12/6 WWE 205 LIVE REPORT: Lio Rush vs. Danny Burch, Angel Garza vs. Raul Mendoza, Tony Nese vs. Trent Neuman

By Michael Taylor, PWTorch contributor

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DECEMBER 6, 2019

Announcers: Aiden English, Tom Phillips

-The show opened with the 205 Live intro video. The camera panned the audience and the announcers ran down the card for the evening which included Danny Burch against NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush in the main event. They talked about the closing segment of Smackdown involving Roman Reigns, Baron Corbin, and Dolph Ziggler. They briefly plugged TLC as Angel Garza made his ring entrance followed by Raul Mendoza.


-The announcers talked about how Rush and Garza got to pick each other’s opponents for the evening. The bell rang, and Mendoza cinched in an armbar, but Garza retreated to the outside. Back in the ring, Mendoza continued to out-wrestle Garza and forced him to the ropes. On commentary, Aiden English said Mendoza was “riding” Garza and he was the “envy of females all over the world.”

(Taylor’s Analysis: That was not a PG comment.)

-Garza extended a handshake to Mendoza but Mendoza denied him. The pace quickened and Mendoza hit a head-scissors from the top rope. They brawled on the outside until Garza knocked Mendoza from the ring apron to the floor. Garza hit a superkick back in the ring and taunted the crowd. From there, Garza hung Mendoza from the top turnbuckle and charged at him with a running knee. He hit a modified springboard suplex and a superkick for a two count. Garza cinched in a one-leg Boston crab. The crowd briefly rallied behind Mendoza and Garza aggressively yelled “Shut Up!” while applying pressure. Mendoza broke the hold and Garza charged at him. Mendoza dodged the attack and Garza went shoulder-first into the ring post. Mendoza rallied and hit a flurry offense before hitting a dropkick for a two count. They returned to their feet and Garza attempted the wing-clipper but Mendoza blocked it. The pace quickened until Mendoza hit a kick to the back of Garza’s head. Garza quickly responded with a superkick. They traded blows until Mendoza hit a standing Spanish fly for a two count. Garza charged at Mendoza but ended up on the outside of the ring. Garza quickly reentered the ring, countered offense from Mendoza, and hit the wing-clipper for the win.

WINNER: Angel Garza via pinfall

(Taylor’s Analysis: This was a good match, but I still maintain that Mendoza shouldn’t be losing every week. Garza looks strong heading into his rematch against Rush on NXT, but he should have beaten someone else on the roster.)

-A preview for Monday Night Raw aired, followed by a commercial for WWE Shop.

-The show returned and the announcers threw to footage Jack Gallagher losing to Angel Garza on last week’s episode. After the match, Gallagher was shown destroying the ringside area, attacking security, and attacking 205 Live general manager Drake Maverick. A tweet from Gallagher was shown on the screen that read “I’m done.” The Singh Brothers made their ring entrance as an unknown wrestler stood in the ring. The Singh Brothers couldn’t decide which one of them would participate in the match. Before they made their decision, Tony Neese interrupted them and entered the ring.


-The bell rang and Nese threw Newman to the mat. Nese chopped Newman in the corner and attempted a moonsault from the top rope. Newman avoided contact but Nese landed on his feet. Nese took control and knocked Newman to the mat with strikes. From there, Nese hit a springboard moonsault for a two count. Nese whipped Newman into the corner and taunted the crowd. Newman slapped Nese and quickly scaled the top rope but was countered by a running forearm. Nese suplexed Newman into the corner and hit the running Nese for the win. After the match, the Singh Brothers entered the ring hit the Bollywood Blast on Newman.

WINNER: Tony Nese via pinfall

(Taylor’s Analysis: I’m glad I didn’t have to watch a Singh Brothers match, but it makes no sense that a wrestler can change a match on the spot. Regardless, the squash match win for Nese gave him some momentum back and he looked dominant in the process.)

-A commercial for TLC aired, followed by a preview for Monday Night Raw.

-A vignette for Isaiah “Swerve” Scott aired. Scott said his nickname “Swerve” translated to confidence. The show returned with Danny Burch making his ring entrance followed by Lio Rush.

(Taylor’s Analysis: Why didn’t this air before Scott made his debut?)

(3) LIO RUSH (CHAMPION) vs. DANNY BURCH – Non-title match

-The bell rang, and the crowd started a “Lio!” chant. Rush and Burch shook hands but Burch pulled Rush by the arm and threw him to the mat. Rush returned to his feet but Burch quickly wrestled him back down to the mat. Rush broke free from Burch and knocked him to the outside. He attempted a dive but Burch countered him with a forearm. From there, Burch threw Rush into the barricade twice before throwing him back in the ring for a two count. Burch wrenched Rush’s neck in a modified chin lock. Rush created separation but was quickly countered by a right hand from Burch. Burch returned to the chin lock. Rush broke the hold and both men returned to their feet. The pace quickened and Rush hit a springboard back elbow. Rush knocked Burch to the outside and hit a dive through the middle and bottom rope. Back in the ring, Rush hit a running kick for a two count. From there, Rush scaled the top rope but Burch pulled him to the mat. Burch hit a headbutt followed by a missile dropkick for a two count. After, Burch hit a German suplex followed by a ripcord clothesline for a two count. Back on their feet, Burch attempted another suplex but Rush hit a springboard stunner. Rush then scaled the tope rope but Angel Garza ran down to the ring and pushed Rush to the mat. The referee called for the bell. Garza hit the wing-clipper on Rush as the crowd booed. Rush grabbed the Cruiserweight title from the timekeeper and celebrated with it at ringside as the show ended.

WINNER: Lio Rush via disqualification

(Taylor’s Analysis: The DQ finish was a complete disappointment. As I predicted, Rush and Burch had great chemistry and this was one of the best matches on 205 Live in a long time. They told a great story throughout the match, with Burch constantly trying to ground Rush with mat-wrestling. The crowd seemed more invested than usually, especially this late in the show. WWE has a terrible track record of not rewarding fan investment and this was only more proof of that. Why should the crowd care about a match like this in the future? I understand the point was to get heat on Garza, but that could have been achieved in other ways. Great match, terrible finish.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Excluding the terrible finish, this was a good episode of 205 Live. This show is so much better when it focuses on wrestling and the importance of the Cruiserweight title. The rematch between Rush and Garza has been built effectively and should be excellent, especially in front of the crowd at Full Sail.)

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