11/18 WWE Raw Results: Keller’s report on final Survivor Series hype, Charlotte & Becky, Mysterio, Natalya vs. Asuka, Vikings Raiders defend

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


NOVEMBER 18, 2019

Announcers: Vic Joseph, Jerry Lawler

Tonight after WWE Raw, join me live with guest cohost Rich Fann from the PWTorch Dailycast’s “Deep Dive” to break down the show with live callers, mailbag, and an on-site correspondent from Boston, Mass.

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-The Raw opening theme aired, followed by pyro in the arena. Joseph said with six days left before Survivor Series, the landscape of Raw “could drastically change.” (How, exactly?)

-Becky Lynch made her ring entrance as the camera showed the usual wide angle of the arena stage and stands to the right of the ring opposite the hard camera. Lawler declared, “The Man is here!” He called Bayley and Sasha Banks “little snakes” and said she’s right there. She said she doesn’t “give a bullocks” about their “brand supremacy.” She offered to “end this tonight” and “what better place for an Irish person to fight than right here in Boston.” Instead, out came The IIconics, Billie Kaye and Peyton Royce. They said it was a terrible oversight that they weren’t added to the women’s Raw team at Survivor Series. When they entered the ring, they said they are the future. Becky interrupted. She said she knows she’s supposed to team with Charlotte tonight, but a better idea is her fighting both of them herself. Charlotte’s music played.

Charlotte walked out and said if “Becks” wants them all to themselves, she understands because she doesn’t want to tag with her either. She said, however, “the forces” want them to team together. She said Becky can’t be the only person talking about the women’s tag match at Survivor Series. She said she will be leading the way for her team on Sunday. She asked if it was okay with Becky if she enters the ring. Samoa Joe’s music played. (Anyone have their money on him walking out at this point?) Fans chanted “Joe! Joe!” to the beat of his music. He had his right forearm and thumb in a cast. They cut to a sudden break. [c]

(1) THE IICONCIS (Billie Kaye & Peyton Royce) vs. CHARLOTTE & BECKY LYNCH

Joe was at the announcers desk. He said he was told there needed to be an additional expert analyst and he can also “Brock Lesnar-proof” the announcers. Lawler asked if he’d take a bullet of him. Joe said he would. Lawler thanked him. No mention of Dio Maddin. The IIconics attacked Charlotte and Becky at the bell from behind. Lawler said Becky and Charlotte had a disagreement and it cost them. Eventually Charlotte came back with some chops against Kaye and then applied a Figure-Eight for the early win. Becky stopped Royce from making the save.

WINNERS: Charlotte & Becky in 2:00.

-After Becky and Charlotte left the ring, Marina Shaffir, Jessamyn Duke, and Shayna Baszler attacked the IIconics. Becky and Flair returned to the ring to make the save. Baszler took Becky down with a kick to the face after clipping her knee. The other two left Charlotte knocked down in the corner. The NXT threesome then left. Joe said a statement was just made loud and clear by NXT. Becky and Charlotte recovered and chased down the NXT trio in the crowd, but security blocked them. Becky finally had enough from one guard yapping at her, so she punched him in the face. Lawler said it was awesome as fans chanted “Becky!”

(Keller’s Analysis: More of the same Survivor Series build. I’m glad to see them keep playing up tension between Becky and Charlotte.)

-A local ad for tickets in Minneapolis for the TLC PPV event advertised Roman Reigns vs. Baron Corbin a tables match, The Kabuki Warriors vs. Charlotte & Becky in a first-ever TLC match for the Women’s Tag Team Champion, and Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley. [c]

-WWE Fact: Raw was “the most social entertainment show” on TV last Monday.

-They showed a slo-mo of Becky punching the security guy in the jaw. It connected.

-Charlie Caruso interviewed Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins about getting their tag team title match tonight. Ryder said this kind of opportunity doesn’t happen to often, and their entire careers have prepared them for tonight. Hawkins was interrupted by The AOP. They got in their faces, then attacked them.

(Keller’s Analysis: Can’t WWE plan ahead enough to give some TV wins to wrestlers before giving them title shots so it doesn’t feel so out of nowhere and arbitrary? Ryder & Hawkins getting a tag title match could have felt like a feel-good storyline that they earned, but instead it felt like a cheap set-up for AOP to attack them and nothing more.)

-The O.C. came to the ring. Styles said he’d gladly defend his U.S. Title against Humberto Carrillo, but Humberto disrespected him last week, and when you disrespect one member of The O.C., you disrespect all of them, so therefore Karl Anderson is going to face Humberto.

(2) HUMBERTO CARRILLO vs. KARL ANDERSON (w/A.J. Styles, Luke Gallows)

Anderson and Gallows had their Saudi Arabia tag team trophy at ringside. When Humberto took control early, Gallows and Styles pulled Anderson to safety at ringside. The Street Profits music then played. Humberto then landed a running flip dive onto The O.C. on the floor and celebrated with the Profits. They cut to a break. [c]

The match continued with The Street Profits at ringside. Surprised they didn’t turn it into a six-man match, but pleased. Anderson had Carrillo in a headlock after the break. Carrillo made a comeback and seemed to have Anderson down for a top rope moonsault when Styles leaped onto the ring apron. With the ref distracted, Gallows snapped Carrillo’s neck over the top rope. Anderson rolled up Carrillo, but Montez Ford reversed the roll-up and the ref turned and counted to three.

WINNER: Carrillo in 10:00.

-Caruso interviewed Seth. When she introduced him, the crowd gave him a mixed reaction. She said he’d had some ups and downs in the past few months, so why did he accept Andrade’s offer to put his place in the Survivor Series on the line. Seth asked if he really had an option? He said a real leader wouldn’t back down from a challenge, so he certainly won’t start tonight or “right here in Boston.” (Cheap pop, and the crowd saw it for what it was and barely reacted.) He then went on to compare himself to Tom Brady. He said he’s been so good for so long, half the world wants to see him fail. “Sound familiar?” he asked. “I’m a leader and I lead by example.” He complimented Andrade and said he respects everything he has done. (He’s a heel who cheats all the time. Why would he respect that?) He said he’s going to burn it down. Caruso then said they have breaking news coming up you have to see to believe. [c]

-A sponsored clip aired of the Rusev-Lana exchanges last week where Lana faked a pregnancy, Rusev was openly skeptical, then she bragged about how dumb he was to believe her.

-As Bobby Lashley and Lana came to the ring, Joe said Rusev has to ask himself whether the prize is worth the pain because there’s nothing more humiliating for a man than to lose your woman to another man, especially someone like Lashley. (What does that mean?) Lawler said, “Sometimes split happens.” Lana said this morning she filed for divorce, so this is the happiest day of her life. Fans chanted “Rusev Day!” She said she has bad news. She said the fans won’t see her soon-to-be-ex-husband tonight. Lana showed on the big screen a divorse filing against Miroslav Barnyashev, “known professionally as Rusev.” It had the case number blocked off and a couple other omissions, but overall looked official. She said the restraining order prohibits Rusev from coming within 90 miles of her. Lashley whispered something to her. She laughed and said apparently it’s 90 feet. She said she gets so flustered when Lashley is around her. Lana said they want Rusev out of their lives forever because she and Bobby want to be together forever.


Lashley won in a minute with a full nelson.

WINNER: Lashley via submission in 1:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Is there a good reason Lashley has “All Mighty” on the front of his trunks rather than “Almighty”? I think he intends to be known as “the Almighty Bobby Lashley,” right?)

-The announcers hyped Seth vs. Andrade. [c]

(4) SETH ROLLINS vs. ANDRADE (w/Zelina Vega)

Joe said he didn’t last long at Survivor Series because he doesn’t play well with others. He said he doesn’t think Seth is a good leader and he is the wrong man for the job. The announcers talked about not knowing yet who will be on Team NXT.


Seth and Andrade paced themselves early like this would be a long match. Just back and forth, with each getting a move or two before the other took over. Zelina yanked on Seth’s leg, and then Andrade hit Seth from behind when Seth turned to yell at Zelina. Zelina went for a head scissors off the apron, but Seth blocked it and shoved her to the ground. “That’s a lady, sir,” said Joe. The ref order Zelina to return to the back. Andrade then landed a corkscrew dive onto Seth at ringside. Joseph said the landscape of Raw could change as a result of this match as they cut to a break. [c]

Rollins made a comeback with a slingblade and a blockbuster after the break. Seth then dove through the ropes and knocked Andrade into the ringside barricade. He hit a second dive seconds later. Joseph said this is what being team captain means to Seth. Seth then hit a springboard flying knee for a near fall. Andrade avoided a Stomp. but Seth then went for a buckle-bomb, but Andrade countered with a head scissors into the corner and then his running double-knees for a two count. Seth powered Andrade up and then buckle-bombed him and then landed a superkick for a near fall; Andrade grabbed the bottom rope to stop the ref’s count before three. Joe praised Andrade’s ring awareness. Andrade came back with three unreleased suplexes for a near fall. When Andrade climbed to the top rope, Seth met him up there. Andrade shoved him down. Seth dropped into position for the double stomp off the ropes, but Seth avoided it and then springboarded at Andrade. Andrade ducked. Seth superkicked him and then landed the Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Nice sequence, and one of the least contrived looking setups for the double-stomp off the ropes because every seconds felt like Seth was struggling against it and fighting back. Seth then climbed to the top rope, but Lucha House Party attacked Seth. Joe laughed. They were wearing blue shirts that said “Smackdown” on the front and “Fox” on the back. Andrade shook his head no as LHP entered the ring. Andrade went after them with a forearm. Joseph said they just cost Andrade a chance to be team captain on Raw. Seth made the save, then he told Andrade that he’s not half-bad. He said they’d do it again down the road.

WINNER: Seth via DQ in 16:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Shouldn’t Seth offer Andrade a re-start to the match considering the circumstances? I mean, he didn’t exactly keep his Raw Captain spot in an honorable way.)

-They went to the announcers on camera. Joseph said Ryder and Hawkins cannot compete tonight in their scheduled tag team title match because of AOP. Lawler said he was really looking forward to the fight they were going to put up for the championships.

-They cut backstage to Buddy Murphy pounding on Aleister Black’s locker room door. He said he was there to pick a fight with him. When there was no answer, he said it was all talk, just as he suspected. He walked away. Andrade then came out of the locker room and looked around.

-They showed three black SUVs arrive. Out of one door came Triple H. [c]

-They showed C.M. Punk arriving last week on “WWE Backstage.”


An inset interview aired with Tozawa saying he has a message for Murphy. He then said something in Japanese, smiled, and gave a thumbs up. Joe said he speaks a little Japanese and nothing he said was any good. Really strong back and forth action throughout, including action at ringside, but the crowd wasn’t into it other than gasping at some of the moves. Tozawa connected with a flying headbutt through the ropes to the floor. He climbed to the top rope and leaped with a senton onto the back of Murphy while draped over the middle rope for a two count. After rapid-fire strikes by Tozawa, Murphy landed Murphy’s Law quickly and suddenly for the win.

WINNER: Murphy in 7:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Was there any doubt Murphy was going to win after he accepted the Aleister Black challenge before the match? Good match for sure, but just not enough investment in the two characters to get much of a crowd reaction.)

-Erick Rowan talked baby talk through a cage. [c]

-Backstage as Murphy headed toward his locker room, the yelled for Black again. This time Black stepped out of the locker room. They had a staredown.


Before the match, the Singh Brothers ran to ringside and were chased by R-Truth. Rowan clotheslined the Singh Brothers at ringside. He then looked at Truth. Truth ran away. When the bell rang, Marlcom tried to run, but Rowan lifted and threw him onto the Singh Brothers on the floor. Rowan then gave all three a running body block at ringside. He threw Malcom back into the ring and gave him the Claw Slam for the win. After the match, Rowan grabbed the cage that was covered with a burlap tarp. Joe said he seems too protective and attached to whatever it inside.

WINNER: Rowan in 1:00.

-They advertised Kevin Owens vs. Drew McIntyre. Joseph said they’re teammates on Sunday, but they go one-on-one tonight. (They get around to announcing that match just now?)

-Caruso interviewed Randy Orton backstage. She asked if he can put his personal issues aside long enough to work as a good teammate on Sunday. Orton said for 18 years, it’s been proven he doesn’t play well with others unless it benefits himself. He said he’s the greatest superstar in the history of Survivor Series. He said if the Viking Raiders are looking for a fight, he’ll be in the ring later ready for a fight with a partner of his choosing that will benefit him.


A few minutes in, when KO went for a stunner, Drew bailed out to ringside. KO pursued him. They exchanged punches. Drew caught a charging KO with an elbow. KO caught a charging Drew with a boot. KO rolled into the ring to break the count. KO then threw Drew off the ring apron into the barricade. “These guys are teammates on Sunday!” exclaimed Joseph. [c]

Drew had KO grounded in the ring after the break. KO came back and knocked Drew off the ring apron with some punches and a headbutt. Then he leaped off the ring apron with a flip onto Drew. Drew came back with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt a minute later on the ring apron. KO went down and was slow to stand. When he did, he caught Drew with a superkick. Drew then aught KO with an AA on the ring apron. KO bounced to the floor. Joe said he won’t sleep that one off tonight and laughed. The ref began to count KO out. KO rolled in at nine. Drew then immediately gave KO a sitout powerbomb for a near fall. KO headbutted Drew off the top rope and then landed a frog splash for a believable near fall. KO went for a stunner, but Drew escaped. KO connected with a superkick. Drew connected with a clothesline immediately after. KO then hit a pop-up powerbomb for another near fall. Drew sold a left shoulder injury. Joseph said Team Raw cannot afford an injury is days before Survivor Series. KO climbed back to the top rope and went for a cannonball, but Drew lifted his knees and caught KO. Drew then stood and got “that look” as he prepared for his Claymore. When he charged, KO caught him with a superkick, then set up a stunner, but Dre blocked it and hit the Claymore for a nearfall. KO put his foot on the bottom rope for a near fall.

KO caught Drew with a mid-ring stunner after a series of counter-moved by each. They were both slow to get up. This time Drew put his foot on the bottom rope before the third count. Drew countered a superkick and hit a DDT for another near fall. “This is awesome!” chanted the fans. (The wrestlers earned that one here.) Drew climbed to the top rope. When he leaped, KO avoided him and hit a stunner. As KO rolled over toward Drew, Triple H’s music played. KO decided not to make the cover, but instead roll over and look at Triple H. Triple H stood on the stage and they cut to a sudden break. [c]

Back from the break, Triple H was in the ring and asked for water. Several NXT wrestlers stood on the stage including the Forgotten Sons, Dominic Dijakkovic, and Damien Priest. He offered the bottle to KO. He said it was a hell of a match. He said he’s always loved Boston and talked about training with Killer Kowalski just down the road. “He beat me until I was tough enough to take on the world,” he said. He told KO that tonight they had a chance to make some magic. He said he has a soft spot for Seth because of his passion. “You’re different,” he said. “You are a different breed. You are the guy that, when I brought you to NXT, you would turn on your own best friend to win the NXT Championship.” He said he then had the guts to walk up to John Cena with that NXT Title and pick a fight. He said before the night was over, Cena left in an ambulance. He said he, maybe more than anybody, put NXT on the map and legitimized NXT. KO soaked it up. Triple H said he was “taken” and didn’t ask to leave. He said he doesn’t think he wanted to leave. He said he was taken by people who didn’t know they didn’t want him until they got him because he didn’t fit the mold. He said Kurt Angle fired him and Shane McMahon fired him, telling him over and over that he doesn’t belong there. He said he knows where he does belong. He said he sees it in him when he looks in his eyes. He said he sees everything he says he is, one of the smartest in-ring IQs he’s ever seen, and a guy who is every bit as good as he thinks and says he is. “I see a guy who doesn’t fit the damn mold, and I love it,” he said. Scattered applause.

He said the other Raw wrestlers don’t give a damn about him, whereas those NXT wrestlers on the stage are there just to make sure he can say what he has to say. He said the Raw wrestlers are also not out there because they know the NXT wrestlers would hand them their asses. He said the A-brand is NXT. Several red-shirted Red wrestlers ran out and attacked the NXT wrestlers, including Cedric, Mojo Rawley, and Murphy. The Undisputed Era then attacked KO. Adam Cole got in Triple H’s face, giving the impression Triple H didn’t know they were attacking. More Raw wrestlers, including The O.C., ran out to clear the ring of Undisputed Era. “A band of brotherhood for Team Red!” said Joseph. He said Triple H has another thing coming if he thinks Raw wrestlers are scared.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m not against KO moving to NXT’s roster. He’d have some good opponents and certainly be utilized better.) [c]

-Caruso interviewed Carrillo backstage. She said her big breaking news is coming up. She said Styles would defend the U.S. Title against Carrillo next week. Carrillo said he is humbled and excited. She threw to Paul Heyman for additional breaking news. Heyman said he is the advocate for the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar. Heyman recapped the Lesnar-Mysterio saga the last two months and then proposed the match at Survivor Series be “No Holds Barred,” adding, “One Beast wins, one legendary luchador loses.” He said the spoiler is either Rey will pull off a miracle and beat Lesnar and avenge his family’s honor or you will see Lesnar massacre Mysterio and deliver a beating so heinous, he cannot convey it in words in advance. “They will have to pull this footage from WWE history because it will be that graphic in nature. It won’t just be a five second match, it will be a public torture session.” He said they will all find out together “miracle or massacre.”

Caruso asked Rey for his response. Rey wished Carrillo luck and he’s so happy for this success. He said he has what it takes to beat Styles. They shook hands and hugged. Rey then said Lesnar made the mistake of his lifetime when he puts his hands on him and his son, but also when he offered to turn it into a No Holds Barred match “because I accept.” He said he’ll use the pipe as his weapon. He asked if Brock really thinks that stipulation is to his advantage. He said the old him would be out there demanding an apology, but that’s not Lesnar’s style, “and that’s okay, because this Sunday at Survivor Series, he’s not coming for an apology, he’s coming for the WWE Championship.”

(Keller’s Analysis: Great Mysterio promo. The delivery, the intense eye contact with the camera, the words he spoke. He sold that match. Heyman produced there, too, a promo that helped sell the match with a perfect choice of wording – miracle or massacre – putting an A or B option on his spoiler we haven’t heard before.) 

-Asuka made her ring entrance. [c]

-They replayed C.M. Punk showing up on “WWE Backstage” again. They also hyped the four events in Chicago over the weekend. (Could Punk show up in person at one or more of those events?)

(8) NATALYA vs. ASUKA (w/Kairi Sane)

Back and forth action from the start, with Asuka rolling to the floor to regroup at 3:00. Kairi took a shot at Natalya. Natalya blocked her and knocked her down, but Asuka slidekicked a distracted Natalya. Natalya reversed Asuka into the ringside barricade, then threw her into the ring. Asuka caught her with her headkick to the side of the head for the three count.

WINNER: Asuka in 4:00. [c]


Randy Orton walked to the ring to his entrance theme, as he noted earlier he’d be doing. The Viking Raiders then came out. Ricochet was then revealed as Orton’s partner. Ricochet got in early offense against Erik. He landed a flip dive, but Erik caught him. Orton intervened. Ivar went for a dive through the ropes, but Orton caught him with a forearm mid-air. They battled at ringside. Orton dropped Erik on the ring apron. They cut backstage to Smackdown wrestlers including Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode attacking Raw wrestlers. They cut to a break. [c]

Back live Ricochet and Ivar each did cartwheels. Ivar knocked Ricochet and Orton to the floor, then dove through the ropes onto both of them. He threw Ricochet into the ringside barricade, then returned to the ring where Orton met him with a draping DDT off the middle rope. He then played to the crowd, who cheered. He signaled for the RKO. Smackdown’s theme song then played and Cesaro led Smackdown wrestlers to the ring to attack Orton and Ricochet. Heavy Machinery, Lucha House Party, Roode, and Ziggler represented Smackdown. Everyone brawled to the floor. The Raw wrestlers returned to the ring to stand tall. NXT wrestlers then joined in the brawl at ringside including Keith Lee.

-Triple H stood backstage and said this is the beginning of the end because in six days at Survivor Series they will finish this and show the world that NXT is the A-brand of WWE. He said this Wednesday night, it’s an open door. He said he’ll leave the doors wide open.

-Back to the ring, the brawl continued with everyone. The wide shots of the ring and ringside showed utter chaos as the show ended with Lee tossing Carrillo onto the Street Profits and Heavy Machinery on the floor.

Tonight after WWE Raw, join me live with guest cohost Rich Fann from the PWTorch Dailycast’s “Deep Dive” to break down the show with live callers, mailbag, and an on-site correspondent from Boston, Mass.

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  1. “He said he’s been so good for so long, half the world wants to see him fail. “Sound familiar?””

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