1/7 NXT UK TV REPORT: Full preview of this weekend’s Takeover Blackpool II event including Gallus playing billiards, Walter in Australia, Coffey making coffee

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


JANUARY 7, 2020

– Note: This is a show promoting this weekend’s ‘Takeover Blackpool II: Prime Target”

– Cold open with Trent Seven talking about how NXT UK all started in January of 2017 in Blackpool, and a video package of the progression of NXT UK. Toni Storm, Nigel McGuinness, William Regal, Tyler Bate seen in the video.

– Joe Coffey talks about how he was in the first UK Takeover main event and how he became overshadowed and seen as an afterthought since the rise of Walter and Imperium this past year.

– Vignette highlighting the return and rivalry of Eddie Dennis, and how he went after Trent Seven. Sid Scala discusses that he doesn’t know why Dennis chose Seven.

– Joe Coffey then shown putting a VHS tape in a VCR and explains how a match between Big Boss Man and Nails inspired him to become a wrestler. His childhood friend, Jackie Polo, one Coffey’s mother talked about his passion for wrestling and how he broke beds in his house pretending to be a pro.

– Walter talked about how he wants to represent Europe wherever he wrestles in the WWE, and how proud he is to do so.

– Piper Niven discusses how she and Kay Lee Ray and Toni Storm came up together in NXT UK, and how they drifted apart. Toni Storm then shown saying that she can’t trust Niven anymore. They really emphasize how good of friend the three women are and now they are fighting for the title and none of them like each other any more. Their rivalry was recapped.Kay Lee Ray closed the vignette by saying that she would “cement her legacy on their broken dreams”.

– Gallus shown training and playing billiards. Sid Scala talked about the tag division and how it has “exploded” over the past year. Grizzled Young veterans said that they were the best in the division and that age matches should be one team against one team (the championship match on Sunday is a ladder match with four teams). All four teams seems to be aware that this match can shorten their careers, but they will have to do what they have to do to become champions. The ladder match was previewed with some old school footage of past ladder matches WWE.

– Walter is shown walking in his native Austria, and talking about how inspired of a champion he his, and showed where he wrestled his first match and discussed little history of wrestling. He dubbed himself a proud “professional” while Coffey is a hooligan. He insulted Coffey’s Scottish heritage by saying they wear skirts. He says that he doesn’t know a lot about Coffey’s history, but he knows what he sees in him. Gallus were then shown at a futbol match and said that the three of them would be covered in gold at the end of Takeover.

– Bate is shown talking about his match with Walter in Cardiff last year (which is a candidate for match of the year). He feels he let the fans done. Jordan Devlin then shown working out and says that he is the best. Bate said that he was done with letting people down and that he wants Devlin’s best. William Regal said that this will be an early match of the year candidate. Segment ended with the two training and Bate dared Devlin to live up to his own hype.

– Joe Coffey is taped in his home and made coffee prior to training. So yes, Coffey drinks coffee. He stated that he was working on some new training regimens to prepare for Walter, including boxing. Gallus were interviewed about Joe. Gallus feels that Walter stole’s thunder. Walter is then interviewed again and said that Coffey needs to watch out for him- no matter how hard he trains.

– The show ended with a video montage of the acts wrestling on Sunday.

(Koenig’s Analysis: This was a brilliantly and beautifully made video to hype up the show on Sunday which should be tremendous. WWE’s production is second to none.)

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