5/25 BEING THE ELITE REVIEW: Matt Hardy ceremony for Vanguard 1, Marty Scurll appearance, Brandon Cutler promo, Young Bucks spoof Revival leaked gimmick pics, on site for Double or Nothing

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor


BEING THE ELITE EP. 205 – “Stadium Stampede”
MAY 25, 2020

Watch it HERE.

– The camera is zoomed up very close on Nick Jackson. He lets out a huge sigh and asks someone off camera if they’re being serious and asking if this is a real look. The camera zooms out and Matt is standing next to him and Nick asks him if he really thinks this looks good. The two were dressed like the leaked pictures of the proposed repackage for The Revival, that they later confirmed on Talk is Jericho as being legitimate. They were dressed in green similar to the image in this tweet:

Matt sounded offended and asked Matt to confirm that he didn’t like the gear that he had picked out for them. Nick said this has to be a rib and asked Matt if he’s ribbing him with this. Matt said no, this is their gear for Double or Nothing. Nick said they can’t wear this and Matt said fine, he has some backup gear. Nick let out a big sigh of relief and asked Matt what the hell he’s doing wearing a clock around his neck.

– Being the Elite open aired.

– Frankie Kazarian was sitting on a couch looking at his phone. Christopher Daniels walked by and said hi. They shook hands as Daniels took off a facemask he was wearing. Kazarian said he saw the tweet Daniels sent out in support for Kazarian in the Casino Ladder Match at Double or Nothing and he wanted to say thanks and let him know that he appreciated that. Daniels said he thinks Kazarian has done great stuff and the last time he worked with the champ, he was extremely close and he thinks it’s Kazarian’s time. Scorpio Sky walked in and shook hands with Daniels before taking a seat on the couch next to Kazarian. Sky then thanked Daniels for the tweet he sent out in support of him in the same Casino Ladder Match at Double or Nothing. Kazarian looked confused as Daniels told Sky that he was extremely close to beating the champ last time he worked with him too. Kazarian sat up and interrupted, asked Daniels if this was a rib and told Sky that he got the same tweet from Daniels and just told him the same exact thing he told Sky. Sky looked at Daniels too confused and upset. Daniels looked at them both as Kazarian and Sky talked it out. Sky asked Daniels who he was supporting and Daniels paused then pointed behind the camera and asked if they saw Scottie Pippen. They both turned around, as did the camera man, and when they turned back around Daniels was gone, hiding behind the couch.

– Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson were standing high in the stands of the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium. Nick said he never thought he’d be doing a wrestling match in the middle of a football stadium like this. Nick said the match is going to be insane.

– Kenny Omega was looking at his phone and yelled “you better answer” over and over while looking at it. Omega yelled insults at whoever he was trying to call. Colt Cabana popped up with Omega on his phone and the two were video calling. Omega said he bets he caught Cabana by surprise without a camera so there’s no way he can get this filmed to put on a BTE episode. Omega, referring to last week, asked Cabana if he had any idea how unprofessional it was to put that on BTE and said that rocked him to his core last week. Cabana stopped Omega and told him that he was hacked and there’s no way he sent that. He turned to Nick jackson, who was filming Cabana, and asked him if he sent that footage to him for BTE. Nick turned to a mirror and shook his head yes, Cabana did send him the video last week. Cabana denied it then tried to tell Kenny that Nick said no, but Kenny said he heard Nick confirm it. Omega said he feels like their trust is broken now and it’s beyond repair and the angle white hot angle Omega proposed last week, it’s being pushed back now. Cabana was in shock and said no. Omega told him this is all his fault and Cabana said he’s going to go to Marty or Flip and get a better angle. Omega told Cabana that he has to take the L and own up to his mistake. Omega said he would rather “take an explosive diarrhea shit” instead of talking to Cabana then hung up on him. Omega opened his bathroom door to see Nick and Cabana in his bathroom. Cabana jumped into the shower and Omega trotted over and looked in the shower directly at Cabana, but acted as if he’d disappeared.

– Kazarian and Sky were walking down a hotel hallway talking and knocked on a door. Kazarian and Sky said they need to settle this and he just needs to choose somebody, referring to Christopher Daniels. They knocked on his door and said they know he’s in there. Daniels opened the door. Kazarian asked again, who is he supporting. Daniels said he knows the ladder match is important since the winner gets an AEW World Championship match. Daniels slowly started closing his door as he continued talking about the importance of the match until the door closed.

– Bouquets of flowers surrounded pictures of Vanguard 1. Matt Hardy was with the Young Bucks and thanked them for coming to celebrate the life and times of Vanguard 1. Hardy said he was like a son to him and he was a hero. Matt Hardy walked off screen continuing to thank them for coming. Matt then started giving a speech. He said they’re all gathered there, brothers of Christ. Matt chimed in and said he met Christ, he was a wonderful man. Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Rick Knox, and Cody Rhodes were all sitting in the audience looking bored out of their minds. Matt continued saying they were there to celebrate Vanguard 1. He said Vanguard 1 died at a very young age, then looked to Hardy to confirm his age, which is 4 years old. Matt said he believes in Christ, Kazarian, who appeared asleep shouted “Do ya?” at Matt which startled everyone awake. Peter Avalon, Brandon Cutler, Scorpio Sky, and Hangman Page were shown in the crowd now as well. Hangman was sleeping across a row of chairs. Kazarian then got upset and said “it was a drone!” He then yelled at them for dragging him to Joey Ryan’s funeral, then said this is “drizzling shit.” Cody calmed him down then whispered that he agreed that this was stupid. Matt Hardy jumped up and yelled for them to be silent and to show some respect. Matt walked over to Cody and told him to shut up. Cody criticized Matt for wearing a Tommy Bahama tank top to a funeral.

Brandon Cutler took the podium and said he was sad to hear the day that Vanguard 1 failed all of his death saves. Peter Avalon jumped up and told Brandon he’s terrible at eulogies. He told Cutler to beat it. Avalon took the podium and started fake crying, Cutler shouted “let’s see you do better.” Avalon wiped tears from his eyes, took out his phone, and said he has a quote he’d like to read as his voice cracked. Hangman Page, laying across three chairs with a beer in hand, tapped Scorpio Sky and asked him who that was talking at the podium. Avalon read from his phone quoting Shakespeare. The camera panned the crowd, all looked bored apart from Matt Hardy who looked at Avalon giving him his undivided attention. Hardy said he also met Shakespeare and they are actually second cousins.

Christopher Daniels got up to speak. He told the story of the first time he worked with Vanguard 1 when he lost his car keys and Vanguard helped him find them. After that he said they had a unique bond. Daniels said Vanguard would come by his house occasionally. Kazarian got mad again and stopped Daniels mid speech. Kazarian said he’s been around a long time and seen some dumb shit, including some dumb shit on this show, but this takes the cake. Rick Knox, in full referee gear, kicked Kazarian out and started counting him out when he wouldn’t leave. Knox and Kazarian argued as the rest of the wrestlers booed and flipped Kazarian off.

Matt Hardy said that members of House Hardy submitted videos to remember Vanguard. Matt’s son Wolfgang cried,his son Maxwell scolded Chris Jericho, and Señor Benjamin quickly said something about all the times they shared together, but he couldn’t share any stories. Matt Hardy took the podium and thanked everyone for their support. Hardy said Vanguard is survived by some of his aerial assault robots like Blackout, Lightspeed, and his cousin IT who was in attendance. Christopher Daniels was shown holding a drone and trying to hand it a tissue. Hardy said Vanguard was not perfect, he had flaws like the rest of us, his flaw was being a raging alcoholic, much like Hangman Page. Page jumped up asking if it was his turn to speak. Hardy continued and said Vanguard turned into a raging asshole when he drank. Page got up and joined Hardy, who stepped aside for him to speak. Page offered to do a toast as Matt tried to get him to sit back down. Page said he’s know the groom Nick Jackson for 6-7 years. Page then started singing while holding a white rose. Hardy stood next to him and looked on in amazement. Page apologized for thinking this was a wedding. He threw down the flower, picked up his beer and walked off. Hardy gasped and announced he just had a very powerful, potent, and prolific premonition. The seven deities took the essence of Vanguard 1 and they are entering him into a new vessel, which shall be names NEO. Matt yelled “praise the seven deities” and the crowd cheered.

– Brandon Cutler sat down in his back yard and said it’s a very special day for him. He said it’s been one year since Matt and Nick surprised him with a contract to work for AEW. He said he remembers reading the script they handed him and when he got to the part of the script about signing a contract, Cutler said there was a wave of emotion and thoughts going through his mind. He said he no longer had to struggle to make ends meet and could finally be a provider for his wife and kids. He said he remembered calling his wife to tell her, he told her that it starts now. Cutler said Matt told him specifically that they wanted to sign him specifically so they had one of their own guys because within a couple of days they were making the announcement about AEW being on TNT and they knew they’d be flooded with people asking them for jobs. Cutler got emotional and said Matt doing that meant the world. He said Matt and Nick have been the most kind and caring people he’s ever met in his life and they’re the walking examples of integrity. Cutler said last year he was a participant in the Battle Royale at last years Double or Nothing and, technically, he was the first person to ever walk out on an AEW stage as he was the first announced entrant that night. Cutler said when he started with AEW he wanted to prove he wasn’t just some charity case and just given a contract due to his relationship with Matt and Nick, but wanted to prove he’s a great wrestler. A year after that and he’s on an 0-12 losing streak and he isn’t even on the Double or Nothing card. He hung his head and shook his head in disbelief. He said he feels like he’s let Matt and Nick down. He stood up and walked off.

– Isaiah Kassidy walked up to Marq Quen who asked if he was ready and he said yes. The two walked up to the fence and Quen stopped Kassidy and said he’s got this. He opened the gate and as they both walked through, someone leaning against the fence asked them if they wanted to come to his island on Animal Crossing, they laughed him off. They stormed into the back yard and called out their opponents, but they were nowhere to be seen. Quen said something isn’t right, Kassidy asked if this was the spot. Quen tried closing and reopening the gate, but it nothing happened. They heard music coming from the garage, so they went to investigate thinking it was a strip club. Their friend EJ was in the garage dancing, Kassidy pulled out his phone and started recording. Kassidy went to close the garage, EJ walked over and introduced himself again, and then they closed the garage door on him. Suddenly they both smelled something awful, they turned around and Bonez appeared. They asked him where his partner was and he pointed to the garage roof behind them. They turned around and saw $12 taped high up on the garage wall. Kassidy and Quen asked Bonez if that meant this was a ladder match, he indicated yes.

Bonez quickly elbowed Quen, but Kassidy hit him with an elbow of his own. Bonez and Kassidy fought over a ladder. Kassidy kicked Bonez then climbed up the ladder to grab the $12. He lazily swiped at the money in an “attempt” to grab it, but before he pulled it down Bonez threw a chair at him and pulled him off the ladder. Quen reappeared and stopped Bonez from whatever move he was going to try on Kassidy. Quen and Bonez exchanged kicks until Bonez hit Quen with an enzuiguri. Kassidy hit Bonez from behind with a kick between the shoulder blades and the two traded punches out into the front yard. Kassidy started to get the better of Bonez as Quen grabbed a volleyball and ran out there to help. Bones put Kassidy in an arm bar, but Quen hit him in the head with the volleyball and locked on a sleeper hold. Bonez passed out and Private Party made their way to the back yard again to get the $12.

The person playing his Nintendo Switch was still leaning against the fence and Bonez stopped to take him out as he followed Private Party back into the back yard. The back yard fence was now closed and Quen tried to climb the fence, but Bonez grabbed him before he made it over. Kassidy jumped off the fence and hit Bonez with a double foot stomp to the back. Kassidy stomped Bonez repetitively until Quen pulled him off. They decided to try a different way into the back yard now that the fence was locked. Quen again stopped Kassidy so he could open the small front yard fence. The two exited the yard. A car rolled up and they both got in and thanked the driver. They yelled at the driver who wasn’t moving, the driver turned around and it was the teddy bear. In an evil voice he asked them “where to, Private Pussies?” The camera went black and white and a voice over said “oh shit, here we go again.” A graphic appeared on screen that said part 2 is next week.

– The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Brandon Cutler were checking out the Double or Nothing set design. Matt sarcastically asked Omega if he recognized the big poker chips and he said yeah he’s trying to forget them. A woman on the set crew walked by holding a giant dice and they told her to roll it. Cutler rolled it and shrugged his shoulders.

– Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky were sitting in the locker room with a bottle of tequila between them. They reacted to not winning the Casino Ladder match. Kazarian apologized to Sky since he didn’t win and Sky said they did their best. They saluted each other and took a drink from their cups. Christopher Daniels walked in and said he’s proud of them both for showing everyone what it means to be a professional. He said he never chose sides, he always wanted one of them to win and he was there for them both. They all cheered SCU together. After sitting there for a second Daniels said let’s go because he wanted to get back to Southern California. Sky and Kazarian agreed and they gathered their belongings. Scorpio Sky said he’d be right behind them and walked off in a different direction after stuffing the tequila bottle in his bag.

– Luchasarus was sitting up against a building and complained about being sore from the ladder match. Jungle Boy walked up holding his ribs and Luchasaurus asked if he was sore too. Luchasaurus said they both tried. Luchasaurus said he needs to stay away from ladders from now on. Marko Stunt walked up and said he’s been looking all over. He got a map in an empty White Claw can and it led him to some forest. Marko said he’s looking for Luchasarus’ tail and it’s his fault they’re both hurt now. Luchasaurus stopped him and said there was never a tail. Marko and Jungle Boy both looked at Luchasaurus confused. He said there was never an actual tail, it was a metaphor. He said he has a master’s degree and he was just using that as a metaphor. He told Marko to sit down with them. He said it was never about a tail, it was about friendship because he was missing Marko and Jungle Boy. He said it doesn’t matter that they lost tonight because the point is they’re all a team again. Marko but his arms around them both and Luchasaurus asked if catering was still open because he’s hungry. Marko put his sunglasses back on and to Luchasaurus, “maybe, just don’t shit yourself.”

– Justin Roberts was looking around above his camera again. He put on some headphones then spoke into a microphone behind him. He introduced the Stadium Stampede match.

– The Elite making their Stadium Stampede entrance was shown from Brandon Cutler’s perspective on the field. Footage of the initial spring and fight was shown with the cheerleaders screaming. The video of Sammy Guevara being run down by the golf cart was shown. Cutler said “oh no he’s going to hit the wall” as Hardy struggled to stop the vehicle, luckily he did stop in time. Finally, the finishing One Winged Angel was shown from the field. Matt, Nick, and Hangman yelled for him to finish this then hesitated as he picked up Guevara for the One Winged Angel.

– The outro video started playing, but stopped short.

– Matt and Nick were sitting in a hotel room and Nick asked Matt how his ribs were on the night before Double or Nothing. Someone knocked on the hotel door and Hangman Page walked in. Page said if they’re going to do this thing, let’s do it right and get it over with quickly. Page said they’re at a disadvantage against the Inner Circle because they’re a well-oiled machine while the Elite are in shamble. Page said if they’re going to beat them we have to think like them and get in a literal circle. Nick said “you mean like a literal circle, not a circle jerk, right?” Page said “yeah, well we’ll see where it ends up.” Nick and Matt hesitated then put their arms around Page. Nick said it’s good to have Hangman back and Page tried to disagree, but didn’t come out and directly say that. Matt talked about getting back to the old days. Nick asked him how they get back to that and Matt said he doesn’t know, but something has been missing, but he doesn’t know what that is. Page rolled his eyes and looked around the room. Matt said if only there was someone who walked through that door that could help them beat Inner Circle. Marty Scurll busted through the door wearing a facemask and walked up to them. He ripped off the mask and Matt, Nick, and Page ignored him. Scurll smiled and said “I’m back baby.” They continued to ignore him as he tried to get their attention. Matt, without looking, told him to just leave his food over there. Scurll was very confused as he tried to get their attention. Nick called him a British waitress and told him to go away. Scurll tried to get Page to look at him, Page called him a dumb son of a bitch and told him to get the hell out of there. Scurll threw up his arms and left. As he left, Matt, Nick, and Page let go of each other in frustration that they couldn’t find their mojo. Cutler called them idiots and said “You idiots. You let him walk out. You didn’t even give him a tip!” Page and Nick sprinted out the door to go give the person a tip


This was a very funny episode. The Scurll appearance at the end was funny and interesting. Are they going to do something with him on BTE, maybe more? There have been previous cameos just in the short time I’ve covered BTE, but Marty came out and tried to get their attention this time, which isn’t how the cameos usually go. Usually they’re never acknowledged. Hopefully this leads to more!

I thought the Brandon Cutler promo was great, but what a stark contrast to the rest of the show including the segments before and after his promo. The segment before was a funeral for a drone and the segment after was a wrestling match that included a teddy bear taking Private Party hostage. What a strange show BTE is.

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