6/15 FUSION TV REPORT: Sami Callihan spits water in Cornette’s face, Warner vs. Sami, Low Ki vs. Martinez, Flamita vs. Rey Horus

By Matt Castleberry, PWTorch contributor

Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion


JUNE 15, 2019

Announcers: Rich Bocchini, Jim Cornette

Salina de la Renta welcomed us in to Fusion, where she is the executive producer this week. She ran down the card next, previewing the matches for the evening.

The special Promociones Dorado intro aired next.

Sami Callihan was trying to get into the building, but security wouldn’t let him in. Mance Warner came up, and the two argued over who would be going home for good tonight. As Sami pounded on the door Jimmy Havoc walked out and told Sami that Salina had banned him from the building for now. Jimmy had apparently made some sort of deal to work with Salina. Sami said he would get into the building one way or another.


Rey Horus made his way to the ring first, as all the announcers talked about was Salina de la Renta. Rich and Jim argued about taking orders from her, and Rich said he was just doing what the boss this week told him to do. Flamita was out next. Rich said Salina had her eye on him, and Jim said he was on a LOT of people’s radar.

The two started out shaking hands, and then went into a fairly standard Lucha opening. Several arm drags, reversals, counters, and even a pin attempt, led to a stalemate. A rope running exchange led to Flamita hitting a hurricanrana, sending Horus to the floor, which he followed up with a moonsault onto Horus on the floor. Back inside the ring Flamita hit a hard dropkick, and then postured for the crowd. He cinched in a headlock, but Horus wiggled free. Horus came off the ropes but received a stiff back elbow.

Horus took control, hitting a spinning wheel kick on Flamita. Horus then hit a tornado headscissor, sending Flamita out of the ring, and followed it with a huge senton plancha on Flamita on the outside. After a few chops, the action returned to the ring. Horus hit a flying forearm, and then hit a baseball slide into a one legged dropkick to the back of the head, which got a two count. Flamita rolled out to the apron and hit an enziguri on Horus when Rey tried to bring him back in. Flamita climbed up top, but Horus tried to knock him off, which Flamita countered out of by cartwheeling on the top rope back into the ring. Flamita hit another enziguri in the corner, and then used a combo muscle buster/lung blower for a close two count.

Flamita sent Rey Horus into the corner, but Horus countered it with a sliding kick to the head. Horus then hit an overhead belly to belly suplex into the corner for a two count. The two men traded chops in the ring, with Horus winning the initial confrontation. Flamita faked a chop and hit a right jab, though, to try and regain some momentum. They ran the ropes then, swapping counters, and ended up both hitting basement dropkicks on one another back to back leaving both men out on the mat. Flamita made his way up top, but Horus knocked him off the top rope. Horus then placed Flamita up top, and tried for a modified destroyer, but was stopped by Flamita and stuck in a wheelbarrow position. Flamita tried to do a facebuster, but Horus countered it into an armdrag off the top rope.

Horus tried to whip Flamita into the ropes, but Flamita countered into a ripcord. Coming out of the ripcord, though, Horus turned it into an awkward yet effective spear/spanish fly combo. Horus then hit a satellite DDT, followed by Flamita hitting a spanish fly, and then Horus returning with another satellite DDT for a two count. Both men finally got back up and traded forearms. Flamita missed a wild right hook, and Horus spiked him with a rana and held position for a pin, but only got a two count. Horus came off the ropes, but Flamita countered it into a pop-up death valley driver. Flamita hit a double underhook powerbomb, and then immediately went up top for a frog splash, but still only got a two count! A frustrated Flamita went up top again, but Horus crotched him on the ropes. Horus climbed up top with him, but a Flamita headbutt sent him back to the mat. Flamita hit a 450 splash, then, and got the three count!

WINNER: Flamita

(Matt’s Thoughts: What an excellent match to start the show! It was a fast paced Lucha match, without being so fast paced that the action seemed like overkill. I know Lucha Libre is a niche style for a lot of people, but if you aren’t the biggest fan this match was paced well enough that you would like it too. Flamita getting a win on his debut was pretty predictable, especially with possibly tying him to Salina de la Renta, but it still was a fun match to watch. I’m sure there will be much more to see of him in the future.)

Rich told us that Kings of Colosseum was coming in July, as MLW’s next live event. He told us about the main event, which would feature Jacob Fatu taking on Tom Lawlor for the World Title.

A CONTRA Unit vignette aired next. Josef Samael said they were here to destroy. All the violence the last three months was shown, and it was a lot. Jacob Fatu said the body count would rise.

Tom Lawlor was backstage and said that CONTRA had been running wild the last few weeks. He said they thought they had taken Tom Lawlor out, but he was back with help, and introduced the Von Erich brothers. He said the Von Erichs were built on values CONTRA didn’t have. Lawlor said that CONTRA wants to burn things down, but he would put them to sleep.

Rich previewed next week’s show, telling us about the tornado tag match, and then reminded us of the upcoming match between Low Ki and Ricky Martinez.

A Savio Vega preview aired, as he would soon be coming to MLW!


Salina de la Renta made her way to the ring, looking as only she could, with Ricky Martinez in tow. She welcomed everyone to the show tonight, and the run down the crowd. Salina said tonight was a public execution, and then introduced “Low Creep”. Low Ki made his way out, the ironic fan favorite now that he had been turned on by Promociones.

The bell rang, and Ricky Martinez instantly rolled out of the ring. Low Ki followed him out and attacked Ricky with chops. The two men fought back into the ring, with Low Ki continuing to lay in heavy chops on Martinez. Low Ki hit a mule kick on Martinez, which caused Ricky to roll out of the ring to get away. Low Ki followed him out, but was distracted by arguing with Salina, and Rikcy had snuck back into the ring and hit a wrecking ball dropkick on Low Ki. Martinez his a backdrop suplex on Low Ki on the apron of the ring, and then back inside hit a shotgun dropkick sending Low Ki into the corner. That got Martinez a two count.

Low Ki reversed an irish whip into a two count, but Martinez came right back with a kick to the gut followed by a jaw breaker for a two count of his own. Martinez slowed things down, and put Low Ki in a standing rear chinlock. Low Ki fought out, and then hit a sunset flip into a double stomp to the chest for a two count. Low Ki put Martinez in an anaconda vice, and eventually tried for a pin, but only got a two count. Low Ki hit a european uppercut, but then took a back elbow from Martinez after he whipped him into the corner. Low Ki tried rushing him again, but Martinez pulled the ref in between them, stopping Low Ki. That was enough of a distraction for Martinez to hit Low Ki with a pop-up knee strike for a two count. Martinez missed a running lariat, and Low Ki came off the ropes with a Lex Luger style forearm on Martinez which knocked him senseless. The ref called for the bell.


(Matt’s Thoughts: This match was shorter than expected, but they have to save plenty of time for the main event so I understand. For what it was, the match wasn’t bad. Despite what anyone’s personal feelings about Low Ki are, he is fun to watch in the ring. Especially if you are a fan of strong style, which I am. Martinez held his own, though, and looked good against the former champ for most of the match. I thought having Low Ki knock him out was a great idea for the finish, and gave a little for emphasis on just how bad Low Ki is then if he had a normal pinfall victory. I wonder if the feud between Promociones and Low Ki is over before it starts, or just beginning though. I’d love to see Low Ki vs. LA Park.)

Salina was infuriated at ringside after the match, as Rich and Jim walked us through what happened again showing Martinez being knocked senseless by the forearm from Low Ki. Salina tried to wake Martinez up with a kick or two, and then berated him for losing, but Martinez was still out. Salina turned around to be face to face with Low Ki, and the two jawed back and forth before Low Ki smiled at her and rolled out of the ring.

Sami Callihan and Mance Warner were outside again. Sami was trying to cut a promo, but Mance interrupted him and the two began to argue again. Sami said he had brought a horse for Mance to ride off on at the end of the show to give him a fitting farewell, but Mance said he wasn’t going anywhere. Sami said they should stop arguing, that’s what Salina wants. Sami said that they would do things tonight like gentlemen, and fight on the up and up. Sami said the midwest megapowers would come together one last time, and he and Mance shook on it.

Next was a REALLY cool vignette for LA Park, showing his path of destruction in MLW since he got there. That was followed by a teaser for Dr. Wagner Jr., who would be making his MLW debut soon.

Salina was in the back running down Ricky Martinez. This being a family friendly column, I can’t repeat what Salina said, but her expletive filled tirade was completely in english this week. Give it a listen on youtube if you get a chance. She called him an embarrassment, a disappointment, and said she had no time for him. That was actually tough to watch.

Rich reminded us of next week’s main event, Tom Lawlor and the Von Erichs taking on CONTRA Unit.

The Dynasty was standing by. MJF said he wasn’t afraid to spend money on his boys, and that he had brought them to the best place in Wisconsin. Holliday said he was happy to be out with his boys before his big match next week with Teddy Hart. Holliday made fun of Teddy’s “pajamas” he bought off of ebay. MJF stopped him and told him Teddy actually made his own clothes. Alex Hammerstone said they were made of ten percent polyester and ninety percent sparkle. Holliday asked how Teddy had time to make his clothes while breeding all the cats to make money to keep himself out of jail. Hammerstone said they didn’t even have to joke around anymore, he had brought them some gold already, patting the National Openweight Title. MJF and Holliday seemed a little taken aback, and MJF said they planned to win gold too.


Mance came out first, a trashcan full of toys in hand, ready for this hardcore battle. Mance made a lap around the ring for the fans, as Rich and Jim laid out the consequences of this match set up by Salina de la Renta. Sami was out next, and being the controversial man he is (also this possibly being his last night in MLW) he spit a mouthful of water right in Jim Cornette’s face.

(Sidebar – For anyone who did not know, Sami and Jim Cornette have real life heat with one another. Sami fractured Eddie Edwards face in a match once, and Jim being one of Eddie’s friends HATES Sami and loves to tell you about it. It’s not a work, this is real life animosity. Any other info you want on the subject is just a Google search away, let’s not let it detract from our evening.)

Cornete grabbed his tennis racket and took a swing at Callihan, but missed. Sami was nonplussed, and never even looked at him again, just flipped him off. As Sami walked towards the ring you could see a chair fly at him, just missing, that was also Cornette.

Sami and Mance met in the aisleway and began to brawl. Sami hit Mance with a trash can lid a couple of times, before going to look for a chair. Sami hit Mance with the chair, and then threw it into the ring. Mance hit Sami from behind, Sami came back with several punches. Sami tossed Sami into the crowd, as the two made their way towards the back. Sami sent Mance into the merch table, and then hit him with a trash can. The two men brawled up into the stands and rammed one anothers heads into the chain link fencing that surrounded the bleachers. Sami hit a brainbuster ON the bleachers for a two count.

The two brawled out onto the floor again. Sami put a trash can on Mance head, but Mance used it to headbutt Sami a few times. Sami tossed a chair at Mance’s face, and then sent him towards the entrance. The two just battled around the outskirts of the ring by the concessions. Both men grabbed sporks and started stabbing at one another. Mance took hot sauce from concessions and forced Sami to eat it. Sami and Mance finally brawled back to ringside, and then into the ring.

Sami brought a staple gun into the ring, but Mance countered it. Mance hit a sunset flip, but Sami wouldn’t go down. Sami used the staple gun then, and hit Mance right in the forehead with it. Sami put a trash can over Mance head, and then hit him with a chair. Mance was busted open. Sami went out and collected a few dollars from the crowd, and then stapled it to Mance shoulder. Sami stapled another to his other shoulder, and finished by stapling one to his forehead. That just seemed to fire up Mance, though, who hit a chokeslam on Sami onto a trash can for a two count.

Mance went out and grabbed a board from beneath the ring, and brought it back into the ring. Mance hit Sami with a trash can lid, for a two count, he then set up the piece of wood between two chairs, and laid Sami over it. Mance climbed up top, but Sami caught him on the way up and grabbed a handful of Mance’s junk to stop whatever he was about to attempt. Sami climbed up top and grabbed Mance, hitting an avalanche piledriver off the top through the wood board, but STILL only managed a two count. Sami grabbed another board from outside and tossed it into the ring, setting it up in the corner. When Sami turned around, Mance hit a spear through the board, but only got a two count on Sami.

Both men made their way to their feet, and then sat in chairs across from one another in the ring. They traded slaps to the face, before Sami spit right in Mance face. Mance spit back in Sami’s face, and then stood up and pummeled him with right and lefts. Mance started to climb up top, but Sami threw a chair and hit him in the face. Sami pulled Mance off, and hit a tombstone JUST missing a chair, for a two count. Sami stapled Mance tongue to a board in the ring, which just angered Mance. Mance ripped the board off his tongue, or tongue off the board, and then started to beat Sami with it repeatedly. Mance set up in the corner, and hit the kneepad up kneepad down, but Sami kicked out at one! Mance hit him with the knee again, but this time with a piece of the board added, and got the three count.

WINNER: Mance Warner

(Matt’s Thoughts: Mance and Sami put on a good hardcore match, and really just eat the hell out of one another. My only problem with it was one that has become a trend it seems. When I hear a match is falls count anywhere, I would like to see the fall ANYWHERE but in the ring. I know they book that way to set up the feeling a fall could happen at any time while brawling through the crowd, but it seems like most FCA matches seem to just end up back in the ring. Maybe I got spoiled by watching matches like Cactus Jack vs Sting or Benoit vs Sullivan years ago, or even Miz vs Shane McMahon, but I want to see someone pinned on the hood of a 74 El Camino in the parking lot. Other than that, it was a good brawl and a fitting way to send Sami Callihan out of MLW. The staple gun stuff can be hard to watch at times, but it honestly played into the story of the match well. Great win for Mance, who has quickly become one of my absolute favorites to watch.)

Salina smiled as she looked on, and Jim Cornette said he and her were on the same page for once. Mance celebrated in the ring as the show went off the air.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This is brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department, but MLW had another great week of action. The show is called Fusion, and this week was the epitome of that. We saw Lucha Libre, we saw Strong Style, we saw Hardcore, all in a one hour show. Week to week they give you something you want to watch, and something to look forward to. I can’t say enough about Court Bauer and what he’s done relaunching MLW, and the talent he brought in. In my opinion they’ve surpassed ROH, and I am so excited about the direction things are going. Next week we finally get the match that has been being talked about for a while now, as CONTRA Unit finally steps into the ring as a full group vs Tom Lawlor and the Von Erichs. That should be a great match, and one heck of a brawl. It’s another stop on the road to Kings of Colosseum, where Jacbo Fatu looks to unseat Lawlor as world champ. What will happen next week? We’ll have to wait and see. Until then…Matt out!

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