRA again, and Lawlor finally showed up to help even the numbers. Gotch was digging a spike into Lawlor’s head, but the Von Erichs finally broke it up. Fatu, still angry, sent a ref through a table. Lawlor and the Von Erichs stood tall in the ring, as CONTRA finally left ringside. CONTRA took one final shot at Rich Bocchini on their way out, as the show ended

FINAL ANALYSIS: The first half of the show was a lot of short segments all setting up future things. The non match between Hart and Holliday added more coals to the fire between the Dynasty and the Hart Foundation. The Low Ki match shows how dangerous he can be, and now that he has his sights on CONTRA, his role is changing a bit. The Jordan Oliver match was filler. Then all hell broke loose, and we got a brawl. The main event was worth the price of admission, and I have a sneaking feeling it isn’t over yet. I am hoping these 6 men (plus Low Ki and whoever brought CONTRA to MLW perhaps) will be in this year’s event formerly known as War Games. That could be a really brutal show, and much more fitting than having Dynasty vs Harts in there. I’m pumped to see where things are heading, both for Kings of Colosseum and beyond! What will the fallout from this week be? I’m not sure, but I guarantee it will likely be good. MLW is on top of things, and Court Bauers machine is well oiled and ready to run. Next week we’ll find out what happened to Teddy’s title, whether Mance can get his hands on Promociones, and what the aftermath from CONTRA’s first loss is. Until then… Matt out!

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