3/26 NXT UK TV REPORT: Jordan Devlin vs. Travis Banks for Cruiserweight Title, Imperium vs. Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter, A-Kid vs. Noam Dar, Nina Samuel vs. Valkyrie

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


MARCH 26, 2020

Announcers: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness

(1) IMPERIUM (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel) (c) vs. ASHTON SMITH & OLIVER CARTER

Barthel and Carter start the match and Barthel grounded the action quickly while working on his arm and hand. He then switched to working Carter’s legs until he kicked out and rolled over Barthel for a two count. As Carter then attacked Barthel near his corner, Aichner tagged himself in without Carter knowing and was taken down and had his arm cranked. He escaped and tagged in Smith, who gave a backbreaker to Aichner before tagging Carter back in and getting a near pinfall after some double teaming.

As Carter was going for a springboard, Barthel pulled his leg out from under him, giving Aichner a chance to tag. Barthel came in and tossed Carter around the ring. Tag back in and Imperium started double teaming a bit before posing over Carter’s body.

Carter started to catch his second wind and was able to tag in Smith who came in strong and took out both members before getting a two count.

Carter got the tag back in and a two count on Aichner after some double-teaming. Imperium was just about to do the same, as Barthel went to the top rope before getting knocked down. Carter countered and got another two near pinfalls on Aichner. That good fortune ended with a spine buster and European Bomb from Imperium to end it.

WINNER: Imperium at 8:35

(Koenig’s Analysis: Aston and Smith have been improving greatly and did a fine job here for a solid, exciting opening bout.)

–A (dizzying) vignette from Gallus staking their claim that one of them will win the battle royal next week.

– Broken Skull Sessions with Bret Hart commercial

-Trent Seven, Travis Banks, and Imperium all cut promos about the battle royal.

-Post match interview with Carter & Smith. Pretty Deadly interfere and walk away. They then say they have train for the battle royal.


Valkyrie went right in for a headlock and then grounded Samuels. She countered and wrapped up Valkyrie in a leg lock before before getting back in to the headlock and putting her down for a two count. Samuels knocked Valkyrie on the ropes and hit her neck, setting her up for two near pinfalls. She got up and started working the leg and lower back of Valkyrie prior to putting her in a leg submission that Valkyrie countered for two.

Back to their feet, Valkyrie connected with a dropkick and a two count. She went up to the top rope but Samuels rolled out and then got kicked in the face. Samuels came back in with a series of kicks and a pinfall attempt. She lifted up Valkyrie and put her on her shoulders. Valkyrie slid out. She connected with a kick before going to the top and hits a spin kick. Valkyrie with the successful pin.

WINNER: Valkyrie at 4:48

(Koenig’s Analysis: A fine match as Valkyrie finds her footing and character. She’s very young and green and needs these matches to grow.)

-Recap of last week’s confrontation between Piper Niven and Kay Lee Ray. Cut to an interview with Niven backstage, where she was asked why she went to Luna’s aid last week. She set up a tag match next week between Five and Luna against Kay Lee Ray and (the return of) Jinny.

-Flash Morgan interviewed about who took out Mark Andrews last week. There wasn’t much of an update but he promises that he will make whoever attacked him pay.

(3) A-KID vs. NOAM DAR

They start with match attempting to grab each other for strength tests. They then brought the action to the mat and grappled for a bit before getting back on their feet where A-Kid wrapped up Dar in an octopus before he wiggled out. They brought it back to the mat and exchanged traded roll-up pinfall attempts.

After the shared a smile realizing they they have similar agility, they lock up and Dar dropped A-Kid on the ropes with an elbow and a kick to the chest. Dar picked A-Kid up for a couple of uppercuts, followed by two count. After Dar had his arm worked on, they get to their feet and A-Kid connected with a dropkick. He went up to the top rope but Dar caught him and worked on his arm. A-Kid countered into a triangle that dar then countered into a heel hook. Dar got him on his back for another two. After getting back up, dar gets a low blow in, and while A-Kid is recovering and Dar landed the Nova Roller for the win.

WINNER: Noam Dar at 6:41

(Koenig’s Analysis: A-Kid is improving greatly and has been in the ring with some real talents. I think this was his first loss on NXT UK, but it came from a slimy veteran. These two put on a match full of speed and counters. I think they could have taken a moment to rest and get some anger towards each other, but that’s nit-picking.)

-After the match, Dar grabbed the mic and promised to win the battle royal.

-Walter video package

-WWE “Beyond Extreme” book commercial.

-Mastiff, Kassius Ohno and Ilja Dragunov cut videos assuring their victories in the battle royal.

(4) JORDAN DEVLIN (c) vs. TRAVIS BANKS – NXT Cruiserweight Championship match

This match started out with a long series of grip tests, locks and reversals. Banks got a hold of Devlin’s leg and grounded him. He escaped and got Banks in a headlock but Banks countered with a front wrist takedown and a couple of pinfall attempts. Devlin countered and got one of his own before rolling outside to catch his breath. Banks pulled him up but Devlin slammed him on the ropes. Banks then sent Devlin over the top rope and went for the obligatory dive through the ropes. However, this one ended with Banks going shoulder first into the barricade. Devlin rolled him back in and landed a backbreaker and a two count.

Banks started turn the match around after a kick that dropped Devlin. Banks hit the ropes but was caught in a Spanish Fly for two. Devlin pulled down his knee pads and connected with a double knee to the face. As the ref was yelling at Devlin, Banks fired back with a series of slaps before Devlin laid him out. Devlin started to lay in some kicks to Banks’ chest, and Banks started to “Hulk up”. Devlin slammed him down and went for a standing moonsault, but Banks put his legs up. As Devlin rested, Banks went from corner to corner attacking Devlin and cannonballed him in the corner. He pulled him over for a near pinfall.

As Devlin was down, he was met a series of kicks and a forearm that sent him outside. Obligatory rope dive #2 went down here, this time connecting. He rolled Devlin back in and went to the top rope for a double stop and two. Banks wen for a Slice of Heaven, missed, and Devlin went for a Devlin slide. Banks countered and cradled for another two count. The two then give each other headbutts and both were laid out in the middle of the ring. Devlin went to the top rope but Banks took out his legs, leaving him dangling in the corner. Banks went to the top and landed a double stop, followed by a near pinfall. Banks went up again but Devlin kicked him on the ropes. Devlin hit a cutter and another pin attempt followed. Banks went for a Slice of Heaven. He went for a Kiwi Crusher that Devlin countered with a roll up that won him the match, while holding the bottom rope.

WINNER: Jordan Devlin at 15:02

(Koenig’s Analysis: A fantastic match. These two are equally matched and put on a great performance. Devlin continues to be one of my favorite heels in the business.)

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