8/3 BEING THE ELITE (Ep. 215): “A Birthday and a Death” – Insight into life with travel delays, demographic ratings talk, Brian Cage eats eggs

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor


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BEING THE ELITE EP. 215 – “A Birthday and a Death”
AUGUST 3, 2020

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– Black and white footage of Matt Jackson trying to escape a wrist hold was shown with Matt voicing it over as if it were his thoughts. He said he’s going to show “them” some old school wrestling. He struggled to get out of the wrist hold and called for the person applying the hold to loosen it up. Matt was then shown in a choke hold. He elbowed his opponent in the stomach a couple of times to get out of it as he voiced over his actions. Matt ran the ropes, but was met with a boot to the face. Matt then put his opponent in an abdominal stretch. Matt said as long at J.R. is enjoying this, he’s happy. The camera cut again to Matt in the ring looking down at someone outside the ring. He said they’re out there ready to catch him. He ran the ropes, but didn’t jump as he struggled to resist the urge to dive. Matt was shown on the top rope, but scolded himself and climbed down. Matt was shown punch the camera man and called it the “high spot” of the match before getting the pin. Matt then said that was this week’s 50 + for 50+ segment with a picture of him photoshopped onto an older wrestlers body.

– Being the Elite open aired.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were shown walking through an airport. Matt asked Nick if he was having a god birthday. Nick said no because they just missed their flight and now they’re stuck in Dallas overnight. Rick Knox, Brandon Cutler, and Brian Cage were also with them. Nick said he’s only been home once in ten years on his birthday. Matt said they flew from Ontario to Dallas and now they don’t have any direct flights, so they have another stop in Charlotte. Nick said they’ll land after call time. Matt laughed as he said Cage is supposed to be in the main event of Dynamite, so hopefully they make it in time.

The camera cut to all of them sitting at a Denny’s showing off their meals. Brian Cage had two massive plates of eggs in front of him. Cage said it’s a dozen eggs as they all laughed at him.

Cage was then at the claw machine trying to win a prize. Matt reminded him that Luchasaurus tried this last time and failed. Cage also failed and said they said the machine is broken as it didn’t try to grab the toy.

The five of them were then shown walking through a store. They said their luggage made it onto the plane to Jacksonville, but they didn’t, so they don’t have any clothes.

They were shown wearing their new clothes walking through the airport again. Matt said they’ve now been on four planes in 24 hours and they’re heading to get tested straight away so they can be cleared to perform.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were in a room and said they have some voiceovers to do today as someone was setting up a microphone in this quiet room. They were both shown reading the scripts into the microphone.

– Matt and Nick were walking outside and ran into John Silver and Alex Reynolds in the parking lot. Reynolds and Silver were reading a book. Matt noticed it was the Bible. Silver said they’re always reading the bible. Matt said he didn’t know they’re Christian. Silver interrupted and said, not only are they Christian, they’re Christian AF. Matt cringed and showed him how to say it properly. Nick was excited and said he thought they were just jobbers, but now they’re two Christian jobbers. Silver said the only person they job to is the Lord. Matt asked what they’re favorite chapter in the Bible is and they didn’t really answer the question. Reynolds said Genesis and Silver said “yeah, Phil Collins.” Matt then asked for their favorite Old Testament story. Reynolds and Silver didn’t answer the question again and Reynolds poured some Kool Aid powder into Matt’s water bottle. Matt took a sip and asked them again and Reynolds said the one about Cain. Reynolds then tried to tell a story, but didn’t know what he was talking about. He said something about an inferno match at WrestleMania. Matt then took the book and realized it wasn’t the Bible. Matt and Nick were very upset. They said they’re booking them in a squash match on the next Dynamite and called them frauds as they walked away. Brodie Lee walked up and asked if he got the Young Bucks to join them. They told Lee Matt and Nick said they’d think about it and that they were booked in a squash match on Dynamite, not realizing they’re the jobbers. Lee got in Silver’s face and called him an idiot, then yelled at Reynolds for being his keeper. Silver argued he doesn’t need a keeper because he’s 29 and Lee threw their book at them as they ran away.

– Matt Jackson was looking at his phone and got very upset by what he was reading. He said there’s just no use here. He said the demos are good, but not good enough. Christopher Daniels walked in and said Tony sent him to talk to Matt about Jericho’s Demo God thing. Matt said yeah they’re trying to get the 50+ people. Matt then had an idea. He told Daniels that he’s “old AF” and asked him to sit down. Matt said he’s tried pastels and gardening, but nothing has helped. He asked Daniels if he had any other ideas to help them. Daniels was trying to think of something and Matt cut him off as if Daniels had a great idea. He asked that he go talk to Tony and take this on, Daniels seemed cornered and agreed to do it as Matt seemed extremely relieved. Daniels said okay and walked out of the room. He turned to the camera and looked worried. He said he’s the worst 50 year old there is because he likes comic books and he argues with his 14 year old son and loses. Daniels said he’s been 50 for a couple months, Matt should’ve asked him about getting the 40 year olds because he was 40 for ten years. Daniels suddenly had an idea, infomercials!

– Matt and Nick were sitting in the crowd. Matt asked Nick if he did something to the camera, as the screen was all red. Nick said no, but joked that it might be The Fiend coming out. Matt said they’re at a commercial break during the live TV show and they wanted to watch the Hangman Page & Kenny Omega title defense in person. A clip was shown of them sitting there during the match.

Matt and Nick were backstage congratulating Hangman and Omega after the match as Hangman had a beer. FTR walked up with beers of their own and congratulated them too. Dax told Hangman he looked like a young Barry Windham. Hangman and Omega both reacted as if they didn’t know who that was. Omega asked if he’s from “where they were before” and said he doesn’t watch that. FTR dropped it and apologized to Omega about their rocky start. They offered to go get a drink with them all. Omega and the Young Bucks declined, but Omega thanked them for having their back. FTR stopped him and said they got Omega and the Young Bucks something they can drink and revealed three bottles of chocolate milk. They all laughed and grabbed one. They all toasted to teaming together next week. Omega took drinks, but didn’t actually swallow it. He talked about how much he loved chocolate milk as he splashed it in his mouth and spit it out. Omega thanked them again and said he hopes he can count on them if things “get real.” They all laughed and toasted again.

– Members of the Dark Order were in their room backstage. Evil Uno said Mr. Lee is furious and 5 said maybe they should just clean the room up for him. They all yelled at him that it’s not about the room. Silver said they all need to kiss his ass, just like Stu Grayson. They all turned around and saw Jungle Boy behind them. They yelled at him, called him Griff Garrison, and told him to get out. As Jungle Boy left, Brodie Lee walked in and yelled at them. He asked why the room was so messy then asked why Jungle Boy just walked out. Silver said that was Griff Garrison. Lee asked Reynolds if Silver messed this up, he then asked Uno, and Stu Grayson. Reynolds and Uno made excuses for Silver, but Grayson didn’t and immediately said yes, Silver screwed it up. Lee yelled at Silver, Reynolds, and Uno. Lee blamed Uno and leaned back to hit him with the papers, but stopped. Lee patted Uno on the chest and apologized for losing control last week, but said he’s back in control now. Lee turned around to walk out, but turned back around immediately and hit Silver with the papers across his head. Lee yelled and walked out as Uno ran after him with his papers.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were in their office. Nick asked Matt why Matt Hardy hadn’t answered their texts all day. Matt said he’s been acting weird all day. Hardy walked in as he said that and apologized. Matt Jackson said he heard someone say smart mark and expected Hardy to pause the multiverse, but that didn’t happen. Nick said he wanted to do a Merch Freak bit, but that didn’t happen either. Hardy said he’s okay and apologized for being a little stand-off-ish. Hardy said when he first came to AEW he wanted to help build it, but he also wanted to be an attraction and do his multiverse, but after being there awhile, things haven’t what he expected due to the pandemic and Sammy Guevara. Hardy said he needs to be a contributor and wants to make AEW the powerhouse it can be. Hardy said he wants to do the multiverse thing and it haunts him daily, but he’s been listening to everyone and he needs to be Matthew Hardy right now. Matt and Nick Jackson said they understand and they’re there if Hardy needs anything. Hardy thanked them and left. Matt and Nick were left. Nick said they need Matt on BTE and Matt said they need all five versions of Hardy. Nick said he’s the most over thing besides Dark Order. Matt went to leave to chase Hardy down, but when he opened the door Big Money Matt was there.

Big Money Matt said Matt Jackson claims to be Christian AF, but what kind of Christian would bully Matt Hardy into being something he doesn’t want to be? Hardy scolded them both and told them both to stop being “trolling, vagina, internet nobody” or he’ll haunt them forever. Broken Matt said he’s done and left. Nick asked Matt who he was talking to as if he couldn’t see Big Money Matt. Matt Jackson said it was Big Money Matt, but Nick said he must just be tired from their travels because he didn’t see anyone.

Nick got up to go into the bathroom and V1 Matt Hardy came out of the bathroom. V1 told Nick that they shouldn’t bully Matt Hardy and told them it’s irresponsible and threatened to haunt them forever if they continue to do so. Matt Jackson was shown behind Nick and couldn’t see V1 Matt Hardy. Matt asked Nick who he was talking to and Nick said he was talking to V1 Matt Hardy. Matt and Nick both sat down on the couch to relax. Nick said they both need some rest “and that’s a shoot.”

Broken Matt Hardy then yelled off camera to pause the multiverse as Broken Matt explained what a shoot is. Matt and Nick Jackson were just sitting there like they were in a trance. Brandon Cutler walked in and found them just staring blankly forward. Matt and Nick said Broken Matt is doing his bit and invited him to join them on the couch. Brandon said nobody is there and looked really confused. Brandon said he doesn’t even have his camera and Matt and Nick said V1 is filming. V1 was shown with a camera filming them staring off into space. Cutler awkwardly backed out of the room. Matt told Cutler to go get squashed on Dark and Nick said Cutler has two contracts for no reason.

– A commercial aired for the AEW action figures release featuring the Young Bucks.

– Colt Cabana went to go into the office. He said surely Omega is cool this week, right? He opened the office door and nobody was in there. Cabana started looking around, he grabbed a little birthday cake off the table, then noticed Omega’s tag team title on the couch. He admired it then sat down on the couch. Cabana said that cake is making him sleep and laid down on the couch using the tag title belt as a pillow. Cabana said he’s going to take a nap and wait for Omega and asked Cutler to leave. Cutler hesitantly said okay as he left.

Best Friends were walking down the hallway. Cutler said they look like they want to kill him, so he hid behind a post. Chuck Taylor was snapping a belt, Trent was carrying a bucket of pain, and Cassidy was wielding a butter knife. They entered the office were Cabana was taking a nap. Loud bangs and yelling could be heard behind the door. Cabana yelled and they told Cutler to shut up. Taylor demanded Cabana give him his shorts. Cassidy asked if he should turn the lights on. Best Friends thought about it then realized it didn’t sound like Cutler, but didn’t think too much of it. Cabana yelled and asked why he’s aroused. They then realized there was cake and Cabana told them it was good. Taylor then yelled they should put the cake on “Cutler’s” crotch! Cabana then panicked saying they gave him polio and he can’t feel his legs. Best Friends then celebrated killing Cutler. Cabana kept talking as he was “dying” and Best Friends said it’s taking him a long time to die. Cassidy said he’s taking some cake for the road. Trent walked out with ketchup on his hands and got some hand sanitizer from a dispenser outside the door. Dramatic music played as Trent, Taylor, and Cassidy were shown walking out of the room. Trent still had blood on his hands, Taylor was wearing the belt around his neck, and Cassidy was enjoying a piece of cake on a small plate. The music cut and Cassidy said hi to Brandon just outside the door and asked if he’d like some cake. Trent and Taylor then realized they didn’t attack Cutler and Cutler awkwardly said hi. Trent asked him why he isn’t murdered? Cutler dropped the camera and ran away. Trent asked who they just killed?

FINAL THOUGHTS: I enjoy the blog type stuff the Young Bucks occasionally do on this show. This week was the drama around missing their flight, which lead to some out of character footage of them hanging out with Brandon Cutler, Rick Knox, and Brian Cage. Obviously they didn’t miss the show, so that’s a positive. It’s a cool insight into their life on the road at times and I think that’s what people like to connect with. Even famous wrestlers have travel problems and wind up losing their luggage or eating at a Denny’s late at night. Again, this type of stuff being featured breaks away from their characters on Dynamite, which is why the worlds need to be kept separate. Sammy Guevara does this on his weekly show too as he’s often seen hanging out with Marko Stunt. The difference is Guevara doesn’t have a graphic flash on Dynamite promoting his YouTube show as an official piece of AEW content like BTE often is.

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