7/6 AEW ROAD TO FYTER FEST – NIGHT 2: Young Bucks talk about reaction to FTR arrival, Cassidy talks about his Jericho match, Ross analysis

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor


JULY 6, 2020


– The show opened with the Fyter Fest logo shown momentarily.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were sitting together. Matt said their relationship with FTR is a bit complicated.

Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood were standing in front of their truck outside. Cash said he wouldn’t say they have much of a relationship with the Young Bucks at all. He said they obviously know about each other and have for a while now. The clip of their debut played with commentary by Tony Schiavone.

Matt said when FTR first showed up, he was a little surprised that they had their back. A clip aired of Matt and Nick confronting FTR in the ring on Dynamite aired where Matt introduced himself and his brother to FTR formally. Clips aired of their initial meetings aired over the sound. Matt said they’re the Young Bucks and they’ve been carrying tag team wrestling solely on their backs for the past decade and a half. Clips of their matches aired as Matt said they’re the best tag team in AEW. Matt and Nick held their hands out to shake Cash and Dax’s hands, but Butcher and Blade attacked them along with Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc.

Cash said everyone seems to think that either the Young Bucks or FTR is the best tag team in the world.

Matt said they’ve seen it their entire career. He mockingly said “FTR is greater than the Young Bucks.” He said it’s written like a stupid math equation and they always roll their eyes and laugh.

Cash said they have no doubt in their mind that they’re untouchable when it comes to tag team wrestling. Clips of FTR coming to the aid of the Young Bucks aired as Cash said they’ll come to their aid as every time they have to and every time they get themselves in too deep until they finally get to step in the ring with those guys. Cash said they want the Young Bucks to know that FTR made sure they were 100% and they ended them.

Matt said nobody has done what they have in the ring and outside the ring and that includes FTR.

Clips of Dax Harwood’s promo on Dynamite aired. He congratulated everyone on graduating from the kiddie table, but now they’re eating with the big boys. He said when it comes to FTR, everyone’s bit off a little more than they can chew.

Tony Schiavone said he thinks there is respect between the teams and a little, uh…

Matt Jackson said it’s professional jealousy. Nick agreed.

More clips from Dax Harwood’s promo. He said they talk heavy, hit hard, and they are the absolute best tag team on the planet.

Matt said they preach that their style of wrestling is the best wrestling. Nick said they think their style is the best in wrestling.

Taz said FTR is a more throwback style of tag team and they do a lot of things that are base things in tag team wrestling, while the Young Bucks are the complete opposite.

Excalibur said that, while there isn’t a lot of stylistic respect between these two teams, there is self-respect for each other as competitors.

Jim Ross said you have two very bright, seasoned, and talented teams here and they both know the other didn’t get there by accident.

Dax said he guesses he respects the Young Bucks as athletes. Cash said he respects the spotlight they put on tag team wrestling in AEW, but that’s as far as it goes.

Jim Ross said we all know that somewhere down the line, we have to know; who’s the better team? Ross said that’s not for now, though, for now they have to leave Fyter Fest with a win. The clip of Butcher and Blade challenging FTR and the Young Bucks to a match with their partners the Lucha Bros aired.

Schiavone said it’s interesting to think about why they all agreed to this match. Cash said they’re businessmen, so if teaming with them and proving a point against a couple of guys who want to step up and put their nose in their business, then that’s what they’ll do.

Nick said he feels that the reason the Butcher and Blade and the Lucha Brothers want to get involved is just to try and make a name for themselves.

Butcher said if they come out on top, the golden boys in AEW are gone.

Schiavone said he can’t see any team in an eight man tag match beating the Young Bucks or FTR. Jim Ross said don’t sleep on the adversaries. Taz said Butcher and Blade are just big, rugged, nasty, athletic guys.

Blade said the best way to put it is “iron sharpens iron.”

Excalibur said the Lucha Brothers are speed and power combined and they bring in so many different elements from fast paced footwork to high flying offense.

Rey Fenix looked at Pentagon Jr and asked him in Spanish what are they going to do? Fenix turned to the camera and said they’re going to do the same thing they do every night. They’re going to be the best every night and every match they do in order to prove to the world as well as their opponents who they are.

Excalibur said he isn’t sure you could find two teams who complement each other better than Butcher and Blade and the Lucha Bros.

Matt said the FTR guys have their back and he doesn’t know exactly what that relationship looks like, but for one night the four of them are going to get together and kick some ass.

Taz said at Fyter Fest FTR and the Young Bucks could implode. Jim Ross hypothetically asked if there will be peace in the valley between these two teams, you’d like to think so, but he wouldn’t bet his hat on it.

A graphic was shown featuring all eight wrestlers with the Fyter Fest logo.

– Chris Jericho was shown walking to the ring. A promo from Dynamite aired where he said what he really wants is Mike Tyson’s head on a platter. Mike Tyson walked out and their confrontation on Dynamite aired including the pull apart brawl. Clips aired from Jericho’s promo the week after that confrontation where he called out “the baddest man on the planet” followed by Orange Cassidy walking out.

Jericho, now sitting in his dressing room, said let’s talk about Orange Cassidy. He called Cassidy a quant character and said he’s amusing and funny. Jericho said people love him and his laissez faire attitude. He said Cassidy won’t take his sunglasses off and asked who wears his sunglasses in the middle of the day. Ironically, Jericho was wearing sunglasses during this interview. Jericho said he doesn’t have a problem with Orange Cassidy existing in the Orange Cassidy world, but when you invade Le Champion’s world then you have a big problem. Jericho said he doesn’t like Orange Cassidy because he has a bad attitude and he doesn’t think he belongs in AEW or in the same ring as himself. Clips aired of Orange Cassidy’s initial confrontation with Jericho.

Jim Ross said Orange Cassidy is a very unique dude and admitted that, when he first saw Cassidy, he wasn’t impressed. Ross said he’s since changed his mind and now he’s a big Orange Cassidy fan because he’s different. Clips aired of Inner Circle beating down Cassidy with commentary included. Schiavone said this is Jericho feeling like he’s been shown up and, when he feels that way, you’re going to see the violent side of Jericho come out. Excalibur said Jericho has been everywhere and done everything there is to do in professional wrestling. Ross said Jericho was the first AEW Champion and he’ll always be the first champion, but he thinks he’s the MVP of this company as well.

Jericho said he doesn’t overlook anybody and that’s why he’s been on top for 30 years. Jericho said that’s also why he wanted to have this match. He said he wanted to have this opportunity to impart his wisdom into the “fat head” of Orange Cassidy and to teach him the dos and don’ts of wrestling.

Orange Cassidy was lounging in a chair. He said, “Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho at Fyter Fest? No problem.”

The clips of Orange Cassidy disguised as a camera man were shown followed by his attack on Jericho. Exalibur said when we’ve seen Orange Cassidy inside an AEW ring he’s very cool and careless, until he’s not. JR said Cassidy and Jericho are as different as night and day and he’s a big believer that this will be the most surprising match on the show. Clips aired of their final pull apart brawl aired where they fought into the stands.

Cassidy said Chris Jericho doesn’t know who he is or what he can do. Cassidy took off his sunglasses and looked directly into the camera as he said “Chris, I’m going to try.” The final clip of Cassidy superman punching Jericho through a table aired followed by a match graphic.

– Graphics were shown for all the Fyter Fest Night 2 matches including Joey Janela vs. Lance Archer, SCU vs. Dark Order, Butcher, Blade, & Lucha Bros vs. Young Bucks & FTR, Private Party vs. Kenny Omega & Hangman Page for the AEW Tag Team Championships, and Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho.

FINAL THOUGHTS: These hype videos are so great. Most of the time, they end up being shown as the match previews just before the matches on the PPV, or on TNT in this instance, so it’s a little disappointing when I see them again, but they’re so good. Road To isn’t always pre-match video packages like the last two have been, but even when they are they’re done really well. They even managed to make Orange Cassidy look serious, while he wasn’t being serious. He only had two lines in a five minute video package which also underlined the laziness of the character. The entire joke, even of this package, was the idea that he’s actually going to try. He threw that line out there and, while it’s still funny, it also came across as serious. I don’t know how you can hit both of those notes at the same time, but I think they managed to do it here.

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