6/28 Impact Wrestling TV Report: Sami Callihan vs. Fallah Bahh, Rascalz vs. Laredo Kid & LAX, The North vs. The Deaners, Su Yung & Havok vs. Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie

By Jack Irene, PWTorch contributor


JUNE 21, 2019

Announcers: Josh Mathews, Don Callis

IMPACT rolled on in New York City with Slammiversary nine nights away.

– Recap of last week’s show which featured Brian Cage’s return, destroying Michael Elgin.


Alexander and the big man, Jake started the bout. Alexander was overpowered by the redneck duo before tagging in Ethan Page who suffered from much of the same. The North began double-teaming Jake in their corner before Jake landed the tag and things broke loose. Ethan began trash talking the fans as they manhandled Cody Deaner. Cody eventually fought back with a neckbreaker and some crowd support. Cousin Jake came in for the hot tag, tossing The North around. Alexander snatched the ankle of the big man, but paid for it with a powerslam and splash combo from The Deaners for a two count. Cousin Jake hit his launched spear into the corner as Cody put his hat on. Ethan Page interrupted this, allowing Alexander and Jake to exchange some brutal strikes. Cody came in with a DDT on Alexander followed by a dive attempt which he ended up on the wrong side of. The North hit a double team facebuster for the win.


(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was a decent tag team match with minimal crowd heat. Alexander and Jake had a great exchange towards the end of the match but other than that, not much happened.)

– Taya Valkyrie met Rosemary with frustrations over Monsters Ball at Slammiverary. She was reminded that she promised her a title shot if she helped her out.

– Rolando Menendez is waiting outside on Brian Cage. Dr Ariel arrived, stating that he will stop Brian Cage, as he is not medically cleared.

– Moose invaded House of Hardcore in Nashville to attack Tommy Dreamer.


Rosemary and Taya began arguing about who would begin the match. Havok responded by taking out both women. Taya was marked legal and continued to eat the onslaught from Havok. Su Yung came in to pick up where Havok left off, taking her glove out. Havok tagged herself in, demanding that Su get out. Taya shifted the momentum, tagging Rosemary in who dropkicked Havok down to the mat. Rosemary locked in a Muta Lock but Su stomped on her. Havok caught Rosemary on an attempted dive, as they brawled on the outside. Rosemary drove Havok into a chair twice before Su came around hitting her in the back. The bell rang and Taya tried to scramble away but was taken in by Su. Rosemary speared Su, rescuing Taya promising her title shot. Taya went off, attacking Havok and Su before the crowd erupted at the sight of Rosemary and a bag of tacks. They tried to put Su onto the bed of tacks but Havok came for the save. Su accidentally hit Havok causing James Mitchell to come out and break them up. ©

WINNER: N/A (n/a)

(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was too short to be anything other than an angle but a pretty good one at that. Taya showed an aggressive side, while they also depicted some tension between Havok and Su.)

– Ace Austin was interviewed, as he expressed his frustrations with TJP. Ace Austin claimed that the loss shouldn’t count since he could not properly prepare. TJP appeared, allowing them to run it back next week.

– The Deaners were drinking some beers, trying to figure out why they keep losing. The Desi Hit Squad appeared, mocking The Deaners.

– Josh Mathews ran through the Slammiversary card.

– The Impact Plus Moment of The Week is the great ladder match from Slammiversary 2014.

– At a church in Boston, Eddie Edwards took a seat before being approached by Father Andrew Thomas (If I am not mistaken). Eddie went on to confess that he is a sinner, and Killer Kross appeared behind him. Eddie said he looked forward to where there were no rules, at Slammiversary. He walked out and Kross said he would confess all of his sins to Andrew Thomas.

– John E. Bravo was backstage bragging about his alliance with Johnny IMPACT. The referees mocked him as he tried to show off by promising to attack Rich Swann. Swann appeared out of nowhere but Johnny came to the rescue. Swann and Mack challenged both of them in which Bravo immediately accepted.


Fallah started off great showing his aggressive side again. Madman Fulton interrupted Fallah, allowing Callihan to clothesline him. The ref sent Fulton to the back, making things a little more even. Liquid came out of Callihan’s nose as he continued to attack Fallah. Callihan lost his grip when Fallah used his athleticism to evade him and nail a belly to belly suplex. Fallah dragged Callihan around, setting him up for the Bonsai Drop. Callihan went outside but Fallah followed. They brawled on the outside before coming back in where Callihan unloaded, landing a hanging Cactus Special for the win. After the victory, Callihan bragged about being “over”, which he went on to say was exclusive to the male performers. Callihan demanded that Tessa come out as he had something to say to her face. He went on to “treat her equal” by kicking her down with authority. Tessa got up and went after Callihan as the crowd rallied behind her. oVe came out and grabbed Tessa and Callihan hit her with the baseball bat. He dragged her up and was met with some spit to the face. Callihan responded by spiking her with a huge piledriver.


(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was a solid match that made Callihan look good. The post-match activities with Tessa were great and got some major heat. I am very much looking forward to their Slammiversary match.)


Laredo Kid got a shot before the bell rang and things got going. LAX met The Rascalz with dives on the outside followed by a slick exchange between Laredo Kid and Dez in the ring. Laredo Kid landed on everybody outside with a tuck moonsault. © Trey ate about a million moves for a near fall broken up by The Rascalz. Dez came in but Ortiz took care of him and Wentz. Santana came firing in with some nasty kicks before Wentz nailed him with a knee. Everyone started trading strikes and moves for a standing ovation from the Melrose Ballroom. LAX and Laredo Kid began unloading on the trio, with Laredo Kid hitting a triple-stacked 450 splash. The crowd was going nuts as things got even crazier with Laredo Kid nearly dying on an apron bump. Trey connected with a Meteora on Ortiz after some flashy kicks for the pinfall.


(J.I.’s Thoughts: This match was a lot of fun with a great crowd. The Rascalz picked up the victory here which makes things very interesting with Slammiversary on the horizon)

– Madison Rayne was interviewed, where Kiera Hogan interrupted, causing Rayne to challenge The Girl on Fire to a match next week.

– The Rascalz made it to The Clubhouse where Trey questioned why he was not scheduled to be in the match at Slammiversary despite winning the match. They settle things with a triple threat match where the loser will not be in the match.

– Rolando Menendez and Dr Ariel catch Brian Cage backstage but he brushes them off. ©

– Brian Cage made his way to the ring warning Big Mike. Dr Ariel chased after Brian Cage who ate an F-5. Following this, Michael Elgin came out, buckle bombing and Elgin Bombing the champ. Elgin walked away but Cage held onto his leg. Elgin helped him up and Elgin Bombed him once more. Elgin wasn’t done and snatched a table outside. Elgin brought Cage up one more time and powerbombed him to the outside through the table. Callis got out of his chair to check on Cage, demanding that Elgin leave before he was fired. Elgin struck Callis and teased giving him an Elgin Bomb before we saw Brian Cage rise up and rip his neck brace off before going in and brawling with Big Mike to close the show.

(J.I.’s Thoughts: This was an awesome closing segment, adding heat to Big Mike and somehow making Brian Cage look like a bigger badass than before. Great stuff.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: 7.0 (out of 10). Our streak of really good episodes of IMPACT continued as the Road to Slammiversary has been hot with a heated main event angle, some great tag team action, and an intergender blood feud.

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