1/11 STARDOM NEW YEARS STARS evening results: Stars vs. Queen’s Quest in an eight-woman tag, AZM vs. Death in the High Speed Grand Prix

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor

Wrestling Night in America Reunion: PWTorch columnist Greg Parks is joined by former PWTorch columnist Pat McNeill for a full match-by-match preview of WrestleMania 36
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JANUARY 11, 2020

Hoshino accused Konami of a lot of obscene behavior recently. Konami said she’d take everything Hoshino threw at her.


Konami with a northern lights suplex.

WINNER: Konami in 6:48.

-AZM did Death’s chant. Death did not appear in a pre-match promo.


They quickly went into a series of pinfall attempts and roll-ups and reversals. AZM came out on top with the AZM Sushi.

WINNER: AZM in 0:44.

(Pageot’s Perspective: The highest of speeds.)

High Speed tournament rankings:
AZM – 2
Leyla Hirsch – 2
Starlight Kid – 0
Zoey Skye – 0
Death Yama-san – 0

-Kamitani didn’t think she’d get a chance to wrestle Kagetsu before the latter retired. She was very helpful when Kamitani was a trainee. Kagetsu couldn’t remember if they faced each other in a tag before but this was like a first encounter with the 2019 rookie of the year.


Kagetsu locked on a Boston crab. Kamitani made it nearly to the ropes twice before being dragged back to the center of the ring again and forced to tap.

WINNER: Kagetsu in 9:44.

(Pageot’s Perspective: This match and the afternoon bout against Giulia felt less like Kagetsu requests on her retirement road and more like Ogawa deciding she should face two of the people he’s pushing hard right now. They were both fine but lacking the fun that the previous matches with AZM and Hana Kimura had due to the lack of history.)

-Giulia said she’d take out her frustrations from her afternoon draw against Kagetsu here. Iida mocked Giulia’s annoying “All you people who love, love, love…” shtick. Kid smacked her and said it’s not a good attitude to have. They can’t win with that attitude.

(4) STARS (Starlight Kid & Saya Iida) vs. GIULIA & ANDRAS MIYAGI

Iida tapped to Giulia’s Stealth Viper.

WINNERS: Giulia & Miyagi in 10:31.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Get the stick out of your ass, Kid.)

-Hayter handled the promo work for Oedo Tai. The only thing she cared about was beating Kyona ahead of their tag title match next week. Kimura was looking forward to facing heel Kashima. She’s like a bean sprout or a skinny radish. What happens when that type of person joins Oedo Tai? Hirsch just nodded and said hello. lol Per the on-screen graphics Hirsch is not an official member of TCS.

(5) TOKYO CYBER SQUAD (Goddess Of Stardom Champion Jungle Kyona, Hana Kimura, & Leyla Hirsch) vs. OEDO TAI (Saki Kashima, Jamie Hayter, & Zoey Skye)

Hirsch pinned Skye with a springboard moonsault.

WINNERS: Tokyo Cyber Squad in 11:24.

-Kyona and Hayter had to be separated at ringside.

(Pageot’s Perspective: The tag title match between Kyona & Konami and Hayter & Priestley has had arguably the biggest build out of any of the anniversary show matches at this point.)

-Watanabe was looking forward to getting to wrestle Iwatani here and tomorrow ahead of their red belt match on the 19th. Hayashishita vowed they would crush Stars and carry the momentum into that show. DREAM*SHiNE continued to bicker while Iwatani and Riho stood by.

(6) STARS (World Of Stardom Champion Mayu Iwatani, Wonder Of Stardom Champion Arisa Hoshiki, High Speed/AEW Women’s Champion Riho, & Tam Nakano) vs. QUEEN’S QUEST (Bea Priestley, Leo Onozaki, & Artist Of Stardom Champions Momo Watanabe & Future Of Stardom/SWA World Champion Utami Hayashishita)

Nakano with a facebuster to Onozaki for the win.

WINNERS: Stars in 13:43.

-Hoshiki proclaimed that they won! Nakano corrected her. She won. Hoshiki brought up January 19th at Korakuen Hall. She asked how long Hayashishita would try to look calm, cool, and collected. Hayashishita shoved her to the ground. She vowed to beat her and take the white belt. Nothing more and nothing less.

Watanabe addressed Iwatani. In two days it’s Coming Of Age Day. (A holiday held every January in Japan to celebrate everyone who became an adult in the preivous twelve months.) She wanted the red belt as a present for her official entry into adulthood. Iwatani said asking for the belt was beneath her. She told her to come to Korakuen and beat her for it. She may be 20 (Iwatani has six years of experience on her) but she’s looking forward to it.

Kagetsu showed up suddenly. She joked that it was her fifth entrance of the day. She had an announcement as the next Osaka show would be her final Stardom show in her hometown. She asked Iwatani to team with her. Iwatani laughed. Kagetsu said they’re always in opposite corners. She’d like them to stand together one time and she’d like their opponents to be Watanabe & Kyona. Kyona joined the other three in the ring. Watanabe said she agreed if the fans really wanted it. Kyona and Iwatani also said yes. January 26, Kagetsu’s final Stardom show, it’s official.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Stars wins their first tag match of the year! They move up to a 1-8 unit record now. That’s a very exciting final Stardom match for Kagetsu and unique combinations on both sides of things.)

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