6/8 MLW FUSION TV REPORT: MJF vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr., Kotto Brazil vs. Richard Holliday, Air Wolf vs. Ace Austin

By Matt Castleberry, PWTorch contributor

Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion


JUNE 8, 2019

NOTE: I continue marching forward through the recent shows to catch up PWTorch.com’s MLW TV Review section. I’ll be caught up soon, and be here for it…

Announcers: Rich Bocchini, Jim Cornette

A recap for the finals of the National Openweight Title Tournament aired first, showing Alexander Hammerstone beating Brian Pillman Jr. They follow that showing the Middleweight Title defense, and subsequent beat down, of Teddy Hart by the Dynasty.

Rich Bocchini was standing by earlier in the day with Alexander Hamerstone, who was working out. Rich said his private workout space was impressive. Alex said it was one of many things about him that was impressive. Hammerstone said people couldn’t relate to him, they liked to relate to Pillman and his party hard lifestyle. Alex asked where that got Pillman, and responded with lying on his back. He said he may not be your favorite wrestler, but he IS the Openweight National Champion. Rich started to ask about MJF and Holliday having Alex’s back, but Alex cut him off. Alex asked Rich did he choose to hang around them, or did they choose to hang around him. Alex said if you can have a friend like him, you would. He said HE gave Dynasty a destiny, and gave Dynasty gold. He challenged Rich to be a man and lift his weights, but Rich couldn’t. Alex said he’d show him how, then picked Rich up over his shoulders and began doing squats.

They aired the Fusion intro next.

Rich and Jim welcome us in, and go right to a review of what CONTRA Unit last week. Jim said that because none of the men were under contract, they couldn’t take action, but recommended that Tom Lawlor press charges with the police. Lawlor apparently would rather find his own measure of revenge than get the authorities involved. They ran down the meat of the card next, and also previewed the Kings of Colosseum control center coming up later.


The Haitian Sensation made his way to the ring first, taking of the eye patch he’d been stuck with for weeks since being attacked by Ricky Martinez. Richard Holliday made his way out next. The Dynasty came out with him, as they had added a “new” member in Aria Blake. Blake was the only one who accompanied him to ringside, as the other two went back to the back.

Holliday tried to lock up with Brazil, but Kotto rolled away and gave him a quick leg kick. Holliday tried again, with the same result, but he caught the leg kick and pushed Brazil away the second time. Holliday tried for a back body drop, but Kotto hit a drop down uppercut. Kotto tried rolling Holliday up, but Holliday blocked and then hit a big running boot. Holliday came out of the corner with a huge lariat, and followed it with stomps on the ground. Holliday laid some nice punches in, in the corner, but Kotto fought out with some hard chops. The momentum swing didn’t last, as Holliday it a back elbow that sent Kotto to the mat.

Holliday stood Kotto in the corner and delivered some chops of his own. Richard tried whipping Kotto to the opposite corner, but Kotto countered by jumping up and grabbing Holliday around his neck with his legs. Holliday countered that, though, and ended up with Kotto on his shoulders. Holliday was about to attempt a running powerslam, but Kotto wiggled free. Kotto leap frogged Holliday, and tried for a headscissor, but was caught in mid air. Kotto managed to turn his mistake into a positive, as he still ended up having Holliday in a guillotine choke. Holliday powered his way out of it, turning it into a suplex for a two count.

Holliday hit a scoop slam, and then postured for the crowd. Kotto kicked him in the face, from the mat, as Holliday was taking too much time. Kotto hit several running uppercuts, lariats, and forearms in the corner on Holliday. Kotto hit a single leg dropkick from the top on Holliday, and looked to have seized momentum. Kotto hit a front kick on Holliday, and ran at him for a second, but Holliday caught him with a huge lariat turning Kotto inside out. The angry Holliday looked to end it then, and hit a gutwrench suplex for the three count.

WINNER: Richard Holliday

(Matt’s Thoughts: It was an okay opening match. Holliday was really slow in the ring, and honestly not much of his offense had a purpose aside from being offense. Kotto played the small underdog very well, though, and even mounted enough of a comeback to make you think he had the chance at an upset. In the end, size mattered though, as Holliday was just TOO overwhelming for Brazil. Not my favorite match, but I’ve seen much worse.)

Rich reminded us that next week Salina de la Renta would be back in the Executive Producers seat, and it showed her backstage on the phone making deals already. (Matt’s note: Her dress is worth the viewing by itself. 10/10)

Another recap of the Hammerstone vs. Pillman watch was shown. Following that we saw where Richard Holliday had just beat Kotto Brazil, making the Dynasty two for two the past two weeks.


Ace Austin made his way to the ring first. In the ring he did his typical shtick where he flips over, and out pops a staff, and then he shows you the ace of spades. I’m not sure if he’s going for Gambit or magician. Air Wolf made his way to the ring, as Rich and Jim reviewed his huge upset win over Fenix in his last match.

The two men locked up in the middle of the ring, and after a standing switch by Austin, the two men traded headlocks. Austin had an armlock, but Air Wolf escaped and ended up with a front facelock on Austin. Both men traded moves, and counters, until Air Wolf hit a headscissor takeover, sending Austin into the corner. Air Wolf landed a deep arm drag takeover, into a shoulder lock, but Austin got out. Air Wolf hit a nice dropkick on Ace, but then got tripped on a dive attempt and fell onto the second rope. Austin, while still on the ground, gave him a kick to the back and then choked him over the rope.

Air Wolf tried to heat a springboard armdrag, but Austin pushed him off the top and to the floor. Austin followed that with a suicide dive, wiping out Air Wolf again. Austin hit Air Wolf with a bevy of knee and forearm strikes, and then rolled back in the ring. Ace wasn’t ready to let Air Wolf get counted out, so he went out and brought him back in, after a kick to the face. Air Wolf tried to change momentum, hitting a big chop on Austin and then trying a deadlift german from outside to in, but Ace countered that by trying to tip off Air Wolf’s mask. Ace then hit a shoulder block through the ropes, and a springboard savat kick for a two count.

The two wrestlers traded blows again, but Austin won the exchange when he hit a standing dropkick. He didn’t follow it quickly, as he played to the crowd. Air Wolf landed a kick to the face as Austin charged him in the corner, but got caught mid air trying a rolling body press. Austin put Air Wolf in the tree of woe and kicked him repeatedly in the ribs. Austin then slid out of the ring, and pulled his neck backwards from outside, with Air Wolf still caught. Again Austin spent too much time posturing for the crowd, and when he attempted a springboard leg drop, it missed. Air Wolf hit a couple of running elbows, and then hit a running European uppercut in the corner. Air Wolf followed that with pop up german suplex off the ropes, and a double underhook suplex for a two count.

Air Wolf landed a couple of kicks to the chest on Austin, but Austin answered back with a kick to the knee and one to the head. Austin hit a backdrop suplex on Air Wolf, and then some sort of spinning maneuver that looked almost botched for a two count. Austin hit Air Wolf with a couple of stiff kicks, before Air Wolf caught one. Air Wolf hit a European uppercut, but Austin answered back with a lariat, putting both men on the canvas. Austin was the first man to his feet, but Air Wolf capitalized first with a ripcord kick to the knee. Air Wolf followed that with a sliding kick to the face, and then hit an almost basement 619. Air Wolf went up top, but Austin leaped over and knocked him down, crotching him up top. Austin hit and enziguri on Air Wolf, and then tried for another, but Air Wolf countered it and sent Austin flipping face first into the ring. Air Wolf ten came off the top, in what can only be described as a leaping flatliner, grabbing Austin as he came down. That got him the three count, and the victory.

WINNER: Air Wolf

Austin got folded up on the move, and looked like he may have injured his knee.

(Matt’s Thoughts: Good match between the two youngsters. I can call them that, because I am getting old. Both men are still a little green in the ring, but both have a TON of upside and potential. They put on a good match here, where Austin played the heel, and Air Wolf was a the baby face in peril for a good portion of time. The dynamic worked, and they worked well together. With a bit more seasoning, I think both of these guys have a huge future in the middleweight division.)

Jim reminded us of our main event for the evening, which would be MJF taking on Davey Boy Smith Jr. Rich gave us a run down of last week at Fury Road, and CONTRA Unit kidnapping Tom Lawlor. He said we were waiting to hear from the Champ, and we would later.

Myron Reed was shown protesting before the show, as he marched around the crowd outside with a sign that said #JUSTICE.

Salina de la Renta was standing by next to tell us about next week, where she would once again get to be executive producer of Fusion. Salina said everyone has been asking how she would top her last show. She said that she would give everyone the main event of the year. Salina told us that next week we would see Sami Callihan go one on one with Mance Warner in a fall counts anywhere. The biggest stipulation? The loser would be leaving MLW forever.

Kings of Colosseum control center aired next. The Main Event was announced, as Tom Lawlor would be taking on Jacob Fatu in a World Title match. Tom Lawlor was standing by to give us his thoughts on the match. Tom told CONTRA to do something they haven’t done yet, look at him face to face. He said he had been beaten, battered, and bloody before. Lawlor said in order to take CONTRA out he would have to find someone to help him, someone with integrity, respect, and brotherhood. He said he had found some cowboys to help him, he had found the Von Erichs, and they were going to teach CONTRA Unit a lesson that Filthy Tom Lawlor was not to be messed with.

A replay of Salina de la Renta’s announcement for next week’s main event was shown. Sami and Mance were being filmed outside, ready to respond to Salina. Sami said he and Mance were the midwest megapowers, and that Salina thinks she’s smart, but Mance and he like to fight. He said they would get so violent next week that Jim Cornette would want to quit the wrestling business. Sami said after he picked up the win next week, to which Mance cut him off and said he wasn’t going anywhere. Both of them turned their hats around backwards, and got face to face. Sami said they should shake hands, and Mance said they would shake now but when the bell rang they’d fight. Sami grabbed a staple gun and said he’d see him out there, and Mance asked if it was out of the trash can and if it was sanitary.

Rich ran down the rest of next week’s card. Flamita would be taking on Rey Horus, as well as Low Ki going head to head with Ricky Martinez. Cameras caught up with Low Ki earlier to get his thoughts on his match with Ricky MArtinez, who abandoned him to get destroyed by CONTRA the week before. Low Ki said he was a professional and was always prepared. He said Ricky’s fate was sealed, because he was on his list.

Next aired a CONTRA Unit vignette. Josef Samael spoke to Tom Lawlor, calling him a gluton for punishment. Jacob Fatu asked Tom how it felt to be scalped. Samael said that CONTRA was the global dealers in violence, and they’d shown that they make the rules. Fatu said TOm could go get the Von Erichs, but they were going to slice and dice all three of them.

(3) MJF (w/The Dynasty) vs. DAVEY BOY SMITH JR.

Next up was our main event. MJF made his way to the ring first, accompanied by the members of the Dynasty, and Aria Blake. MJF and the Dynasty argued with the crowd the whole way out to the ring, and once they were in the ring, as usual. Davey Boy Smith Jr. was second out to the ring, and came out alone oddly enough.

MJF slid out of the ring to start the match, avoiding the lockup from Smith. The second lockup attempt went the same way, as MJF rolled out of the ring again. Smith pulled MJF back in from the apron, and then gave him a couple of low kicks to the leg. MJF poked Smith in the eyes and tossed him over the top, but Smith skinned the cat and came back in. Smith hit MJF with a big boot, and got a two count. Hammerstone tried distracting Smith, and MJF tripped Smith into the turnbuckle. MJF rolled out, and started ramming SMith’s knee into the ring post. The two Dynasty members worked over the legs while MJF held the refs attention. MJF made a pin, but only got a two count. MJF stomped on the knee and ankle of Smith repeatedly.

MJF tried to lock in a heel hook, but Smith countered into a modified indian deathlock, but MJF was too close to the ropes. Smith picked MJF up for a powerslam, but MJF wiggled out and chop blocked his knee. MJF started choking Smith, but Smith countered it into an armbar. MJF rolled out before Smith could get it locked in tight, and then dropped an elbow on Smith’s knee, furthering the damage he had already caused. MJF stomped Smith, but Smith tried to battle back with a headbutt to the gut. MJF choked Smith with a shirt as the ref was distracted by Holliday, and then again when being distracted by Hammerstone. Both resulted in two counts.

The third time Smith stopped MJF and used the shirt to choke him, but the ref saw it and broke it up. The numbers game was obviously wearing on Smith at this point. MJF kicked Smith in the knee, and then caught a kick attempt by Smith, but Smith hit an enziguri laying MJF out as both men were down. Smith beat MJF up, and posted him in the corner. Smith went up for the tried and true ten punches to the head, and then followed that with a superplex on MJF for a two count. Smith hit and over head bridge suplex, but his knee gave out after a one count. MJF kicked Smith in the knee, but as he came off the rope Smith hit a huge powerslam for a two count. Smith hit a tombstone piledriver on MJF, but didn’t go for the cover. Rich said they were getting word of something happening backstage, but had no details.

Smith climbed up top and hit a flying headbutt on MJF, but landed on his knees when he did, causing him as much pain as he doled out to MJF. Smith pinned MJF finally, but Holliday pulled MJF’s leg onto the ropes to break the pin attempt. Holliday got up on the apron, but got decked by Smith. MJF used the distraction to chop the knee again, as Brian Pillman Jr. finally came out and attacked Holliday to help even the odds a bit. MJF tried for a sharpshooter, but Smith kicked him away. Smith started to pick MJF up again, but Hammerstone climbed onto the apron. Smith knocked him down to the floor, and turned his focus back to MJF. The distraction gave MJF time to recover, and Smith missed a running lariat in the corner. MJF rolled him up, and used his feet on the ropes as leverage, but the ref noticed after a two count and stopped. Teddy Hart attacked Alex Hammerstone on the outside, completely evening the numbers up. In the ring Smith picked up MJF and hit the running powerslam for a three count.

WINNER: Davey Boy Smith Jr.

(Matt’s Thoughts: This was the best match of the night. Lots of great psychology, the Dynasty played the perfect heels, they found a way to realistically make Smith look like an underdog to MJF. It was wrestling put together at it’s finest. Nothing super flashy, nothing over the top, and no it definitely wouldn’t get five stars on a rating scale, but it told the exact story it needed to, to move everything along. In the end Smith overcame the odds and got the win, despite every effort of the Dynasty to interfere.)

Backstage the camera showed us a trail of destruction, as CONTRA Unit was destroying everyone they came across. Josef Samael threw a fireball at the camera, and the show went to stand by to end things.

FINAL ANALYSIS: Another solid week of MLW television, a weekly episodic television show where the writing makes sense and is cohesive. The two big takeaways from this week were that the Hart Foundation/Dynasty feud is getting more and more personal each week, and CONTRA Unit might be unstoppable. Dynasty and the Harts keep trading wins back and forth, a time when 50/50 booking is beneficial to push the feud along. No one can seem to get the upper hand and keep it. After back-to-back wins by Hammerstone and Holliday, MJF lost to Davey Boy Smith Jr stopping the Dynasty momentum. This feud seems to have plenty of legs left, I’m sure not getting tired of it. As for CONTRA unit, they are the most dominant faction in wrestling right now. They have dissected every person who has stood in their way, and taken out people who aren’t even trying to stop them. No one has come close to slowing these monsters down yet. Tom Lawlor bringing in backup, by way of the Von Erichs, should even things up a bit. Even then, though, can they stop the monster that is Jacob Fatu? If not, he will be the next MLW champion, and then what happens? The build towards Kings of Colosseum is underway, and with only the main event announced it looks like must see TV. Then again, what week of MLW isn’t must see? Speaking of must see, next week is appointment tv at its finest as Salina de la Renta takes over as executive producer again. What’s she got for us? Mance Warner vs Sami Callihan in a falls count anywhere match, where the loser has to leave MLW forever! If you like violence, this is your show! Who will walk away winner, and who will walk away from MLW? Will either man even survive the match? Will MLW survive the match? You’ll have to tune in and find out. Until then…Matt out!

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