9/9 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Mr. Brodie Lee vs. Dustin Rhodes, Moxley Speaks, Hardy Speaks after All Out Incident More.

By Tyler Sage, PWTorch contributor


September 9, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-Before the opening, Jericho and MJF were outside. Jericho said that MJF was robbed and that he will get the AEW World Title soon. They both wished each other a good show. They were shown walking away split screen with calling each other losers.

-AEW opening video is shown and pyro blanketed Daily’s Place.


Jungle Boy and Rey started the match. Quickly the match became a typically high flying match with all four men involved. Eventually Pentagon and Luchasaurus were facing off in the ring. Luchasaurus hit stiff strikes, Pentagon in fact had zero fear. Jungle Boy was tagged in and pushed off the apron by Pentagon into the foot of Rey Fenix on the floor.

Jungle Boy was thrown back into the ring. The Lucha Brothers then worked over Jungle Boy in their corner. Eventually, Luchasaurus got the hot tag and did power moves on both Lucha Bros. Luchasaurus did a huge choke slam of Rey off the top rope, Pentagon made the save.

After the save by Pentagon, Rey was tagged in and they Lucha Brothers regained control of the match. Jungle Boy was the legal man, The Lucha Brothers hit the stomp pile driver, but delayed the pin and Jungle Boy kicked out. Jungle Boy then got a roll up and got the pinfall.

WINNER: Jurassic Express in 10:00

(Sage’s analysis: A great show open match. Luchasaurus and both Lucha Brothers work really well together. I don’t like seeing Lucha Brothers lose any match. They should be some of the biggest stars in the company.)

-Eddie Kingston got on the mic after the match. He addressed the issues they had as a group at All Out and tonight. He then demanded they all shake hands. Rey and Pentagon would don’t shake hands at first, but they did eventually. Kingston also claimed he was never eliminated form the Battle Royal at All Out.

-The announce team ran down the card for the show.

-Jake Roberts and Lance Archer had a promo against a tagged urban backdrop. Jake Roberts says that Lance Archer is here to destroy things. Archer says that Moxley has nothing but distain to expect, and in the end everybody dies. [c]

-Matt Hardy came out to the ring. He said that he is so excited to be in an arena with real people, and he thanked the viewing audience. At All Out he suffered a scary fall, he has gotten so much love over the past few days. He again thanked everyone. He annoyed that he is expected to make a 100% full recovery. Matt pointed to his wife and child in the crowd, he apologized for putting them through what happened at All Out. He says that he is done with Sammy and he is going back to getting healthy. He sad when he gets healthy he will chase his first AEW title.


The match started with Jack Evans berating Cassidy, Angelico hit a cheap shot on Cassidy as the match started. Cassidy did a spin move to get out of a hold, Cassidy tried to do his pocket move but it was thwarted. The two traded moves and Cassidy almost hit a spinning DDT. Angelico got him in a submission move that Cassidy needed to hit the bottom rope to break.

Cassidy did a dive to the outside to a crossbody off the top rope, to then hit the spinning DDT. When Angelico got up, Cassidy hit the Superman Punch to get the pinfall.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy in 3:00

(Sage’s analysis: This should have been a quick match, but I am surprised that it was. They are putting over Cassidy strong. I would love to see how a sold out crowd would be reacting to this push)

-After the match, Santana & Ortiz hit Cassidy in the back. The Best Friends came for the save. Chuck Taylor annoyed that this feud needs to end. Next week they can meet in the parking lot. Next week they are coming to hurt Santana & Ortiz, and to make Trent’s mom proud. [c]

-Alex Marvez attempted to get worlds from The Young Bucks, They opened the door and gave him a double super kick.

-Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford came out to announce Kip’s best man. Someone named “Puff,” came out in a bit for subscribing to Sabian’s Twitch. A backhanded shot at WWE. Brian Pillman Jr. came out next, they had a text exchange that confused Pillman. In the third attempt, Miro arrived, formerly know as Rusev in WWE. The live crowd chanted Miro Day! Miro said that you take that brass ring and shove it.

-Tony and Hangman are shown having a sit-down interview. He said that he felt like the crowd knew the match was inevitable. It is his fault that he lost two of his best friends, his fault that FTR tricked him. He would like to climb back up the Tag Team ladder with Kenny. [c]


Janela and Jericho started the match, continuing the match from last week. Janela got in some quick offense to start, Kiss got the tag, Janela and Kiss hit some tandem offense on Jericho. Kiss knocked Hager off the apron. Jericho got a strike in and took control. Kiss got a big kick, and tagged in Janela. Janela and Kiss hit a double move on their opponents. Janela hit a suicide dive and grabbed a chair from under the ring.

Jericho got a counter and hit Janela with the chair. [c]

Once the match resumed from break, Hager was beating on Janela. Jericho was tagged in and continued. Janela threw Jericho into the chair wedged in the corner. The double tag occurred Sonny and Hager battled, Jericho broke up a near fall. Hager took Kiss down and tried to hit a Hager bomb, Kiss countered. Janela attached Jericho on the outside near the stage lights. Hager threw Janela threw a table off the stage. Sonny took out both men with a tope rope move. Kiss took out both opponents.

Jericho blew a fire extinguisher in Kisses eyes, Hager got the choke slam for the win.

WINNER: Chris Jericho & Jake Hager in 11:00

(Sage’s analysis: This match was really good, I thought this would be a squash match. Sonny Kiss is so good, it was good to see them get the screen time. Jericho and Hager made both Kiss and Janela look like a million bucks and still get the win. This was really good booking)

-Jericho got on the mic after the match. He said the inner circle had a bad night. But him and Hager are going to try and get the tag team belts.

-MJF is at his campaign headquarters. He said he doesn’t blame Moxley for cheating, that is in his nature. He then fired his entire campaign staff. He gets in the face of Wardlow after he called him sir. He asks if they have a problem, Tony Khan doesn’t pay his checks, MJF does. Wardlow has t get it together, or else he and his whole family will be on the streets. [c]

-Moxley is backstage and he talked about Lance Archer. He said, “son of a bitch,” that Archer won, this isn’t getting any easier. But he likes that, it should be that way. Moxley feels in his heart and soul that he is unstoppable. He wouldn’t bet against himself.

-FTR are in the ring with other Tag Teams on the floor looking in. Tully says that FTR are the best tag team in the world. They wrestled for 30 minutes with 117 degree temperature recorded in the ring (per Tully). FTR made fun of SCU and Private party. They are the locker room leaders and top guys. They make fun of the Gunn Club next. Dax announces that Jurassic Express have a match next week, but it is a non-title match.

Members of Jurassic Express get on the apron after being insulted. Marko stunt tossed ice on FTR to build to the match next week. The face tag-teams then ate cake in celebration. [c]

-Taz joined commentary. Ricky Starks came out in Darby Allin cosplay. Starks cut a promo on Allin, why no one wants to tag with him or be his friend. Starks will beat his ass next time he sees him.


Tay came out swinging, Nyla Rose picked her up and took control. Conti tried to get a quick rollup, and got the two count. Nyla threw Conti out of the ring, Vicki Guerrero hit Conti in the face, outside the ring. [c]

Nyla was working Conti once we returned from break. Conti was able to get Nyla in an arm bar for a near tap. But Rose picked up Conti and power bombed her for the pinfall.

WINNER: Nyla Rose in 6:00

(Sage’s analysis: This match was an improvement of a few weeks ago. Hopefully Conti can become a player in the division)

-Nyla was about to continue the assault on Conti after the match. But Shida came out for the save.

-An interview between JR and Kenny Omega was shown. He said he isn’t gonna go in the corner and cry, you win and lose belts in this business. There was some chemistry between Page and him. Kenny said that he was supposed to be the ace of the company, but Hangman helped him get back to where he needed to be. He said that he has his own plans, he thinks that he will go back t0 singles wrestling.

-On October 14th, the anniversary episode of Dynamite, Archer will go up against Moxley for the World Title.

-Dustin Rhodes makes his entrance [c]


Dustin hit Lee before the bell rang, the two moved to the outside and Lee was thrown onto a table, then onto the ring stairs. Dustin threw Lee in the ring to start the match started.

The two brawled in and out of the ring. Each had the advantage for a similar amount of time. The first three minutes of the match had the two at a stalemate. Lee was in control as the commercial break started [c]

As the action returned, Dustin got a comeback and hit series of moves which lead to a near destroyer. Rhodes got a near fall after he hit a destroyer in the corner. Dustin then hit a Crossroads, this lead to another near fall. Lee took control over again with a big slam of Rhodes.

Lee went for a big boot, and was dodged. Dustin hit a cannonball of the apron. Rhodes then had Lee in the corner. John Silver of Dark Order tried to interfere but was stopped. Rhodes hit a package pile driver and Lee grabbed the bottom rope to avoid the pinfall. The two traded strong style shots in the middle of the ring. Lee hit the discuss lariat for the pinfall.

WINNER: Mr. Brodie Lee in 12:00

(Sage’s analysis: Dustin just gets better with age. He really made this match. Lee should have one, but I sure wanted Dustin to beat him)

-A promo for a talent show that Cody is a judge on aired after the show went off the air.

(Overall Analysis: This show really reset the landscape after All Out. AEW has shown that the shows after a PPV are must see, the ability to give everyone on the show a purpose for being there is really impressive. I liked this show a lot overall, more from a storytelling perspective as opposed to in-ring) 



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