1/3 WWE 205 LIVE TV REPORT: Angel Garza vs. Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari vs. Danny Burch with a Brian Kendrick run-in wearing a mask, Singh Brothers vs. Storm & Wayne

By Michael Taylor, PWTorch contributor


JANUARY 3, 2020

Announcers: Aiden English, Tom Phillips

– The show opened with the 205 Live intro video. The camera panned the audience before landing on the announcers. They acknowledged the new decade and ran down the card for the evening. Danny Burch made his ring entrance, followed by Ariya Daivari. As Daivari walked down the entrance, Daivari was shown backstage in a pre-taped interview. Daivari said he was a “205 Live original”, and that he was going to stop all the new 205 Live talent from ruining the show.


The bell rang, and they locked up. Daivari knocked Burch to the mat and taunted him from the corner of the ring. Burch returned to his feet and wrestled Daivari to the mat with an armbar. Burch transitioned into a side headlock. They traded holds until Burch knocked Daivari back to the mat and stomped on his hand. From there, Burch propped Daivari on the second ropes and let him fall face-first to the mat. Burch mocked Daivari’s signature taunt in the corner and returned to the headlock. Daivari created separation and the pace quickened. Eventually, Burch scaled the second rope but was pulled to the mat by Daivari. With Burch on the outside, Daivari through him back-first into the barricade. He taunted the crowd before throwing Burch back in the ring. Daivari scored a two count before hitting a running knee. With Burch on the mat, Daivari cinched in a modified chin lock. Burch broke the hold with a jawbreaker, but Daivari responded with a reverse DDT for a two count. Daivari tried a dive from the second rope, but Burch avoided contact. Slowly, both men returned to their feet and traded strikes. Burch rallied with a flurry of offense and hit a dropkick from the second rope for a two count. From there, Burch countered a dive from Daivari and cinched in a cross face. A masked individual jumped on the ring apron and distracted the referee. With Burch’s back turned, Daivari hit a low blow and the hammerlock DDT for the win.

-After the match, the masked individual entered the ring with a microphone. He pulled the mask off and revealed himself as The Brian Kendrick. Kendrick said he was there to remind everyone who started the Cruiserweight division. Kendrick hit sliced bread num. 2 on Burch as Daivari looked on the from the ramp.

WINNER: Ariya Daivari via pinfall

(Taylor’s Analysis: What was the point of Kendrick wearing a mask for this run-in? This felt like an attempt to make the distraction finish more interesting, but it just came off flat and confusing. Kendrick has great delivery but championing the idea that he started the Cruiserweight division doesn’t feel like an accomplishment at this point.)

-A commercial for The Royal Rumble aired, followed by a commercial for WWE Shop.

-The show returned and the announcers. Philips excitedly threw to Singh Brother highlights. They included the Singh Brothers wrestling at Madison Square Garden, and The Singh Brothers announcing they had wrestled on all but one of WWE’s brands (WWE UK) in one month. The highlights ended and The Singh Brothers made their ring entrance with their opponents already in the ring.


-The bell rang, and the Singh Brothers kept control of the match with quick tags. Wayne tried to rally but was countered by a spinning heel kick. The Singh Brothers hit the Bollywood blast on Wayne for the win.

WINNERS: The Singh Brothers via pinfall

(Taylor’s Analysis: Clearly the Singh Brothers aren’t going away any time soon. The only bright spot here was the length of the segment. It was short and ended quickly.)

-A commercial for WrestleMania 36 aired, followed by a preview of Monday Night Raw.

-The show returned, and Tony Nese made his ring entrance, followed by Angel Garza.

(3) ANGEL GARZA (CHAMPION) vs. TONY NESE – Non-title match

The bell rang, and Garza retreated to the outside. He teased high-fiving fans at ringside. Garza eventually entered the ring and offered a handshake to Garza. Nese wiped the sweat from his abs and threw it at Garza. They traded holds before Nese threw Garza face-first to the mat. Nese taunted the crowd. The pace quickened and Nese was thrown to the outside. Garza threw Nese into the ring steps before throwing Nese back in the ring. From there, Garza hung Nese the corner and hit a running kick for a two count. Garza propped Nese on the second rope and hit a reverse DDT for a two count. From there, Garza hit a running knee in the corner and scaled the top rope. Nese shoved Garza off the rope and punished him the in corner. With Garza on the mat, Nese cinched in a body scissors. Nese broke the hold himself and both men returned to their feet. After a running kick, Nese scored a two count. Nese hit a standing sidekick and Garza responded with a sidekick of his own. Slowly, both men returned to their feet and traded chops to the chest. Garza rallied and hit a flurry of offense before hitting a superkick for a two count. Garza scaled the top rope, but Nese countered with a hurricanrana. Nese attempted a running Nese but Garza held onto Nese’s leg. The pace quickened and Garza knocked Nese to the outside. From there, Garza hit a moonsault to the outside of the ring. With both men back in the ring. Garza attempted a wing-clipper, but Nese countered and cinched in a Boston crab. Garza broke the hold by reaching the bottom rope and retreated to the outside of the ring. Nese hit a dive from inside the ring and quickly threw Garza back into the ring. From there, Garza countered a diving Nese and hit the wing-clipper for the win.

WINNER: Angel Garza via pinfall

(Taylor’s Analysis: As expected, these two can deliver a good match and that’s what we got here. I’m still not sure if Garza is supposed to be a face or a feel but the crowd is enjoying his gimmick despite his heel tendencies.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Where is the follow-up from former champion, Lio Rush? He was the focus of the show for several weeks and we haven’t heard a word from him. A promo from Rush would have been much better than a squash win for the Singh Brothers and would have taken the same length of time. This was, at best, an average episode of 205 Live. Ultimately, it was a very bland way to start the new year.

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