7/14 WWE Extreme Rules Results: Keller’s report on Becky & Seth vs. Corbin & Lacey, Undertaker & Reigns vs. Shane & Drew, Ricochet vs. Styles, Braun vs. Lashley

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


JULY 14, 2019

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves

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(A) FINN BALOR vs. SHINSUKE NAKAMURA – Intercontinental Title match

After an early flurry of action including a battle at ringside, they returned to the ring where Nakamura grounded Balor. Balor landed a Pelé kick to Nakamura’s shoulder. Nakamura went down and Balor recovered and then rallied leading to a two count. They cut to a break but stayed with the action on split screen. [c]

Balor hit a sling blade and then played to the crowd, but when he charged, Nakamura caught him with a boot. Balor caught a charging Balor with a round kick. Nakamura then knocked Balor off the top rope. Graves said he was setting a Coup de Grace. As Nakamura set up a Kinsasha Kick, Balor caught him with a dropkick. Nakamura avoided the Coup de Grace, then hit Balor from behind with a kick and then the Kinsasha from the front for the win. Graves said the entire complexion of WWE could look different come Monday morning, and this is just the start.

WINNER: Nakamura to capture the IC Title.

-Back to the panel, Sam Roberts exclaimed, “Nakamura is back!”

(B) DREW GULAK vs. TONY NESE – Cruiserweight Title match

WINNER: Gulak to retain the title.

Raw Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young

Smackdown Announcers: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton

-They opened with a woman with bright lipstick speaking in a hushed tone about how the rules have changed and then a video package previewed the show. (Was that AEW’s Librarian or does WWE have their own now?)

-Cole introduced the show as the camera panned the crowd.

-They showed Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre walking backstage, then cut to a video package previewing the tag match that is starting the main card of the PPV.


Shane’s music kicked off ring entrances. He danced onto the stage obnoxiously (the exact same way he did for his years as a babyface, though). After Shane entered the ring, Mike Rome began introducing the match with a long loud “Best in the World” spiel for Shane. Renee said Rome still has room to improve. Graves said Shane deserves a better ring announcer. Then Drew’s entrance took place. Roman Reigns’s music then played to a surge of high-pitched cheers followed immediately by noticeable deep-voiced boos. Then Cole said, “Here comes the Big Dawg!!” Cole talked about Reigns’s ESPY Award for the WWE Moment of the Year earlier this week and also walking the red carpet with his cousin The Rock for their new movie, and now he has to refocus on this match. After Reigns’s arrival and some jawing at him by the heel duo, Undertaker’s bell sounded. As he stepped onto the stage, the crowd cheered. This might be the latest start to an actual match on a WWE PPV with all of the ring entrances plus the extra long Shane intro and the extended elaborate Taker entrance. Renee called Shane a “coward” for standing behind Drew. She said he “looks shook.” Cole listed the ridiculous list of top names Shane has held his own with in the ring over the decades. Fans chanted “Un-der-ta-ker!” The bell rang at 7:18 local time.

Reigns began against Drew after a brief discussion with Taker; up until then Taker and Reigns hadn’t even acknowledged one another. Drew took Reigns down in the corner and then tagged in Shane who punched away at Reigns in the corner. Reigns brushed them off and punched Shane, then threw him head-first into the turnbuckle and then mounted him with a barrage of punches. He wrist-locked Shane and then tagged in Taker to a big pop. Taker took Shane down, leg-dropped his arm, and scored a two count. Shane reached out for a tag, but came up short of Drew’s hand twice. Taker began to climb to the top rope, but Shane made a comeback and yanked him down and punched him. Taker threw Shane into the corner quickly and punched away at Shane. Cole called Taker the best pure striker in WWE. Taker clotheslined Shane, then walked the top rope and came down with a forearm to his shoulder. Fans chanted, “You deserve it!” Taker let Shane tag in Drew because, apparently, winning isn’t everything.

Drew and Taker had a staredown. Graves said Taker wanted this face-off. Drew threw the first punches. Taker fired back. Taker no-sold a Drew kick, but Drew clotheslined him over the top rope. Taker landed and yanked Drew to the floor, then set up a running guillotine legdrop on the apron. Taker tagged in Reigns and the heel duo took over offense for a while. Drew grounded Reigns and worked over his arm. Taker paced on the ring apron in the background at 8:00. Reigns leaped and hot-tagged Taker just as Shane tagged in. Taker threw Shane into the top turnbuckle with Snake Eyes and a big boot. Drew stood on the ring apron, but Taker knocked him back down. Taker then clotheslined Shane over the top rope to the floor. Taker took the lid off the announce table. As Taker set up a Last Ride at ringside, Elias hit him from behind with a guitar. As Reigns attacked Elias at ringside, Drew caught Roman with a Claymore Kick.

The three heels teamed up on Undertaker and put him on the table. Shane then leaped off the top rope onto Taker on the table. Then they dragged him into the ring and set him in the corner. Shane brought a trash can into the ring and placed it against Taker’s chest. Shane climbed to the top rope, then did Taker’s throat slice gesture, and then hit the Coast to Coast. Taker sat up, though, and Shane got wide-eyed. Taker chokeslammed Shane. Elias ran in but Undertaker chokeslammed him. Then Taker did his throat slice gesture, but Drew came up behind him. Reigns speared Drew just before he hit Taker with the Claymore. Reigns threw Shane into Taker’s arms. Taker didn’t lift him at first, then tried again and delivered a Tombstone for the win. Cole said, “I can’t remember the last time Undertaker looked that damn good.”

After the match, Taker’s music played. Taker looked at Reigns. It was tense for a moment, then Taker slapped him in the chest. The music shifted to Reigns’s. Shane lay on his back alone in the ring as Elias and Drew were still out at ringside. Reigns left the ring, while Taker stared down at Shane. Cole said there’s no telling how many more times Taker fans will get to enjoy him in that ring. Graves said as many times as Taker desires.

WINNER: Undertaker in 17:00. (***1/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: That was a strong execution of the match given all the players involved. It was the right finish and it played out in dramatic fashion with some sense of jeopardy along the way.)

-Sarah Schriber interviewed Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. Seth said they were strolling around Philadelphia earlier in the day. He said it wasn’t a romantic stroll because The Man isn’t into mushy stuff like that. He said it was landmarks. Becky said if there was a statute of Lacey Evans it’d probably be covered in bird crap. Seth said they have lots of options how they win. Becky said, in a slightly threatening tone, “The only thing that’s not an option is losing.”

-A Raw commercial aired hyping a special Reunion episode a week from Monday. It showed Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, Diesel, Kurt Angle, Sgt. Slaughter, Christian, Ted DiBiase, Eric Bischoff, Boogeyman, Jimmy Hart, Hurricane Helms, Santino Marela, Jerry Lawler, and D-Von (in that order). Cole said it’ll be the largest reunion in WWE Raw history.


Graves said the Revival fancy themselves a modern day Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard, who were Horsemen, and that’s a lifestyle. The Usos hit an early dive to ringside onto The Revival. The Revival soon took over, though. When Jimmy eventually tagged Jey, the ref missed it due to distraction and insisted Jey leave the ring. That gave the Revival the chance to remain on offense. Graves said the ability to stay a step ahead of an official is part of the art of the Revival’s tag team wrestling skills. Eventually, though, Jimmy did hot-tag Jey who rallied right away against Dash. He then fended off Dawson. Jimmy corkscrew dove onto both Dash and Dawson, then Jey tagged in and hit a Samoan Drop for a believable near fall.

Later, Dawson landed a brainbuster for a near fall. Then he set Jey on the top rope and set up a superplex. Dawson landed the Superplex, then Dawson tagged himself in and landed a top rope splash. Jimmy made the save, then covered Dash. Dawson broke up that cover to save the tag titles. Four-way action broke out. The Usos went for a double-team dive, but Dawson yanked Jimmy out of the ring. Dash and Dawson then double-teamed Jey and hit the Shatter Machine for the win.

WINNERS: The Revival to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles in 13:00. (**3/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: Good tag team match. The Revival seem to be in the midst of an actual good-faith push with not only a title reign, but announcers touting them sincerely and then being booked to get a relatively clean win over the Usos.)

-A commercial aired for Summerslam. Corey said it’s the biggest party of the summer, and the only party Saxton will be invited to all summer.

-A video aired recapping Aleister Black’s challenge being answered.

-They showed other announcing duos introduce themselves in other languages.


The announcers hyped this as the first-ever match-up between these two. Black went for an early kick, but Cesaro ducked and then took over. He set up an early Neutralizer, but Back escaped. Cesaro sat down mid-ring to mock Black. Black exploded with a flurry of strikes and knocked Cesaro to the floor, then quickly leaped off the ropes onto Cesaro at ringside. Back in the ring Black stayed on offense, sweeping Cesaro to the mat, then lifting his chin by his boot. Cesaro hit him with a forearm and then knocked him off the top rope to the floor. Cesaro springboarded back into the ring with a flying forearm to take Black down, then he locked on a cobra chinlock. Cesaro eventually did the lift-and-drop uppercut for a near fall, with Black grabbing the bottom rope to stop the count. Black came back with a knee to Cesaro’s jaw as Cesaro leaped at him off the second rope, leading to a near fall.

Back applied a leglock mid-ring. Cesaro yelled out in pain, then stood and reversed Black into a sharpshooter. He shifted into a crossface seconds later. Black leveraged Cesaro backwards for a two count, then kneed him in the jaw. Both were down and slow to get up. Fans broke into a “This is awesome!” chant. They stood and Cesaro won a war of uppercuts. He set up a Neutralizer, but Black blocked it and then connected with Black Mass for the clean win.

WINNER: Black in 10:00. (***1/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: That was a really good ten minute match. Not quite long enough to feel epic, but they did a great job with the time they had.)

-Truth was looking around for Hornswoggle and slapping Wanted Posters on the wall. Carmella helped. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross walked into the hallway. Carmella rolled her eyes and walked away. Truth then yelled into Bliss’s ear, “Have you seen Hornswoggle? Is he in there” Bliss said yes, second stall from the left. Carmella pulled Truth away from the obvious diversion from Bliss. Bliss gave Nikki a gift in a pink box. It was a t-shirt that said “Twisted Bliss Coffee: No Coffee, No Bliss.” Nikki was thrilled and hugged Bliss. The Street Profits came up behind them wearing the NXT Tag Team Titles. They asked “where the party at” when Nikki wins the title. Bliss said they’ll be co-champions. The asked if they were serious and then laughed uproariously at them. Angelo Dawkins said, “We trust the process.” That got a pop from the Philly crowd, a reference to the local NBA team. Nikki said they’ll become the first-ever Smackdown Women’s Co-Champions. They left. Montez Ford said Nikki is intense. Dawkins asked, “Is it really weird I want to party with her?”

(4) BAYLEY vs. ALEXA BLISS & NIKKI CROSS – Smackdown Women’s Title match

More announcers were shown introducing themselves in various languages. Bayley got a mixed response from the Philly crowd. Graves references Bayley once having a best friend who abandoned her. Bayley and Nikki battled at the start. Bayley got in a forearm shot, so Nikki quickly tagged in Bliss. Bayley went after Nikki at ringside and shoved her into the ringside barricade. Bliss shoved Bayley off the ring apron and into the ringside steps. Bliss and Nikki then took over for a while. Whenever Bayley made a comeback, the opponent would tag out to her fresh partner and then regain control. Bayley eventually took control on Nikki with an Indiana death lock leg submission. When Bliss tried to interfere, Bayley locked her in a crossface at the same time. Bliss bit Bayley’s hand to break, but Bayley held onto the leglock on Nikki. Bliss eventually did run in and break up the hold. The ref ordered Bliss back to her corner.

Bayley took a swing at Bliss, then shoved Nikki into the opposite corner. Another Bliss distraction, though, opened up Nikki for a tornado DDT for a near fall. Bayley lifted her knees on Twisted Bliss, but Bliss tagged Nikki in. Bayley kneed her out of mid-air. Bayley then climbed to the top rope and landed her flying elbow for the three count. Bliss consoled Nikki afterward without incident.

WINNER: Bayley in 11:00 to retain the Smackdown Women’s Title. (**1/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: The match was fine. It seemed like they totally punted on any angle during or after the match, though.)

(5) BRAUN STROWMAN vs. BOBBY LASHLEY – Last Man Standing match

Strowman went after Lashley before the bell. The ref rang the bell once they entered the ring. Strowman gave Lashley the shoulder check at ringside seconds into the match when Lashley dropped to the floor. Strowman charged around the ring toward Lashley, but Lashley speared him. Strowman clutched his ribs and yelled out in pain. Graves said there unconfirmed rumors Strowman suffered some kind of spleen injury. Cole said there were unconfirmed rumors of a rib injury, too. They went into walk-and-brawl mode up the stairs amongst the fans. They brawled up into the concourse where fans had already been pushed aside. (This might be the most ridiculous of WWE’s ridiculousness. Storyline-wise, how did security know to cordon off fans so far in advance?) They brawled back and forth in a merchandise area and then back down the steps.

Strowman charged and checked Lashley to the floor at ringside. The ref counted to nine. Lashley got up and drove Strowman through the barricade back into the ringside area. “Holy sh–!” chanted fans. Lashley threw Strowman over the German announce table and then tipped it over onto him. Cole dramatically talked about the ref’s ten count, but Strowman stood up before ten. Lashley chased after him and leaped off the ringside barricade, but Strowman side-stepped him and threw him into the row of international announce duos. They eventually stood and brawled some more in the floor area among fans, then back up the stairs. Lashley shoved a “fan” at Strowman, then took control. Braun bashed Lashley with a chair seconds later.  Braun lifted Lashley onto his shoulders and then gave him a running powerslam off of a deck through a platform set up below them. They crashed through it as fans chanted “Holy sh–!” The ref couldn’t see behind an obvious temporary walk but counted anyway. Strowman pushed his way through the wall and then the ref saw Lashley was still down and awarded Strowman the win.

WINNER: Strowman in 18:00. (**3/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: With the caveat that this was too long and included some contrived implausible, and orchestrated stunts – the brawl in the concourse and the stunt bump finish (which took away from the match more than it added for me) – the crowd helped make it work by reacting throughout and popping for the big stunt finish. The ref blind-counting was also really dumb, and just a contrived set-up for Braun to be the Kool-Aid man bursting through the wall for a visual signifying victory. I had my issues with it because they could have easily made everything more realistic with simple tweaks, but it ultimately worked with the live crowd.)

-Charly Caruso interviewed A.J. Styles who was with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. She asked about aligning with Anderson and Gallows after he lost to Ricochet. Styles said he sees where she is going, but just because he lost, that’s not why he re-aligned himself with them. “Wrong, wrong!” he said. He explained that they’re more than friends, they’re brothers. He said Ricochet was just in his way. He said Ricochet some day will be a huge WWE Superstar, but for now, he’s going to take away his U.S. Title. “That is too sweet!” he said. They did the finger thing and invited Charly to reach in and participate.

-The Raw reunion ad aired again.

(6)  DANEL BRYAN & ROWAN vs. HEAVY MACHINERY (Otis & Tucker) vs. THE NEW DAY (Xavier Woods & Big E) – Smackdown Tag Team Title match

As New Day came out, Saxton said their entrance intoxicates his body with joy. Graves said he ought to try drinking alcohol. They showed Saxton dancing in his chair. Graves took issue with New Day and Heavy Machinery being too frivolous and goofy. Saxton said he doesn’t want anyone to be entertaining and have fun. Graves told Saxton that if they get rid of entertainment, Saxton at least will still have a job. Graves said Bryan and Rowan are trying to save the planet. Saxton said they’re trying to tell everyone how to live their lives. Everyone took turns getting some ring time, then the heels isolated Xavier for a while. Xavier tagged in Otis, who took it to Bryan including a spinning bodyslam. Otis gave Bryan an overhead suplex and roared “Oh yeahhh!” He crushed Bryan in the corner, and Bryan took a flat back bump after staggering a bit. He landed in perfect position for The Caterpillar. Saxton called it a thing of beauty. Otis tagged Tucker in. Tucker caught Bryan after an Otis catapult and slammed him for a two count.

A few minutes later, after more consistent action, Tucker flew off the top rope onto Tucker and Big E on the floor. Otis threw Big E into the ring. Heavy Machinery then gave Big E the compactor, but Xavier broke it up with a save. They delivered a tandem powerslam on Xavier. Rowan entered, though, and went for a double claw slam, but Heavy Machinery broke free. They sandwiched Rowan mid-ring. They took turns splashing him in the corner and then lifted him onto the top turnbuckle. They set up a superplex. Big E joined in for the tower spot. He powerbombed HM to the mat while Rowan held on. Bryan secretly tagged himself in before that spot. Big E then superplexed Rowan off the top rope. Bryan gave Big E a top rope diving headbutt and then applied the LeBell Lock mid-ring. He torqued on Big E’s right leg at the same time. Big E dragged himself under the bottom rope. Phillips said there is no DQ in this match so he’d have to scurry all the way to the floor and not count a ref forcing a break. (Why are triple threat matches automatically no DQ again?) Bryan gave Big E a series of Yes Kicks. Big E stood up and got in Bryan’s face. Bryan slapped him. Big E told him to do it again. He did. Then Big E fired back with a short-arm clothesline. He dropped his straps and caught Bryan mid-air. Xavier tagged in and they delivered Midnight Hour for the win. As New Day celebrated, the announcers wondered if all three members of New Day would walk out of Extreme Rules as champions.

WINNERS: The New Day in 14:00 to capture the Smackdown Tag Team Titles. (***1/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: Good match. As is typical with Triple Threat tags, there was a stretch where everyone just took turns getting some ring time, but it grew into a dramatic match with some big spots with believable near falls.)

-A commercial hyped Adam Cole defending his NXT Title on Wednesday.

-As New Day celebrated, Paul Heyman walked by and snatched the mic away from Kayla Braxton and walked onto the stage. He said, “Now let’s set some things right. Number one, I am Philadelphia. Number two, I am the entire concept behind extreme. So I will be damned – and I probably will be damned anyway – but I’ll be damned if I leave Philadelphia tonight on an extreme show without being part of history. So therefore, here is your heads up, your spoiler – tonight, here in that very ring, my client, Brock Lesnar, will cash in the Money in the Bank Contract.” The fans cheered. He said he will have the honor and privilege of leaving Philadelphia with either the WWE Champion or Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. He said, though, he’d be a stupid son of a bitch to advertise that in advance, so am I telling the truth or am I Paul Heyman”?

-They went to the announcers who talked about Heyman playing mind games.

(7) RICOCHET vs. A.J. STYLES (w/Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) – U.S. Title match

Anderson and Gallows attacked Styles before the bell. One the bell rang, Styles fended off an early flurry by Ricochet, but then Ricochet made a quick comeback. At ringside, Ricochet took Styles down with a backflip off the ring apron. Graves said Styles resents that the WWE Universe seemed to move on from him and aligned with the new shiny toy, Ricochet. Renee said Styles reacted to Ricochet stepping up in a way he hadn’t seen, so Styles had to recalibrate his approach and alliances. Ricochet took control for a long stretch, including a Northern Lights suplex into a vertical suplex for a near fall.

Ricochet springboarded, but Styles caught him mid-air and dropped him neck-first over his knee. Styles clutched his knee afterward. Styles suplexed Ricochet into the corner and scored a near fall. Styles caught Ricochet with a sudden inverted DDT for a near fall. Styles then went for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Ricochet ducked. Styles face-planted Ricochet instead for a near fall. Ricochet countered a Styles Clash attempt with a roll-up for a near fall. Styles hit a Pelé kick and a brainbuster suplex for a near fall. Both were slow to get up. Styles set up a superplex, but Ricochet shoved him to the mat. Styles leaped back, but Ricochet dropped him neck-first over the top rope. Ricochet then landed a shooting star press for a near fall, but Anderson pointed out Styles’s leg was under the bottom rope. The ref stopped his count. Ricochet fended off Anderson interference, and as the ref got Anderson out of the ring, Gallows knocked Ricochet off balance. Styles got up and gave Ricochet a top rope Styles Clash for the three count. (Yikes, that felt like it could have gone so wrong.) Cole said it’s a shame Ricochet lost the title that way.

WINNER: Styles in 17:00 to capture the U.S. Title. (***1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: Styles kind of had to win there to retain any credibility as having a new edge with Anderson and Gallows at ringside for him. The match itself was really good. Something didn’t quite hit show-stealer level, but it was really good start to finish.)

-An ad aired for a WWE Network special on Batista.


During KO’s ring entrance, Graves said KO is so honest he paid him back some money he owed him from two months ago. He said that new honesty will be his detriment now. As Ziggler came out, Graves said he has to start producing in WWE. He said he’s been losing a lot more than winning lately. Ziggler slapped KO after the bell as they were yapping at each other. KO then gave Ziggler a quick Stunner for the victory. Philips said that’s a direct signal to Shane McMahon.

WINNER: Owens in 15 seconds.

-Afterward, KO said Shane isn’t around to cut his mic. He said he stands by what he said about Shane making people sick and he can kiss his ass and go straight to hell. He threw the mic over his shoulder and then played to cheering fans. Graves said a lot of people would disagree with KO.

-A video package previewed the WWE Title match.

-Charly Caruso interviewed Joe who said he is there to end the “unexceptional reign of Kofi Kingston.”

(9) KOFI KINGSTON vs. SAMOA JOE – WWE Title match

Joe came to the ring and the announcers spoke about how confident he seemed. Graves said Kofi’s title reign hits a wall tonight named Samoa Joe. The announcers talked about Joe carving a big part of his career in Philadelphia and how this could be the closest he has to a home field advantage because of that. Instead, though, Joe was largely booed and Kofi was cheered, although Kofi’s response wasn’t huge.

When the bell rang, Joe took Kofi down with a hard clothesline. He threw his backfists next. Joe swept Kofi’s knee and stayed on offense for several minutes. He slapped Kofi in the head and asked what’s wrong with Kofi. Shortly thereafter Kofi fought back and landed a top rope crossbody for a two count. Then Joe powerslammed Kofi for a two count to take control again. He powerbombed Kofi and leveraged his shoulders down for a one count. Joe transitioned into an STF mid-ring. Kofi reached the bottom rope with his foot to force a break. Kofi surprised Joe with an S.O.S. for a two count. Joe applied the Coquina Clutch and then slammed Kofi down hard and landed a quick senton, leaned back, and scored a near fall. Kofi surprised Joe with a Trouble in Paradise seconds later for the clean win. Not a hint of Brock Lesnar afterward.

WINNER: Kingston in 10:00 to retain the WWE Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Given WWE’s typical match-style patterns, Joe’s domination of 95 percent of the offense throughout the first ten minutes or so telegraphed Kofi winning in the end this way. It was well-done, but it does feel like Joe’s final shot at becoming a world champion.)

-Phillips threw to a commercial for iconic 1980s Rocket League cars with Macho Man and Ultimate Warrior decals.


Graves said Becky and Seth are at a disadvantage being in a relationship and fighting alongside each other. The match began four-and-a-half hours after the start of the Kickoff Show. A couple minutes in, Becky and Seth took it to both Lacey and Corbin with a barrage of kendo stick shots. Graves said he can’t say they didn’t deserve it. Becky and Seth then took out Lacey and Corbin at ringside with a sidekick and should drive, respectively.

It settled into Seth vs. Corbin, with Corbin taking control after blocking a diving Seth with a chair at ringside. Corbin DDT’d Seth on a chair in the ring two minutes later for a near fall. Seth threw Corbin into a chair wedged in the corner that Corbin set up. Seth then tagged in Becky. Becky and Lacey went at each other with chairs. Becky hit Lacey as Lacey held a chair in the air, and Lacey dropped the chair right onto Becky’s head. Becky took it to Lacey at ringside. Cole said she was on fire. Then they fought inside the ring, with Becky taking control after some back and forth. She climbed to the top rope, but Corbin moved Lacey out of the way. Seth leaped at Crbin and then threw a chair at him. Corbin caught it, and Becky dropkicked the chair into Corbin. Graves called it the “Man-Naminator.” Lacey then went after Becky. Cole said Lacey is as nasty as they come. Lacey then hit a moonsault off the top rope for a near fall.

Becky went for a Disarm Her and leveraged Lacey down for a two count. Lacey DDT’d Becky. Becky crawled over and tagged in Seth. Seth and Becky pulled a table out from under the ring and set it up at ringside. Then another. They all fought at ringside, with Corbin and Lacey having time to recover and take over, which Graves said would happen. Cole gave him credit for calling that. Corbin dropped Seth onto the announce table. Seth returned to the ring. Corbin pulled out two kendo sticks and entered the ring. Lacey took one of them. They took turns hitting Seth as Becky recovered at ringside. Becky ran in, but Lacey choke lammed her just as Corbin chokeslammed Seth. The ref counted, but both Becky and Seth kicked out.

At ringside Becky and Seth came back by reversing a Lacey and Corbin suplex attempt, slamming them back onto the ramp. All four were slow to get up. Graves said the Crossfit is paying off for Becky and Seth. Seth and Becky put Lacey and Corbin the tables at ringside. Seth and Becky climbed the ropes. Becky leaped first onto Lacey, then Seth leaped over them off the top onto Corbin. Both crashed through the tables. Cole said things just got extreme.

Back in the ring, Seth went for a stomp, but Corbin caught him with a Deep Six instead. Becky broke up the cover. Again, everyone was slow to get up. Becky threw Lacey out of the ring. Corbin gave Becky an End of Days. Cole and Renee flipped out. The fans booed. Graves said that was too far. Seth lost it and bashed away at Corbin with the kendo stick and then repeatedly bashed him with a chair. He was seething mad and delivered a Stomp. Lacey backed away at ringside, not wanting to get in the path of this. Seth delivered a second Stomp. Becky was on the floor writhing in pain. Seth then gave Corbin a third Stomp for the win.

WINNERS: Rollins & Lynch in 18:00. (***)

-Suddenly Lesnar’s music played. Cole said Heyman has lied before. But then Lesnar and Heyman walked out. Graves said Lesnar has come out, but not cashed in before. Lesnar entered the ring and suplexed Seth twice. Heyman handed the ref the briefcase and told Mike Rome he was cashing in. Rome announced he was cashing it in. The bell rang.

(11) BROCK LESNAR vs. SETH ROLLINS – WWE Title match

Lesnar gave Seth a quick F5 and scored the pin.

WINNER: Lesnar to capture the Universal Title in five seconds.

(Keller’s Analysis: This is a “wait and see” situation before being able to judge this big booking move.)

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  1. Was a damn good show in my opinion. When you go into a WWE PPV with little to no expectations, they usually end up being good shows. Stomping and Grounds and Extreme Rules were both good. I expect Summerslam to be a letdown.

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