5/20 NXT UK TV REPORT: “Most Brilliant Episode” with Toni Storm vs. Jinny, Rhea Ripley vs. Piper Niven, Storm vs. Niven vs. Kay Lee Ray

By Chad Koenig, PWTorch contributor


MAY 20, 2020

Hosted By: Andy Shepherd (from home).

This is an “NXT UK’s Most Brilliant” episode featuring the 2019/2020 rivalry of Piper Niven, Toni Storm, and Kay Lee Ray.

Shepherd announces over a video package from Toni Storm, starting with her debut in the 2018 Mae Young Classic. He also went to on explain her win over Io Shirai at WWE Evolution, which gave her the choice to challenge for any Women’s title. She chose to fight Rhea Ripley at Takeover: Blackpool. But prior to that match, she had to face long-time rival Jinny.

(1) TONI STORM vs. JINNY (from NXT UK April 12, 2019) 

The two went right at each other, laying in shots and hitting the ropes. Storm brought down Jinny with a basement dropkick and a near pinfall. She flipped Jinny for a single-leg crab into an STF. Jinny made it to the rope and forced Storm off. She ran at Jinny but was met with a boot to the face. Storm went for a Storm Driver that Jinny countered with a dragon screw into a rocking horse submission. That then morphed into a camel clutch that Storm countered into the same stretch submission. Jinny got to the rope again.

They hit the ropes some more and Jinny planted Storm with a flatliner into the corner, followed by a two count. Jinny soon after connected with a backbreaker for a very close two. Another cover followed for two.

Storm powered her way up and missed a kick that Jinny took advantage of and attempted another pinfall. She kept Storm grounded in a headlock before Jinny kept her down in body scissors. Jinny then looked Storm in the face and said “This is my NXT UK” and slapped her in the face multiple times. However, Storm grabbed Jinny for three German suplexes. She went for a Storm Zero, but Jinny countered in the corner with a face plant for two.

Back on their feet, Storm connects with a heavy headbutt for two. The two made it up again, both looking completely exhausted, and went strike for strike. Jinny ran at Storm who then caught her with a powerbomb and a Storm Zero for the victory.

WINNER: Storm at 10:36

(Koenig’s Analysis: A hard-fought battle for both competitors. They seemed to really lay the strikes in hard. These are two tough women.)

-WWE Untold commercial for “I Am The Game”

-Shepherd continues the story noting the Battle Royale from Download Festival in 2019, in which the winner would face Storm for the championship, was won by Kay Lee Ray. He also explained that as Rhea Ripley asserted herself as the most dominant woman in NXT UK, that Piper Niven was now coming into the picture to challenge her on that.

(2) RHEA RIPLEY vs. PIPER NIVEN (from NXT UK July 3, 2019) 

This turned out to be an impromptu match on the show as Ripley called out Niven. At the bell, the two go chest to chest and they start slugging each other, with Niven tossing Ripley out of the ring. Ripley pulled her out and drove her into the ring and post. Ripley rolled her back in to kick out at one. Ripley continued to toss Niven around the ring and kick her into the corner. As Niven got up, she rolled Ripley up for one but Ripley got right up for a clothesline. She brought Niven back down to the mat and held her down with body scissors.

As Niven escaped and made it into the corner, Ripley gloated to the crowd a bit and gave Niven time to land a solid dropkick. Niven went up to the top but Ripley caught her and planted her on the mat for a near pinfall. She then set Niven up for an inverted cloverleaf . Niven made it to the bottom rope, but the damage was done to her knee as Niven held it while writhing in pain.

Ripley pulled Niven up to her feet, looked at her and called her “nothing” before slapping her in the face. Niven planted Rhea with a belly to belly suplex. Both competitors made it back up to their feet together and short-armed each other, laying in some hard punches. Ripley with a failed attempt for a Rip-Tide. Ripley then charged at Niven while she was in the corner,. She moved as Ripley went shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Niven lifted up Rhea and slammed her down for a win.

WINNER: Niven at 8:42

(Koenig’s Analysis: A fine match. Ripley is definitely the more well polished of the two and that shows, but Niven has improved a lot in a short period of time. She has a little ways to go but she has it in her. I know it.)

-The Kay Lee Ray story was told next, explaining that she and Toni Storm were the best of friends now wanted to take Storm down and strip her of her title at Takeover: Cardiff. That match was highlighted and showed Ray’s winning of the title.

-Undertaker- The Last Ride commercial

-A video package was shown describing the friendship between Piper Niven and Kay Lee Ray, and Toni Storm, and that they traveled the world together and were excited to be under the same wrestling umbrella together again. Storm said that she learned that she shouldn’t trust Ray, so why should she trust Niven? Storm went on to say that, likely because of them all being competitive, that they just weren’t friends anymore. All three then explained that their friendships have dissolved en route to their match at Takeover.

-Smackdown commercial


The match started with all three of them attacking each other and went right to being fought outside of the ring. Niven cannonballed both of her opponents into the barricade and stairs. Storm made it back into the ring, but Ray pulled Niven down, knocking her back outside, while she ran in for a slugfest. Niven ran in and dropped a senton on both women, hooking Ray’s leg for two. Storm grabbed Ray for a Storm Zero but Niven blocked that with a cross body. Niven got up and was met with a superkick from ray. Storm with a German, followed by a DDT from Ray allowed her to get a two on Storm before Niven broke it up. Ray then choked out Storm on the ropes and went for a failed Gory Bomb on Niven. Storm came from behind and planted Niven, who was able to connect Ray with a saito suplex, leaving all three women lifeless on the mat.

All three made it back to their feet after a minute of rest. Ray took down both ladies and went to the outside of the ring to get a chair. She put the throat into the throat of both women in the ring. She put the chair around Storm’s neck but Niven prevented that from going down. Storm then grabbed the chair and went face to face with Niven, while Ray watched from outside of the ring, hoping to benefit from the carnage. Storm was seemingly torn as Niven did just save her. Storm dropped the chair. They both looked at Ray and realized that she has been the antagonist throughout this rivalry. After a cannonball from the apron onto Ray, she got sent back into the ring. But as Niven and Storm pondered who was going in after her, Ray made it to the top rope and dove on top of both, laying all three out outside of the ring. Niven made it back into the ring last, as Storm and Ray were about to battle on the corner post. Niven picked up Storm and power bombed her for two but Ray broke that up with a senton. As Storm rolled out, Ray became a victim of Niven’s powerbomb next, followed by a Michinoku Driver for two. Niven went up for a second Michinoku, but Ray Ray countered with an impressive Gory Bomb for two but Niven broke the count by coming in from outside and grabbing the ref’s arm to return the favor.

As Ray tried to lift Niven, she countered with a destroyer. Storm came in and hit a driver on Ray. Niven broke that up right before the three.

At this point, Storm is the one on her feet and starts working on both women. She lifted up Ray for a Storm Zero and tossed her on top of Niven. She then tried to do the same to Niven but had to change it up as a form of a Pedigree for two. Storm went to the top with a frog splash on Niven, but was immediately met with a superkick from Ray for the win. Afterwards, the three women in the match said that their friendships were all over after this.

WINNER: Kay Lee Ray at 12:48

(Koenig’s Analysis: A really fun match, and a culmination of a very well told storyline that culminated in this match. Lots of action and fast paced maneuvers. But the real highlight here was the fact that there was such a well told story.)

-NEXT WEEK- NXT UK Hidden Gems

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