9/3 WWE 205 LIVE TV REPORT: Dorado vs. Carrillo, Nese vs. Kanellis, Kendrick & Tozawa, Singh Brothers at Bollywood Acting Studios

By Michael Taylor, PWTorch contributor

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[NOTE: New PWTorch contributor Michael Taylor will be catching up on the latest episodes of 205 Live and then cover each weekly show going forward.]

Announcers: Vic Joseph, Aiden English, Nigel McGuiness

-The show opened capturing the fallout of Eric Rowan’s attack on Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan at the end of the preceding episode of Smackdown Live. Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton recapped the reveal of Rowan as Reign’s mystery attacker. Referees tried to assist Reigns to his feet. Reigns eventually walked to the back while selling the beatdown. Bryan remained on the remnants of the broken announcer’s table. The announce team emphasized it was now clear that Bryan was not involved in the attacks on Reigns and hyped the match between Reigns and Rowan at Clash of Champions.

-A backstage segment between Drake Maverick, Humberto Carrillo, and Lince Dorado was shown. Maverick announced the main event of the show would be between Carrillo and Dorado. Maverick noted Dorado’s previous comments about never receiving a shot at the Cruiserweight title. Maverick declared that if Dorado could beat Carrillo, he would be added to the Cruiserweight title match at Clash of Champions. The two wrestlers shook hands and the show transitioned to the 205 Live intro video.

(Taylor’s Analysis: Opening 205 Live this way would have been acceptable had the story between Reigns, Bryan, and Rowan not been handled so poorly. If you weren’t paying attention the last few weeks, this could spark interest over what had taken place between the three. Looking into it would probably just create more confusion, however, as the weeks preceding this were so odd. Establishing the main event of 205 Live early in the show was a nice touch and the story of the match was a good way to build interest throughout. WWE seriously needs to lay off multi-person matches, but the grouping of Gulak, Carrillo, and Dorado has potential to lead to a great match.)


-The announcers talked about both men trying to find their way back to relevancy after recent title loses. The match began with an amateur style takedown by Nese. Kanelllis attempted to take over with striking but was thwarted by evasive maneuvers by Neese. After suffering a flurry of blows, Kanellis retreated to the outside of the ring. Neese jumped over the top rope and avoided being grabbed by Kanellis by preforming a cartwheel on the ring apron to the floor. From there, Nese landed a hard left hand but was driven into the barricade back first. Kanellis landed a vicious DDT on the entrance ramp. Once he was able to recover, Kanellis made his way back in the ring as the referee continued the ten count. Barely escaping defeat, Nese returned to the ring by the count of 9 and was met with a modified Death Valley driver and an attempted pin fall. Maria Kanellis was shown watching the match from backstage, somewhat expressionless. The match returned full screen as Kanellis applied a chin lock. Nese broke the hold and attempted a springboard moonsault which missed. After landing on his feet, Nese was thrown over the top rope with a back-body drop. From there, Kanellis propped Nese on the barricade and landed a diving kick from the ring apron. After another attempted pin fall, Kanellis threw Nese on his shoulders, but Nese countered with a German suplex into the bottom turnbuckle. Maria was shown again at the monitor, seeming only slightly more invested in the match.

(Taylor’s Analysis: I’m fine with cutting away from the match to show that Maria watching from backstage, given the storyline between her and Mike. She fell victim to WWE’s awkward “watch the monitor from an angle” production choice, though. There’s no end in sight for this, it seems.)

After Kanellis returned to his feet, Nese hit a spinning heel kick and a springboard moonsault for a two count. Kanellis retaliated with a spine buster and a two count of his own. Eventually, both men made it back to their feet and attempted to take control in the corner of the ring. Nese hit a forearm while Kanellis was sitting on the top turnbuckle. After asserting control, Nese used a hurricanrana to hurl Kanellis to the mat below. From there, Kanellis broke from a pump handle slam attempt and hit a running lariat. Both men slowly made their way back to their feet. Arrogantly, Kanellis dared Nese to hit him and was met with a big left hand. Another series of traded blows occurred which ended with Kanellis back on the outside. After gaining momentum, Nese landed a twisting dive over the top rope. Back in the ring, Nese hit a 450-splash followed by a very near fall. Maria is shown for a third time, now grinning with excitement due to Mike’s will to kick out. After the near fall, Kanellis countered a running Nese attempt and hit a twisting face-plant for the win. Maria is shown looking pleased with the win.

WINNER: Mike Kanellis via pinfall.

(Taylor’s Analysis: A solid match between these two. I don’t typically encourage “This is Awesome” chants, however, I think it’s notable that they were able to engage what was left of the crowd enough to garner one. After a big, albeit flawed, angle to close Smackdown Live, and two plus hours wrestling on a weeknight, they kept what audience they had left interested. Both Mike Kanellis and Tony Nese could benefit from some time with Paul Heyman developing who they are as individuals. They audience would invest more in them if their characters felt more relatable. I don’t think the Mike and Maria storyline was all that entertaining in general, but hopefully WWE will practice some discipline and give it a payoff.)

-Lince Dorado was shown backstage warming up for the main event. Ariya Daivari approached Dorado and took credit for Dorado having the potential title opportunity. Dorado blamed Daivari for driving a wedge between the members of Lucha House Party. Dorado ended the segment by saying he is going to win the in the main event, and then reach out to reconcile with his friends by throwing a giant house party.

(Taylor’s Analysis: Dorado sounds comfortable talking in backstage segments but was left looking lame by having to force in a reference to an actual house party with his teammates. If a match between Dorado and Daivari takes place, it should be fun watch. Less clever scripting and more of a sense of wanting to physically best your opponent, please.)

-A commercial for the debut of NXT on USA aired.

-A Singh Brothers segment aired at the “Bollywood Actors Studio.” They theatrically addressed The Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa and passively suggested that they would compete against the two of them in the future.

(Taylor’s Analysis: The Bollywood gimmick is reminiscent of the early days of Goldust, minus all the intrigue and mystery. This came across rather flat and is the type of character work 205 Live would benefit from having less of.)


The Brian Kendrick and Brandon Scott began the match with Kendrick taking control almost immediately. A tag from Kendrick to Tozawa led to a tandem hip toss on Scott. From there, Tozawa landed a running senton splash followed by several knife edge chops. Another quick tag brought Kendrick back and the two completed a modified back body drop on Scott. After that, Scott tagged in Hastings who was met with an arm drag into an arm bar from Kendrick. After backing Kendrick up against the ropes, Hastings distracted the referee which allowed Scott to take a cheap shot on Kendrick from the apron. Hastings and Scott attempted a double team maneuver after a quick tag, but Kendrick was able to escape and tagged in Tozawa. Quickly, Tozawa leapt to the top rope and landed a missile drop kick on both Scott and Hastings. The offensive action from Tozawa continued until he tagged in Kendrick. Kendrick drove Scott face first into the mat after Tozawa landed a running kick to the back of Scott’s head for the win.

WINNERS: The Brian Kendrick & Akira Tozawa via pinfall.

-After the match, Kendrick took the microphone and called out Jack Gallagher for no-showing. Kendrick announced that Drake Maverick approved a tag match between Kendrick and Tozawa, and Gallagher and partner of his choosing the following week at Madison Square Garden.

(Taylor’s Analysis: It’s always refreshing to see an efficient, well-laid-out squash match. Both Kendrick and Tozawa got in the right amount of offense and took care of the jobbers quickly. Both Scott and Hastings did their part effectively as well.)

-A Connor’s Cure commercial aired, focusing on both children and their parents with a voiceover by Roman Reigns.

-A backstage interview with Oney Lorcan was quickly interrupted by the sounds of Tony Nese angrily hitting a road case in frustration. Lorcan approached Nese and attempted to console him, only to be blindsided by an attack from Nese. From there, Nese threw Lorcan into a wall and berated him before continuing the attack. Two officials stopped Nese and implored him to leave. As he walked away, Nese shouted that Lorcan had no idea what he had been through.

(Taylor’s Analysis: It seems too early in his losing streak to turn Nese heel, however, I’m all for it if means Oney Lorcan will be treated as the face in the feud. If given the right presentation, Lorcan has potential to be a Daniel Brayan-like underdog and can take that persona to any of WWE’s weekly programs.

-The camera cut to the announcers who condemned the attack.

(3) LINCE DORADO vs. HUMBER CARRILLO – If Dorado wins, he is added to the Cruiserweight Title Match between Drew Gulak and Humberto Carrillo at Clash of Champions.

-The two wrestles engaged in an aggressive handshake to start the match. After a firm lockup, both men traded quick arm bars. Dorado countered Carrillo’s with an overhead throw. From there, Carrillo targeted Dorado’s leg and maneuvered into a pin fall attempt. A fast-paced series of counters caused both men to separate and regroup in their respective corners. They circled each other and then butted heads in the middle of the ring. Loud strikes to the chest followed for each until a quickened pace lead to Carrillo taking the advantage with a hurricanrana. Dorado retreated to the ring apron and dodged an attack from Carrillo. With Carrillo on the outside of the ring, Dorado dove through the ropes and landed a tornado DDT on the floor.

(Taylor’s Analysis: A great way to end an exciting sequence of moves. Dorado and Carrillo are obviously very comfortable working a Lucha Libra style and have a good chemistry with each other.)

Back in the ring, Dorado kept the advantage with a standing splash and scored a two count. From there, Dorado delivered stiff kicks to Carrillo’s back before landing a standing moonsault for another two count. Dorado initiated a head lock, but Carrillo was able to make his way back to his feet before being leveled by a standing kick from Dorado. With Carrillo on the mat, Dorado made his way to the top rope and hit a big splash. After a two count, Dorado locked in a camel clutch. Carrillo created separation with an arm drag and charged Dorado in the corner. After a quick reversal, Dorado set Carrillo up on the top rope and attempted a super-plex. Carrillo blocked the move, but Dorado performed a backflip and landed back on the mat. While still on the top rope, Carrillo landed a stiff kick and then a missile drop kick. Both men laid on the mat after suffering impact of the landing. Eventually, both men returned to their feet and the pace began to quicken with Carrillo taking control. Carrillo executed a springboard arm drag which sent Dorado to the outside. After gaining momentum. Carrillo dove over the top rope and flipped on to Dorado. The crowd praised the match with a “205! 205!” chant.

(Taylor’s Analysis: Again, I am not one to encourage crowd chants, but it is nice to see the remainder of the crowd showing the 205 Live roster that they’re still actively engaged this late into the show.)

Carrillo threw Dorado back into the ring and quickly hit a moonsault from the tope rope for a close two count. From the pin fall attempt, Dorado attempted a handspring back-elbow, but Carrillo countered with an arm drag. From there, Dorado hit an inverted-rana for another close two-count.

(Taylor’s Analysis: Carrillo’s head made no contact with the mat, but it landed almost exclusively on the back of Dorado’s legs. The move obviously went somewhat awry but still looked impactful and luckily didn’t end worse for Carrillo).

Dorado landed several punches and chops to Carrillo until Carrillo countered with a modified sit-down powerbomb. After a two count, both men slowly made their way back to their feet and slugged it out with more chops and forearms. Despite a stern kick from Carrillo, Dorado took control with a gut buster and climbed the top rope. With Carrillo in position on the mat below, Dorado hit a shooting star press but was not able to complete a cover. After surviving a surprise inside cradle from Carrillo, Dorado hit a hurricanrana for the victory, and the Cruiserweight title match at Clash of Champions officially became a triple-threat match.

WINNER: Lince Dorado via pinfall

-After the match, Drew Gulak attacked Lince Dorado who was celebrating his victory on the stage. It appeared as if Carrillo was going to help Dorado, but he was then attacked by Tony Nese. Gulak and Nese acknowledged each other with a nod and continued to assault Dorado and Carrillo. With Dorado laying prone in the corner, Nese executed Running Nese. Gulak then hit a spinning neck breaker on Carrillo. Gulak and Nese celebrated as the show ended.

(Taylor’s Analysis: A very good match between Dorado and Carrillo. Again, I’m unsure of the heel turn for Nese, and it doesn’t make much sense that he would side with Gulak since that is who is losing streak began with. There’re at least a few fresh matchups on the horizon with the heel and face rosters forming this way. Overall, this episode had some solid in-ring work and is worth watching. 205 Live continues to suffer from following Smackdown Live and should really take place before a crowd that isn’t worn out. A change in atmosphere would really freshen the show up.)

New PWTorch contributor Michael Taylor will be catching up on the latest episodes of 205 Live and then cover each weekly show going forward.

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