3/5 NXT UK TV REPORT: Walter vs. Mastiff, Aoife Valkyrie vs. Isla Dawn, Saxton Huxley vs. Ridge Holland, Banks vs. Wolfe

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


MARCH 5, 2020

Announcers: Todd Phillips, Aiden English


Banks went right at Wolfe from the bell, connecting with a dropkick. Wolfe rolled outside. Obligatory dive spot early on here, laying out both men on the ramp. Banks threw him back in and double stomped off of the top rope before a two count. Banks went back up to the top rope but on his way down this time, he was met with an uppercut. Wolfe took off his jacket and went to work on Banks neck and tossing him around the ring. He elbowed Banks on his nose, busting him open. Wolfe held Banks in a headlock before slamming him to the mat for a two count. He tossed Banks around the ring for a while. Banks started to fight back with some strikes and a couple of dropkicks into the corner. Wolfe rolled out again after he was double stomped again. Banks rolled him back in and landed another double stomp, followed by a two count.

Now that Banks was coming back, he sent a bevy of kicks to Wolfe’s back before he caught Banks’  leg and uppercut him. He put Wolfe up, but countered with a spinning suplex and a two count. Wolfe pulled Banks back up and the two exchanged uppercuts and kicks. Wolfe countered a kick with a German suplex and two count. Back up, Banks went to the top and hit a Slice of Heaven, and Wolfe rolled to the apron. Banks went to him and pulled him onto the ropes. While attempting a Kiwi Crusher, Wolfe countered but escaped to the top rope, where he landed a double stomp onto Wolfe while on the apron.

Back in the ring, Wolfe laid out Banks with a DDT and the ref counted two (it should have been a three, but there was a blatant pause).Wolfe pulled Banks to his feet and the two exchanged punches. Wolfe with a sit-up power bomb for the win


(Koenig’s Analysis: A great example of British wrestling. Hard-hitting. Both men shined, but Banks needs to start getting some wins under his belt.)

-Eddie Dennis vignette. He bragged about his education and said that he doesn’t just manipulate body parts, but manipulates minds.

-WWEshop.com commercial showing NXT UK merchandise.

-A video package emphasizing NXT UK’s impressive tag team division.


Huxley attacked Holland from the get go but was met with a pair of suplexes. He ended the match with a pair of Northern Grits.

WINNER: Holland at 1:18.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A squash. I would like to see more of these types of squashes used throughout wrestling to build up wrestlers as impressive as Holland. I’m rooting for this guy.)

-Tale of the Tape with Walter and Mastiff

-Wrestlemania weekend commercial.

-Jordan Devlin promo announcing his return next week.

-WrestleMania 36 commercial.


They lock up early on and Valkyrie went for an armbar, which she held for bit. As Dawn escaped, Valkyrie countered with a roll up for two. She went back for the armbar that Dawn countered with several two counts of her own by slamming her arm up and down for multiple pins. Valkyrie bridged out and the two exchanged near falls for far too long. Valkyrie landed a standing moonsault that Dawn kicked out of. Dawn got up and forced her into the corner. She went up and Dawn kicked her down. Valkyrie rolled to the middle of the ring as Dawn went up to the top. She connected with a meteora and two count. Back to their feet, Valkyrie got a couple of kicks in, went to the top and dropped a leg. Pinfall for the win.

WINNER: Valkyrie at 4:27.

(Koenig’s Analysis: Bless their hearts, they tried. They are both green as grass and haven’t found their characters yet either. Potential for both of these young talents. Lots of pauses between moves and some hesitation.)

-Elimination Chamber commercial

-Noam Dar in a backstage interview segment, letting us know that he will be fighting Noam Dar next week.

(4) WALTER (c) vs. MASTIFF

-The two hosses lock up and display their strength before Mastiff got tossed to the corner. Walter went for a big boot, but Mastiff dodged it and tossed Walter. The two hit the ropes and exchanged shoulders tackles before a cross body from Mastiff scored the first near fall of the match.

The two continued to try to take each other down. Walter went for a powerbomb and Mastiff countered, dumping Walter. Mastiff just sat down and got Walter’s shoulders down for two. Walter stayed on the mat and Mastiff got a two count after striking Walter’s back. They made it back up and continued to go 50/50 for strength. Mastiff caught Walter with an elbow and tossed him into the corner with a German suplex. Mastiff went for a cannonball but was met with a boot to the face. They tossed each other around some more and Mastiff started catching his breath, and laid in some heavy strikes to Walter before he turned around and clocked Mastiff in the face. He chopped Mastiff down and went to the top rope and attempted a frog splash that Mastiff rolled away from.

Mastiff went to lift Walter up but it didn’t happen the first time. It worked the second time when he hit a rolling senton for two. They got up and both missed a sentons on each other. Walter rolled to the corner and Mastiff landed an Into the Void. He brought Walter into the middle for two. Mastiff went up to the top and Walter came from behind and took out his leg, sending him to the mat. Mastiff pulled Walter up and struck Mastiff in the throat. He put Mastiff up for a powerbomb for the victory.

WINNER: Walter at 7:57.

(Koenig’s Analysis: A great, physical battle of big men. A fun match. Two legit powerhouses.)

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