8/14 NXT TV Report: Breakout Tournament Final, Breezango vs. Forgotten Sons, post-TakeOver comments

By Kelly Wells, PWTorch contributor


AUGUST 14, 2019

-Brief recap of all five matches from TakeOver.

-Opening video.

(1) BREEZANGO vs. THE FORGOTTEN SONS (Blake and Cutler)

Breezango was out first to a good reaction; Fandango made it clear that this is the same goofy act we knew from SmackDown.

Fandango and Cutler began. Cutler attempted a sunset flip but Fandango swayed his hips in his face and dropped down. Action headed outside and all four got into the act; when the action went back in, Jaxson Ryker got involved to help Wesley Blake get the drop on Tyler Breeze. Blake worked the back before tagging Cutler back in. Double backbreaker and Cutler covered for two. Suplex for two. Chinlock; Blake tagged in and Breeze leaped for the hot tag but Ryker pulled down Fandango. The ref saw it and ejected Ryker. Hot tag made and Fandango chopped Blake, then hit a powerslam on Blake and another on the interfering Cutler. Fandango went to the top and Blake got out of the way and hit a lariat. Blake made the tag, hit a Frankensteiner from the top and Cutler splashed from the other corner for two but Breeze broke it up using Blake. Tag to Blake but Fandango dumped both of the Sons and hit a tope con hilo on both. Breeze set up Blake in a monkey flip to Fandango’s waiting fists and Fandango covered for three.

WINNERS: Breezango at 5:23.

Kelly’s Analysis: That was a lively opener in front of an appreciative crowd. The action was nonstop and they kept it simple with the babyface win with nothing really on the line. There’s no reason to believe either way that this feud will continue yet, but I don’t think there are enough teams for these two to be done with one another.

-Cathy Kelley interviewed Pete Dunne. He said he’d be doing anything it takes to get the North American Championship from The Velventeen Dream.

-Backstage, Jordan Myles got ready for his Breakout Tournament final match.

-Recap of the eight men who entered the Breakout Tournament, including match finishes.

-Corey Taylor from Slipknot hopes you enjoyed TakeOver. He sure did. The video definitely wasn’t shot immediately after the one they showed before TakeOver and in the same location, of course.

-Recap of the tag team championship match from TakeOver.

-Cathy Kelley caught up with Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly after their loss. They both got serious (by their standards) and threw a tantrum over the wrong man being pinned; slo-mo replay suggests that Bobby Fish was perhaps trying to tag in before Kyle O’Reilly ended up eating the pin. It’s enough for the feud to continue, at any rate.

-Io Shirai video. “Descent into Darkness.” It’s set again to “Scary Mask” by Poppy, which is whatever musically, but a fantastic track for the twists and turns in Io’s psyche.

-Baszler-Yim recap.

-Cathy Kelley looked for a word with Shayna Baszler after the Women’s Championship match. Cathy asked if anyone had pushed her harder than Mia Yim out there. After a pause, Shayna simply said “And still,” and kept walking.

-Cole-Gargano recap. It got a good amount of TV time, as you might expect given that Cole and Gargano were onscreen for an hour at TakeOver.

-Backstage, Cameron Grimes psyched himself up for the main event. It’s next!

-Recap of Matt Riddle and Killian Dain’s TakeOver brawl. The match will finally come to a head next week.

(2) JORDAN MYLES vs. CAMERON GRIMES – Breakout Tournament Final

Myles and Grimes both came out to a reaction that said “This crowd isn’t up to date on NXT TV.” Grimes was fired up and Jessika Carr got between the two until the bell rang. Upon the bell, Grimes grabbed a waistlock. Myles escaped and held a wristlock but Grimes reversed back into the waistlock, then a headlock. Shoulderblock by Grimes, who ran the ropes right into a dropkick and Myles covered for one. Myles hit a dragon screw leg whip and continued to kick the left leg afterward until Grimes bailed. Myles followed but Grimes hit a leaping forearm. The crowd had been completely absent but a little “Let’s go Myles” chant got started. Grimes took Myles inside and ran his head into the bottom turnbuckle, and dragged him and covered for two. Fishhook by Grimes, then an armbar. Myles punched his way out but Grimes hit a hard lariat for two.

Grimes worked the left shoulder and the crowd clapped to fire Myles up. Myles escaped and hit another dragon screw, and both guys recuperated. Myles went at Grimes with lefts and then an axhandle and a basement dropkick to dump Grimes. He hopped to the apron and hit the PK on Grimes, then rolled him back in and went to the top and nailed a crossbody for two. Myles was slow to his feet but got there first, and dragged Grimes to the corner and went up. Grimes avoided the threat and hit an orange crush for a long two. Grimes walked into a backbreaker and German suplex for two. Grimes snapped the middle rope into Myles’s face to get an advantage and reversed a powerslam in midair for two. “This is awesome” chant got going on a night full of them.

Grimes superkicked Myles and then slid him into the corner, but Myles stopped himself and hit a kick of his own, then a brainbuster. Myles went up for a 450 splash and it was good to finish.

WINNER: Jordan Myles at 9:40.

After the match, William Regal met Myles at the ramp to hand him a contract for any NXT Championship shot. Myles celebrated as the show ended.

Kelly’s Analysis: If I hadn’t accidentally spoiled this for myself on Saturday, this would have been a very surprising result. This match was a decent showcase for both although I’ve seen both do more given larger time and bigger stakes. It’ll be interesting to see when Jordan Myles cashes in on his opportunity; nothing was said here and no timetable was stated either. The NXT Championship seems like a huge step and a dangerous place to put Myles so early, and the North American Championship doesn’t seem like a fit right now either, with Dream totally tied up with his own feuds at the moment. Are the tag team championships on the table? If 205 Live really does merge with NXT, I could see Myles hanging on for a couple of months and challenging for the Cruiserweight Championship, if it sticks around.

FINAL THOUGHTS: There isn’t a whole lot to say on a post-TakeOver show most of the time, but the Jordan Myles saga will definitely be an interesting one. I thought Grimes was a lock to win the tournament and probably be a TV challenger for the North American Championship, but apparently that’s not in the cards for now. Breezango figure to be in the tag team championship picture eventually, and it’ll be interesting to see if they’re the next challengers, or if they have to wait for Undisputed Era to inevitably win the championships back before they move up. Follow me all over social media @spookymilk and email me, Tom Stoup and Harley Pageot at pwtorchnxt@gmail.com with any questions or comments about NXT. Cheers!

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