2/4 NWA POWER TV REPORT: Thunder Rosa vs. Allysin Kay, Aron Stevens vs. Trevor Murdoch, Cross vs. Kaleb, interviews with Tim Storm and Aldis, Mims & Jocephus vs. James Storm & Eli Drake

By Michael Taylor, PWTorch contributor

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FEBRUARY 4, 2020

Announcers: Stu Bennett, Joe Galli

-The show opened with “I’m Broken” by Pantera as the new intro song. Stills were shown of the NWA roster as well as in-ring footage. After the video, the camera entered the studio and panned the audience before the landing on Joe Galli in the interview booth.

(Taylor’s Analysis: This song does not fit the show at all. Additionally, the singer of Pantera, Phil Anselmo, has been publicly accused of being a white nationalist. Given the recent controversy with Jim Cornette, this was not the right choice.)

-Galli welcomed the crowd and announced the main event of the evening would be a rematch from Hard Times between Thunder Rosa and Allysin Kay for the NWA Women’s title. Galli introduced Tim Storm who entered the studio to a “Mama Storm!” chant. Storm said the NWA audience, both in the studio and watching from home, were family. Galli said next week, Storm would be facing Tom Latimer and Kamille would be at ringside. Storm said he told NWA management to be in the heavyweight title picture. Storm called Latimer one of the best even though he had a history with Strictly Business. Galli said he had heard that Storm was considering retirement. The crowd booed. He asked Storm to set the record straight. Storm said it wasn’t going to happen and to forget about the rumors. He said his passion was NWA and he valued every second in the ring. He called his time a gift and his time with his family is something he would never take for granted. Galli asked how Storm would prepare for the rest of Strictly Business during his match with Latimer. Storm said his Mama Storm taught him to never put his hands on a woman and he wouldn’t touch Kamille if she was at ringside. Kamille and Latimer walked out to boos. Latimer said Storm would never get another Heavyweight title shot and that no one cared what he had to say. Latimer said he didn’t care about their match. Galli got a message in his earpiece. Galli introduced Mama Storm. A man dressed as an old woman walked out. The man babbled incoherently, and the crowd booed loudly. Storm said he couldn’t decide if he was mad or if he thought it was funny. Storm said he was done and that this was disrespectful. The man said, “Storm could go back to school and learn how to win a match”. Storm walked away in disgust.

(Taylor’s Analysis: Storm’s reaction was confusing. Given how much he has talked about loving his mother, he should have been furious and at least punched the actor before storming to the back.)

-A replay of Stu Bennett announcing the Crockett Cup aired, followed by a replay of the ending of the match between Thunder Rosa and Allysin Kay at Hard times.

-Back in the studio, Ricky Starks joined the commentary booth. Matt Cross made his ring entrance, followed by Caleb Konley.


-The bell rang, and they locked up. They traded wrestling holds and came to a standstill. The crowd cheered the exchange. The pace quickened until Cross hit a running elbow for a two count. From there, cross hit a standing elbow drop for a two count. Konley stood and hit an enziguri followed by a basement dropkick for a two count. Konley cinched in a modified surfboard until cross made it to the ropes. Konley hit a standing senton for a two count. Cross evaded a suplex and rallied. Eventually, Cross hit a springboard cross-body for a two count. The pace quickened again Konley hit a tornado DDT for a two count. Cross stood and hit a springboard cutter. He scaled the top rope and hit a shooting star press for the win. On commentary, Starks said he never wanted to see that move up close. After the match, Konley and Cross shook hands and the crowd cheered. From the ring, Cross pointed at Starks.

(Taylor’s Analysis: This was a good, back and forth match-up. Cross is an intriguing challenger for Starks, and they should have a great match in the future.)

WINNER: Matt Cross via pinfall

-A replay of the sit-down segment between Aldis and Scurll aired. Aldis said if he beat Scurll at The Crockett Cup, Scurll would have to refund every ticket buyer’s money.

-A pre-taped interview with Aldis aired. He said it had been seven days he challenged Scurll and he had yet to receive an answer. He asked if Marty was having second thoughts or questioning himself. As Aldis talked, clips of their first NWA title match aired. Aldis said Scurll probably realized the higher the path, the more treacherous it became. Aldis said they were both businessmen and Scurll should at least make a counteroffer. He said he expects an answer no later than the ROH Free Enterprise show on Sunday, February 9th, 2020.

-A commercial for Flag Under 14 aired, followed by a recap of the saga between Pope, Eddie Kingston, and Homicide. The Dawsons attacked Kingston in the ring as pope looked impressed.

-Back in the studio, Dave Marquez interviewed Pope and The Dawsons. Marquez the world wanted to know what Pope was doing The Dawsons. Pope said the questions he had to answer were not lost on him. He said The Dawson capitalized on opportunities, unlike Kingston and Homicide. Pope said Homicide had no star power and the crowd booed. He said the entire roster knew not the cross him because he was bringing change to the NWA. Eddie Kingston walked out from the back. Kingston said he was doing his best to relax. He told them not to disrespect Homicide because he “made New York City.” Homicide said Homicide was the reason people were champions in other companies. He said Homicide was the reason he didn’t commit suicide and he would “die and cry for that man.” The crowd went silent. Kingston said he got a phone call from his friends and they were in the studio tonight. He introduced The Bouncers from ROH. The Bouncers walked out through the crowd. The Bouncers and Kingston entered the ring and fought off The Dawsons. Pope and The Dawsons retreated to the back as the crowd booed.

(Taylor’s Analysis: As stated last week, the clips used in the video packaged with Pope, Kingston, and the Dawsons never aired on Power. They used the clops again as if it had. Kingston’s promo was powerful but felt like it should have been saved for a bigger moment.)

-A replay of Trevor Murdoch announcing he had shot at Aron Stevens and the NWA National Heavyweight title.

-A commercial for NWA.com aired, followed by a vignette with Mae Valentine. Valentine said it was her first-ever vlog and it was called “Mae’s Diary.” Various clips of Valentine’s time on the NWA were aired. She said the travel was a lot of work but consistently pointed out how well she was dressed. She said people thought her boyfriend, Royce Issacs, was thought to be a bad guy but was nice. Valentine said Issacs was jealous because he thought she was flirting with Saul Rinauro. Valentine said that’s all she had time for and said the next vlog would air soon.

(Taylor’s Analysis: If this was to make Valentine and Issacs more annoying and unlikable, mission accomplished. It went on too long and Mae sounded robotic and awkward.) 

-Back in the studio, Trevor Murdoch entered followed by Aron Stevens and Question Mark.

(2) ARON STEVENS (CHAMPION) vs. TREVOR MURDOCH, NWA National Heavyweight title match

-The bell rang, and the locked up. They wrestled each other to the mat. Both men stood and Murdoch hit a strike. Stevens retreated to the corner. Eventually, Murdoch hit a series of power slams. Steven retreated to the outside. On commentary, Bennett said Stevens wanted to be referred to “Aron Shooter Stevens, or A.S.S.” Murdoch confronted Question Mark on the outside. The referee sent Question Mark to the back. Stevens attacked Murdoch on the outside. They brawled around ringside. They returned to the ring, but Stevens threw Murdoch back outside twice. Murdoch entered the ring and Stevens pounded him with strikes and scored a two count. Stevens hit a lariat clothesline for a two count. From there, Stevens threw Murdoch outside and screamed at the referee to begin the ten count. Murdoch returned to ring, and Stevens hit a neck breaker for a two count. Stevens cinched in a headlock. Eventually, Murdoch created separation, but Stevens poked him in the eye. Stevens pushed Murdoch back outside the ring. Murdoch beat the ten count, but Stevens hit a side Russian leg sweep. He taunted the crowd scored a two count. Dave Marquez announced that there were two minutes remaining in the match. Murdoch rallied and hit a series of clothesline. He punched Stevens in the corner ten times as the crowd counted along. Murdoch hit a full Nelson slam for a two count. Stevens stood and rolled up Murdoch for a two count. Back on their feet, Stevens hit a jawbreaker as the bell rang. Murdoch scaled the top rope and hit a bulldog. He covered Stevens and the crowd counted to three.

WINNER: No contest time limit draw

(Taylor’s Analysis: Murdoch is over with the crowd. The time limit draw was a good call and it builds interest in seeing the match again in the future.)

-A vignette with Zicky Dice aired. He said if the NWA YouTube channel received 100,000 more subscribers, he would do whatever the viewers wanted, including the most outlandish of requests.

-Sean Mooney was shown on screen and thanked the NWA fans for welcoming him. He ran down the card for ROH Free Enterprise, talked about the “7 wins” rule for the NWA TV champion, and said Melina wanted to be considered the next challenger for the NWA women’s title.

-The show returned with James Storm and Eli Drake making their ring entrance. Their opponents were already in the ring.


-Jocephus and Storm entered the ring. The bell rang, and storm cinched in an armbar. He wrestled Jocephus to the mat and tagged in Drake. They doubled teamed Jocephus before Storm left the ring. Drake punished the arm of Jocephus. Jocephus knocked Drake to the mat and tagged in Mims. Drake charged and hit a lariat. Storm tagged back in a scored a one count. Storm hit a flurry offense before scoring a two count. Drake tagged back in and hit a power slam. Drake hit his signature elbow drop and tagged in Storm. They double-teamed Mims and storm scored a three count.

WINNERS: James Storm & Eli Drake via pinfall

-Highlights from the match between Thunder Rosa and Allysin Kay at Hard Times was shown, followed by a commercial for NWA.com.

-The show returned with Melina on commentary. Melina refused to put a headset on. Allysin Kay made her ring entrance, followed by Thunder Rosa.

(4) THUNDER ROSA (CHAMPION) vs. ALLYSIN KAY – NWA Women’s Title match 

The bell rang, and Kay wrestled Rosa to the mat. They traded holds until Kay rolled Rosa up for a two count. Both women stood trash-talked each other. They traded strikes until Kay threw Rosa to the mat and kicked her in the spine. Rosa stood a snapped Kays arm of the top rope. From there, Rosa hit an arm breaker and continued to punish Kay’s arm. On commentary, Bennett said he was surprised Melina had challenged the winner because it means she might have to face Rosa. Eventually, Rosa cinched in an armbar. The crowd chanted for Kay to tap. Kay put her leg on the bottom rope, and the referee broke the hold. Both women stood, and the pace quickened. They traded strikes. They both hit the ropes and hit running boots. Rosa stood and began to attack Kay, but Marti Belle came out from the back. Both Kay and Rosa told Belle to go to the back. Tasha Steelz and Ashley Vox forced Belle to the back as the action stopped in the ring. Rosa rolled up Kay, but Kay rolled through and hit a neck breaker. Kay hit a suplex for a two count. Kay tried to hit the AK-47, but Rosa countered and hit a stunner for a two count. Rosa stood and drove Kay face-first into the mat for a two count. From there, Kay hit a Death Valley Driver for a two count. The crowd cheered. Rosa hit a stun gun on the top rope and rolled Kay up for the win. After the match, Rosa questioned Melina and Marti Belle at ringside as the show ended.

WINNER: Thunder Rosa via pinfall

(Taylor’s Analysis: These two have great chemistry and put on another very good match. I was happy to see Rosa not take advantage of Kay when her back was turned while confronting Belle. The questions continue to surround the relationship between Rosa and Melina which is the right type of tension to be building.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a maintenance episode of Power built around the main event. There could have been a better balance between wrestling and promos, as it feels like the show could use some fresh debuts in the ring. However, it was still an enjoyable watch with enough interesting developments to make us tune in next week.

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