10/15 NWA POWER TV REPORT: Mr. Anderson & Colt Cabana, Trevor Murdoch, Wild Cards vs. Eddie Kingston & Homicide, Ashley Fox vs. Allysin Kay, Nick Aldis

By Michael Taylor, PWTorch contributor

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OCTOBER 15, 2019

Announcers: Joe Galli, Jim Cornette

-The show opened with highlights from the premiere episode of Power, featuring promos from Eli Drake, Tim Storm, as well as the conclusion of the Aldis-Storm match for NWA Heavyweight Title. The show’s intro video played, and the camera panned the crowd before landing with the announcers.

– Cornette and Galli ran down the evening’s show and threw to Josh Marquez who introduced Arron Stevens. Stevens said he had been away from pro-wrestling for a while but was excited to return upon finding out that the NWA, and pro-wrestling itself, was back. Stevens then requested that no one in the studio, including the fans, make eye contact with him ever again. As the crowd laughed, Stevens yelled at them to stop and called himself a “serious thespian”. Marquez asked who Stevens was planning on facing first. Stevens did not answer but called himself a star and left the interview saying, “They love me, they really love me!”

(Taylor’s Analysis: It’s too early to tell what Stevens is going for, but this wasn’t a great start. I think he’s ultimately supposed to be a heel, but he came across way too quirky and comedic. His facial expressions and interactions with the audience made it hard to take him seriously.)


-With Murdoch already in the ring, Starks made his entrance. The bell rang and the two locked up. Murdoch attempted a powerslam, but Starks countered. The two then traded chops until Murdoch took control with a boot to the face. Cornette said that Murdoch had left pro-wrestling because he was tired of the show-biz aspects of other promotions and that he was looking to fight the toughest men he could find. With Starks on the mat, Murdoch attempted a leg drop from the second rope but missed. Starks then hit a neck breaker for a two count. From there, Starks hit a dropkick from the second rope. Murdoch then countered a tornado DDT and landed several strikes. The pace quickened until Starks cinched in a crucifix pin for the victory.

WINNER: Ricky Starks via pinfall

– Starks was shown at the interview desk with Marquez. Murdoch quickly interrupted and extended his hand for a handshake. Murdoch congratulated Starks before leaving. Starks acknowledged the respect he had for Murdoch. He then said his goals were not limited to winning titles, but rather, to elevate his entire game to a new level. He boasted about his good looks and the interview ended.

(Taylor’s Analysis: This was a quick, standard match to establish Starks. The announcers talked up Murdoch’s resume which was effective in making him seem like a credible veteran. Starks’ promo was a bit aimless and didn’t establish his intentions. It didn’t do any damage, but also didn’t make me want to hear him talk more.)

-A “breaking news” bumper was shown and a pre-taped segment with Joe Galli aired. Galli recapped his interview with Nick Aldis in which he asked about the relationship between Aldis and Kamille. A clip was shown of Aldis calling Galli’s questions clickbait. Galli then claimed he was a journalist who was only after the truth. Galli announced he would conduct a sit-down interview with Aldis and Kamille later in the evening.

-A commercial for the next set of studio tapings aired.

-The show returned with Galli interviewing Colt Cabana. Galli brought up James Storm and the NWA National Heavyweight title. Cabana acknowledged his loss to Storm but said he was a new man who was ready for a new title. Galli asked about Cabana’s scheduled tag match that would follow the interview. Cabana announced his mystery partner to be Ken Anderson. Anderson entered the booth and said everyone in the building knew what he and Cabana were there to do. The two then made their way to the ring.


-The match started with Cabana and Rinauro. Cabana theatrically countered Rinauro’s offense and played to the crowd before tagging in Anderson. Cornette began talking about how he sometimes discredited Cabana because of his outlandish in-ring style but also said he expected a more serious Cabana now that he was with the NWA. Anderson entered the ring and hit a sidewalk slam on Rinauro. Kingsley entered the ring after a tag but was quickly slammed by Anderson. After a back-body drop, Anderson tagged Cabana who hit a running elbow drop. Cabana quickly tagged Anderson who backed Kingsley in the corner. Rinauro made a blind tag but was easily controlled by Anderson. From there, Anderson slammed Rinauro into Kingsley who had remained in the ring. Cabana and Anderson then hit tandem offense on Rinauro for the victory.

WINNERS: Colt Cabana & Ken Anderson via pinfall

(Taylor’s Analysis: The pairing of Cabana and Anderson feels random, but I think it can be effective if they continue as a team and establish more chemistry. It was very interesting to hear Cornette talk about Cabana’s future with the NWA. Cornette’s view of comedic, theatrical wrestling is well established and Cabana’s take on that style was on full display during this match. I would also like to see Cabana focus on being more serious while in the NWA.)

-A pre-taped segment aired showing Nick Aldis leaving the building after his interview with Joe Galli. Aldis claimed that he didn’t think the interview should make the air and that he probably said things he didn’t mean. He called Galli’s questions out of line before getting in his car and leaving.

-A commercial aired with Tony Falk, advertising his “waffles and tire irons” store.

-A pre-taped interview with Eddie Kingston, Homicide, and announcer Joe Davis was shown. Kingston claimed the Wild Cards couldn’t prove anything until they beat himself and Homicide in the ring.

(3) ALLYSIN KAY (champion) vs. ASHLEY VOX

-Kay made her entrance with Vox already in the ring. The match was announced as non-title and the bell rang. Kay quickly wrestled Vox to the mat before allowing her to return to her feet. The pace quickened and Vox hit a dropkick. Both countered offense until Kay hit a powerslam. Kay caught a diving Vox and hit a fallaway slam for a two count. From there, Kay hit a German suplex for a two count. Vox reversed a slam, hit another dropkick and a flying head scissors for a two count. Kay then reversed a submission attempted and hit a modified pile driver for the victory.

WINNER: Allysin Kay via pinfall

-After the match, Marquez interviewed Kay. Marquez asked why Kay chose Vox as her opponent. Kay said this was a new era for the NWA and then asked Vox to come to the interview booth. Kay said this wasn’t Vox’s night but that the NWA women’s division was in good hands.

(Taylor’s Analysis: This wasn’t quite a squash but was still effective in establishing Kay as dominant. Her interview was so short she didn’t have a chance to show her ability to talk. I look forward to seeing more time dedicated to establishing the women’s division.)

-The aftermath of the Aldis-Storm title match was shown including footage of Storm denying an interview request.

-Joe Galli interviewed James Storm. Storm took over the interview and called the National Heavyweight title a prop. He yelled loudly that he was there to become the NWA World Heavyweight champion and could do so with Tim Storm out of the title picture. The interview was interrupted by Eli Drake who said that Storm should not minimize the importance of the National Heavyweight title. Drake concluded by telling Storm to remember him regardless of what title he held in the future.

(Taylor’s Analysis: The fact that Drake made a point to emphasize the importance of the NWA’s secondary title was a great touch. This seems to be foreshadowing a feud between Drake and James Storm which should be great. However, I hope James Storm never yells that much in a promo unless the situation calls for it.)

-A commercial for Austin Idol’s wrestling school aired.

(4) THE WILD CARDS (champions) vs. EDDIE KINGSTON & HOMICIDE – NWA Tag Team Title match

-Kingston and Homicide made their way to the ring followed by The Wild Cards. Latimer and Kingston started the match. The two traded blows until Issacs tagged in. Kingston wrestled Issacs to the mat before tagging Homicide. Issacs countered offense by Homicide. The Wild Cards then kept control of the match with a series of quick tags. Issacs returned to the ring and scaled the top rope but was knocked off by Homicide. After a tag, Kingston entered the ring and hit high-impact offense on the champions. The Dawsons then entered the ring and attacked both teams. The beatdown continued as the referee called for the bell.

WINNERS: No contest

(Taylor’s Analysis: The beatdown on both teams allowed the Dawsons to continue to show their viciousness. However, I hope this is the last run-in/no contest we see for a long time. Also, I do not want to see this lead to a triple threat match between all three teams. The NWA should avoid multi-person matches as much as possible.)

-The camera then cut to Galli’s interview with Aldis and Kamille. Galli asked what was going through Aldis’s head after beating Tim Storm. Aldis said he felt like he had been a car accident after his match with Storm and that everything he said about respecting Storm was true. Galli asked why Aldis needed Kamille as an insurance policy. Aldis angrily avoided answering the question and brought his loss at All In due to outside interference. He said Kamille was only at his side to make sure nothing like that ever happened again. Galli asked Kamille what she was getting out of the arrangement between her and Aldis. Kamille acted as if she was going to speak but then chose not to. Before leaving, Aldis said he never wanted to be accused of keeping Kamille from speaking again. Aldis and Kamille left the interview and ending credits closed the show.

(Taylor’s Analysis: Kamille’s facial expressions made it seem like she was the one choosing not to speak, which is not the direction I expected this to go. Aldis knows how to switch between acting professionally and a defensive jerk. Because he comes off as so trustworthy at first, his eventual change in tone and demeanor are that much more effective.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Episode two of NWA power was a great watch. The promos felt a little less focused and riveting than they did the previous week but the show maintained its sports-like feel and classic pro-wrestling presentation.

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