11/9 AEW FULL GEAR PPV RESULTS: Keller’s report with analysis including Jericho vs. Cody, Omega vs. Moxley, Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


NOVEMBER 9, 2019

Tonight after AEW Full Gear, join me live with guest cohost Zack Heydorn to break down the event with live callers, mailbag, and an on-site correspondent from Baltimore, Md.

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Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Golden Boy

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

-The stage set featured a lot of gears in front of the stage and next to the big screen.

-A pre-match video package aired on the opener with Bea Priestley calling Dr. Brit Baker unprofessional.


Taz said Baker has the flu. Taz said he’s wrestled with upper respertory issues before and it’s not fun. Lots of near falls and back-and-forth action. Late in the match, Priestley leaped off the top rope to a double stomp to the back of Baker on the ring apron, which led to a near fall. Priestly came back with a Destroyer for a believable near fall. A minute later she forced Priestley to tapout to Lockjaw. Taz said after a lot of matches, people say it could have gone either way, and in this match, it really could have gone either way.

WINNER: Baker in 12:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good match. If Priestly was feeling the effects of the flu, that’s a real impressive effort.)

-The lights went out and then Awesome Kong appeared on stage with Brandi Rhodes. She marched to the ring and gave Priestley a spinning backfist. She then took out a knife and handed it to Brandi, then delivered a face plant. Fans chanted “Kong! Kong! Kong!” Brandi then pulled up on some of Baker’s hair and then Kong sawed it off with the knife, smelled it, and then put it in her belt as almost a trophy. Brandi and Kong then left together.

-A video package previewed the Santana & Ortiz vs. Young Bucks match. Ross said he thinks it won’t make Bucks fans happy when he says this, but he thinks it’ll turn out Santana & Ortiz are the better team.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was a good stage-setter. Good to hear from the wrestlers and others, giving off the feeling that others think this is a significant match between two big-time teams.)

-Justin Roberts stood mid-ring and introduced Jim Ross. He came out to his OU music.


Commentators: Jim Ross, Excalibur

-A video package aired on the top matches on the show. Would’ve been strategically wise to find room on the pre-show for this.

-Pyro blasted to introduce the show.

(1) PROUD & POWERFUL (Santana & Ortiz) vs. THE YOUNG BUCKS (Matt & Nick Jackson)

They showed the Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) at ringside. Morton had some words for Santana & Ortiz. The Young Bucks stepped between them and hugged the Express. The Bucks controlled the early action. There was a four-person camel clutch which you have to see as there’s no way to describe it. Ross said there can’t be a decision because all four were in the ring. Ross said wrestlers should break at four because they will be disqualified at five. Ross was intent on tracking who was the legal man in the ring, and Excalibur noted a blind tag by the Bucks he didn’t catch. Matt landed a flying top rope elbow on Santana for a near fall at 7:00.

The match turned when Nick went for a roundkick on the ring apron, but Santana dropped down and Nick’s leg hit the ringpost. All four fought at ringside. Ortiz and Santana threw the Bucks into the laps of Ricky and Robert, then Ortiz blew some snot out of his nose at them. Ross was really upset with the snot, calling for decorum and noting Ricky and Robert are their guests. Excalibur noted that the Bucks were ranked no. 3 in AEW’s first tag team rankings that came out yesterday, but Ortiz & Santana could leapfrog them with a win here.

Nick finally hot-tagged Matt at 13:00 and he went to work on Ortiz and Santana, suplexing both of them at once and scoring a near solo double-pin. The crowd popped and chanted “AEW! AEW!” Nick favored a leg and tagged out to Matt. They went for a Meltzer Driver, but Nick’s right leg gave out as he springboarded and he crashed hard. They set up More Bang For Your Buck, but Santana helped Ortiz break free. The injured Nick tagged back in. They announced 20 minutes had gone by, 10 minutes remained. Santana knocked the gum out of Nick’s mouth and then put it in his mouth. Fans chanted “You sick f—!” Then he spit the gum at him. Nick’s leg got better enough to superkick both Santana and Ortiz before his leg gave out. Santana caught Nick with a powerbomb, but Matt shoved Ortiz into the pin attempt to break the count. Santana and Ortiz then gave Nick their Street Sweeper double-team finisher for the win.

WINNERS: Proud & Powerful in 22:00. (***3/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: Really good match start to finish. Not frenetic and overwrought with crazy spots, but it had enough for those looking for that and also didn’t burn out the crowd trying to “steal the show.” So just right.)

-Sammy Guevara came out afterward with a sock full of baseballs. Ricky and Robert broke up their attempt to use it against the Bucks. Robert and Matt worked over Santana. Ricky then did a Canadian Destroyer over the top rope onto Santana and then dove through the ropes onto both Santana and Ortiz. The crowd ate it up. The two teams hugged. Ross said there is some magic left in the bones of the Rock & Roll Express. Ross said since the 1970s, there’s no tag team that compares to the Rock & Roll Express in terms of success and longevity.

-Ross noted that Tony Schiavone was on assignment with college football. They talked about the Women’s Title, Tag Team Title, and World Title matches coming up later, plus the Lights Out match between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega. Ross said up first, though, is Hangman Page vs. Pac.


As Pac came out, Excalibur talked about how unpleasant he is. Ross said he is so talented and a top level athlete. Ross said he came to AEW feeling he had been held back before, then said, “You’re not held back here, pal.” Page then came out. Ross said he’s young, smart, and powerful, but he’s been struggling since losing to Jericho in the AEW Title match. Excalibur said it was a crushing defeat, especially with his family present for his first-ever world title main event match.

When Page got in an early offense flurry, fans chanted “Cowboy Shit.” Ross said while fans were “chanting Page’s latest t-shirt,” Pac made a comeback and took over. Page, though, punched Pac off the top rope. He landed on his feet. Page then dove through the ropes and tackled Pac. Excalibur helped Ross with the Spanish name for the move – top suicida. Ross said it was a “suicide dive” in his day. Excalibur said that’s what it is, but he used Spanish. Ross said he’d just call it the English name, then. Their dynamic is fun as they bounce off each other and develop their chemistry.

Pac went on sustained offense, methodically stomping away and grinding away at Pac. He settled into a side headlock. Page fought out of it. Pac stayed in control and went for a Phoenix Splash, but Page moved. Ross said he engaged in too much interaction with the audience before going for the move and it cost him. Fans chanted “Cowboy Shit!” as Page chopped away at Pac. Pac then caught Page with a boot to the face and then landed a spinebuster for a two count. A “Let’s Go Hangman / Let’s Go Pac!” dueling chant broke out. Page slammed Pac onto the edge of the ring apron and then shoved him into the ring apron. Page then landed a flip dive onto Pac on the floor.

Back in the ring, Page took Pac down with a high boot and scored a near fall. Pac rolled to the floor to avoid the Page’s finisher when he spotted the set-up. Pac brainbuster suplexed Page onto chairs at ringside. Pac launched off the top rope with a missile dropkick for a near fall. Pac connected with a high roundkick and then climbed to the top rope, but Page knocked him off balance. Page then gave Pac a fallaway slam off the top rope. When Page went for the Buckshot, Pac side kicked him and then hit a released German suplex. Page came back with a quick released powerbomb. Page lifted Pac, but Pac shifted into the Brutalizer. Page dropped to one knee and seemed to be fading. Ross said he has to communicate with the official to avoid the match being stopped. They dropped into the ropes. The ref separated them. Pac then set up Page for his Black Arrow. Page moved. Then he went for the Buckshot. Pac blocked it and went for a mule kick. Page blocked it and then gave Pac a spinning elbow and a clothesline followed by his Dead Eye for the win.

WINNER: Page in 19:00. (***1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: Another really strong match. Stiff, well paced. Good to see Page get a clean win, and good to see AEW bookers willing to have a decisive victor here when it must’ve been tough call.)


They fought at the bell before getting their ring gear removed. Ross said Spears has a great upside, but he just need to find the meanest streak and he can and then keep it. Janela superkicked Spears, but when he leaped off the ring apron, Spears powerslammed him onto the ringside mat.

Spears tied Janela’s long hair to the top turnbuckle with the tag rope. He tried to fight back while pulling himself free. He finally broke free, but Spears avoided his flying dropkick and then applied a scorpion death lock. Janela reached the ropes, then surprised Spears with a side kick. Janela landed a flip senton off the top rope onto Spears on the floor. He dove through the ropes and speared Spears against the ringside barricade. Then he threw kicks in the ring followed by a lariat to the back of Spears followed by a quick basic vertical suplex for a two count.

Tully created a brief distraction which gave Spears a little time to recover and make a comeback, dropping Janela back-first over the top turnbuckle. Ross compared Tully in appearance to Gregg Popovich, head coach of the San Antonio Spurs NBA team. Spears exposed the top turnbuckle as Tully distracted the ref. As the ref put the pad back on, Tully leaped off the ringside steps with a spike piledriver on Janela at ringside. Spears then landed the Death Valley Driver for the win.

WINNER: Spears in 10:00. (**3/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: Good use of Tully and strong performance from both Spears and Janela. Spears is carrying himself as a higher-end wrestler.)

-Golden Boy interviewed Kip Sabian. He asked Golden Boy’s name, then said he wouldn’t remember it anyway. Golden Boy asked why Sabian has had an attitude change. Sabian said he has found people he can trust and rely on whom he has chemistry with. In walked Penelope Ford, who kissed him on his cheek. He said they are the Super Bad Squad, ready to bring “sex appeal back to this loser-infested company.” Ford said “Why be bad when you can be super-bad.” Sabian said, “So long, dweeb.”

(Keller’s Analysis: Good character defining promo there. I’m waiting for Jim Ross to compare them to Chris Adams and Sunshine given Sabian’s accent and Ford’s long straight blond hair.)

(4) SCU (Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian) vs. LUCHA BROTHERS (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) vs. PRIVATE PARTY (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) – AEW Tag Team Title match

The early minutes were one series of multi-person graceful and athletic moves after another. It was fun to watch, and Ross was really good praising the moves and crediting one series in particular to three or four generations of wrestling eras incorporated into a sequence. Because there were three teams, and lots of run-ins and spots with several people, it didn’t really tie together as having a theme or story, though. About seven minutes in, after other dives, Rey Fenix did a triple springboard into a twisting corkscrew moonsault dive onto the waiting crowd at ringside ready to catch him.

Ross urged Marq Quen to get to it when he didn’t have a sense of urgency as he set up a top rope moonsault onto Kaz. He said no time for a board room meeting. Kaz blocked a Quen huracanrana off the top rope. SCU then landed the SCU Later on Kassidy for the win.

WINNERS: SCU in 13:00 to retain the AEW Tag Team Titles.

(Keller’s Analysis: What you’d expect here with three teams with that much athleticism. A bit tough to really decipher as anything more than a series of complex athletic dazzling spots, but that’s fine now and then. I’m glad they just got in, did their thing, and went to the finish in a tight 13 minutes.)

-Afterward, the Lucha Bros. attacked SCU. Excalibur said they were frustrated having lost two in a row to them. Suddenly the lights went out again. When the lights came back on, a masked man whom Excalibur called “Pentagon Tres” was in the ring with Pentagon Jr. Pentagon Tres attacked Pentagon Jr. Then Rey Fenix entered for the save, but Tres gave Angels Wings to Fenix onto Pentagon Jr. Then he unmasked as Christopher Daniels. There wasn’t the type of pop you’d look for. The make-up might have thrown off the fans. But then came a “Fallen Angel” chant. As the Lucha Bros. left, Daniels yelled, “Let’s finish this!”

-A video package set the stage for the Women’s Title match.

(5) RIHO vs. EMI SAKURA – AEW Women’s Title match

Sakura was emotional, which the announcers pointed out. Excalibur said Sakura has beat Riho 17 out of 32 times they’ve wrestled one-on-one. After some back and forth early action, Sakura got in some sustained offense. Riho landed a 19 and then a top rope crossbody for a near fall. Sakura then came back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a Vader stomp in the corner. Then a Vader elbow for a near fall.

More back and forth. Sakura landed a nasty backdrop driver followed by an inverted body vice into a face-first slam. Riho stopped the count with her foot on the bottom rope. Riho escaped a butterfly suplex with a double knee drive. Sakura leveraged Riho down for a two count. They countered each other in a series of moves that ended with Riho delivering another knee to the side of Sakura’s head. Then she scored a three count pin with a high stack leverage cover. Ross said that finish shows fundamentals still work. Excalibur said despite losing, he thinks Sakura will show this match to her students to teach them. Afterward, Sakura smiled and raised Riho’s arm. Fans cheered.

WINNER: Riho in 13:00 to retain the AEW Women’s Title. (**1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: Solid match. The crowd still doesn’t seem totally engaged with Riho, but they’re not rejected it, either.)

-A video package aired on the Jericho-Cody match.

(6) CHRIS JERICHO (w/Jake Hager) vs. “AMERICAN NIGHTMARE” CODY (w/MJF) – AEW World Title

Ross said, “as the old saying goes,” you could “literally cut the tension with a knife.” Justin introduced the ringside judges – Arn Anderson, The Great Muta, and Dean Malenko. Cody made his grand ring entrance with blasts of fire and pyro and dramatic music out of a “Game of Thrones” climax scene. He slapped hands with MJF and they headed to the ring together.

As ring introductions began, Cody looked around the historical wrestling arena and soaked up the moment. Justin said Cody is the grandson of a plumber and the father of a husky. Cody shot Justin a smile. Justin noted he’s gone from “undesirable to undeniable.” Fans began chanting “Cody! Cody!” Ross called Jericho “the master of reinvention.” Excalibur noted it’s Jericho’s 49th birthday “and he’s never been better.” Ross said it could be a disastrous birthday. Excalibur said it could also be a great one. Ross agreed “feast or famine.”

Match began at about 10:15 ET. After a feeling out process, Jericho went to ringside to yell at the judges. Might be a bad strategy there. Ross noted the history of Jericho and Malenko on TNT in the 1990s. In the first big spot of the match, Cody dove through the ropes and speared Jericho. They cut to a brief shot of Cody’s mom watching. Cody then hit Jericho with a missile dropkick in the ring for a soft two count.

Cody flew over the top rope. Jericho move. Cody landed face-first on the ramp. He came up bleeding from his forehead. Jericho was in between Cody and the camera, so it wasn’t clear what the impact really was. The ref called for a doctor to check on Cody. The crowd was pretty quiet. Jericho walked around with his arms raised. The doc soaked up some blood with a white tissue. Cody rolled back into the ring. That seemed to indicate the match story would be built around the effects of that move. Hager provided Jericho with a chair. Jericho sat and relaxed for a few seconds. Then he kicked Cody. They replayed the opposite angle of Cody landed head-first on the metal ramp.

Hager took a cheap shot at Cody at ringside as MJF yelled at the referee. Several minutes later, Cody caught Jericho’s Lionsault with lifted knees to show the first real sign of life in a while. He hit a quick springboard second rope Diamond Cutter for a near fall. Cody stood and played to the crowd and shook the top rope. He gave Jericho a bicycle kick and then mounted him in the corner and got the crowd to chant ten times as he punched him over and over. Cody then knocked Jericho off the ring apron with a Disaster Kick. Jericho took over at ringside and rammed Cody back-first into the ringpost. Excalibur said Cody hitting his head earlier probably knocked 40 percent off his gas tank. Jericho sauntered over and mouthed off to Cody’s mom. Cody’s mom, Michelle, slapped him. Cody attacked Jericho. His mom took another shot at Jericho. Cody kissed and hugged his mom, then quickly returned to the ring.

Cody put Jericho in a figure-four mid-ring at 20:00. Hager hit Cody to break the hold. The ref scolded him. Ross told the ref to send Hager to the back. Cody threw Jericho into Hager, then rolled him up. Ross said, “This could do it!” Jericho kicked out, and sent Cody flying into Hager’s fist. The ref then sent Hager to the back. When MJF gloated, Hager kicked him and threw him into the ringside barricade. So in just a few seconds, the idea of Hager interfering to cost Cody the match seemed to be eliminated, as did MJF turning on him. Jericho then hit Cody with the belt while the ref was sending Hager to the back. Jericho threw the belt out of the ring and pretended to be knocked out on his back, too. Jericho crawled over and covered Cody. Cody kicked out at the last second. The crowd popped.

Cody blocked Judas Effect and executed the Crossroads for a believable near fall that popped the crowd big. Both were slow to get up. Fans chanted “This is awesome!” They sat up and alternated taking shots at each other. Cody channeled his dad Dusty in the wind-up to a bionic elbow and then connected with Jericho for a dramatic near fall. Cody leaped off the middle rope, but Jericho caught him mid-air with a Code Breaker for another believable near fall. They showed MJF staring intently. Jericho removed his weight-lifters belt and whipped Cody across his back five times. Jericho applied a Lion Tamer mid-ring after countering a huracanrana. Cody powered up with his arms. Fans chanted “Cody!” Cody reached the bottom rope to force a break. Jericho went right after Cody with a barrage of punches. The ref scolded Jericho because Cody was in the ropes. Jericho poked the ref. She shoved Jericho. Cody rolled up Jericho for a near fall. Jericho then applied another Walls of Jericho. Jericho stomped Cody’s head a couple times and then really leaned back. MJF threw in the white towel. The ref called for the bell. Fans were outraged, but I think in a largely good way – aimed at MJF.

WINNER: Jericho in 30:00 to retain the AEW World Hvt. Title. (****1/4)

-Jericho celebrated with the Inner Circle on the stage. MJF explained to Cody what happened. Cody looked upset and said “that’s bullshit.” Cody’s body was showing signs of the brutality of the match. Fans chanted, “You f—ed up!” MJF kneeled mid-ring and cried from the stress of the moment. Cody regained more of his senses and looked out to the crowd. Ross wondered if MJF should have waited a little longer. Cody helped MJF to his feet. Cody put his hand on his shoulder as if to suggest he was accepting of MJF’s decision to fault on the side of looking out for him. MJF then kicked Cody in the crotch and shoved him down.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m curious how people feel about that finish. I think it’s really smart. Those two delivered a tremendous 30 minute match. That didn’t seem like a copout finish as much as a major seed being planted for the post-match angle. It also gives Cody that loophole to agree to accepting another AEW Title match much later down the line since he didn’t get pinned or submit, and it turns out MJF cost him the match on purpose. And that match was so good psychologically, it’s hard to resent the finish too much. Cody and Jericho were just great at making everything count and milking every emotional twist and turn. It also works really well here to have a Lights Out match to follow it because a Lights Out match has to come at the end of the night, including after the AEW World Title match which, otherwise, should as a rule conclude PPVs. This finish could work to close a PPV, but it’d be more risky. As for MJF turning this soon, I can see a case for or against. It’s so hard to believe him as a babyface, that stretching it out even longer lacked credibility and could have made Cody seem naive. This played into Cody being a trusting friend who was too trusting. There’s a lot they can sink their teeth into on Dynamite in coming weeks to flesh this out more.)

(7) KENNY OMEGA vs. JON MOXLEY – Unsanctioned Lights Out match

Omega made his ring entrance first. Then Dean came through the crowd. Justin gave Moxley the “John Cena” version of “Jon.” The camera followed him on the floor as he made his way through the deep floor seats. Ross emphasized this will not count in the record books. He wondered why there’s even a referee. Ross said this will be bowling shoe ugly at times, but damn sure a slobber-knocker. Mox hit Omega with the lid of a trash can. Omega took over shortly thereafter and threw Mox into the crowd. Then he got a running start and leaped over the ringside barricade and dropkicked Mox. Then hit bashed Mox with a chair across his back. Ross said if anyone doubted whether Omega is a “tough guy,” he just showed he is. Omega put a trash can on Mox and then leaped off the lower seats onto Mox. He took a beverage cup from a fan and threw it at Mox.

Mox took over and gave Omega a suplex onto the floor. Mox pulled a barbed wire bat out from under the ring. Omega blocked it, but Mox jabbed him and then hit him across his back with it. They showed puncture wounds on Omega’s back. Mox put it on Omega’s back and stood on it. Mox played to the crowd as some briefly chanted, “You sick f—!” When Omega went for a back suplex, Mox blocked it and then scraped the barbed wire against his arm. Omega then piledrove Mox onto the crushed metal trash can. Omega leaned a table against the ringside barricade and then pulled a barbed wire broom. Mox threw the trash can at Omega and went for a dive, but Omega bashed him in the head with the barbed wire. “Holy shit!” chanted fans. Mox then bashed Mox across his back with the barbed wire. Mox bled. Ross asked, “What are we seeing?” Omega then swept Mox’s back with the broom as fans cringed. Omega then stomped the broom on Mox’s back. “AEW!” chanted the fans. Ross said the smartest thing AEW did was refuse to sanction this. They showed a woman in the crowd gasping with her hand up to her face.

Omega then pushed the barbed wire into Mox’s forehead. Omega then dropped Mox face-first into the barbed wire. Omega went to ringside and pulled out another trash can. He threw it into the ring. Then he moonsaulted with the trash can onto Mox (although the can itself came up a bit short which took away some of the effect they were going for). Omega pulled a table out from under the ring. It had a couple dozen mouse traps blued to it. Another woman in the crowd stared down, mouth wide open. Ross said this is a first. “I don’t like dealing with one of those damn things.” A bloody Mox and Omega battled mid-ring. As Omega charged off the ropes, Mox caught Omega with a hard clothesline that flipped Omega over. Mox then dropped Omega onto the table of mouse traps. Omega reacted like he was being electrocuted. Mox pulled up a plastic crate filled with gold chains. Not necklaces, but heavy-duty chains. Mox stacked them into a pile, then side slammed Omega onto them. When Omega kicked out, Mox sat up and smiled at the camera at ringside. Mox wrapped the chain in Omega’s mouth and pulled back. Omega broke it up by throwing a trash can lid at Mox. Mox went right back after Omega with a rear sleeper. Omega broke free with a series of trash can lid shots.

Mox then brought a small ice pick to the ring. Omega punched back with a chain to Mox’s abdomen. Mox swung, Omega ducked, and the pick got stuck in the turnbuckle pad. Mox then gave Omega a snap dragon suplex onto the chains. Ross said it’s like Mox was in prison for years and all of that pent up frustration is coming out tonight. Omega then gave Mox a snap dragon suplex onto the chains. He gave him a second one to the side of the chains. Mox bit Omega. Omega came back with another snap dragon. Omega wrapped a chain around Mox’s neck and tied it. Then he swung Mox over the top rope. Mox was hanging and he appeared near passing out. Omega lost his grip due to the blood on his hands, explained Excalibur. Omega landed a running flip dive over the top rope, crashing Mox and himself through the table leaning against the barricade at ringside. Excalibur said the fans weren’t sure who or what to root for because they love both of the wrestlers and don’t want to see either their careers end soon.

Omega found a sack of something under the ring. He pulled out a shard of broken glass. Excalibur said it’s from the coffee table. Omega tried to slice Mox’s forehead or jab his eye with it, but Mox blocked it. Omega instead sliced with it between his fingers. Omega then poured out the broken glass. Omega spread it out with his boot, but Mox recovered and kicked Omega. Omega reversed Mox and gave him a spinebuster onto the glass for a near fall. Omega dragged Mox across the glass as fans groaned. “I can’t stand to watch this! Good god!” said Ross. Omega then applied a Scorpion Death Drop. Mox brawled through the broken glass to reach the bottom rope and drag himself up. A “This is awesome! chant rang out.

Omega gathered some pieces of broken glass. He shoved them onto Mox’s face. Mox countered a V-Trigger with a suplex onto glass. Omega came right back with two V-Triggers. Mox crawled onto the ramp. Omega pulled out the ice pick (which the announcers said might be a screw driver, they weren’t sure). He stalked Mox up the ramp. Omega jabbed and sliced Mox’s forehead with it. Ross wondered if he was engraving his initials. The Bucks and Page came out tried to tell Omega enough was enough. Omega leaned over and told Matt something. Nick was still limping. The Bucks and Page turned and left, then returned with a barbed wire contraption of some kind that Excalibur called a “barbed wire spider web.” It resembled a square giant 15×15 trampoline made of a grid of wire and then spirals of barbed wire. Omega lifted Mox onto his shoulders and set up a One Winged Angel off the ramp. Mox slipped free and lifted Omega and smiled with his tongue out. Omega broke free and went for a V-Trigger. Mox blocked it and then suplexed Kenny onto the barbed wire and he landed on it after him. Ross said they are seeing the mutilation of two athletes who hate each other so much, they’re willing to do this. Officials came out and helped to pry both of them off of the barbed wire.

Mox got to his feet first and punched some officials. Then he set up a move on Omega through the Full Gear sign. Omega broke free and hit Mox with something metal. Then came a V-Trigger through the backlit Full Gear sign. Ross said he’s never seen anything like this. Some fans chanted “Fight forever!” (They might.) Omega got up a minute later and pursued Mox back through the crowd and back to ringside. Mox surprised Omega with a Paradigm Shift onto the glass for a believable near fall. Ross said their will to survive and not lose is off the charts for these two. Mox yanked off the ring apron and then began unfastening the ring canvas one tie at a time. He did it to one entire side and then another adjacent side. He pulled back the apron. Ross said now you can see the “guts of a wrestling ring.” Mox pulled up the padding and exposed the wood planks. Mox then set up a piledriver, but Omega backdropped out of it. Omega then hit Mox from behind against the turnbuckles with a V-Tigger. Mox set up a Paradigm Shift, but Mox countered with his own for a near fall. Some fans briefly chanted “A-E-W!”

Omega leaped off the top rope with a Phoenix Splash, but Mox moved. Omega grabbed his face, as if it crashed onto the wood. Fans were aghast. They cut to shocked fans. Mox pulled Omega into a pin position and scored a two count. Mox then lifted Omega’s dead weight and brain buster suplexed him onto the wood for the win. Moxley gave two middle fingers to the camera as Ross said that was the hardest fought victory of his career. Mox climbed the second rope, then lost his bearings and dropped down.

WINNER: Moxley in 39:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was a lot of pent up hardcore craziness from Mox gushing out over the course of roughly 40 minutes. For me, way too much for a variety of reasons. If you dig this style of a match, you’d likely love this. If it’s not for you, you can point to a long list of reasons why this is grotesque. My main issue is similar to Fiend-Seth Rollins in that it’s just tough to recalibrate imagining a regular finisher in a regular match on a regular ring surface ending a match after this.)

Tonight after AEW Full Gear, join me live with guest cohost Zack Heydorn to break down the event with live callers, mailbag, and an on-site correspondent from Baltimore, Md.

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6 Comments on 11/9 AEW FULL GEAR PPV RESULTS: Keller’s report with analysis including Jericho vs. Cody, Omega vs. Moxley, Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz

  1. Mr. Keller, you’ve been doing this for a long time. I value your insights. But will you PLEASE start getting someone to look over your diaries, so that you can keep straight who’s doing what to whom? Both Priestly and Baker have the flu, Pac went on sustained offense against Pac… sir, you do this all the time, and it makes it very difficult to follow your reports. Please please please at least proofread your stuff so you keep the wrestlers straight. Thank you.

    • Hey Bryan Metro, a little constructive criticism. If you are going to attempt to drag somebody, at least try to make it clever.

      I don’t agree with your comment, but the obvious nickname would be “Wade Meltzer”. It took me five seconds to come up with something better than just combining their two surnames. Step ya game up.

  2. I thought this was a really, really good PPV. Having some television to build to some of these matches made them feel more personal.

    I see what you’re saying about the reaction Rhio is getting, but do you suppose some of that could be the program she worked? I didn’t think Emi was a great heel. Good wrestler, but just a bit awkward as a heel, to me.

    Cody and Jericho told a brilliant story. I didn’t expect a title change, but I thought it’d be a judges decision. They surprised me with the timing of the MJF turn. I thought there’d be some small perceived seed planted prior. This was good though. MJF seems slimier.

    I enjoyed Moxley vs Omega the most, but I’m a fan of hardcore wrestling. I don’t think you book matches like these randomly. This feud had the right amount of animosity for it, though. Huge fan of Mox’s loose cannon approach, too. What an effort by both guys!

    Not many gripes with the night. My only real things were Bea taking another L, then a beatdown. Also, again, not too much on Sakura; so the women’s title match lacked a bit for me. Small complaints though. Good show!!

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