8/28 WWE Main Event TV Report: Lacey Evans vs. Dana brooke with Lacey delivering a new elbow drop, Slater & Titus vs. Mojo & Young

By Mike F. Meyers, PWTorch contributor


AUGUST 28, 2019

Announcers: Renee Young, Byron Saxton


-Evans solid against Brooke, unveils new elbow drop.


The match began with Evans raising her hands to challenge Brooke to a test of strength. Brooke struggled to meet Evans’s hands, but she succeeded. Almost immediately Evans tried a cheap-shot right kick at Brooke’s exposed ribs, but Brooke dropped her hand and caught Evans’s leg. “That’s what happens when you’re all limbs, Lacey,” quipped Renee.

Treating her like a naughty doggo, Evans scolded Brooke with a pointed finger, telling her to “Put it down! Put it down!” Brooke obliged by sweeping her leg down and behind, causing Evans to faceplant onto the canvas. Brooke kicked Evans in the tuchus, sending her toward the corner, then mockingly fanned her own face before blowing Evans a kiss. Saucy.

When Evans charged at Brooke, Brooke took her down with a drop toehold, then scooped and slammed her to the mat before covering for a two-count. Evans rolled to ringside for a breather, but Brooke soon followed her out and slammed Evans back-first into the ring apron, then laid in forearms and chops before rolling Evans back into the ring.

Brooke launched into her handspring reverse elbow in the corner, but Evans, using the top ropes for support, lifted both knees and bounced Brooke harmlessly away. Evans pounced on Brooke and repeatedly slammed her face against the mat. She told the ref to “Shut up!” when he advised that she “Watch the hair.” Evans covered for a two-count, then applied an arm bar.

When Brooke nearly escaped, Evans dropped to the mat, executing a modified DDT, then gator-rolled Brooke to the edge of the ring. Evans slid out to the floor on her feet, then used the top edge of the illustrious Main Event ring apron to strangulate Brooke. After Evans broke the hold, Brooke rolled a few feet toward the center of the ring. This allowed Evans to bound over the top rope and land an elbow drop in a floppy, strange-looking, but effective manner. She covered Brooke again for two. Evans applied another arm bar.

This time when Brooke began to fight free, Evans fired her into a corner and executed more heel tactics: Hair pulling, and again choking Brooke, this time with an outstretched leg against the top rope.

Brooke finally gained the upper hand, landing a handspring splash in the middle of the ring, shoulder blocks in the corner, and a suspended powerbomb that led to a two-count. While the referee was dutifully repositioning the ring apron disrupted by Evans, Evans raked Brooke’s eyes, then landed the Woman’s Right. This leveled Brooke and was good for the three-count.

WINNER: Lacey Evans by pinfall.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Not a bad showing by either wrestler. Evans managed to not embarrass herself, and her unique elbow drop caused me to rewind three times. It was like watching a transformer transform. The match felt choreographed, but there may be hope for Evans yet.)

-Main Event recap session:

  • Return of Sasha Banks video package
  • Replay of Banks in-ring promo and ringside brawl with Natalya from Raw
  • Replay of Styles vs. Strowman from Raw
  • Orton-Kofi video package
  • Replay of Orton letter-reading and subsequent backstage brawl from Smackdown
  • Roman Reigns Whodunit video package
  • Replay of Reigns unveiling new murder footage to Bryan and Rowan


O’Neil and Young started off. O’Neil brought Young to his knees with a big vertical chop on his chest, then tagged in Slater. Slater clotheslined Young over the top rope, then yanked down the top rope when Rawley charged in to assist. Rawley sprawled over the rope and out to ringside with his partner. Slater juked an aerial assault, but instead swiveled his hips on the ring apron. We cut to commercial.

Young and Rawley had the upper hand after the break, and Young soon had Slater in a chinlock. Slater escaped with a jawbreaker, but was leveled again by Young with a reverse elbow. Slater returned fire with a knee lift across Young’s chest, leaving both men prone on the mat. After a brief hot tag session, O’Neil leveled Rawley three times with shoulder blocks. Young tagged in and caught a big boot. O’Neil splashed Young in the corner, then planted him with a big powerbomb for the pin and victory.

WINNERS: Heath Slater & Titus O’Neil by pinfall.

(Meyers’s Analysis: This was brief, even by Main Event standards. Pointless, except for the announce team repeatedly referring to the rekindling of the former partnership of Slater and O’Neil as “Slater Gator.”)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 6.2

FINAL THOUGHTS: Tune in to see Evans get some decent work in, then turn on your favorite episode of Perfect Strangers in lieu of the tag match.

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