5/29 ROH TV REPORT: Rush-themed episode including his World Title victory against Matt Taven, his title defense against Jeff Cobb, angle with PCO

By Ryan Sullivan, PWTorch contributor


ROH TV REPORT (ep.454)
MAY 29, 2020

Host: No Host This Week

-The opening theme aired.

– A highlight package was played, consisting of Rush’s top moments in Ring of Honor.

-The show shifts to Rush talking in front of a white wall, with the Ring of Honor World Championship over his shoulder. He welcomes everyone to the show. Rush then begins to discuss his match with Matt Taven at Death Before Dishonor, where he won his first ROH World Championship. In Spanish, Rush says he endured a lot of punishment in the match. He was helped by the fact that his family was ringside, as this helped him overcome the brutality. He says “No Pasa Nada,” before throwing to the match.

(1) MATT TAVEN (c) vs. RUSH – ROH World Title Match

Both Taven and Rush received their full ring entrance and ring announcer Bobby Cruise introduced both men. This match occurred on Sept. 27, 2019 at Death Before Dishonor. (c)

There was no Code of Honor, and the match quickly began with them trading blows in the middle of the ring. Taven falls into the corner, and Rush attempted his “Bulls Horns” finisher, but Taven escaped to the outside. Surprisingly, Taven goes on the offensive outside the ring, throwing Rush into the barricades, and taunting Rush’s family at ringside. Minutes later, Taven hits a “brain buster” suplex from the ring apron, dropping Rush directly on the floor. This was an impressive feat of strength by Taven. Taven follows by hitting a middle rope dive and his “Flight of the Conqueror” on Rush into commercial. (c)

Back “live”, Taven hits a top rope frog splash on Rush, but can only manage a two count. Taven soon attempts his “Just the tip of the knee” maneuver, but Rush counters with a “German” suplex and a running knee, sending Taven outside the ring. Rush removes a barricade and throws it at Taven. Rush finds a video camera cord and proceeds to choke Taven with it. Next, Rush suplexes Taven onto Bobby Cruise’s announce table, but the table does not break. Rush sends Taven back into the ring and leads him into the corner. Rush teases his “Bulls Horns”, but stops short and delivered a stiff kick to Taven’s face. (c)

Rush is still in control and quickly delivers a top rope shotgun dropkick, again sending Taven outside the ring. Soon, Rush hits a missile dropkick from the ring apron, down on Taven. Rush throws Taven back in the ring and delivers a modified “Jay Driller”. Somehow, moments later Taven recovers to hit his “Just the tip of the knee”, and followed it immediately with his “Climax” finisher, but could only get a two count. Taven had a look of complete shock.

The finish occurs soon after, with Taven hitting two consecutive “Just the tip of the knees”, but Rush no-sells them. Another “Just the tip of the knee” by Taven, but Rush is still alive. Taven goes to the top rope, but Rush meets him and gets Taven hung upside in the corner. Rush capitalizes on this by hitting his “Bulls Horns” finisher twice, knocking Taven out, and allowing Rush to get the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Rush at 15:43 to capture the ROH Title.

-After the match, three generations of Rush’s family join him in the ring to celebrate his victory. Bobby Cruise announces Rush as the new champion, and Cary Silkin hands him the championship belt.

-The show quickly cuts to Rush’s victory promo the following evening in Las Vegas. Rush said “nothing happens until I say it happens”. Rush follows with his catchphrase “No Pasa Nada”.

-The show shifts to showing Jeff Cobb defeating Kenny King last fall, in order to earn a title opportunity against Rush at Honor United. The promos cut by both Cobb and Rush leading into this match were shown. (c)

(2) RUSH (c) vs. JEFF COBB – ROH World Title Match

Neither Rush, nor Jeff Cobb’s, ring entrance or ring introduction was shown. The Code of Honor was not adhered to, as Rush decided to “flip the bird” to Cobb instead of the traditional handshake. The match begins with both men trading massive blows in the middle of the ring. Rush hits Cobb with a “Superman” forearm, sending Cobb to the outside. Rush waits for Cobb to re-enter the ring, but Cobb challenges Rush to fight him on the outside. Cobb quickly delivers a “German” suplex to Rush on the floor. Cobb works over Rush more on the outside, before throwing him back in the ring. Cobb deliberately slows down the pace, and starts to deliver punishment to Rush. Cobb hits a release “Pump handle” suplex, but could only get a two count. Cobb charges at Rush, but Rush avoids him, and Rush delivers a dropkick to Cobb, sending Jeff to the outside. (c)

Back “live,” Rush power slams Cobb, then Rush follows with a standing dropkick to Cobb. Rush attempts a suplex, but Cobb counters this attempt, and hits a standing suplex of his own to Rush. Quite an impressive show of power from Jeff Cobb! The men soon reach the middle of the ring and begin trading blows. Rush soon hits a “Mexican destroyer” on Cobb, but Cobb somehow countered with a massive clothesline, sending both men to the mat. Rush recovers and goes to the top rope, but Cobb meets him and hits a standing dropkick to Rush. As Rush climbs back to the ring, Cobb goes to the top rope, lifts Rush, and delivers a deadlift “Superplex” on Rush. This only gets a two count. Cobb follows with a standing moonsault, but again, only gets a two count. (c)

Now both men are in the corner and get on the top rope. After trading punches, Rush hits a “superplex” of his own on Cobb. Rush places Cobb in the corner for his “Bulls Horns”, but Cobb counters with a devastating spear to Rush. Cobb goes for his “Tour of the Islands” finisher, but Rush counters this with an inside cradle. Rush hits a superkick and an overhead “German” suplex on Cobb, sending him into the corner. This set Rush up perfectly for his “Bulls Horns”, which he hit twice on Cobb, then pinned him for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Rush at 14:51

-After the match, Rush celebrates on the top rope, displaying the title belt for the fans. Rush stepped off the top rope, and gave several nods of respect toward Cobb. Cobb and Rush adhered to the Code of Honor, with obvious respect shown by each man toward the other.

-The show pivots to last December’s Final Battle event. The audience is shown highlights of the Rush and PCO match, in which PCO defeated Rush for the World Title.

-The show shifts to PCO’s victory promo the night following Final Battle. PCO is talking in the ring, but is interrupted by Rush, who introduces Kenny King and Dragon Lee, as La Faccion Ingobernobles.

-The action moves to Glory By Honor in February and the match between PCO, Mark Haskins, and Rush for the World Title. Highlights of this contest are shown, including the interference by Nick Aldis, allowing Rush to gain a pin fall and win the World Title for a second time.

-Another pivot, with Rush now back on the screen, standing in front of the same white wall as he opened this program. Rush thanks the fans, in Spanish, for their support and says he wants to be the biggest star in Ring of Honor. Rush followed by saying “The bull is locked in and he is ready to destroy anyone in front of him”. Rush finished by saying “He will be the champion for a long time,” as the show faded to black.

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